The World of Jun – File 1b: Janie Loves Luna

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#2 of The World of Jun

So this was going to be longer and finish up the story, but there's a tone shift that doesn't quite work contained within the chapter. So look forward to file 1c which, I promise you, won't take a year.

Also, this change of plans appears to have resulted in a chapter that's mostly smut. Huh.

Shi must have lost hir mind. That was the only explanation. The only rationale that Luna could come up with for hir current situation. On her knees at the foot of a twin-sized bed. Surrounded on all sides by walls plastered with the visages of teen idols and movie personalities. Hir belly protruded out from underneath a t-shirt that came to its end just below hir swollen, milk-laden breasts. Far too small now to cover anything this far along into hir massive pregnancy.

The air was filled with the sound of some pop-y junk played from the the radio sitting on the vanity. And with an unmistakable, and now seemingly inseparable, pair of odor's. Luna's own mindbending arousal, cut through and held down by Janie's even more powerful lust.

Luna had been sneaking in and out of Janie's home while hir parents were out for months now on hir lover's orders. Ever since that fateful day shi'd decided to track the orange-brown squirrel girl down and give hir a piece of hir mind.

But the girl proved too strong. Too strong of will and of something else Luna couldn't figure out. Shi was powerless to fight any demand Janie made of her in the bedroom (or whatever streetside equivalent they improvised). And Janie wasn't shy about making them.

"You're leaking all over my floor, cunt." Janie's voice was so cold it sent a shiver of raw sex up Luna's spine. And shi wasn't wrong either.

Luna's tits had been in a near constant state of active lactation for over a month now. The front of hir barely-a-shirt was already drenched and milk dripped off the end of hir nipples. Hir cock was rock hard and rivulets of cum would roll down the rather impressive shaft and fall to the carpeted floor. And hir pussy shi was actively stimulating, stirring up rivers of femcum that spilled from hir.

"You're cleaning that up later. But... uhnnh... first," the squirrel girl grunted, "it's feeding time.

Luna's patchwork black and chocolate brown face didn't leave it's position in Janie's lap at the edge of the girl's bed, with Janie's cock buried deep down hir throat, but hir eyes looked up, almost begging in silence.

"My first load in three days, baby. All... for... you!"

Luna could feel the endlessly weeping stream of pre-ejaculate in hir throat begin to inspissate into a thick slurry and then finally slacken as Janie's nuts clenched powerfully and the pressure in hir cock built. Luna could almost see the first wad run up hir younger paramour's piss pipe, and definitely felt it stretch hir lips, then mouth, then throat, before finally exploding out of the tip.

The first load alone was too much for Luna, inundating hir throat completely and then back firing into hir mouth, before finally exploding out around Janie's dick, and firing from hir nostrils. Making an even bigger mess of hir face, as well as Janie's crotch. The squirrel tightened hir grip on the back of the bigger hare's head to pierce hir deeper with the spire, and then wrapped hir legs around Luna's shoulders, securing hir even further.

"Don't lose any. You're drinking for a small army now, and my babies are going to need their protein."

Even over the music the sound of each of Janie's fat wads of ejaculate evacuating almost directly into Luna's crowded stomach, adding to the ever increasing pool's volume.

Janie gave a small thrust of hir hips with each round shi fired off into Luna's esophagus, grinding the twenty-something year old woman's face into hir teenaged pubic area, blasting hir already bombed out senses with the smell of hir sweat, and cum, and lust, intensifying the overload of hir hare-brain. Janie's neck lulled back and hir mouth opened. A low moan escaped as hir now minutes long orgasm began to crescendo, feeling the biggest deposit yet propelled inexorably towards its new home inside of hir slut.

For hir part, Luna anticipated it as well, feeling the pipe lodged inside of hir face swell even further than it had been. As the heaping wad of semen rolled slowly towards her innards, Luna's masturbatory efforts redoubled. Shi pawed at both hir waterfall of a snatch and hir ponderous cock, slick with hir own pre-seed. When at last she felt the hot ball of cement-thick spend eject inside of hir, shi came. While hir pussy unloaded a deluge that made the previous torrent seem a drought, hir strained to spurt a few thin, watery, runners of cum. A far cry from either the potency or quantity of what was once her usual production, but ever since shi had become Janie's dial-a-bitch, it was all that shi could manage.

The main event having passed, Janie released hir lock on Luna and. Shi withdrew from the hare's throat with a lewd 'sllrrrk' noise and allowed the last few spurts of a dying orgasm to paint the woman's face. With hir windpipe clear, Luna coughed a few times, expelling more cum from hir gullet than shi had from hir cock, followed by a quiet belch as the air in hir stomach was expelled due to lack of room.

"So full," shi said. "I can feel the babies moving. They know it's momma's feeding time."

Janie reached down and pet hir, looking into hir eyes with equal parts affection and mockery.

Luna looked at the sire of the only children shi had ever been made to carry hirself with confusion, and fear, and lust, and a growing feeling of genuine love.

Janie didn't allow the moment to linger too long before hopping up and disappearing into the hallway. Shi came back with a rag and a spray bottle of some kind of cleaning product.

"Time for you to clean up your mess," shi said.

Shi handed the materials to Luna who looked from them, to Janie, to the massive wet spot on the floor, then back to Janie. Shi sighed, knowing what was coming.

Luna got onto hir hands and knees and began to spray the spot down. Shi felt Janie's hands on hir waist as the girl kneeled behind hir.

Shi started to wipe away at hir leavings as shi felt Janie's cock rubbing along hir slot and gathering lubrication.

Shi applied another round of spray as shi felt Janie's aim shift upwards.

And shi added more of hir personal fluids to the spot as Janie impaled hir little pucker.

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