Finger Lickin' Good

Story by Cronicdragon on SoFurry

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Just a doodle really. Got bored and wanted to do something straight for a change so I threw this together. Not really looking for anything special though some feedback would be nice as I experimented with a shorter sex scene in this. Wondered what people would thing of this size scene compared with my usual length scenes.

Apart from that, do enjoy! ^.=.^

The handsome, blue drake looked up along his mate's frame from where he lay. His eyes followed her slender, jade torso and up her elegant neck before meeting those lustful, opalescent eyes. Her usually green cheeks held a slight touch of red now and her mouth hung open as her nervous but excited, panted breaths escaped her. Each of her strong thighs rested just inches either side of his ears and underneath his chin was her leaking slit that dribbled now against his jaw. He had been teasing her for a while now. He held her gaze and slowly licked his lips, making her squirm as she watched. He could still taste her on them.

Her large, hungry eyes and shuddered moan begged him to return to his performance now that he had stopped. She knew it was all part of the show, stopping and using her crotch as a pillow while he waited for her to grow restless. He had done it before. She couldn't take much more though. She was far too bubbly with desire to sit still and try and meet his bluff and it was all she could do to whine and give him puppy dog eyes.

Her mate could only smile at her reaction. He loved when she was this worked up; so needy, so eager, so desperate for it. He had returned from his hunt to find his cave thick with the scent of his mate's lust. Following the scent trail had brought him to their chambers where she waited eagerly on her back for her lover and his glorious tongue. They hadn't even spoken. He knew what he needed to do and he wasted no time in getting started. That had been quite a while ago now.

With a low rumble, he lowered his head once more and pressed his lips to that rosy flesh in a delectably raunchy kiss. He gently dragged his lips about to nuzzle his way between her folds and surround his nose and muzzle-tip with that moist, burning flesh as well as flooding his nose with her scent that was now saturated with pheromones that drove him crazy for her. His dedication to his task was evident from the fact that his royal blue facial scales glistened with his mate's juices. It was a testament to how much he craved her flavor. Ever since he'd first tasted it during their first mating, he had found himself addicted to her intimate juices so much so that now he would happily serve his Goddess whenever she desired, day or night. It didn't mean that he'd be quick about it though. In fact he was usually the opposite; agonisingly slow to make sure they both got the most enjoyment out of it as possible. He would kiss, lick, nuzzle and tease in every way possible to get her passion brewed up into a storm. Only then would he finally let her orgasm.

His thick tongue began to slide out from between his lips, making one slow lap from the bottom of her labia to the top before pausing so that his hot breath bathed over her. It was only when she started to squirm and whine again that he gave in and repeated his lick up the other side of her opening. He could feel her hips shake as she struggled to contain the pressure that was building up inside of her. Making sure to keep his lips sealed against her slit, he gave her one more teasing lick. This time it was straight up the middle of her vent so that his tongue sank a few inches inside of her. It squeezed upwards between her walls before dragging all the way along the roof of her tunnel where she desperately clenched down to try and keep it from leaving but her teasing mate wasn't quite that kind. He popped it free again so that it grazed her sensitive clitoris on the way out, bringing another tortured moan from his love.

By now, her green tail had wrapped itself around her mate's blue neck as she was overtaken by the incredible desire to grab something, anything within her reach and hold it firmly. Her claws were already tightened into fists, her eyes were tightly shut and her breathing was erratic as a raging ocean of hormones and hot blood surged inside of her, completely unquenchable except for one route of release. She tried to retain some control and resist the urge of squeezing her tail too tight about her husband's neck though she failed to hold back completely when his tongue nudged her clit again causing her to constrict that strong appendage for a few seconds. It wasn't enough to entirely cut off his air supply though and after years of eating out his mate like this, the lapis male didn't even flinch as he felt her grip tighten. He was well used to her behaviour when she was this far gone. In fact, it was a sign that she was ready.

It was no longer the time for teasing. Instead it was time to finish her off. He began to rub his lips against her nethers more roughly while using his tongue to plunge a few inches inside of her. Raising one paw to her nethers, he spread his digits apart, opening her folds a little further to grant him greater access to that tasty cunt. As fast as he could lap up and swallow her tantalising juices, she produced more to replace them leading to some very wet slurps and squelches that mixed with her fragile moans to fill the echoey cave. Even as his tongue wriggled and probed the deeper parts of her cunny, his lips would nudge her clit sporadically to give her an extra push towards her orgasm. By now she was right on the edge anyway as he could feel by that tail around his neck.

She wriggled and twitched and rocked herself about as she tried to push herself over the edge using her mate's face and tongue as a toy to grind her pussy against. She had been teased and pleasured for so long now that there was no consideration of keeping calm or leaving everything up to her mate. She had been worked into a frenzy and now the only goal on her mind, the only thing that she could even comprehend, was cumming. Her tail pulled her husband deeper, cramming her vent with his tongue and forcing his lips and muzzle-front up against her puffed sex much harder than they had been before and then she used her sensual and curvy hips to rub herself on his soft facial scales without restraint.

With such force, she only lasted a few seconds before falling away entirely from everything. She couldn't see anything, hear anything, smell anything. The only thing that she could feel was a rhythmic spasm running through her tightly contracted body and an enveloping sense of euphoria and relief. For the longest time, she felt nothing but this tingling sensation stretching out to all regions of her body as she curled partway up.

For her mate, the orgasm was rather different. His tongue was forced out by her powerful vent spasming, forcing him to instead focus on her outer folds, and his eyes were forced shut as his mate began to squirt some of her juices onto his already-messy muzzle. Each spurt of clear, richly-flavored lubricant hit his face, trickled down his scales and added to the pool that was beginning to collect around his chin. It was only when she finally stopped drenching him that he calmed his tongue and gave her only slow, gentle, cleaning licks to ease her down into her afterglow.

She finally opened her eyes and shakily lifted her head. Her muscles ached all over from how hard her body had tensed during her orgasm and her vision was still dotted. Looking down at her mate though, she saw him still laying between her numb legs, idly licking at her vent with his face completely soaked with her lubricant. That alone brought her an extra wave of pleasure. He was so good to her. So good with that tongue too and he looked damn good covered in her liquids. She was too exhausted to keep her head up though, dropping it back to the nest and staring up at the cave roof for a few moments while she caught her breath. Her tail too now hung loose around his neck.

"...T-Thank you, love..." She said shakily, shutting her eyes. It would be a short while before she could walk steadily again so she didn't even bother trying to get up or move so soon.

"Don't thank me just yet." He rumbled back, laying his head on her drenched crotch. "I've still got to clean you up."

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