Ruby's double surprise.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#8 of Something unexpected.

A surprise visitor for Ruby after a mean move from Rosie.

Ruby shifted a bit on top of Blaze as she started to wake up, her phone ringing in his room where she had left it. She quickly moved off of him, her knee hitting the edge of the table. " DAMN IT!" She almost fell back on the couch, rubbing her knee before running to his room to grab her phone just as it stopped ringing. She let out a sigh and huffed, sitting on the edgge of the bed and looking at her knee, rubbing it a bit more as she folded her ears back before looking to her phone seeing her father had called. She took a deep breathe sending him a message. 'Sorry I didn't answer daddy. I was asleep when you called and didn't get to the phone in time.' She sighed and rubbed her eyes with a small yawn while Blaze walked to the room and leaned against the door frame with a yawn of his own while rubbing the back of his neck while he looked at her. " You ok?" Ruby looked at him and smiled a bit as she nodded some before laying back and stretching out with a soft groan coming from her. " dad called but..I hit my knee on the coffee table and didn't get to the phone in time." Blaze grinned and chuckled, moving to the bed and kneeling down, kissing each knee a few times before moving to lay beside her. She purred and smiled as she looked at him. " You have a test this morning don't you?" Blaze nodded and groaned a bit with a playful pout. " I so don't want to...but the only good thing is they let you leave when your done." Ruby giggled and nodded, rolling onto her side so she was facing him, staring him in the eyes before gently taking one of his hands into her own, kissing his fingers softly to make him grin. " Well I don't have classes of my professors is on materinty leave...she had her baby the other day...the others I think had some sort of conference to go to...So maybe if it is alright with you...I will sit in on your class with you." Blaze stood his ears up and stared at her, his thoughts isntantly going to how Rosie would react if she was in that class again to watch him. He grinned and nodded some. " We will ask my professor when we get there." He leaned in and kissed her softly, moving on top of her as she returned the kiss with a purr.

Blaze was starting to become aroused when the alarm on his phone blared out. He sighed and pressed his head to hers before laughing. " Fucking cock blocking phone." Ruby laughed hard as he got up off of her, moving to his phone on his desk and stopping the alarm before moving to get dressed. Ruby got off the bed, moving to her pile of clothing she had brought to his apartment a few days before. She changed into her brothers T-shirt and some shorts after pulling on a bra. She brushed her hair out and waited by the bedroom door for him. When he was dressed he walked with her out of the apartment with his arm around her shoulders. Ruby walked with Blaze to his class, watching him as he asked his professor if she could sit with him and wait. The old badger looked at Ruby then nodded as he spoke. " As long as she isn't going to help you cheat." Ruby held her hands up and smiled sheepishly. " I don't even know what you teach no worries!" The badger grinned and nodded then turned away as Blaze chuckled and lead her to the back of the room, sitting down with her, letting her lean into him while they waited for the others to arrive before the test would be handed out. The last person to walk into the room was Rosie who was wearing a tight tank top and a short skirt. She hoped it would destract Blaze but she was floored when she saw Ruby sitting beside him and hugging his arm while her head was laying against his shoulder. Blaze kissed Rubys forehead gently before the professor handed out the tests, smiling some to Ruby when he handed the paper to Blaze. Rosie was sitting behind the two of them with her arms crossed and looking angry. Ruby made it a point to shut her eyes when Blaze began working on his test which made his professor chuckle from his desk as he watched over the ones taking the test. Blaze took his time with it since Ruby was sitting beside him, rechecking all his answers. When he was doen he signed it and got up to take it to the professor. While Ruby waited for him to come back for his phone Rosie noticed the felines tail was swaying across the floor in front of her. Rosie grinned, knowing it was childish but she wasn't passing it up. She took her foot and stamped it down on Rubyes tail, making her jump and let out a yelp of pain. the others, Blaze and the professor look to the two of them. Ruby teared up which made Blaze move back to her faster then normal as she brought her tail into her lap while Rosie looked away to hide her grin and look innocent. "Ruby what's wrong?" Blaze sat back down beside her, taking her tail and rubbing it gently as she groaned. " Someone stepped on my tail..." The professor heard her and folded his ears back as all the students looked to him and shook their heads to being innocent. "Blaze you and Ruby are free to go..." Blaze looked at him and nodded then helped Ruby up after grabbing his phone, walking outside with her.

As they stepped out of the building Blaze kissed her cheek a few times before looking at her. " Ruby...Rosie had to been the one who stepped on your tail...she was sitting right behind us." Ruby folded her ears back and hissed. She sighed and rubbed her head as she looked around the campus before going still. Blaze raised a brow and watched her expression go from angry to shocked. " Ruby?" The next thing he new she ran off across the campus. He blinked and watched her running to a talk jet black male feline in an army uniform. Ruby ran as fast as she could before practically tackling the male with a hug. Blaze blinked and shifted then made his way over in rime to hear her crying. " Ruby?!" The male set her down with a grin after returning the hug as Ruby looked at Blaze, surprising him with a huge smile on her face. " Blaze...this is my big brother!" Blaze stood his ears up and looked at the male who looked back at him with a shocked look of his own. Blaze was silent for a moment before he smiled and held his hand out to the male. " I'm blaze..." The male grinned while Ruby was still hugging him as he took Blazes hand firmly shaking it as he spoke softly. " I'm Conner." Blaze smiled and looked at Ruby who was purring hard as she nuzzled into her brother. Conner gently pet her head as he looked at her. " You have grown up Ruby...and still wearing the shirts you stole from me after I shipped out for training." Ruby laughed as Blaze grinned more. " Come on you two lets go and relax some where." Ruby and Conner both nodded before walking with Blaze off campus, Conner getting a few looks from the girls that went by. Ruby chuckled as they walked down to a near by cafe, sitting down outside.

Once they had sat down and got some drinks Conner looked at Ruby who was still grinning and purring. Conner smiled and looked to Blaze, tilting his head a bit after taking his hat off and sticking it on Ruby's head making let out a soft mew with a curious look coming to her face. "When did you get a boyfriend Ruby?" Blaze chuckled a bit as Ruby blushed darkly and glanced to Blaze who smiled back and spoke softly. " A few days ago...I over heard her at the gym talking to her reflection.." Conner sighed and rubbed his forehead before looking at Ruby, gently getting her to look at him by lifting her chin. "Your still doing that? Calling yourself ugly and anything else bad you remember from school?" Ruby lowered her ears a bit as she nodded some while Conner gently kissed her forehead. " You need to stop that Ruby." Blaze smiled and gently rubbed one of her ears, making her purr softly which made Conner grin some. "Where are you staying Conner?" Ruby looked to him and leaned back in her seat, tilting her head to the side while toying with the straw in her drink. Conner gave a shrug and smiled a bit. " I don't know yet. I got off the plane and headed straight here to see you." Ruby lowered her ears a bit then grinned. "Stay with me at the college then." Conner looked at her and raised a brow then grinned and nodded some knowing damn well he wouldn't say no to his little sister.

The three of them sat there chuckling and talking before Ruby stood up and stretched. " Come on. Lets get back and get you settled in." Conner rolled his eyes and stood up, smiling while Blaze paid for the drinks before putting an arm around Ruby's shoulders and walking with them back to the campus. She took the two back to her apartment, unlocking the door and walking in. Luna was just running out of her room to head to class when she ran right into Ruby, the two letting out grunts then falling back, Conner caught Ruby and smiled a bit while Blaze helped Luna stand up. "Sorry Ruby!" The feline shook her head a bit then smiled some and looked at Luna. " It;s ok...see you later." Ruby and Conner moved out of the way as Luna ran out of the apartment. "Roommate?" Conner looked at Ruby who smiled and nodded some. Conner chuckled and moved with her to sit on the couch. Blaze sat down with them and grinned, watching the two of them. Ruby cuddled with her brother as he purred softly. " When was the last time you two saw each other?" Blaze tilted his head a bit as he looked to Conner with a curious expression. Conner looked back at him as he pet Ruby's head gently, rubbing her ears softly. " Over a year ago." Blaze cringed a bit then smiled some as Ruby shifted so she was laying down between them, her head on Conner's leg while her own legs were over Blazes lap. Blaze gently rubbed one of her legs, making her purr louder while Conner leaned back and relaxed.

After a while Ruby had fallen asleep, purring softly from the petting both men where doing. Conner gently moved her head then stood up and scooped her up, taking her into her bedroom and laying her down. He walked back out, leaving the door open and smiling to Blaze as he stood up. Blaze walked with him to the kitchen for some drink while Conner spoke. " I'm glad she has someone finally...she wasn't that open with people growing up." Blaze looked at him as he handed over a can of soda, smiling a bit as he nodded some. " Since we started seeing each other she is more relaxed then when we first met...she smiles a lot and seems happier then before...I walked in the locker room and heard her caller herself an ugly ball of fur...I scared her half to death by accident though." Conner laughed softly as they walked back to the couch, sitting down and relaxing. "She was like that as a kid...the kids started teasing her when they got old enough to understand they were hurting her. The first time she came home crying. Mom was so sick at the time...but bent over backwards to help her calm down. She told mom that the girls in her class cornered her and pulled on her hair as well as her tail..telling her she was ugly and looked like a boy." Blaze lowered his ears as he looked to Conner while he listened. Conner shifted a bit looking down at his drink. " It happened more then once to her. Every day she would come home upset or crying. The teachers didn't really pay attention. More then likely their parents paid the teachers under the table to not say anything so their little 'angels' wouldn't get in trouble. When she hit high school it got worse." Conner rubbed the back of his head and looked at Blaze. " Mom died a few days before school started...her illness finally took it's toll. Ruby was heart broken...then added to it was the teens at the school. The super skinny girls with small clothing or on the cheer-leading team. They targeted Ruby more then anyone. They would steal her clothing at gym and force her to come out of the locker room with a towel that was to small in order to get her clothing back...or they would lock her out of the locker room in just her underwear and bra, the boys got a kick out of that one." Blaze looked at him, his own fur raising in anger while Conner shook his head a bit. " I kept telling Ruby every day she was pretty and shouldn't listen to those kids. I couldn't defend her because I went to a different school. But I tried and tried to tell her she was beautiful and didn't need to look like them to get by or anything like that....the worse of it came at Christmas...the school held a dance for the of the boys from the football team asked her to go with him. She stupidly said yes...when they got there he talked her into a dance then took her to the locker rooms with him where the others were waiting. He talked her into undoing her dress and standing in just her panties. The cheer leaders took the dress and her bra as soon as she took it off and cut it up while laughing. They took pictures of her crying and sent them to the school soon after....Ruby had to stay in the locker rooms until a female teacher found her. They gave her a robe and brought her home...the kids got away with a slap on the wrist. Ruby refused to go to school after the break was over..she even started cutting herself." Blaze looked down at his drink as he closed his eyes for a moment before shaking his head some. "Well...that was then...and this is now. What I will do is bend over backwards to let her know...she is better then those girls...and the ones here at the college. She is smart...and beautiful. She just needs to figure it out and see it for herself." Conner nodded in agreement and smiled to Blaze.

A hour or so later Ruby groaned and walked out of her room, rubbing her head some. Blaze and Conner looked up from a video game they were playing. Ruby yawned and rubbed her eyes, grumbling. "Damn it Conner...I hate when you put me in my bed. you done it while we were kids and it always made me wonder how the hell I got there." Conner laughed and paused the game, hugging her after she sat down between him and Blaze. " Oh hush up. I wasn't going to let you keep us pinned down to the couch while sleeping." Ruby purred and laughed a bit as she hugged him back. Blaze grinned and stood up. " Alright I'm hungry. I say we order some pizza, get some beers and have fun." Ruby looked at him then nodded in agreement. Conner nodded as well as Blaze grabbed his phone to order the food. Ruby got up to head to the store to get some drinks. She stopped at the door and looked at them. " I'm not going to come back to you fucking my brother am I?" Blaze choked on his drink as Conner grabbed a pillow from the couch and threw it at her laughing when she darted out of the door before it hit her. Blaze coughed a few times and shook his head a bit as he grinned to Conner. " She is funny..." Conner grinned and nodded some before laughing a bit. " You night she got into dads beers while he was working late. She got drunk...and told me she wanted to fuck me...I had to hold her off until she finally passed out." Blaze laughed and looked at him then got a curious look on his face. " They say you tell the truth when your drunk...would you do it?" Conner blushed as he looked at Blaze before smiling sheepishly and nodding some. " Yeah...she is attractive...hell I won't look at a skinny girl because of my own sister." Blaze grinned a bit and chuckled softly as he nodded some, downing the rest of his drink before getting up and stretching. " Then do it. Get it out of your system..." Conner looked floored as he looked at Blaze, his ears twitching a few times as he processed what Blaze had said before he finally answered. " serious?" Blaze looked at him and nodded a bit as he smiled. "Yes.....She is learning to be more sexual...she even bought lingerie and surprised me with it...that is saying a lot for someone who thinks down on herself like that. Hell...we could both jump her tonight." Conner looked at Blaze in shock. Here stood his little sisters boyfriend giving him permission to have sex with them. Conner thought on it before biting his bottom lip and nodding some. " I..yeah..alright." Conner smiled some to Blaze as he chuckled.

By the time Ruby returned the pizza had been brought. She set the drinks down on the coffee table and mewed when Blaze pulled her into his lap, grinning as he shot a glance over to Conner who blushed a bit. Ruby didn't notice as Blaze gave her a slice of pizza, gently petting her as she ate. After a while Blaze began licking her neck softly, making her shiver a bit with a heavy purr coming from her. He grinned and whispered in her ear. " We are going to do something fun don't flip." Ruby blinked and looked at him with a curious expression before she turned to see Conner right there at her. She stood her ears up and stared at him before going wide eyed when he kissed her softly. She hesitated but slowly began returning the kiss while Blaze was lifting her shirt up over her breasts, pulling her bra up along with it. Conner broke the kiss, licking her cheek softly afterwards before moving his head down and taking one of her nipples into her mouth, suckling softly on it while Blaze pulled her shirt and bra off, tossing it to the floor. Ruby let out a soft moan and leaned back into Blaze some as Conner suckled harder on her nipple, his other hand groping and squeezing her breast. "C...Conner..w..we shouldn't.." Conner pulled back and licked up from between her breasts and along her neck before reaching her lips, kissing her deeply this time with his tongue pushing into her mouth to rub against hers. Ruby moaned into the kiss as she returned it. When he pulled back he gently bumped his noses to hers. " You want to just as much as I do Ruby...Blaze has already given me permission...even suggested a three way."

Ruby went a bit wide eyed as she turned her head to look at Blaze who grinned and nodded that he was telling the truth. Ruby looked back at Conner who was blushing. She smiled and nodded then bumped her nose back to his purring softly to him as she did. Blaze gently stood up, carrying Ruby and chuckling. " This might be better if we go to the bedroom" Conner got up as he nodded in agreement and walked with Blaze as he carried Ruby. When he got into her room he playfully tossed her onto the bed making her grunt then giggle after she landed. Blaze grinned and quickly done away with his clothing. Conner followed suit, already rock hard. Ruby sat up a bit and blushed as she looked at Conner, his cock about nine inches and thick for a feline of his breed. Conner moved into the bed with them as Blaze sat behind Ruby after making her sit up enough for him to do so. Conner moved between Ruby's legs, spreading them for him as he laid on his stomach. He leaned his head in and licked along her pussy slowly, licking her clit after each lick. Ruby let out a soft moan as she leaned into Blaze a bit, the feeling of her brothers tongue different from Blazes. She relaxed and purred between little moans as Conner spread her pussy lips open for him, his tongue pushing into her pussy and beginning to swirl around inside her as she began moaning a bit louder then before before as she held onto Blazes arms as he wrapped them around her gently. Conner purred against her pussy as he moved his tongue around inside her, enjoying the feeling of her pussy clenching down on his tongue each time he moved it. He soon pulled his tongue from her, licking her pussy softly a few times. He sat up and smiled as he looked at her. Ruby was blushing and purring as she looked back at him. She shifted and moved off of Blaze so she was on her stomach, her rear facing Blaze and her head at Conner as he sat back a bit.

Ruby began licking along her brothers cock slowly, feeling the small barbs along his cock against her tongue with each lick she gave him. He shivered, the fur along his tail fluffing up a bit from her licking. She took his cock into her mouth and began bobbing her head along him slowly as she let out a soft groan. Blaze was already rock hard as he watched her before finally lifting her rear up into the air as he got up on his knees behind her. He pressed his cock against her pussy and slowly pushed into her, making her moan against Conner's cock. Conner gently ran his fingers through her hair as he watched her taking more of his cock into her mouth, her tongue rubbing around against him as she did. Blaze gently held onto her hips as he began thrusting into her slowly, groaning from her pussy clenching onto his cock with each of his movements. Ruby pulled her mouth off of Conner as she let out a soft moan, her hips beginning to push back into Blaze as she turned her head to look at him over her shoulder, her hand coming up to rub Conner's cock gently. Conner relaxed, purring and moaning softly to her attentions. With her looking at him Blaze began thrusting his hips into her harder now, the wet sounds of his cock moving into her pussy and the sounds of his hips hitting her ass began filling the air along with the mixed moans. Blaze soon pulled out of her pussy however, making her pout a bit. She shifted and watched him sit back with a grin, motioning for her to turn and face him. She purred and done what he wanted, laying between his legs and taking his cock into her mouth.

Conner grinned and watched his sister as she began sucking on Blazes cock, her head bobbing along him slowly while she lifted her rear up into the air, her tail lifting and laying along her back slowly. Conner felt his cock throb hard at the sight. He moved up onto his knees and gently rubbed his fingers along her pussy slowly, pushing two of his fingers into her and thrusting them slowly. She let out a soft moan against Blazes cock as her hips pushed against his fingers. Conner pulled his fingers from her, licking them clean before pushing his cock into her pussy slowly. Ruby pulled her mouth off of Blazes cock to let out a moan, blushing and purring. The barbs along her brothers cock gently rubbed against her inner walls until his hips pressed into her ass. She took a deep breathe and purred louder as she turned her head to look at Conner over her shoulder for a moment before turning back and taking Blazes cock back into her mouth, sucking on him a bit more as Conner pulled his hips back, pulling about half of his cock out of her making his barbs gently rub and pull at her inner walls. He gripped her hips and began thrusting back into her, slowly picking up a firm pace as he began thrusting his hips into her harder and faster now. Letting out a soft growl. Blaze watched as Ruby lost concentration, taking her mouth off of his cock. He grinned and chuckled, pulling back and moving so he was beside them now. He watched as Conner leaned down over his sister, his chest pressed into her back as his hips pounded into her ass while driving his cock into her pusst as hard as he could now while biting down on the back of her neck, tugging on the skin with his teeth. Ruby closed her eyes tightly and let out a loud moan as she gripped at her bed sheets tightly in her hands. Conner growled against her as he moved faster before pulling back and gripping her hips tightly in his hands as he began slamming his cock into her harder and faster then before, his ears twitching as her moans grew louder. Suddenly Conner stopped and grinned as Ruby whined a bit with a small hiss coming from her. He pulled his cock from her and sat back, grinning to her.

Before Ruby could jump Conner Blaze grabbed her and pulled her into his lap with her back to him. He held onto her and grinned before kissing her deeply as Conner moved so he was sitting in front of the two. He held onto his cock with one hand and soon Ruby felt Blaze lowering her down, gasping when she felt not only her brothers cock pushing back into her pussy but Blazes cock pushing into her ass as he guided her down. When both men filled her she held onto Conner's shoulders tightly with her eyes shut for a moment. They each held still, giving her time to adjust while Blaze chuckled and began petting her head slowly. Ruby began purring as Conner gently held onto her hips and began to coax her into moving. She kept her hold on his shoulder as Blaze let out a soft groan. Ruby soon began moving between each of them. She panted softly as she moved slowly until she had relaxed enough to start moving harder and faster between them, her claws digging into Conner's shoulders. Conner winced a bit and groaned as he bit his bottom lip a bit. "R..Ruby..claws kiddo!" Ruby blushed and pulled her claws from him as she moaned out. Blaze and Conner began pushing up into her each time she came down, Blaze bringing his hands up and groping her breasts, using his fingers to pinch and twist her nipples. Ruby moaned out a bit louder and panted as she moved faster with their movements into her. It wasn't long before Blaze felt his knot forming, panting against her shoulder as he pressed his head to her shoulder while his cock began throbbing hard. Conner felt his own cock throbbing as he panted while looking at Ruby. "I...I am.." He didn't get a chance to warn her as her last movement sent him over the edge, moaning out as he released his cum into her while Blaze let out a grunt as he came into her ass, both men gripping her tightly. Ruby let out a loud moan, her movements continuing a bit longer until her own orgasm hit her, her juices squirting out around her brothers cock as she shook hard between the two of them. They all went still with heavy panting.

After several minutes Blaze pulled his cock from her ass while Conner pulled out of her pussy. They both moved so they were on their sides with Ruby sandwiched between the two of them. Conner gently licked her cheek while Blaze hugged her tightly, nuzzling his head against her own as she purred heavily to the two of them. " You two...are...fucking crazy." Conner laughed hard as he hugged her gently, rubbing his hands along her sides as he purred softly to her. " You like crazy Ruby...besides...a guy would have to be crazy to not want to fuck you any chance they got." Blaze chuckled softly and licked the back of her ear gently as he whispered. "He is right." Ruby blushed and looked back at Blaze before looking at Conner who smiled and gently nuzzled his cheek along her own a few times. "Your a beautiful woman Ruby...and I love you" Ruby purred and smiled as she nuzzled him in return, hugging him gently while her tail curled around Blaze gently. "I love you too big brother." Blaze smiled and nuzzled into the back of her neck as he let out a soft sigh, gently squeezing her as he relaxed. It didn't take her or Conner long to fall asleep while Blaze moved his hand around until he found a blanket and pulled it over the three of them. Blaze laid awake, lifting his head to look at Ruby deciding he would talk to her alone sometime the next day. He let out a yawn and kissed her cheek before laying his head against hers and falling asleep to the sound of her and her brothers purring

The stalking Ex and a growing love.

The next morning Ruby woke up a bit later then normal and had to scramble out of bed even though she felt sore from the night before. Blaze almost fell out of the bed when she jumped up from realizing she would end up being late to her class. He sat up...

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The ex reappears.

The next morning Ruby was dressed in some shorts and a T-shirt she swiped from Blaze. Blaze didn't have class till the afternoon so he laid there watching her getting dressed. she sat on the edge of the bed as she pulled her hair into a low braid,...

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The weekends finish.

Ruby shifted a bit on the couch in Blazes apartment. She had fallen asleep after lunch that Sunday while Blaze was out to the store for some things knowing his brother was going to be back either that night or early the next morning. When Blaze walked...

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