The weekends finish.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#5 of Something unexpected.

^.^ New part! XD Hope you all enjoy. And if you read this far in this series or fully read the finished series Secret Lovers then thank you :3

Ruby shifted a bit on the couch in Blazes apartment. She had fallen asleep after lunch that Sunday while Blaze was out to the store for some things knowing his brother was going to be back either that night or early the next morning. When Blaze walked back into the apartment and put the items away he grabbed a small red rose he had bought. He moved to the couch and leaned over the back of it, looking down at Ruby as she curled up on her side with her tail curling around her legs lightly. Blaze grinned and gently ran the rose over along her arm before running it down along her side and along her legs. Ruby twitched her tail and let out a groan as she opened her eyes, starting to stretch out as Blaze moved to lay with her. He moved so he would be behind her, gently sliding the rose into her hand while she was stretching. Ruby blinked and blushed brightly then grinned some as she turned her head to look at him. He grinned back then gently nuzzled his nose against her own as she purred softly while cuddling back into him.

After a while of just laying there cuddling with Blaze Ruby slowly sat up, looking at him and smiling before standing and stretching out with a soft groan. she walked into the kitchen, putting the rose in a small vase with water. She grinned a bit to herself and watched him as he sat up with a groan of his own. Ruby knew what she was going to do that night was brave on her part with the constant thoughts of being unattractive. She swayed her tail and watched as he walked towards her. When he reached her he wrapped his arms around her, kissing her softly. Ruby purred and returned the kiss then grinned as he swayed them around for a moment before nipping at her ear gently a few times before letting go with a smile. "Anything you want to do tonight?" Ruby twitched her ear from his nipping and grinned as she got a thoughtful look on her face before shaking her head and shrugging a bit. "Being lazy sounds fine with me." Blaze smiled and nodded then kissed her forehead softly as she purred a bit louder. " Alright. I am going to go down to the gym for a bit. I know if I don't do it now I'm going to get to feeling way to lazy about it." Ruby laughed and nodded some, kissing him again before he moved to his room to get his gym bag. He kissed her cheek before he left. Ruby grinned even more and giggled softly to herself before moving to his room, grabbing that little black bag from the mall then heading to the bathroom.

Ruby was in the bathroom with music playing from her phone and the bathroom door cracked open a bit. She was brushing her fur out and pulling her hair back into a low pony tail. She looked at herself in the mirror standing completely naked at the moment. " Oh Ruby your hopeless..." She shook her head some then looked at the little black bag. She bit her bottom lip hard, hoping this would go over well. It took a lot of courage for her to buy the lingerie inside the bag and now she had to work up the courage to put it on and wait for Blaze to return. Ruby pulled the bag open and pulled out a pale purple lace baby doll style lingerie set. She looked at the lace detail over the bra of the lingerie with the sheer lace fabric hanging down from the bottom of it that split from the middle of the bra to the bottom of the fabric, the edging having lace working around it. She looked at the panties that went with it, looking at the lace work on it as well. She took a deep breathe and finally pulled the lingerie on. she got it adjusted and looked at her reflection again before rolling her eyes."God Ruby...this is a one time attempt.." She hated her reflection and lowered her ears some. When she finally turned away from the mirror she grabbed her phone, shutting the music off then sticking her head out of the bathroom, looking around before going into Blazes room. As soon as she closed the door Blaze walked into the apartment followed by Jacob. " I didn't think you would be back until in the morning...the hell did you come back this early for?" Jacob grumbled as he set his bags down in the floor, stretching out with a yawn coming from him. " Because our cousin is a fucking moron. We were at a gaming session with some others and his stupid ass got drunk. He lost the match on the game and went on a rage that was so bad the cops were called and he got arrested." Blaze rolled his eyes and shook his head some as he put his own gym bag down. He looked around for Ruby, his ears twitching a few times. When he didn't see her he looked a bit worried. Jacob made his way to his bedroom to put his bags away while Blaze moved to his own room.

When Blaze walked into his room he looked to his bed, sitting Ruby standing beside it with her back to the door. She was rubbing the back of her neck as she stood there with a groan coming from her. Blaze closed the door behind him as he spoke softly. "Ruby are you alright?" When Ruby turned to look at him he stopped in his tracks, his ears standing up at full attention. There she stood in front of him wearing the lingerie she had bought. When he didn't say anything after a few minutes of stunned silence, Ruby lowered her ears against her head and began to get nervous with her tail curling around her legs tightly. "I..I guess this was a bad ide-" Blaze had seen her becoming nervous and uncertain then moved to her, kissing her deeply before she could finish what she was saying. Ruby let out a muffled gasp as he kissed her, purring as she began to return the kiss with him, wrapping her arms around him. Blaze deepened the kiss with a soft growl coming from him before he slowly broke the kiss, his nose gently rubbing against hers. " Ruby...your beautiful." Ruby blushed brightly and looked him in the eyes before whispering. " Lock the door so your brother doesn't come walking in on us." Blaze grinned and nodded. He let her go and moved back to the bedroom door, locking it.

When he turned back to her it was clear he was aroused, his sweat pants doing absolutely nothing to hide it at all. Ruby blushed and smiled to him as he moved back to her, kissing her neck softly and making her tilt her head back to give more of her neck to him. It wasn't long before he gave her neck a soft bite, making her let out a soft moan. Ruby put her hands on his sweat pants, pulling the ties on them to get it lose then pulling his pants down as he pressed his lips back against her own. She returned the kiss with a soft growl before pulling back and slowly moving onto her knees as she pulled his pants down so they were around his ankles. Ruby looked up at him, her cheeks still a light pink as Blaze stared down at her, his cock fully erect and thobbing as he began leaking precum. Ruby leaned up and ran her tongue along the legnth of his cock slowly a few times before taking the tip into her mouth, sucking gently while her tongue teased against him.

Blaze shivered a bit with a soft groan coming from him, his hand moving down to rest on her head. Ruby closed her eyes and took more of his cock into her mouth, her head beginning to bob along him slowly as her tongue swirled around on him while she began purring softly against him. Blaze bit his bottom lip lightly while his cock throbbed from the feeling of her mouth around it. He soon pulled back and helped her up, gently pushing her so she fell back on the bed. Ruby let out a grunt as she landed on the bed before giggling as he leaned over her, kissing her deeply before slowly kissing down along her neck then between her breasts, keeping them covered for now as he worked his way down until he licked over the fabric of her panties.

Ruby let out a soft moan when she felt his tongue through the panties. She laid her head back and purred heavily for a moment as he licked a few more times before pushing the panties aside, his mouth finding her clit and sucking on it softly while rolling his tongue against it. Ruby let out another moan, the volume of her moans getting a bit louder the more he teased her clit. She wiggled her hips a bit and sat up some so she propped herself up on her elbows, staring down at him as he glanced back up at her. Blaze grinned and pushed his tongue into her pussy, swirling it around inside her and licking at her inner walls while his fingers pinched and rubbed her clit. Ruby let out a loud moan and slapped her hand over her mouth to keep it down. Blaze pulled his tongue from her and laughed softly. He sat on the bed, leaning his back against the wall then grinned. " Get in my lap kitten." Ruby purred, enjoying the little pet name he had given her. She slowly moved off of her back and into his lap so she was straddling him. Blaze pushed the panties aside and watched her as she lowered her pussy down onto his cock.

Ruby wrapped her arms around him as she lowered onto his cock until he had her filled up. She sat there a moment, nuzzling her head against his as she enjoyed the feeling of him being inside her. Blaze grinned, letting her sit there as long as she wanted while his hands began rubbing along her back under the lace of the lingerie. She purred and soon began moving her hips on him, her movements slow and gentle. Blaze let out a soft groan when she began moving on him, his head gently pressing to hers for the moment and enjoying the slow pace she was using while she was in control. Ruby gripped the fur on his shoulders as she began to slowly speed her movements up on him, letting out soft moans and groans as she rode him. Blaze let out a soft growl and began helping her movements with his hands gripping her hips and lifting her. Ruby pressed her lips to his as she began moving her hips on him harder and faster now, her breasts starting to bounce with her movements while the sounds of the bed squeaking and her pussy moving along his cock filled the air. She deepened her kiss with him when he pushed his tongue into her mouth while his hands moved from her hips to ehr ass, gripping it firmly as she moved her hips. She soon pulled back from their kiss to let out a moan, seeming to not care if Jacob heard the two of them.

Blaze finally pulled her off of him and put her on all fours on the bed, lifting her rear up into the air as he got to his knees behind her. He held the panties out of the way as he pushed his cock back into her pussy, gripping her hips and starting to pound into her, the sound of his hips hitting her ass giving off soft thud sounds with their fur softening the impact. Ruby gripped the bed covers as she moaned out louder then before, her eyes shut tightly as she began panting softly between her moans. Blaze leaned over her, his chest pressed into her back as he let out a growl into her ear as he sped his movements up. Blaze closed his eyes tightly as his cock throbbed hard with his movements as his knot began to form and hit against her pussy lips with each movement while her pussy was clenching his cock more and more as she began pushing back against him as hard as she could now, biting her bottom lip with a load muffled moan coming from her.

Blaze growled when she began to tighten up on him. He bit down on her shoulder as he began slamming his hips into her own as hard as he could before suddenly with a loud wet pop his knot pushed into her, locking them together. Ruby let out a loud moan when he knotted with her, her claws digging into the bed as she bucked back into him as hard as she could now as her ears flattened back against her head. It didn't take long for her to cum, her juices washing over his cock and knot while she moaned out and slammed back into him over and over until her orgasm faded. Blaze let out a snarl as he slammed into her once more, his cock throbbing as he released his cum in her, his own ears flattening for a moment as the two went still. He let go of her shoulder and panted heavily while Ruby began to relax under him, her tail curling around him gently. She turned her head to look at him over her shoulder making him smile and kiss her softly before shifting them so they were on their sides. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her against him as he began nuzzling his head against her own.

When they were breathing normally and calm from their romp Blaze grinned and spoke softly. " What in the hell made you want to do this?" He gently plucked at the strap of her lingerie. Ruby blushed and smiled as she shifted against him some, purring softly as she thought of a good way to answer before sighing softly. " I saw you looking at it while we were in the mall...I thought it would be fun. And it was...just it took me several minutes of talking myself into buying it...and almost a half hour or talking myself into putting it on tonight.." Blaze smiled and nuzzled his head against her own gently for a moment as he hugged her again before reaching up to massage one of her ears. " Ruby...Im proud of look great in it...well to me you do." Ruby blushed and turned her head enough to look at him before she smiled and nodded a bit, gently taking his hand into her own. "Well then...I will have to wear it for you again." Blaze chuckled and kissed her then laid his head down to relax, his fingers gently toying with her own as he held onto her hand.

While they were relaxing Jacob was in the living room listening to the two of them until they finished. He shook his head some and chuckled a bit before checking his phone and seeing the pictures Tootsie had sent him. He blinked a few times when he realized the moaning he heard from the room was Ruby. He raised a brow and looked to the door then to the pictures before grinning a bit. He sent the pictures and a text message to Blazes Ex-Girlfriend, Rosie. Rosie was a thin, busty white husky with bright blue eyes and a bad attitude. When Rosie got the message from Jacob she read the text about Blaze hooking up with another girl then the pictures. She folded her ears back and huffed a bit, shaking her head some. " Well now...can't have some flea ridden cat taking off with my fuck buddy..." She grinned and got up deciding she would show up at the college in the morning.

While Rosie was making her plans Blaze nipped at Rubys ears, making her giggle before moaning when he pulled his cock from her. His cock returned to his sheath and he kissed her softly a few times before she rolled over to face him. She wrapped her arms around him and nuzzled her face against his chest, laying there in silence for a few minutes before she fell asleep while he was rubbing her back. Blaze laid awake a while longer, listening ot her breathing and the occasional purr coming from her with a smile on his face before he finally fell asleep as well.

The weekend with Blaze.

Ruby shifted a bit the next morning and groaned in pain. Oh god she felt so sore. Was it supposed to feel like this? She rolled onto her back and stretched out slowly before opening her eyes and looked around. She blushed when she remembered she was at...

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Ruby's first time.

"Finally! Done with classes till Monday!" Ruby stretched out with a groan, sitting on a bench in the yard of the campus. she let out a yawn and rubbed her eyes as she took a deep breathe. She sat there for a few minutes before standing up to make her...

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The first date.

Ruby had her ears flat against her head as she reached her apartment a few floors above Blazes apartment. She unlocked the door and stepped in only to be met with the sight of Todd walking out of Tootsies room stark naked and hard with morning wood. "...

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