The problematic Ex.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#9 of Something unexpected.

Ever have that Ex boyfriend or girlfriend that constantly came back to you for sex but as soon as you get into a new relationship they start making problems because they are like a toddler with toys and not wanting someone to have what they gave up? Yeah that is Rosie.

Conner stayed with Ruby for almost a week before he had to head out and visit their father before making his trip back to his base. That evening Luna ran into Ruby's room, jumping onto the bed with Blaze and Ruby not caring if they were naked or not. Ruby let out a grunt as Blaze groaned and pulled the pillow over his head. "Get up you two lazy asses! It is Saturday night and we are going out! I am bored and don't want to go to the club alone! Come on!" Ruby laughed as Luna ripped the blankets off of them, giggling to seeing Blaze naked while Ruby had just panties on. "Luna! Come on settle down! Give us a few minutes please?" Luna grinned and nodded before giggling. " Hurry up and don't start fucking!" Ruby threw one of the pillows at Luna as the husky ran from the room. Blaze laughed under the pillow covering his head then grinned feeling Ruby straddling him with her tail swaying around slowly with a giggle coming from her. " Well? Shall we go with her?" Blaze moved the pillow and looked up at her, grinning even more before nodding some, playfully slapping her ass and making her jump only to fall off of him and onto her side on the bed, laughing softly before lightly kicking him. Blaze smiled and got up from the bed, putting the covers back onto it before getting dressed in some jeans and a black T-Shirt. He sat on the edge of the bed, running his fingers through his hair while Ruby pulled on some baggy purple jeans and a tank top with angel wings on the back of it. "No bra?" Ruby grinned and stuck her tongue out at him before shaking her head a bit with a giggle. Blaze stood up and walked with her out of the bedroom.

Luna was bouncing excitedly on the couch wearing a short pink dress with a black bra on under it. Ruby smiled and sighed, motioning for Luna to lead the way. The husky jumped up and ran to the door giggling. "Is she on crack?" Ruby laughed and smacked Blaze on the shoulder making him grin and walk out of the apartment. Ruby locked the door behind them and with Luna in the lead went to the club in town. Once there it was some what packed. Luna instantly went to the dance floor with a grin while Ruby moved with Blaze to a booth, settling down with him beside her, nuzzling his head against her softly while toying with one of her ears making her purr softly.

While they were cuddling in the booth and listening to the music Rosie was off at the bar, the booths in clear view of her. She folded her ears back and watched them while Jacob was next to her downing a shot before looking to her. " You know...the feline has self esteem would be very easy to fuck with her." Rosie looked at Jacob for a moment with a thoughtful look on her face before grinning. " Well I guess I have to plant the little seed of doubt in her." Jacob smiled some and nodded a bit as he went back to getting another shot. Rosie watched as Luna walked up to the booth and looked at the couple with a grin. " Ruby mind if I borrow Blaze?" The wolf stood his ears up and raised a brow before Ruby grinned and chuckled. "Be gentle with him Luna...I need him to have energy later." Blaze blushed and looked at Ruby as Luna grabbed his hand and pulled him up to go dance with her, giggling as Ruby waved to him that it was alright. Once Blaze was gone with Luna Rosie grabbed her drink and slowly made her way to the booth, sliding into the seat across from Ruby.

Ruby stood her ears up and looked at Rosie with a raised brow before folding her ears back as the husky grinned some. " Your the girl that dated Blaze?" Rosie nodded some and chuckled a bit figuring Blaze had shown her picture to Ruby so she would know who to avoid. "I am...I'm surprised to see him hooking up again...After all I did dump him for a reason" Ruby knew she should just get up and walk away to find Blaze but damn it her curious nature stopped her. She twitched the tip of her tail and looked at Rosie with a questioning look on her face. Rosie grinned and tilted her head to the side a bit. "I dumped him because all he used me for was sex! Anytime he could get it he would jump me and if I said no he would go get it from a different girl." Ruby folded her ears back against her head as she stared at this woman, a look of uncertainty coming to her eyes. Ruby didn't know any better about Rosie since she hadn't asked Blaze about what happened out of fear of upsetting him. Rosie grinned a bit more to seeing her becoming uncomfortable and nervous. "Just watch and wait kitten...when you start turning him down for sex he will ditch your ass before you can blink and go to the next chick that will spread her legs for prepared for when it happens." Rosie stood up and walked off with a soft snicker coming from her. Ruby rubbed her arms a bit as she sat there looking down at the table. Blaze finally made his way back and almost fell into the booth seat.

"Good god that girl has to be on crack or she is drinking way to many damn energy drinks today!" Blaze pulled himself to sit better before looking to Ruby. He noticed the look on her face and tilted his head a bit as he moved to sit by her. "Ruby?" The feline blinked and looked at him for a moment before she gave a faint little smile and shook her head some. Blaze watched her with a worried look on his face, not knowing Rosie had been talking to her. He reached up and rubbed Rubys ears gently, letting her lean into him as he did. Ruby kept her gaze down on the table as he pet her before he gently turned her head up by her chin to make her look at him. " Something is were smiling when Luna snatched you look like your ready to start crying..what happened?" Ruby shifted a bit and toyed with her fingers a bit as she took a deep breathe before she spoke softly. " won't..turn to another girl for sex if I say no will you?" Blaze blinked a few times and stared at her before folding his ears back against his head, shaking it as he pulled her into a hug. "God no Ruby...I wouldn't do that to you. You know damn good and well that if you don't feel or want to have sex then all you have to do is say something to me...where in the hell did you get an idea like that?" Ruby held onto him tightly and nuzzled into him, shaking her head a bit. "N..No where...just random thoughts I guess."

Blaze lowered his ears and sighed, shaking his head a bit as he continued to pet her head slowly. They sat there for a while before Blaze got up and found Luna, telling her he was taking Ruby back to the apartment. Luna nodded and smiled before going back to dancing. Blaze moved back to Ruby and gently took her hand into his, helping her up and walking with her back to the apartment. Once there Ruby moved to the kitchen to get something to eat while Blaze watched her with a worried look before moving into the kitchen and kissing her cheek softly a few times. "Rest Ruby...I will be back in a bit...I will be at the gym downstairs if you need me." Ruby nodded, smiling some knowing he had gotten into the habit of going every night since Conner had dragged him along once or twice while he had been there. Blaze kissed her softly and moved to change into his sweat pants and a t-shirt then grabbed his gym bag, heading out. Ruby sat down on the couch with a bowl of ice cream, sighing softly as she toyed with the spoon and thinking back on what Rosie had told her.

Down at the gym Blaze was using a punching bag, wondering what happened at the club to make Ruby have those thoughts then began wondering how he would let her know he care for her greatly. He didn't know Rosie was watching from the locker rooms with a grin. Stalking this wolf had paid off for the husky. She waited almost a half hour before he headed for the locker room. She moved out of sight and grinned more. He soon walked in and headed to the showers as he stripped down from his clothing, tossing them on top of his bag as he walked by it. Rosie waited until the water was running before making her way into the showers with him, wrapping her arms around him after dropping the towel from around her body. Blaze stood his ears up and looked down seeing her hands and folding his ears back. He moved to get her to let go but her right hand had already moved down to rub at his sheath, squeezing gently as he let out a snarl. "Rosie...let go." Rosie giggled and shook her head as she pressed her bare breasts against his back, feeling him becoming hard and poking out of his sheath the more she rubbed. She pulled back and moved to be in front of him, her tail wagging as she moved to get on her knees. She was about to take him into her cock when Blaze heard a voice that made his heart drop. "Blaze?" Ruby stood at the doors to the showers, looking at the two of them with her ears standing up. Blaze pulled back from Rosie and started to make his way to Ruby who backed away and took off. Blaze growled and looked at Rosie who stood up and turned the water to the shower off. " Damn it Rosie! I told you no so many times! Why can't you just leave me alone?" Rosie walked to him, gently rubbing her thumb along his sheath softly. "Because your mine...relationship or not...your mine and I don't intend on letting her stop isn't my fault the fat ass is easy to mess with." The husky grinned and chuckled as she moved to grab her towel. " I will be at your apartment in an hour....see you then." Blaze stood there looking floored as he watched her leave. Never before in his life had he wanted to punch a woman but it took all his will power to not grab Rosie and flat out hit her. He growled and got his fur dried off before rushing to get dressed and run off to find Ruby.

Ruby's double surprise.

Ruby shifted a bit on top of Blaze as she started to wake up, her phone ringing in his room where she had left it. She quickly moved off of him, her knee hitting the edge of the table. " DAMN IT!" She almost fell back on the couch, rubbing her knee...

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The stalking Ex and a growing love.

The next morning Ruby woke up a bit later then normal and had to scramble out of bed even though she felt sore from the night before. Blaze almost fell out of the bed when she jumped up from realizing she would end up being late to her class. He sat up...

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The ex reappears.

The next morning Ruby was dressed in some shorts and a T-shirt she swiped from Blaze. Blaze didn't have class till the afternoon so he laid there watching her getting dressed. she sat on the edge of the bed as she pulled her hair into a low braid,...

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