My Demon

Story by Drianazz on SoFurry

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It had been a disappointing and depressive night in the new town here on this earth. Perhaps it was just his luck, with a flap of his wings he wiggled about not going to stand staying trapped at home with no one about. Just what could he wear? A snap of his fingers he knew he was going to be wearing some daisy dukes and a tank top that was see through allowing his stripes and fur outshine. He had heard of this place called "Le Terrin De Jeu." It made his fur spark up just thinking about this place to be. Checking himself out as he walked down the street, it was only a few blocks from his home, he took a glance at his ass half hanging out making a purr of approval. He had his A game and maybe he would be bringing someone home.

He'd heard the rumors that this was the Devil's Terrin De Jeu, but he didn't quite believe that to be true. It was a strip club to the public but from the hushed whispers there was a full out fetish club where all forms of species of woman, man and anything in between to find their truest and secretes desires. It ranged from Groups, Hardcore, BDSM, foot fetish, rape, humiliation, watersports, didn't matter in the end what was the kink. If it was requested and paid for, it was provided. The girls and guys that worked as strippers weren't just there for show but were high end prostitutes from every corner around the world. Best of the best.

He'd heard the rumors that this was the Devil's Terrin De jeu, but he didn't quite believe that to be true. It was a strip club to the public but from the hushed whispers there was a full out fetish club Terrin De Jeu was a more than what he was expecting upon entering. It was different from the typical clubs across the nation. Stripes didn't know how to react when he looked around feeling like this was his church, with a sly grin he looked around looking at the graffiti art that lurked behind the dancers. He didn't give much attention to some of the members that were with company, from female judges and men in business suits, high class to low class. It was one world. What drew his attention were the hidden door to the backroom, seeing people sneak in when everyone was busy ogling the massive selection of dancers of pussy and dicks.

After feeling a few touches from some of the men and woman over his sunset wings making him purr at the caresses. This club easily put lap dances, stripping, and sweaty shiny skin to shame. Heading to the back rooms he began seeing the dog crates lined against the walls. Each one happily awaiting a cock to come through any one of those bars into a perfectly heart shaped ass or a thirsty mouth waiting for a cum bath. Sex and lust were the only vices served at this club which was a darn shame because his lust flowers would be seen as a drug, he didn't want to be kicked out without having a taste of the fun. Terrin De Jeu was just a playground and nothing more. Straight up satisfaction to one's craving no matter the erotic flavor. To handle his agenda he was looking around the room, seeing the feline femboys, the masculine canines that begged to be turned to submissive bitches. He tapped his hip feeling slightly disappointed that so far he had yet to find what he was craving. Going through a few scalies, bunnies, sharks, he finally landed his eyes on a hidden figure. At first he didn't understand why the person was hidden, but as he got closer, the figure moved away further into the sexual dungeon. He painted a picture of pure innocence across his face, licking his lips as he got closer, with every step taken he realized he was following a demon. It would only make sense as to why he was walking away. Squinting his blue eyes to see better with a quick adjustment for the striped tiger.

The closer he got to the dark figure he was the flickers of the green and blue flames on the flow with every step that was taken away from the tiger. The shadows no longer clung to the figure, it was in fact a demon, every shadow that left him was pure candr from the top of his silver haired head, inching lower and lower revealing the powerful body. The eyes of the male tiger never left the shadowed reflection of the dungeon which was broken as he was led by the demon to a five foot diameter pool. The demon looked over his shoulder at the tiger flashing the disgusting pearly whites before disappearing in a flash. The message was clear, he had wanted Stripes to take off the clothes he had dedicated in putting together and step into the pool. His face was glowing with the adrenaline and ecstasy, piece by piece the clothes came off. Hands on his hips as he looked around for the demon in anticipation before finally getting into the warm water instantly welcoming his red fur. He was sure he had been ditched or perhaps mislead but the thoughts left him faster than anything as the surface of the pool was broken by two points from below the surface and the tips of the creature's wings slowly emerging first followed by the horns that had been hidden before his hair got wet.

The leathery wings shimmered in the water, licked by the similar flames with each step that was taken. The liquid beads of water sizzled as they ran down each web, the top of his head and the silver hair finally broke. He took one powerful step after another revealing the same powerful body. The awaiting tiger blue eyes never left the demon's body, devouring each inch of the blasphemys exposing flesh. Hips finally breaking the surface, his eyes glazed and got big, drinking in the sight of the demon's cock. Stretching his own sunset wings he was at a disadvantage by the demon's own, they extended by at least 15-feet. The demon splashed his tail playfully against the water sending it splashing up and over them like rain. The slightest movement only twitched the rapidly engorged cock. Stripes couldn't keep his eyes off his body especially the jumbotron between his thighs. Every muscle, every movement made his cock head bead with pre, growing hotter from the core of his meatus to the depth of his balls. He involuntarily licked his lips tasting the salty sweat that was on them, what had he just done, besides making a deal with the devil. With a gesture from the demon he was yanked forward by an invisible force brought forward into his arms, naked against his naked flesh, every inch exposed and in his arms. This wasn't just a fantasy, "Think you can please me?" the demon asked. Stripes came instantly forcing the demon to laugh and toss his head back in amusement.

He was thankful for the pools water as his premature climax drifted away. Moaning softly in embarrassment thinking it was all of the spunk he had in that one load but the base from demons voice caressed and prolonged his orgasm making his cock rub against the demons crotch pointing upward as another thick was splattered across his chest. He tried backing up, trembling too hard and knees turned jelly as he was dying from embarrassment. "Never.. experience this before.." He panted out in a whimper to the demon. The demon wasn't about to let him pass this moment off with just a humiliating laugh, he was beginning to understand the concept of torture. He knew the creature was behind it, how? He didn't know. The tip of his cock began to feel hotter and it turned more sensitive than it had before he came. Every time he spoke or laughed even at a simple glance it felt like a tongue was hitting its tip rapidly. Ribbons wrapped around stripes cock, though they weren't shown, he could feel the swirling and tightening of the ribbons around his cock stroking his member. Each stroke had the heat intensified, "Yess.." he groaned out. He never experienced anything like this, his cock was working itself, twitching at the end as thick droplets oozed out, sending droplets of his pre spraying. His dick was like a faucet, and the only thing he heard above his pounding heart was his knotted cock violently shooting more cum out of the water. Another laugh. He shuddered leaving no strength in his legs any longer.

"So much, so much cum." Being suddenly shoved and pushed towards the steps of the pool positioned on all fours, "Lets see just how prepared you are." the creature's voice sent a shivering vibration running up and down his spine going down his tail hole, the taint, and to the tip of his meatus all over again causing more spurts of his dick spraying into the water. Sinking his head down leveled to the water, gripping the edge of the pool, ass up in the air with his cock dangling in the water.

The demon, Jack was his name because well he didn't exactly have one, had groaned at the delicious feeling of his tight tiger hole clenching the very tip of his dick every time he slid his shaft up and down positioning against the invitingly pink entrance. Humping the crack of his ass reeling in the carnal desire of grabbing the perky apple bottom, spreading the cheeks apart ruthlessly humping groaning in disbelief. He moaned as his balls spasmed, tightening with every slap of his balls against both the water and the felines own jewels, spurting two or three thick ropes of white creamy cum between his ass and the curve of his spine, smiling down at his little slut mischievously.

Using his sticky cum as lube he pressed against the small orifice, hearing the tiger grunt at the thickness of his cock's head. Gasping at the intense feeling, he pushed in more of is member opening his puckered hole. "Stroke your cock." He kept the head of his member lodged halfway watching Stripes reach down following the simple demand. "Good boy." rewarding him with the rest of his prick's head, stretching his tiny hole until he could see the thick four inches of meat being clenched. Excitedly Jack's little slut was pushing back his hips sinking in more inches. Jack liked that a lot. Setting his hands over the tigers wings using them like handlebars instantly slamming in the rest of his fat cock. No time for adjusting to the thick four inches and 10 inch rod, Jack slammed in and out of his hole. Pounding in and out like a savage hunger man. He starved for the tight little pucker that clung to his demonic dick.

Furiously pounding as his slut arched away from the water, he knew that Stripes was still stroking his cock rapidly to match the speed. Moans clear as water echoed through the dungeon. Unfurling his wings he spread it over the ledges of the pool giving him better grip to mold the precious dirty hole for his cock. Water was sent flying all over the ground, wave after wave, roaring in ecstasy just as spurt after spurt of cum rang from the feline shaft. Jack didn't like that. He hadn't given permission. What could be said, this was a tiger that didn't listen all too well, and liked punishment.

"guuuuuggggg guuuggggg guuuuuggggg guuuuuggg," The tiger gagged and spit as he not only was roughly turned around but was having this big meaty shaft be fed down his throat. Shoving into his throat repeatedly struggling to relax his jaw. Each flick of the rough feline tongue sliding across the underside, Stripes tried to move his head away from the demons shaft. Stopping him, the demon placed his hands on either side of his head resuming the fast but steady pace of his crotch brushing against the cold nose. He kept gagging and choking on the heavy python, "Fuck.... its.. so... fucking... big.. I ...... down... it.." the feline finally managed around a mouthful. It was still difficult to make out what those missing words were but it didn't matter.

"You're going to get it down bitch," He said, pulling up Stripes by the arm dragging him to the other end of the pool. "Now, open that fucking mouth." He ordered, using his demonic abilities to create a fuck bubble over his snout, yanking him down into the water with his tail keeping him trapped under the water. Stripes struggles were bringing pleasure to the demon, pumping his big fat hog down into his mouth rhythmically pumping it in and out secretly hoping that the fuck bubble would break. Eventually the struggles of the feline died down to the aggressive assaults shoved down his throats, reaching new depths and new gags, the squeeze was pure bliss. Nothing on this planet could describe the tightness a stuffed throat could give.

The air of the bubble was quickly diminishing eventually forcing it to pop the second that Jack forced Stripes head to the side, "Don't worry, now you will get it down your throat." With the angle now being different and changed slightly it was easier to pump every inch of the massive dick. "Ah, fuck ya!! There you go, get that dick in there. Fuck yes, that throat is fucking tight!" he said feeling the rushed bubbles of air leaving Stripes mouth. His balls slapping across his face until he buried himself deep in the abused throat. Several moments had passed by, sure that the feline was moments from passing out, rope after rope finally erupted from Jack's shaft filling and inflating his stomach. Pulling out just when he felt him start going limp in the water finally letting him up for air. The demon walked away from the shattered tiger.

"Alright, who's next?"

The End.

Written by Driana Le Souris.

Written for StripesTheSeasonKing.

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