The Dragon's Illusion

Story by ReynartWrites on SoFurry

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A brazen thief who was down on her luck, but now high on her own pride finds herself an easy mark, or so she thinks.

Ruth had little left for herself in this world. She had been taken for a fool and fallen in love with a quick talking scoundrel who had taken her to the country side and left her there, taking her gold in the process. That was some time ago though, when she was young and foolish. Today she was may have become a brigand, but she was proud, she was powerful, and she could survive. As a thief and treasure hunter she had scored many marks along the country side, merchants and caravans making their trips through what they thought were safe routes. Recently in local taverns and villages she had heard little stories and tales of a legendary creature taking its home in the mountains nearby. Rumors told of gold and jewels alike being flown to a cave by a dragon as black as the night itself. They say the overgrown reptile was perhaps a younger beast due to its size, but it could still kill any man or woman that got to close. For now, the lords of the region had decided to let the creature be as it had not caused anyone trouble. In fact, it didn't even seem take from the local farmer's livestock, even those who lived near the base of the mountain. If no lord would order the death of the beast, then that meant that the treasures within were ripe for the picking. Enough gold and jewels to pawn off to have herself a comfortable life, perhaps even enough to find that old scoundrel of hers to give him what for, but that was a dream. Under the shade of tree, the brown skinned thief closed her eyes, forming a plan to take what the dragon had hoarded.

The sun was nearly down, night breaking over the horizon. From a rocky cave etched into the side of a mountain, a dragon emerged, blacker than the night, wings spreading far before it took flight, its eyes glowing a deep purple. Ruth watched the beast fly away with a fat grin upon her face, for a moment she couldn't stop staring at its eyes, mystified by that purple glow. Shaking her head she yet again focused on the task at hand, making sure it was far enough to sneak in. Once it was far out of sight she ducked into the cave in a hurry, looking around. The cave was lit far more than she would have though a dragon would need. In fact the walls were lined with torches and what she thought was going to be a natural cave had turned out to be a room with cut stone blocks pushed into the walls. Raising a brow she continued in, her steps echoing uncomfortably. Either the dragon had found this place out of sheer dumb luck, or the dragon was a master craftsman. Further inside the strange cut out cave she found what she had been searching for. Rows of wooden chests spilling over with treasure of all kinds. Gems, gold coins, and more, but when she approached the torch's suddenly went out, leaving her in the dark. Cursing herself for not bringing a proper source of light she began fingering around for the chests, perhaps if anything she would be able to cut free with a single diamond or other expensive bauble and be able to sell it for big, before coming back. Her hand met something hard, hard and yet smooth, definitely like a gem, but upon feeling over it she noticed that there were several rows of gems. Suddenly the torches light again with a loud whirl of wind and she gasped backing into the chest of the dragon that was now curled around her with a bored expression in its eyes, tail flicking from side to side. She yelped and turned to face the creature backing away quickly only to bump into its tail, heart racing. When she tried to turn again to scamper over the tail she blinked, all of the treasure she had seen was gone, not a single bit of it was left. Shocked, she barely noticed the dragon pinch the back of her cloak. Flailing about she yelped and huffed swinging every which way, but the dragon simply chuckled and set her back down against its tail so she was facing the dragon. Breathing out heavily she shook, she knew she was trapped, she would never get away from the beast, she could only hope for a quick death. Suddenly a voice rung out from the dragon's mouth, a deep and smooth song that sent shivers down her spine, "A thief, a troublesome famous one by the feel of your mind. You know....I'm only small because I don't need size." 'By the feel of your mind.' Did she hear the creature correctly? If what it suggested was true, it could read her mind, but then what of the treasure she saw? There were so many questions she had, but she was too frightened to pose them. Instead, the dragon cackled and lowered its head, pushing its snout against her nose to speak, "That treasure you saw was a lure, though indeed the architecture is of my own design. I am a dragon of illusion, of magic. I am not the beast your people think I am, moreover, you will do well to understand your place, you have no escape, but I have my uses for you." The dragon's eyes were so captivating and his voice was a melody that had her hanging on every single one of his words, each of which soothed her mind just a little more. Her own eyes followed those deep violet orbs tracing them, worshiping them. Shaking her head she felt her mind turn into fog and mush, she knew she was being fooled, she was being drawn in to some trap, and so she closed her eyes and looked away yelling aloud, "I am no toy, end my life now and spare me your trickery!" That deep voice began echoing in the room, bouncing off the walls of her mind, "You see. I don't need to make eye contact, but your mind is strong and I like that. It means you yourself are strong, and you should make for good breeding." Ruth suddenly felt her master back away, her head rang for a moment before suddenly clearing, clearing far too much. When she opened her eyes her master stood there on his haunches, wings folded, arms opened to her. The slim black scaled dragon was inviting her, what a fool, she would never accept her masters embrace. Suddenly she found herself moving without wishing to, stripping down to nothing and kneeling without telling her body to do so, but all she felt was a dim sense of pleasure, a love of that massive beast that would now be her husband. She now only hoped that she would be able to please him in any way possible, to see him fatten her womb with his thick seed. Struggling was such pain, stepping towards her master, kneeling towards him, all of those actions that seemed to please him gave her such a rush, such pleasure that rocked her body. For a moment her senses returned and she gasped pulling her face away from her captive's massive dark skinned cock that grew free from a slit just between the dragon's legs, but yet again pain found her and that sweet voice, the smooth gentle caress called out to her in a coo, "Come to me dear. You'll never need treasure, you won't need your past here, you will only need me, you'll be safe under my care" With that last bit she fell further under his spell and her hands moved to grab hold of that thick, dark colored member. Gentle fingers caressed the dragon's cock, his tongue lolling out as he felt success through the fact that his new pet was pleasure him. The dragon thrust to her hands lightly, watching as Ruth smiled, purring almost as she leaned in to nuzzle and kiss at that beautiful cock, tongue flicking out to taste that sweet member. She then dragged her tongue slowly to the tip, taking some of it into her mouth as she stroked the rest, her body shaking in the process from the pleasure she received. Any little pleasure her master and lover felt, she would feel in kind, and was rewarded equally with that beautiful voice entering her mind, praising her, pushing her forth to continue. She pulled her mouth way from his massive cock, her mind still in a haze of pleasure as a small jet of pre splattered across her cheek, causing her to gasp and smile dreamily, finger moving out to capture that thick substance to place it on to her tongue. The dragon watched his new slave with a smile, growling as his cock throbbed, wanting so badly to break that beautiful human in two, but he abstained, instead pulling her up in to a gentle embrace, slowly letting her drop so that the tip of his cock was poised to push inside of her. Already Ruth whimpered, begging for that burning member to be pushed inside of her, she wanted so badly to wet her insides with her master's seed, but her master had other plans. For a moment he gave Ruth back her mind, but not her body. She felt a small bit of pain, but immense pleasure flood her body as the tip of that massive cock entered her body. She groaned out and yelled, "Set me free! I am no pet of yours!" To which the dragon answered, "Then why do you love this so much, even without my spell your body moves, your body loves this treatment, face it. You are a dragon's slave, a dragon's wife" She whimpered and shook her head refusing to believe what the dragon and her body told her. Already her insides were molding to that massive cock as the dragon thrust up inside of her, causing her to jolt with every push. She groaned and her hips rolled on their own, pushing down towards the dragon's thick cock as she held on to her master for dear life. Ruth whimpered, tears staining her cheeks as she cried out her pleasure, "Gods be damned, it's too much to resist! I-I love you" she said giving herself fully to the dragon. The dragon's eyes shone purple again and his tongue lolled out in a satisfied look, he had broken her with the toggle of his spells, and now she would be his with or without his magic. He thrust again and again inside of her, pushing into her body in earnest now as he would breed another female dragon, after all she was no different than a bitch in heat that wanted to be ruined by her man, and so he gave her what she wanted. The dragon thrust again and again inside of Ruth, unable to push his entire cock inside of her, but still pounding her hard enough to cause her to bounce. Ruth herself cried out each time her insides were ravaged by that beautiful member, the dragon's spell causing her insides to twist in ways unimaginable, her orgasm already mounting. Shaking she groaned and if not for the dragon's hold she would have collapsed a sweaty heap upon the rocky floor. Soon enough she felt the dragon's cock begin to bulge, her master grunting and growling, signaling his own orgasm's coming. She groaned out and began working her hips harder to serve her master, yelling out for more. The dragon's wings unfolded, and he wrapped them around his new slave as he curled forward, letting out a loud roar as his cock shot free hot semen inside of her causing Ruth's body to quiver and shake, her lips opening wide to groan out as she was flooded with that thick mystical semen that stained and corrupted her insides. Already she could feel it working its way deep inside of her, deeper and deeper to breed her. Panting she closed her eyes, her head a sea of pleasure. Once the dragon's orgasm was done, he set her upon the ground, licking at her cheek, curling around her causing her to giggle, she had fully succumb to the dragon, and now, she had no care other than to please the dragon.

The villagers said they saw a maiden of great beauty upon the back of a dragon, wild flowing black hair and brown skin. She wore a necklace of scales, and nothing else. Her eyes were not of a humans though. Her eyes were deep purple and only a few had ever seen them up close. They say she was the dragon's wife, and perhaps it was true as she was once seen fat with child, drinking from the lake, her dragon coiled around her, or perhaps, she belonged to the dragon. Regardless, the lords of the region continued to believe that the dragon posed no harm, and paid no mind to the peasant's myth of a dragon maiden. Perhaps though, the dragon was the most dangerous of its kind.