The Second Rider's Courage

Story by ReynartWrites on SoFurry

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The second rider comes in the form of a meek girl who wishes to end the hunting of Griffon, can she tame the wildest of their kind?

Gryphons are creatures of great prominence in a natural and mystical sense. No one is sure just how far their influence goes, because for the most part they have chosen to exist apart from humanity. Although the gryphon is a being far beyond the understanding of humans and perhaps even near the level of godliness, humans have treated them as common beasts, hunting them and further driving them away from contact with humanity, but there were a few gryphons who despite human aggression found themselves enthralled with humanity; both their creative and destructive capabilities. One such gryphon named Zeal, found himself being hunted by the very human he had been watching and when he was caught in her snare and the final blow was going to be struck, it was over for him, or so he thought. The human huntress named Peli dropped her weapon and freed Zeal from her trap showing mercy rather than ending his life. Zeal then followed the human in hopes to learn more about her, unexpectedly the human huntress was excited upon seeing him again and the two formed a bond, a bond that transcended the mind and the spirit. It was the first of its kind and she was the first human to ever ride a gryphon and more importantly, hear its thoughts. Peli could communicate with her fated gryphon and thus she could learn everything he knew about his kind's past and their potential. Peli had hoped for a strong ally and companion, but what she received from the connection was so much more. It gave her such a shock that she immediately went to the royalty of her realm seeking that gryphons be no longer hunted aggressively, there was no reason to. The court rejected her, when she protested she was exiled, but in protesting she reigned in a following, a following that cared for her her stories like a church's doctrine. One of her followers, a girl by the name of Lilliana, worshipped the ground that Peli stood on and had wanted a gryphon of her own, a connection to a deeper being, and she knew she wouldn't be able to unless she proved herself. The young pale skinned village girl knew she couldn't stagnate in inaction, she had to take the initiative, and so she took action, not knowing that she would be the spark to something far greater.

Lilliana watched through tree's as men dragged a red furred gryphon trapped in a net through the forest ground. Her lips were dry and her hands quivered as she held her bow. She knew they would kill the gryphon if she didn't act, and this was perhaps her only chance. She heard of this camp where they harvested parts of gryphon and other creatures deemed monsters for court sorceresses and wizards. It wasn't even disguised, an open air butchery that served more as an execution site. The men on the ground with the gryphon captive wiped their brows and a larger set man walked up with axe in hand, the blade was blackened with dried blood of previous beasts and upon seeing that axe she couldn't hold herself back anymore. Notching an arrow she let it loose and watched as the first man fell. The axe dropped to the ground, blade digging in inches before the gryphon and severing the material that held it in place, "There! An assassin!" Shouted one of the men not distracted by his already dead comrade, a hand pointing to where Lilliana was, but luckily for her the gryphon had been freed in the commotion and its talons made quick work of the humans around it. Lilliana clambered down from the tree and was met by a massive creature, the gryphon panting, chest heaving, feathers around its crown frilled and its beak and claws bloodied. Lilliana's black eyes grew wide as she stared into the red eyes of the gryphon, she wasn't sure what to do. For all she knew the creature would gore her for just being a human, and this one was so much more violent than the gryphon that Peli had described! Closing her eyes she expected the end to come, her small frame quivering, but rather than kill her the gryphon let out a loud chirp and snagged the back of her dress to throw her up and over on to its back. All the while Lilliana yelled and when she landed she gripped hard biting at her lips, her sandals left behind as she was taken away on the gryphon's back.

They stopped in front of a cave where the gryphon dropped her onto the ground sending her rolling. Lilliana sat up, rubbing at the back of her head, her entire world and her head spinning attempting to adjust. Before she could get up the gryphon had circled her and nudged her on to her back his beak touching her forehead. A sharp lash of pain struck her mind and in an instant she heard a commanding voice speak, //You will answer for the crimes of your race!// Lilliana closed her eyes, blinking away the pain and the nausea from the trip before looking around, "Where did that voice come from? Crime? Whats going on?" she asked aloud, before her answer came within her head, //I am Sol, I seek repayment for my pregnant wife's death. I have established connection with you so that you may pay the price, although, you have rescued me...perhaps I will not force you to bear my children, nor torture you if you prove useful.// Lilliana's thoughts were racing as soon as he mentioned a connection. She had established a connection with a gryphon, a mystical being and a beautiful creature, but he sounded so angry, and the words that boomed out in her head from him were carried by a wind of strong emotion, hatred and spite. With a frown she got up from her position and she touched his beak gently, and even as he backed away she followed her finger tips touching his beak, "I don't really think you know what you're You seem a bit...winded too, are you ok? Did those men hurt you?" Sol snapped his beak and stamped a talon before communicating again to scare Lilliana back, //I am no pet! I could snap you with my mind if it weren't for this accursed law I....I....hah...// suddenly the gryphon collapsed on to his side and there she could see gashes, cuts and puncture wounds on the gryphon. Her face paled further than it was already and she looked around, "...If you trust me I want you to wait right here, save your energy. I might be too late, but let me leave to find supplies, I'll steal them, I'll do anything just...take it easy ok?" Sol raised a brow from where he lay and he closed his eyes his chest heaving, // seems I'll die here...but do as you please//

Lilliana wasn't too far from a small town, she just didn't have any money so she had to rely on a bit of thievery, which wasn't the most terrible thing when her purpose was saving a life. She was glad that night had fallen, but she was caught stalking around by a kindly old man, a stable master. Lilliana lied, telling him her horse had fallen and received several nasty wounds using her best charm. The old man gave her what he could from his home and waved her off thankfully not questioning why she was travelling in the middle of the night or why she was without footwear. While she made her sprint back to the cave she wondered if the connection worked both ways, //I'm coming back, a word would be nice. Please, I want to keep you alive.// to which the gryphon answered, //...why?// her only answer to such a question was, //Why not?// She received no answer back from the gryphon.

Upon arriving she saw the wounds had already begun to close by themselves. Either through magic or the gryphon's incredible physical form, //Magic...I'm still weak, so if you could...please// Sol answered before she could even ask the question. Since his wounds were already closing themselves she just had to clean around the areas, making sure they wouldn't get infected, but at the same time she wondered what she could do more, she was so stupid, if the wounds stayed that way what could she have done? Sutured the wounds herself and bandage a giant creature; now she felt useless. She heard a small chuckling in her head, //Humans are funny when troubled...I can appreciate that. You were concerned, but by mere merit of existence you have helped me. My magic is amplified by our little connection, I just wanted a little peace and quiet// At first her cheeks puffed into a pout, she had been genuinely concerned for the gryphon, but at the same time she was glad to have some use. Sitting against the gryphon she quieted herself, and spoke only through their connection, basking in the majesty of the creature she sat against. Sol repositioned himself soon after, curling around her now that his wounds were nearly fully closed. For a while they sat there, Lilliana allowing her curiosity to get the best of her. She asked question after question, about his home, his family, his society, his favorite foods and more, to which he answered either truthfully, or not for fun, but he let her know when he lied just to see her annoyed. He admitted that he had no love of humans, in fact when she had saved him he had been planning on destroying that camp himself along with the humans, but he was a fool, he allowed rage to blind him. Finally after a moment of silence Lilliana asked her final question, //Will you keep our connection?// to which the gryphon answered, //Perhaps. Perhaps not. Perhaps I will eat you, perhaps I will use you. Why don't you tell me what to do?// her cheeks flared red and she stood up with a huff, //I say you let me become your rider and you be mine! Let's ransack those camps and teach them not to mess with us!// Again she heard the same laughter from before, the same chiding laughter that caused her cheeks to flush further in embarrassment, //Without me, you'd be dead in a few seconds...and yet without you I would never be able to keep my understand what this connection means? We are fated to live and die together, and no other will get in the way of this connection.// Sol then craned his head to stare into her eyes. Lilliana didn't answer, she only gave his beak a soft peck and smiled, //I'll keep a hot head like yourself tempered and I don't mind being stuck with you, you're beautiful.// yet again she felt a wind of emotion flood her system yet again, but this time it was a warming feeling, a soft and gentle caress of love. Suddenly she was on her back, the great gryphon towering above her, and she felt something thick and fleshy against her inner thigh, lifting her dress as it twitched. She stared up at him with a dreamy gaze, her body shivering betraying her words, her answer to his silent question, //I don't mind...//

The size difference was clear as Sol began grinding his large barbed cock against her pussy. Lilliana wasn't sure if she could take such a thing, but her mind was distracted by the tongue that touched her lips gently from the gryphon's beak, an affectionate touch that caused her to smile and return it with a gentle kiss of her own. Sol's tongue then moved into her dress to coil around her breast and squeeze them causing Lilliana to groan and shiver. Suddenly the gryphon moved up thrusting and his cock was shoved into her face causing her to yelp her legs hiked up against his sides. With a sigh she kissed at the tip, licking at it gently, her cheeks flushing as she was unsure if she was having any effect on the gryphon or not, she received her answer in the form of his warm member twitching and dripped a clear substance from his tip which she lapped over with her tongue, savoring the salty flavor. From there she moved her tongue as low as she could manage, letting her tongue drag across his barbed shaft before going back up to kiss the tip. With a small smile she gripped it gently with one hand, stroking it softly while another hand moved to push her underwear down, fingers moving to pleasure and stretch herself while she worked to pleasure her lover. Behind her the gryphon gripped at the ground, talons digging in to the dirt his cock twitching violently giving her a clear sign. With a blush she put her mouth over the tip of his cock and received his gift, the blessing of his thick seed on her tongue. A sticky substance that threatened to choke her in volume as he continued to fill her mouth and throat. Gasping she pulled away after she swallowed what she could, sputtering just a bit, a line of spit connecting her lips to the tip of his cock. //Are you ok Lilliana?// Lilliana smiled, it was the first time he had referred to her by name instead of 'human.' She gripped the gryphon's cock gently and gave it soft kisses before it became too limp, licking at the head again and again as it rose back to attention. The gryphon grunted and clenched the earth again as she slid out of her dress and turned around on to her hands and knees to raise her hips into the air, her pussy kissing at Sol's erect cock finally giving him his answer. Sol entered her slowly, careful not to break her as his thick cock stretched her, she would certainly be ruined for any smaller man, but no one else would enter her. She would only let her fated partner enter her, and her pussy would thus be molded by the shape of his cock. Lilliana moaned as this happened, gripping the earth herself just the same as her mate. A fire burned inside of her as she felt that thick member push deeper inside of her, barbs spreading to scrap against her insides causing her to shake and cry out, electric pleasure rocketing through her spine. She gasped and panted as the gryphon paused, letting her rest, his still warmth against her back a comfort that steadied her breath and relaxed her muscles. Soon enough the gryphon began pushing in and out gently, and with each thrust he began moving quicker, unable to stop himself as his own haunches began shaking, so desperately wanting to slam inside of her, but restraining himself. Soon enough restraint began to break as he thrust in even faster, his cock digging even deeper inside of her causing her to whine and groan out both her pleasure and her pain. Soon enough she felt a familiar twitching, except this time each twitch rocked her body, causing her to gasp out, soon enough her insides were full of semen, seed painting her walls and flowing through her causing her inside to turn ablaze. She sighed happily and nearly collapsed as the semen continued flowing inside of her. When Sol finished he pulled from her pussy only to move behind her to lap and lick at her sore entrance, tongue dancing inside of her to push the semen further inside of her. He only pulled his tongue away to push against her clit, licking in circles, only stopped when she squealed and shivered her orgasm her legs closing on his beak. With a sigh she rolled over basking in the warmth of their love making.

After Lilliana recovered from their connecting, she put her dress on and stretched, forgetting her underwear. Sol sat, watching her and questioning her, //Where do we go from here? We could escape this land...although I wish for revenge...I will do what you want.// with a small smile Lilliana flipped a strand of hair out of her eyes and she shrugged, //Well, if you want revenge I'll need a weapon...and we should talk to Peli and Zeal about this, but even if they don't join us we can't just let the hunts continue like this, we'll end those butcheries ourselves if we have to, don't you agree Sol?// Sol leaned in to nudge at her cheek gently and he leaned down to present his back to her rather than forcing her on. She took to his back with confidence this time and held on gently trusting him with her life as they took off. Lilliana had become the second rider, and together with her fated gryphon she would set in motion a Great War.

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