[R]Can you keep a secret?

Story by df00 on SoFurry

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#10 of Requests

Oh, our minds keeps our own secrets, but, what happens when share something special with "that" girl you wanted?

Dragon Ball series belongs to Akira Toriyama

Requested by @CoreyPeters163

Bulla: Fuck

It was rainy, and everything looks happier inside, where Goku, Goham and Vegeta was celebrating the 21st Goten' birthday

Goku: Hey! Welcome to the club!

Goten: Hehehe, thank you guys!

They all start to drink a beer

Goham: Hey, guys! Isn't she Bulla?

Goham points to a girl in the corner of the table

Goku: Oh, yeah! Hey, Bulla, please join us!

Bulla notices the foursome and she stood up, going where the guys were. She looks a bit dizzy, but nothing that she couldn't manage yet

Bulla: Hey guys? Whassapp?

Goku got surprise from the way she was already drunk

Goham: How many drinks have you been drinking so far?

Bulla: Look, wha've done su far isn't your business, i've drinking fiive vodkas, 1 merlot, and am drinking a gin, whaddayou with your beer?

Vegeta: I think you've been drinking a lot, why don't you stop while you can?

Bulla: Look, i'm fine, i'm gonna join you! (to the barman) One beer!

The barman refuses to give her the beer, since she's already drinking gin

Barman: too much for tonight, cutie

Goten looked Bulla worried by Bulla by being too drunk

The rest of the night passed without surprise, but, as expected by Goku and Vegeta, Goten had drank a bit too much, less than Bulla but still, a bit too much for being the first time drinking. Both Goku and Goham decides to take up both Bulla and Goten to their house, since is a floor with 4 rooms, Vegeta start to argue with Goku, since is too much irresponsable from them driving in a drinking state, but, at the end, they decided to go walking, since it was close the apartment (three blocks ahead). Since Vegeta wasn't so affected by the alcohol, he decided to drive the car (a convertible black and red Ford Mustang GT, 67' class) to the building.

Once in the apartment, Goten and Bulla were left in their rooms, and, both Goham and Goku decided to prepare a coffee, and in the meanwhile, they chatted

Goku: I'm worried about Bulla, she had drank too much tonight

Goham: Hmm...i think she'll reconsider her situation after a good nap

Goku: Do you think so?

Goham nodded, and he says that, somehow, life will straighten her

Oh, what a confident man! but, Goham its used, as well as his father, to alcohol (they don't drink too much, they are very responsible at the moment to drink), but, what happens to someone who isn't used to it, like Goten, or who doesn't do well with it, like Bulla?

In the Bulla's room, Bulla woke up, and went to the bath to do her necessities, then, she turns wrong into the Goten room, she fell into the bed, then she looked at Goten's face, and smiled.

Confused by the alcohol, she decided to kiss him, and, waking up, she notices that his sex is already for action, despite his owner, who is still daydreaming and trying to understand, even under alcohol effects, if everything was real or just another illusion from that state. Goten, decided to enjoy his "Dream", he returned the kiss, and Bulla understood that she's got free way to go: after a few shy kisses, the warm and confident kisses transformed into what, every man can say, could describe the best 21st birthday ever: first time drinking, first time being drunk, first kiss and, plus, first love and, as La Crème de la Crème, first time having sex! All into a (very) dangerous and intense cocktail. What could go wrong? Nothing, if the situation doesn't screw it by the fact that, both are very young and Bulla's fahter still close to Bulla like a hawk -Even when Bulla's 20 years old, but, what father doesn't take care his daughter like she's 5?

Back to the present moment, both are enjoying the situation. Goten, still thinking that everything is a dream, which case, he pull off the, very tight striped blue shirt, and let Bulla knows that, he's been working onto his body, showing, without shyness, the marked abs. Impressed by the workout, she smiles, thinking that she won the lottery. She started to kiss his chest, going upside to his cheeks, stopping a while in his neck, and then, to the lips again. Happy for the (warm) kiss, Goten decided to pull off Bulla's shirt and pants. Amazed from what he's seeing, he decided to smell his sex covered by the panties

Goten: You smell like vanilla, it reminds me a cake, but, i'm quite sure you taste better that a cake

Carefully and slowly, he pulls off the panties and kiss every little piece of uncovered skin, while Bulla feels the heat, growing from that special part who is gonna be ripped at the due time, to the whole body. Once the panties are off, Goten watch amazed from what he has in front of him

Goten: You're definitely a goddess, wait here

Goten stood up, and went to the Goku's room. It is weird that his father is not sleeping, and he's not in the house. He opened a drawer, and took a few condoms

Goten: Lucky that we had Sex Ed at school!

The young man returned to his room, and there she was, in full glory, barely seen by the soft and warm light that covers the room

Goten kneel before Bulla, making reference to the goddess who stood before him, naked, with her nipples covered by the blue hair

Bulla, showing shyness, looked at the floor, but interrupted by the fingers of the young man, she looked at his eyes

Goten: Are you sure from what's gonna happen next?

He shows the condom, and she agreed to give the next step, smiling showing desire.

Showing a brightest smile, Goten started to kiss her on the lips, and going even further, licking her tongue, and, kissing the body, rubbing his head in her stomach, and she start to arch the body in response to that caress, softly, he arrives to her sex. There, with his inexpert tongue, start to caress her vaginal lips, feeling how slowly, she was getting ready for the night

His member, at this point, was already hard. He pulled off the pink condom...

Goten: Perfect color for you

...and unrolled it through his member, and then, all the magic happened through all the night

At the next morning, both were asleep in the same bed, and in their faces are shown that they had a good night, but when the sun reached to Bulla, the good dreams can become, at least, for a while, a real nightmare

Bulla: Fuck

Goten still has the "good night" face, smiling, but, his good dreams are vanished since Bulla woke him up, and, altered by the situation, he felt down from the bed

Goten: Oh, Shit!...What happened?

Bulla: What do you think? -Yelling, showing the blood from the deflowered girl

Goten: Wait...it wasn't a dream?

Her face says it all without a word: No, it wasn't a dream, and pure sarcasm is coming from her face

Goten: Oh, fuck, what we have done?

Bulla: Dear...-she said without thinking-...sorry, Goten, look, i don't know how this could happen, but...

Goten: Bulla, we knew that this would happen, now, what are we gonna do?

Bulla: I don't know...keeping it in secret? -Saying, barely yelling

Goten: Yeah, perhaps is the best for the moment

Both have shame face

Bulla: Why this has happened?

Goten open his mouth, trying to say "Alcohol?" but, he decided to shut since the situation isn't proper for such a (truthful) comment

Goten: Do you wanna have a breakfast?

Bulla: Yeah, i'm starving

Goten: Pancake?

Bulla: With honey, please

Goten: Music?

Bulla: Do you hear music in the breakfast?

Goten: Sometimes

Bulla: Ok

The tension can even be tasted in the air, and, in the light yellow kitchen, it's sounding "Young" from Vallis Alps, aside of the oven' sound, making the pancakes,

Bulla: I don't know if it's the music or something, but you're an amazing cooker!

Goten: Thank you!

Bulla had finished her breakfast, and she stay in silence, thinking nothing just to keep her mind in silence

Goten: Don't think too much, it won't help you too much

Goten doesn't looks very worried about what just had happened

Bulla: I wasn't thinking at all

Goten: Ok, i'm leaving to work

Bulla smiles, but only with shyness

Goten: Go home, dear, it's gonna be a hard day

Goten give her a kiss on the lips, and then, he leaves the department.

Bulla: Let's see what kind of music you've got here; let's see..."I put a Spell on you" from Annie Lennox, hmm, interesting, okay, i'm getting a shower with this as the background

Bulla's thoughts: I really love him, last night wasn't too bad, i mean, even being for both the first time, it wasn't bad...

At the end of the day, Goten, outside of Capsule Corp., is heading back to his home. Meanwhile he's driving, he gets a message. As a responsible driver, he stops the car, and check his cellphone:

*I left Goku's dept, i've got back home. Bulla*

The ride until home wasn't out of the normal

Vegeta: Hey! I want all this paperwork filed for the end of the day

Vegeta throw 5 piles of papers, 5 meters of height

Goten: Okay

Vegeta: Ah, i almost forgot, in the middle, around midday, Trunks will give an announcement, i want you be there

Goten: I got it!

Goten's thoughts: How am gonna be able to do all this?

The day was too busy to even let this morning' thoughts get inside his mind

The day was over: that was an important thing for both

*Wanna talk? G*

*No. B*

This conversation was over and over again all the week. Unable to avoid the situation, and both knew the feeling for each other, they decided to talk

*10' in the cafe. B*

*Ok. G*

During the afternoon, they only met in the café, but, from there, they went to talk during the walk to the park. They have been hidden from their friend so far and they decided to keep it as much as the situation let that happen

During the year, until November, they have been "close friends" to their friends eyes, and they have enjoyed their illegal relationship, but, when they less expected, Alcohol can (and will) screw any secret you have: They, not only kissed very warmfully in Gohan's birthday, they actually confessed they love to each other in everyone faces. Eleven months of secrets, kept perfectly under strictly silence and great acting in the scenario, and it was needed a couple of beer to let the secrets run as the river does. Angriness was the best feeling around them.

It is said that, Time can repair everything: and that's true for them, after that night, and, for La Crème de la Crème, Bulla noticed something weird on her: she's pregnant. Nine months later, all the family (both Goten and Bulla' family), and their friends was together: Friend are whose are at your side, doesn't matter if they angry or they're happy: There are their: at your side. And it was a good thing to both

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