Winter Warmth [Trade]

Story by Lukas Kawika on SoFurry

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c: my part of a story trade with . I've never done cum inflation before, though I have considered it, so - hell, why not?

some hot feral-on-feral action between a lonely wolf and a dragon twice his size, with a full bladder and full balls.


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This year's winter had gotten so cold that it felt as if the sky would freeze over like one massive lake encircling everything. It even looked like that already, with a single solid mass of icy clouds floating at the top of that sky like, never budging, never cracking; the sun still shone down but spread no warmth over the earth, it scattered rays seeming to solidify and then fall as just more greyish-white snow.

Due to the stark stillness of everything - as not only did the cold air stifle all sounds, but the ever-falling snow further dampened them - from a distance one might think that there was no life here. This, of course, held to be false: even now, a lone feral wolf, charcoal-grey in coloration from above, plodded through the thick snow trying to find his way to wherever it was he was going. He had lost track of his pack some number of hours ago, and neither could he find his way back to the den due to how this damned snow veiled everything in a new and different appearance, nor could he lift his nose to the air and sniff them out; instead of the comfortable scents of his brothers, however, he picked up something... sharper beneath the soft cover of the snow, something unfamiliar.

Perhaps I should turn around, he thought to himself; a mountain rose up into the sky in the distance through the ice cover of the clouds, and as he slowly made his way closer to it, more and more evidence of scent-markings on trees cut through the thick chill of winter. His ears, with fur red like the sun on a faraway summer dawn, remained held down even though he tried not to show his distress and worry. Few predators resided in this forest greater than the wolf, though if a wolf showed any fear, that 'few' quickly became 'many'...

This wolf, Fyrien by name, felt a change in the wind above him; such a sudden movement startled him and caused him to blunder off his path, over towards one of the trees that seemed as dead as everything else in this forest. The scent of marking almost overpowered him, and with good reason, too: this tree had received the marking fairly recently, as the snow surrounding its base had been melted right through to brown earth beneath. Being in someone else's territory made him nervous enough, but to see that it was reclaimed recently... though his mind was put off of this by a warm draft of air from between the trees to his right, instantly drawing him over there. Perhaps that came from a hot springs, like what lay outside his pack's den - wherever that was...

Thick shadow waited for him over there, though, darkness that felt a little unnatural even with such thick clouds blanketing the sky overhead and heavy snow weighing down each branch of all the trees. Fyrien instinctively kept his nose close to the ground, trying to detect any change in the scent of the earth beneath the snow that would point towards such a miracle, even though it led him through that thick darkness...

As it turned out, though, it wasn't heavy shadow at all. After giving up on finding a change of scent, he lifted his muzzle back up - and just about pressed his nose into the hanging scaled sack and sheath of a rather large reptile, shimmering obsidian all over with deep burgundy scaleplates ridging up his front from the bottom of his belly. This_certainly had a scent, one quite similar to that of the marked tree beneath the rich tang of urine - and it was enough to simultaneously frighten Fyrien and, maybe, vaguely arouse him. He stumbled backwards, tripping over rocks buried beneath the snow, and looked up, up... this large reptile looked to be maybe twice his size when it came to height, perhaps three times his length - or more, counting the smooth ridgeless tail. Two wings, like giant scaled bat's wings, slowly furled in and caused a similar change in the air to what Fyrien had felt before... _so that's why it looked so dark...

"You are in my territory," hissed the dragon, leaning his head down inches above Fyrien's muzzle. A dragon? In _this_forest? That... wasn't... "Couldn't you tell?"

Fyrien tried to swallow back his fear. This dragon could probably swallow him in one good bite. "Your territory?"

"Yes. The mountain and everything around it." The dragon had been standing up on his hind legs; when he removed the claws of his front legs from the trees on which he held himself up, dropping to all fours, his height was reduced somewhat but still remained considerably larger than the wolf in front of him. Again he leaned in, this time sniffing at the side of Fyrien's muzzle; hot breath puffed out through the wolf's fur, again at the same time terrifying and oddly comforting, especially amid the long cold.

"That seems like-" Fyrien caught himself continuing to step back and thus stopped. If he wanted to look strong, he'd have to hold his ground. "...That seems like a rather large area..."

"Large territory for a large dragon." Even on all fours, it looked like Fyrien could still comfortably fit beneath this dragon - and, given how the big reptile still slowly crept forward, he would_be beneath him if he didn't move. What was he to do, then? Stand his ground like he'd been taught, or find himself between the legs of a dragon that could (and likely would) crush him if he said one wrong thing? "I can see your nose twitching, which means you can smell me. So: that means either you're lost, or you just... _ignored my marking. I tried to mark every tree in the vicinity, I'll have you know - dragons like me have bladders with the same volume as... well, probably your whole body." At this point, Fyrien's facade had faltered a little, especially as the dragon's front legs came closer and closer to his muzzle; meanwhile, the dragon reached his head around, sniffing along the length of the wolf's body, approaching his tail... "So, tell me: are you lost, little puppy? Or just... ambitious?..."

When he felt a cold nose and hot breath beneath the base of his tail, Fyrien barked and spun around. The dragon appraised him with illuminant crimson eyes, showing quiet amusement. "I am no puppy, small lizard."

"Lizard." The dragon straightened up, but didn't seem too upset by the comment.

"I got separated from my pack earlier in the day and I have been trying to find them. The snows took my brother and my mother; I do not intend to be the next victim."

"Ah. So you are cold, then, as well as lost. How about ambitious?"

"Ambitious?" Fyrien sat his hindquarters down, ignoring the bite of cold snow on his rump, especially following the intense heat of the dragon's breath a moment previous. "How so?"

"You are in my territory - the territory of Tatsuo." The dragon began to circle around the wolf, only now giving him a good look at his full size. His first estimate had been right - this dragon, this Tatuso, did seem to be at least twice his size. Hell, the scaled sheath that hung between his back legs looked to be roughly the same size as Fyrien's muzzle, which he knew full well from being a matter of inches from it at the start of this conversation. "It is the mating season for my kind."

"I don't see many dragons around. I never have."

"So then you would understand that I must... _satisfy_my needs elsewhere." Tatsuo paused for a moment, the noise of a gentle rumble in his throat vibrating the air around the wolf. "I propose a trade. I warm you up-"

"Please don't eat me."

"There is other tastier sustenance enough in the winter forest, pup. I warm you up, and you, ah... allow me an outlet for my mating urges."

Fyrien's ears flattened against his head. He looked up at the big dragon, who watched his face for his response. "You want to-"

"I have marked three trees today, and I could mark thirteen more. I am a... large lizard, little dog: if you help me, you will leave here both warm and full, and... well, very much alive, while I satisfy my want to find a good willing subject in whom to sheath my cock for a few minutes. It's a win for both of us."

Whether that was him calling Fyrien's bluff or a genuine offer of help, he didn't know; earlier in the day right after he'd gotten separated from his pack, the wolf had felt the steadily increasing bite of cold in one of his ears, which turned to numb void of feeling, then became an odd warmth, and finally returned to numbness. He would die soon if he did not find someplace - or something - to warm his body... while he did not find a hot spring like he'd expected to, in a way he did find something similar. He looked up into calm red eyes. "I am no bitch, dragon."

"My name is Tatsuo. And you will be no bitch: you will have given me a service - or, two: I feel both the pressure of a full bladder and the pressure of a full sack. If you do this for me, there is a chance that I may feel inclined to help you in return if you ever need it."

_Imagine that. I don't die of frostbite, and I return to my pack with a dragon at my back..._Fyrien lifted himself back up and risked taking his eyes off the dragon's sharp-toothed muzzle to look along his body again. Black scales, black like little plates of the night sky taken down and hammered into small metal shields, contrasting with fresh blood-red on the dragon's underside, and then... large sheath, full sack. Fyrien stepped closer to it; Tatsuo straightened up and lifted the leg facing him to give him easier access.

"Do you promise?" asked the wolf. This particular part of the dragon gave off considerable heat which, combined with the scent - it was certainly mating season, if the pheromones were enough to attract even another male of an entirely different species - lured him in closer. Then, a second thought when he brought his muzzle closer and again saw for himself the size of the source of that scent: "...Will it hurt?"

"I will ensure that you enjoy it. And, yes, I promise - I am a dragon, and more important to me than my territory is my honor."

Fyrien really didn't have any other choice; the way he understood it, if he were to reject this offer, well... that might be the last choice he'd ever make. He swallowed. "Fine. I am ready."

Again there was that quiet, contented rumble in Tatsuo's throat. He shifted around, first turning around to face the wolf and then stepping forward in the snow until his larger black body stood entirely over the smaller canid. It had been quite a while since Fyrien had had a sheath in his face so close to his mouth and nose like this, and never had it been of such a size, too; he closed his eyes, turned his muzzle slightly to the side...

but even expectation couldn't prepare him for the burst of fresh piss that splashed down over his muzzle, instantly soaking into his fur and overloading his nose - rich, sharp, bitter and sour without being overall unpleasant... it tickled the part of Fyrien's nature as a wolf that made him want to instinctually avoid where that scent was coming from, the territory of another predator, but no matter which way he turned his head, the scent was still there, still burning. still easily settling into his skin and heating his body. The temperature of it was something else, too: yes, it was warm, but even more so than he'd first anticipated, given the odd heat emanating off of the dragon at all times. Hell, it was certainly hot, almost enough to feel like it scalded him-

Then, suddenly, a sharp-clawed dragon foot came down about midway along his tail and pressed down, pinning him in place. This caused him to jump and open his mouth - which in turn allowed some of the piss onto his tongue. He just hardly made out Tatsuo's words over his own spluttering: "...stop wiggling, wolf, you're wasting it..." and the dragon lifted his hips up and continued emptying his bladder, directing his stream all the way down Fyrien's back and to his tail, a stream thick enough so that he could feel what didn't soak in pour down his sides, coursing around his belly, dripping off of his own sheath as well as the point of flesh that had been urged out of that sheath as a result of... well, of this whole experience. After going down his body, Tatsuo directed the stream back towards his muzzle - and, now that his limbs were exceedingly warmed but his core still chilled, Fyrien looked up again, looked up at the reptilian genitalia before him through the hot piss, swallowed... okay, that really didn't taste too bad - maybe...

The dragon didn't notice at first thanks to Fyrien keeping his open muzzle a bit of a distance away, but at one point his sharp ears heard the noises of swallowing. He looked down between his legs, saw the wolf with his eyes closed, mouth open, tongue out, letting the piss splash onto his tongue and fill his muzzle before swallowing it down, each time licking his lips as if he actually enjoyed the taste... so, in response, Tatsuo pushed his hips forward a little more, steadily closer to the wolf. Fyrien could feel the change, could feel the force of the stream gradually increase - but when he finally managed to open his eyes, he had a dragon's sheath against his lips and the end of a warm cock on his tongue, pulsing as the piss continued flowing. Now that he'd swallowed more than a large amount, the taste of it was rich on his tongue and in his throat, and he could feel the steam of it in the cold air lift off of his fur; were it to rain instead of snow for two days straight, were Fyrien to swim across a lake, he wouldn't be rid of this scent.

For some reason, though, he felt... okay with that. After all, it was the scent of it that unexplainably aroused him, as well as the act of drinking the piss itself; he inadvertently humped down into the air, fully knowing that, now, only his knot remained sheathed, given the feeling of cold air along his length...

Finally, though, the dragon's stream dwindled and then ended, leaving the last of his piss to dribble out of the corners of the wolf's mouth, but that gave Tatsuo no reason to pull back. Besides, Fyrien could not have moved much even if he'd wanted; he'd swallowed quite a few mouthfuls and even now could feel the mark in his belly moving around with each little movement, even from the dragon above him. He pushed forward, little by little, the feeling of a warm, broad, flat tongue along the underside of his cock enough to urge it out further. This wolf was his territory now, _his_property: he reeked all over of his mark, and if he continued what he was currently doing, soon his whole muzzle would smell of the dragon as well. He seemed like he had no intent of stopping anytime soon.

Maybe I was a little overeager in this... thought Fyrien: he kept his lips firm and tongue moving along the dragon's shaft, but it just kept on coming. Soon he could feel it press against the back of his throat, so he adjusted a little moved back a bit - but only could so far, as Tatsuo still kept his tail pinned to the ground. Eventually the dragon did reach his full erect size, and pulled his hips backwards so that he could thrust back into the wolf's waiting muzzle; Fyrien could feel the ridges and contours of the dragon's cock, odd, unique, exotic on his tongue as he thrust in and out of his mouth, slowly at first. Still, something of _that_size presented a bit of a challenge for him.

Fyrien was not the alpha of his pack. Because of that, he was eager to serve the wolf who did hold that title; he was expected to, and he did. In this part of the forest there were few females around, and as such, it fell to Fyrien to relieve the very same 'urges' of his alpha that this Tatsuo had spoken of. He'd had a hot, pulsing cock on his tongue shooting pre into the back of his throat before, he'd had a firm knot beneath his tail while his alpha pumped his cum into him... this dragon had a knot, too, though it was considerably bigger than what Fyrien was used to. It had been an honor to him to provide a release for his alpha: should he feel the same about providing a release for this dragon?

The flavor of Tatsuo's length and his pre, like liquid musk, gradually replaced the hot tang of piss that lingered everywhere in Fyrien's muzzle. He moved his head as much as he could, back when Tatsuo shifted his hips the other direction, forward so that the dragon thrust more quickly into his maw; he kept his tongue on the ridges of his cock, noting how, when one passed over the edge of his tongue, the dragon let out a little _noise_of pleasure; he swallowed down the pre that oozed out onto his tongue, copious even in its small amount relative to the size of the dragon. He just wondered - when -

-and then, there it was, before he could even fully finish his thought. Tatsuo let up on his tail but would not let him move: as soon as Fyrien lifted his tail as much as he could (which, admittedly, was a natural response after all the times he'd served his alpha in this manner), the dragon's warm tongue traced its way down the underside of his tail and around his tailhole, first grazing along the puckered skin, and then pressing in more firmly to coat him in sticky saliva. Dragon tongues... Fyrien could feel it tap against him, press into him, sink in a little - he sucked in a breath through his nose - and then slide in further, further, as deep as his alpha had ever thrust into him, a little deeper. There that tongue remained, wiggling, before Tatsuo drew it back out and again ran it along the outside of his tailhole, and he didn't stop. Fyrien drew back, letting the hard dragon cock throb up onto the top of his muzzle, and had to grit his teeth to keep from moaning out.

"Aah..." purred the dragon, bringing his tongue back into his maw. He licked his chops and lifted his hips up, away from Fyrien's muzzle, which now - as he'd expected - had adopted his musk. "You have the... equipment of a male, and yet you still are a bitch, aren't you, puppy?"

A shiver coursed through Fyrien's body as a result of the rimming he'd just received. He lowered the front of his body closer to the ground and raised his rump into the air with his tail raised, saying nothing.

Tatsuo, turning around while he did this, repositioned himself above the smaller wolf so that the end of his cock now pressed up beneath his tail, like the nose of Fyrien's alpha whenever he wanted the wolf to be nice and saliva-slickened before he sank into him and bred him like he would an in-heat bitch. Right now, Fyrien wouldn't mind too much if Tatsuo did the same, as long as he took his time in that breeding... "Perhaps you would like to stay with me, then," rumbled the dragon as he got into position, clawed forelegs sinking into the piss-stained snow on either side of Fyrien's lowered muzzle. The wolf licked his chops and wiggled backwards so he could more firmly feel the tip of the dragon's length against his tailhole.

"Mating season for dragons, and for wolves as well, it looks like..." He started to push into the smaller canid, digging his claws into the earth beneath the snow for more leverage. It wasn't that Fyrien was particularly tight - even just by having his tongue inside him, Tatsuo could tell that he wouldn't be the first (or second, or third, or fourth, or fifth) male to fuck this grey wolf with the red ears and red underside, a coloration not unlike his own. That was fine, though: if those other males couldn't tell by the scent on his fur and skin that Fyrien now belonged to him, a nose under his tail would tell them well enough. Hot, moist flesh squeezing his length as he pushed in steadily further, further, past the resistance of a tailhole that must have gone for a while without a good railing; beneath him, Fyrien gritted his teeth and also clawed at the earth, but he wanted it, too. He wanted to feel this dragon inside him, wanted to feel the throbs of his pulse through his cock, wanted to be used by this creature more than twice his size with a shaft that probably could tear him apart if he went too quickly...

Perhaps such tightness was uncomfortable for Tatsuo, too, as after pushing in a little under halfway, he slowed down considerably. This was where the ridges of his cock really began; until here they had been vague contours along the sides but now were more definite, each one causing the wolf to suck in a sharp gasp as it slid into him. He altered his rhythm, pushing into the wolf a little further, then pulling back out, then pushing in past where he had before - as a way to better ease into him. Still, though, the wolf wiggled; Tatsuo lifted one of his forelegs from the snow and clamped it down on the canid's shoulder to keep him still. Wiggling would be for later, after he was buried up to the knot beneath this wolf's tail - because, then, his wiggling would feel even better for the both of them.

A few times in the past after serving his alpha in this way, one of the other males in the pack wanted a go as well, and ended up breeding the loosened Fyrien in a harsher manner, pushing his knot in and out, in and out of him as it swelled as the other wolf reached his first orgasm (while Fyrien had gone through two and was fast on his way to a third); this dragon was, again, quite a bit larger than that, but it still felt similar. It took the same patience, the same determination, and - soon enough, the heat of his knot pressed up under his tail while he could feel his cock deep inside him pulsing, still oozing out thick, slick pre.

"You are enjoying this a bit more than I expected, wolf..." Tatsuo churned his hips slowly back and forward, each thrust inward pushing a soft moan out of the wolf's parted lips. " would you like to stay with me, then? I could smell multiple males under your tail, but - why return to them when you can be the mate of a dragon? You will have warmth, I will be sure that you are well-fed... and..." He leaned in closer to Fyrien's muzzle so that he could feel his breath on his piss-soaked fur. "...I can mark you daily so that you will never again be hunted. Nobody trespasses on a dragon's territory except those who want a hole torn in them and... apparently... those who have a hole to be filled-" Here, he thrust in a bit more firmly than before, which made Fyrien straighten up and breathe out a sigh. Then:

"I am yours."

"Good." Tatsuo resumed his rhythm from before, now pulling out steadily further before sinking back in. It shocked him a little to feel this wolf's tailhole stretch to squeeze around his entire girth, and then come back closer to its original width as he pulled more of his length out of him, only to stretch him again and again. He thrust into him faster and harder once it seemed the wolf had become accustomed to the dragon's girth (excluding his knot; that was for later, too), eventually getting to the point where the large reptile held both of the wolf's shoulders to keep him in place as he fucked him; Fyrien jerked forward and back, forward and back with each thrust, pushing back the pain and focusing more on more on the pleasure of being bred, the pleasure that gradually overtook that discomfort as he started to feel his own knot push past the skin of his sheath. Already he was shooting out hot little jets of pre into what snow beneath him hadn't been melted by the shower of piss - and, thinking about that, he wondered just how much seed that dragon would unload when he finished, because that certainly felt like as much urine as he'd said.

Tatsuo grunted in his ear and swallowed, moving his hips forward and back with unbridled force and speed since, surprisingly, this wolf could both take it and enjoy it. Feeling and watching him guzzle down his mark had sharpened the dragon's arousal and interest, too, so now he could feel himself draw closer and closer to the edge of orgasm with each thrust in. It was just by natural instinct that he pushed in harder, harder, forcing his knot in a little further with each thrust - but the wolf still pushed back at him, still received the fucking and seemed to want him to knot him. That'd leave him sore for days, certainly, but-

-but there was no turning back, now. With a motion that caused both the dragon and wolf to gasp, the large knot popped into Fyrien with a sharp yip from him, and Tatsuo began to spurt out his cum deep into the wolf, burst after burst after hot, thick burst. The pressure from the first few ropes of cum in him were enough to cause Fyrien to shoot out his own cum into the snow beneath him - but, as with when the dragon was first getting hard, it just kept coming. He felt himself fill up fuller than he ever had before, felt the tight squeeze of the thick liquid inside him, felt his lower stomach strain - and looked down between his front legs to see the bulge of the dragon's load continue to fill him up, bulging his belly out towards the ground. Tatsuo held his breath as he came, continually emptying his balls into the wolf who, if he hadn't already been showered with and drank it down, would have thought that it was piss that was being unloaded into him, as it certainly felt hot enough; soon, his bulged belly obscured about half of his reddish-pink cock from his sight, and another electric shock coursed through his body and he felt himself cum again, a little more forcefully than the first time.

Panting, Tatsuo lowered himself a little, apparently exhausted by the affair; he rested his head against a nearby tree. "I had not found someone, a non-dragon, who could take my knot like you... usually they are complaining, whining, shouting..."

It took Fyrien a moment to catch his breath and be able to speak. "I have..." He swallowed. Any little movement caused the veritable load inside him to swish around, which gave him the same bright feeling as a swift muzzle on his cock directly after orgasm, pleasurable close to painful... "...had some practice... and besides, I... enjoy a bigger, harder ride."

"Are you okay?" asked the dragon, looking down between the wolf's legs. "I made you puff up a little. We will be tied for a while; once that comes loose, all of that might... ah. You are warm, I trust?"

"Yes. Very warm." Fyrien shifted. "...So... what are you going to do with me now? Are you just going to keep on breeding me until your mating season passes?"

"Well, sure, as long as you are not too sore to do so."

"You didn't seem too worried about that at the start of this."

"You seemed like you could take it. Besides, we weren't mates then..."


"Yes. I marked you, I bred you, I marked you again, with my seed this time." Tatsuo licked that long tongue of his over the side of Fyrien's muzzle, still soaked with his piss and certainly still smelling like it. "Dragons mate for life. It is my responsibility to ensure that you are comfortable."

"I thought you've - ah... bred many others before..."

"I said I haven't been able to find someone who can take my knot, puppy, and then I said dragons mate 'for life'."

"My name is Fyrien-" The wolf gasped as Tatsuo made a small adjustment in his positioning. "...lizard..."

"Fyrien. Mm." Tatsuo lowered his head further so that his warm neck pressed against the top of Fyrien's muzzle. "I hope I may keep you warm in future months, Fyrien."

Perhaps it was the piss in his fur and belly or the cum that caused his belly to bulge out like this, but already he felt quite warmer than when he first stumbled into this dragon.

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