Poke Quest : Character Select

Story by Abdul on SoFurry

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#1 of Poke Quest

The start of a new interactive story series. Please ask any questions while choices are being selected for the main character.

The land of Tuwon is in grave danger. Well, not as of yet really. Well, it is technically in danger now... it sort of depends on your viewpoint, I suppose. For hundreds of years the Tuwonians have used various organizations to keep their lands safe. These organizations have come and gone as more sound one have replaced the weaker ones. It has been seventy-two years since the last scatterings of ferals even tried to attack one of the villages within their lands. Many mon consider this era the most peaceful one in all of existence.

School children chuckle at the idea of feral pokemon, believing them to be naught but bedtime stories told to frighten unruly youngsters. Even historians have considered whether or not the term 'feral' should only be used while referring to pokemon of the past. Yes, the peace is felt all throughout Tuwon's lands as the king of the land has decreed a banquet to held this year celebrating the great income that the capital has accumulated. Mayors from all of the respective villages have been invited as have the nobler families that reside around the capital.

The banquet is to be held within two months and it just so happens that on the day after the mayor of Bracketsbur left that something was about to happen. A sinister dealing that would radically change the lives of those who resided within his village.


Well, that's the hook. Yeah, it's up there. So, this story series I'll be trying out is mostly inspired by a close friend of mine and a few other stories I've read on this site. The idea is rather simple, I will post chapters based on the idea set above. There are several characters who could potentially start off in the village of Bracketsbur and have their lives altered by the events that will soon occur there. However, that is not for I to decide.

Yes, that's right. It is up to you all, the readers of this work, to decide what occurs within this story. How do you decide that, you may ask. Step one is rather simple. Within this first part of the story I will list down four potential protagonists that will become our eyes and ears for the story to unfold. Each of them live in Bracketsbur and unselected protagonists will make appearances within the first chapter! Each has their own skills and their own personalities that will alter the way this story plays out. Some might go in fighting first, others might ask questions first, and yet others will just skip those two ideas and sneak in instead.

There are a set of events to occur within the world and each protagonist has the ability to alter them in various ways. Depending on the protagonist chosen each event that is encountered can either be a cakewalk to them, or the most frustrating experience of their life. After a protagonist is selected I shall begin writing the various chapters. At the end of each chapter a series of choices will become available for you all to choose from. Each choice reflects a character's own personal decision and will be written from their point of view. You can either select from one of the pre-made choices or make up a decision of your own.

For a quick example:

Party member A : We can't go after the bandits, we'll be sliced up like swiss cheese! Protagonist : We have to go after them! We can't let them just run and potentially hurt other pokes!

Party Member B : Perhaps instead of just rushing after them like blind mon we could instead follow them. See where their hideout is instead?

Such is the riveting dialogue one will see within this masterpiece of a story! Okay, okay, I kid. But that's just a very basic example of what sorts of opinions various characters in the story will hold. So, to further build upon the example you readers will be given choices such as these :

  • Choice A Protagonist : We have to go after the bandits! If we wait and follow they could easily lose us! We have to strike now and kill them all!
  • Choice B Party member A : We have to get out of here! Sound the retreat! Abandon ship! We can't go after them, we're nowhere near the numbers they are!
  • Choice C Party member B : We should follow, but we can't attack yet. We need to see where their encampment is first, and from there we can hatch a plan of attack. Take out the whole organization.
  • Choice D Written Suggestion

In such a manner, the more party members the group has the more choices that will become available to you readers. In fact, some party members might even give a boost with their special abilities in some segments. Some might be able to see through the dark and give better insight into what awaits them, others might be able to fly and report on what they find. So, the more party members, the better.

At the same time, party members can be lost. Some might die on the journey, and others might end up disappearing due to a variety of circumstances. Whichever the case, it is best to have as many opinions so that there is a broader range of ways to go about solving events. After each chapter is presented and the choices are shown off I will allow for 48 hours to pass before I close up voting and start writing up the next chapter. As for when a chapter is posted, it depends on my schooling and general muse level. I will say that I will take no longer than two weeks to get a new chapter down.

And that wraps things up. Do note if you have any questions, please leave a comment down below. Besides that, let's meet our contestants!


  • Sarkos the Charmeleon - Hailing from a long line of military mon, Sarkos is not a fire type to be trifled with. He's been trained by his father since birth on how to battle other mon to the death. Pick a fight with him and he knows just how much blood he can draw in order to kill you. He sports a rather aggressive personality toward others in the town, mainly because the other villagers snicker at his father's over preparedness in terms of a potential feral attack. Sarkos' father remembers the times of long ago and has stated to Sarkos many times that he wishes for his family to remain safe. The only other mon he is truly friendly with is Cello, his Delcatty girlfriend. Appearance wise Sarkos bears a lot of upper body muscle, mostly due to the workouts his father forced upon him from a young age. He bears a few scars along his chests, touting them as sparring tokens that his father imparted upon him when he was younger. Sarkos' methods of problem solving include shooting fire at the problem, shooting more fire, a bit more fire, then stomping out the ashes and walking away.
  • Special ability : More than capable in battle and can complete most battle scenarios with relative ease.

  • Quox the Zoroar k - Born to a family of magicians, Quox was taught from a very young age on how to entertain others and fool them with illusionary tricks. He was the first young mon within his school to successfully pull an Buneary from a hat, and was looked upon by his classmates as being the coolest mon in school. As Quox grew up he shied away from the magic tricks and instead yearned to expand his illusion abilities. He read many books on the subject and managed to make all of Bracketsbur disappear in the blink of an eye, much to the horror of the residents. The mayor saw that he possessed quite a gift and appointed Quox to being a part of the village guard. With his talents it would be quite an easy task to hide the village from any bandits that would roam the area. Appearance wise Quox is a rather slender Zoroark. He doesn't prefer to engage in fights and instead dazzles his enemies with illusionary acts that leave them swinging at the air while he slips right on past. Quox's illusions can be as grand as making buildings disappear to making it seem as if a flower is blooming before someone's eyes. However, these are only illusions and any attempts to touch such tricks results in them fading away.

  • Special ability : Capable of making illusions to distract his enemies, allowing for his group to go around said enemies or help them with a retreat.

  • Cello the Delcatty - Born in the capital, Cello claims to be a beauty model of the highest caliber. Indeed, the Delcatty's fur shines and she covers herself with all manner of perfumes every day. Due to some... unfortunate circumstances that transpired within the capital she was sent to Bracketsbur to live with her uncle and aunt. During her stay she has gained quite a strong relationship with Sarkos, even being seen sneaking out with him during the chilly nights. What most mon don't know is that Cello holds a special talent. Not only is she able to use Attract upon males, but thanks to her Espeon mother's genes, she can use a bit of psychic power to make the Attract more powerful, as well as longer lasting. Let's say that Cello gets what she wants as long as a man is there to eagerly give it to her.

  • Special ability : Capable of using Attract on any males in her way. With her weak psychic abilities she can push her ability further and potentially brainwash a weaker willed male into becoming a recruit for her team.

  • Samuel the Abr** a** - Samuel was born in the trade city of Tributum and moved to Bracketsbur at the age of ten. It was an odd sight for the villagers to view such a young Abra moving into their town, but they soon realized why. Samuel was trained extensively in the arts of writing and reading and articulation. Not only for the common tongue, but also regarding messages sent in the noble tongue. Many times the guards would receive letters, only to be unable to read one word written down. Samuel isn't the typical lithe psychic. He sports a rather toned body that he claims he inherited from his Machamp father. Due to the few comments he's made about his family, it's become clear to most of Bracketsbur that he was sent to this village due to being a bastard child of a highly controversial breeding between a psychic and non-psychic. Even though his psychic abilities aren't as great as other Abras, he's still capable of packing a punch.

  • Special ability : Samuel is able to comprehend most written material in both languages. Give him any map, books, or shred of paper and he can quickly translate it out for the rest of the party to hear. At the same time with his ability to speak the noble tongue Samuel can serve as an inlet to spy on nobles, or engage in conversation with them.

As a side note, depending on the actions taken by you readers, it is possible that this story could go all over the place. Some chapters might be as pure as an angel and simply focus on the story at hand. Other times a choice might be submitted, or raised by one of the party members, that might lead us to more kinky territory. Because of this, I have gone ahead and marked this submission as an adult entry. In fact, all tame submissions will likewise be marked with that warning, just in case the story ends up going down south a few times.

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