The Knight's Admirer

Story by ReynartWrites on SoFurry

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Only a beast's honesty could melt the cold heart of a cynical maiden knight.

Knight Commander Jess. A historical figure who had risen through the ranks of her kings army as a young girl. She tried to emulate no man and sought nothing, but respect for her position and prowess rather than looks. Those under her respected her for those things, but at the same time they secretly admire her beauty. She was truly the rose of the kingdom, riding into battle and competing fiercely. Even enemies respected her prowess in combat and marveled at her beauty. Many men had attempted to court her and even many rich and prestigious suitors had sent her bounties of wealth in order to woo her, but to no avail. She refused every single offer, each time saying that no one had the right mind, the right heart to take her. Jess in reality simply wanted someone who found her beautiful for her abilities rather than her looks, and a person who could keep up with her in strength and in personality. She had never been one to be a dainty flower, a woman who keeps her mouth shut or her hands folded, no, she enjoyed a good fight and enjoyed to voice her opinion loud and most found this abrasive. Even though men attempted to court her and state their admiration, she knew that none of them could accept the real her, the woman behind the beautiful face. One day however, she received an odd letter at her windowsill, a letter written with terrible penmanship and accompanied by a rose.

The letter read, "You're strong. You slay with no mercy, you're hands are stained red with the blood of your enemies and that is my beauty. I worship you as I would a great one of war. I give you this rose, a token of my admiration. My writing is poor, but my message is clear. You are a storm, a natural beauty of power. My heart is yours and I hope I will earn yours."

Jess's cheeks were stained red at this point, never had she received such a letter. Most of them spoke of how the man wished to embrace her, treat her like a pampered princess or simply went on and on about her beauty, but here was a letter that was short and terribly written, but it captured the essence of what she valued in herself, strength. The diction could do with a little work, it was if a tribal beast had written it, but it was beautiful to her. Whoever the admirer was she must know. Jess then wondered how in the world the letter got there in the first place. Taking the rose gently, taking care not to get stuck with the thorns, she looked out her window. Her room was in the castle and the window was far above the ground, guarded by walls, no normal man could get to her. This caused her heart to race as she thought what type of powerful beast of a man could climb walls of a castle just to express his everlasting love! Clutching the rose she turned to set it upon her nightstand and take a deep breath to compose herself. She had work to attend to, she couldn't be seen as a blushing school girl by her peers or her soldiers, but the prospect of an admirer who actually respected her rather than idolizing her beauty filled her with such great joy. With a small smile she collected herself and left.

Two eyes watched from the forest, deep and brown. It was a gnoll watching the windowsill of the knight-commander. Gnolls were known to inhabit the forest around the kingdom and were there by the good graces of the King and Queen who saw it fit to allow them to stay so long as they protected the merchants flooding into their kingdom rather than rob them as they once did. This gnoll in particular was named Kir. The canine like creature turned away once he had seen that his message had been received. He had spent so long summing up his feelings for the human in their way, since he knew a woman of her rank would never accept a gnoll, but still his heart burned for this woman and he needed to let her know his yearning in some way, so at night while the castle was asleep and she was away he had placed his attempt at a love letter at her windowsill along with a rose, a symbol of her power and beauty combined in one. Still, he was a fool. It would never work out the way he wanted. At least he would try and maybe one day she would accept him.

Every day from then on Jess received a gift upon her windowsill. Herbs, flowers, and at one point a sharpened blade at her windowsill. The gifts were unlike any others she had ever received, many of the gifts had practical applications and the plants were rare things in the forest only the keenest could find. Perhaps her lover was a powerful woodsman, a hunter or ranger of the forest who lived in the wild, or perhaps a gnoll. She snorted to herself at the last part, why would a beast such as a gnoll ever express interest in a human, still, the thought of a gnoll towering over her gave her chills, "Dream on lady knight dream on" she sighed while admiring the gifts she had received. Perhaps, perhaps tonight she would shirk her duties and take leave for just a single night to hide in her room, to discover who her powerful admirer was. While no one watched she giggled and placed one of the many flowers she had received to her nose, finally she had found love, and in such a mysterious way!

In a night gown, the knight waited behind her bed, only peeking over occasionally to check that nothing had been done without her seeing it. Meanwhile Kir was already making his way up the castle wall, claws digging into the stone. When he reached the windowsill he removed the letter from his head and from around his neck a necklace with a fang from a creature he had hunted. Tonight the window had been open, a fortune for he would not have to spend time opening it himself. Hopping inside of the room he turned to position the gifts as he wanted them and snorted once it was finish. Crouching low he prepared to leap from the window when he suddenly heard a woman's voice from behind commanding him, "Stop!" Feeling his worst fears come true, his ears hung low and he turned his head to see the object of his admiration there, standing before him sword in hand, caramel skin illuminated by moon light.

"What are you doing here...speak now and I may spare you" she said not sure what to make of the situation. Could the gnoll really be the man she had been hoping for? The man who had given her such respect. If it were true then it wouldn't be so bad, but if not she had reason to kill the cur. The gnoll looked in all directions before finally facing her and sighing, strong shoulders sagging, "I am to express my heart"

Jess stared at the gnoll before stepping to him her sword raised to his neck, "Tell me...what is it that you wish to express and why"

Kir stared at the blade poised to slit his throat and he breathed out his answer, "Because this. This strength of yours. I am a beast, a creature of the forest, a monster by your people's standards and here you face me in nothing, but a gown. I am in awe when I have seen you in combat, seen you handle your subordinates. You are beautiful for that reason"

Jess struggled to maintain her composure, this beast that had stalked her knew more about what moved her heart than the men who had spent their time worshipping her heels. For a while she stayed quiet, the gnoll made no sudden movements, either not wanting to incite her wrath or not wanting to disobey her. Jess then leaned in finally over the edge of her sword to plant her lips against his, her blade lowering between them. The gnoll's eyes widened and a strong paw moved to grip at her back before finally she pulled her lips away. Jess let out a breath and stared into his deep brown eyes to speak, "No man has ever given me that much respect, treated me like an equal or a superior in a relationship. For that, this entire time I've been dreaming of you, dreaming of a man with both the strength to handle me, and the mind to respect me...and here I have it" Kir brought his other paw to grip at her waist just as she let the sword clatter to the floor. With a sigh she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, her lips curling into a small smile, "You may be a beast but you have captured my heart. I'm entirely yours." Kir let out a low rumbling sound akin to a purr and gave her waist a grip his paw slipping past her night gown, a heat growing underneath his loin cloth, "I am indeed a beast...and I have hungered to pit your strength against mine" he said leaning in to give her neck a lick, causing her body to shiver and her lips to part into a moan, "I have no qualms. I have needed someone strong enough to handle me, strong enough to please me...promise this won't be a one night affair?"

Kir realized in this statement that his knight was perhaps a little sensitive, more so than she let on. Still, he remained quiet and went to work, his strong paws kneading at her rear and his thick tongue moving across her throat. She gasped as she felt his tongue work at her neck, moving down to her chest while his paws began to remove her night gown. Rather than gently remove it from her body he began tearing at it with sharp claws. She gasped for a moment her temper flared and she slapped at his chest, "Those were expensive foolish c--" her mouth was silenced by Kir's maw as he closed it over her lips, tongue pushing into her mouth to dance against hers. Her cheeks flushed red and for a moment her brow furrowed in frustration until it softened, easing into pleasure as she treasured the beast able to go toe to toe with her strength. While their lips were locked Kir's claws scratched up her back lightly and Jess's hands gripped and pulled at his fur, both of them not letting the other rest. Finally their lips parted and she was thrust on to her back on the bed, Kir removing his loin cloth to reveal his thick red member shooting forth from a fuzzy sheath. Jess bit her lips, staring at the massive member before her while keeping her legs closed, hoping the beast before her would force her, be rough with her, take her like a proper warrior. Her wish was granted as Kir's claws dug into her thighs causing her to wince in pain as her legs were spread apart and his thick shaft now rested upon her crotch, hot flesh grinding against her pussy as he licked his chops, desiring to break the human knight in half. Allowing his instinct to get the better of him he wasted no time in pressing the tip of his thick canine cock inside of her and pushing on through causing her to gasp as her pussy was filled by his thick member. Already his knot kissed her pussy as he began to rock back and forth, slamming in to the knot each time he thrust forward. Again and again he thrust causing her to groan and yelp bucking her hips back to him, not caring who heard her noise in the castle. The mix of sensations of pain and pleasure caused her body to shake like a leaf, but she maintained her composure, sitting up while panting to grip the back of his head and pull him down into a deep kiss. As their lips met, their tongues touching, his knot entered her and engorged causing her to groan to his lips. She panted against his maw as she rolled her hips, enjoying the sensation of being bred like an animal. Finally warm thick release poured inside of her, the large gnoll towering over her growling and clawing at the bed as he did so. Jess groaned and wrapped her legs tight around his waist, bringing him as close as she could while her body shook, her own orgasm firing off. When it was all over she laid back, panting and blissful. Kir leaned down to lick at her chest resting his head upon her while they were stuck together. Jess giggled, allowing herself the noise, before reaching a hand over to stroke through his fuzzy head, "Are you well?" he asked in low rumble. At this Jess gave a gentle tug at his ear, "I am no princess...remember that" but after a moment she sighed, "well, perhaps next time be a little bit more gentle with the clawing." Kir then snorted against her chest and grinned, "I will be certain for next time...I love you" Jess then smiled and returned the sentiment, "I love you too..."

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