Maylon University's Epidemic Part 4: Giving In

Story by Otherfur on SoFurry

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#4 of Maylon Epidemic

Written by: Otherfur

(Not based on actual places, events, or people)

+18 gay, male story

Josh is reminded his actions have consequences.

Plot and pleasure are proving hard to balance! Splitting this chapter in half didn't sit well, so we're left with one long(er) one.

"The shower, yeah, it'll help me relax. It has to." Josh thought to himself. He hadn't showered since yesterday morning. Regardless, he needed one now.

Josh picked up his phone from the floor, thankful his room was carpeted, and checked the time. 1pm already. Either his judgement was off earlier, or he had been daydreaming in the bathroom far longer than he thought. Josh didn't want to know the answer.

He shuffled to the bathroom for the second time today and slowly stepped inside the shower, not needing to shed any clothes from his exposed, sweaty body. The faucet was turned to hot. The steam needed to calm him. Josh leaned his head back, allowing his face and hair to be soaked first. He stood there, silent, taking in how in this moment the world seemed motionless in the middle of the most hectic two days of the young man's life. He couldn't just take in the moment forever, however, he still needed to clean off and at least try to return to his normal routine.

Josh's attention turned back to groin. That musk from earlier, within his newly formed sheath, had to be taken care of. He dared not stick his finger within the flexible flesh, remembering how quickly he lost himself not fifteen minutes earlier. Instead, Josh used body wash to clean the tan fur that replaced his pubs on his groin and ball-sack. He took his balls within his hand, applying body wash to the area and removing some of his scent. The two orbs felt heftier than before, but Josh waved off this suspicion as his muscles being exhausted. He was especially delicate in cleaning the outside of his canine sheath, wary of disturbing what rested inside.

Josh worked his way down, cleaning his hips, thighs, calves, all the way down to his feet. Everything felt normal, to his relief. He moved his hands upwards, aiming to clean his backside. His hands passed over his ass checks, but Josh didn't notice a pinky instinctually bend towards his anus, coming close to reaching its tight opening. The back was easy to clean, as where his shoulders. All that was left was his chest.

First, Josh began wiping cum from his pectorals. Moving over his two pink nipples sent a shock down Josh's back. They were hard, unusual for him in a warm shower, but more sensitive than ever. Josh's toes curled again. His sheath was stirring from brief contact with the tip exposing itself, not even from another person stimulating him. Josh winced his eyes, and waited for the urges to die down, before taking a deep breath and moving on lower, towards the more discolored, yellow spunk on his chest.

Another wave of pleasure hit him, almost as strong as the first, but... that wasn't right, Josh had passed his pecs. He wasn't imagining things, not this time. Josh opened his eyes, looked down, and to his shock was two additional pairs of fully formed nipples underneath, each pair slightly smaller than the one above, and reaching two thirds the way to his navel, following his mammalian milk-lines, for a total of six nipples rising to attention. Josh yelled, his arms flailing to get the remaining cum off his body. Only then, when the cum headed towards the drain was Josh faced with how the fluid's hue differed so greatly from the porcelain colored shower tiles.

Josh jump out of the shower, slamming the sliders open and jumped to the sinks, ending the cleaning prematurely. He was panting heavily, watching his chest in the mirror rise and fall, and how his nipples, all of them, rose and fell with his chest. Like his bestial tool, they were real.

Josh stepped away to grab a towel, encircling it under his armpits, as a woman would cover her breasts. The chances were slim, but what if someone walked in? No one could find out. Again, Josh waited, before carefully opening the towel up again, as someone would open an adhesive bandage without ripping the hairs underneath. Everything was still there, the fuzzy balls, sheath, and extra nipples. No illusion, no trickery.

Josh met a new low. Hadn't he stopped changing? Would he gradually keep discovering something new? Did he do something to spur his newest additions, or had he just not seen them earlier? How are would this changes go? That last question struck him deep down. He could become a mutt, an animal, even lose his humanity. But that didn't make sense, the guy in the park wasn't feral, unless he was also as far along as Josh is now. Most importantly, how would enjoy his Spring Break in the Yucatan if he had to wear a shirt, just two weeks away? His tan would be uneven! He would look like a blue-collar laborer. At this point, however, it was nothing to complain about compared to his life right now.

No, that was that. Josh had to get his mind off his body. He needed to keep himself occupied, and hope denying himself would fix whatever was happening. Josh turned away from the mirror, not looking back and grabbed a clean tank top, underwear, and gym shorts before organizing his laundry for washing. He made sure to avoid touching the spunk on his dirty sheets, balling it up so not to contaminate the rest of his laundry.

The campus laundromat was nearby, a brisk walk. Josh arrived there and was welcomed with enough free washing and drying machines. Nearly body seemed to wash their clothes on Fridays. Only one other student was present, sitting and waiting for his loads to finish drying. Josh finished unloading and turned the washers on, then taking a seat across the room from the young man. He took his phone out, intending to kill time browsing some of his favorite websites.

Five minutes in and Josh stumbled onto a mobile porn site he was familiar with, half aware of what he was doing. He started with straight porn images, even lesbian, before focusing on three-ways with two males and eventually to full blown gay porn. One image struck him, of a man performing fellatio. Josh pictured his dick in the man's mouth, deep enough to push his knot to the man's nose. A slight, guttural moan escaped Josh's throat. The vibration was enough to lift Josh from his semi-conscious state. He now knew the image he had been focused on, and then his hand, which slid past the elastic wasteland of his shorts and wrapped itself around his sheath, slightly squeezing it.

Josh's eyes snapped up and at the only other person in the room. He was trying his best to ignore Josh's public indecency but was obviously watching from the corner of his eyes, raising his lips and nose in disgust. Luckily, he couldn't see what was really hiding beneath Josh's shorts. That was all Josh needed to fast walk out of there and back to his dorm room. Besides, he should have been doing work instead of waiting in the laundromat...

Josh got to his room and shut the door behind him. He moved straight for his accounting textbooks, gathered his laptop, and got to work balancing net income statement after calculating for double-declining depreciation, content he learned his Friday morning class yesterday. It was a time killer transferring his new net income to cash flow and balance sheets, while still being expected to adjust other variables from prior lessons.

Before he knew it, Josh's phone alarm went off, signaling his laundry was ready to move to the drier. Nobody was there this time, and Josh made sure not to let himself get distracted. He opted to move the laundry and get straight back to work.

Another 45 minutes later and Josh began carting the cleaned sheets and clothes back to his room. Josh had finished his weekly accounting assignments and skimmed through the pages of his professional writing textbook detailing how to ideally respond to customer complaints, which were to be discussed in next week's lecture. All that was left was to print out lecture notes and Josh would call it a day. The documents were downloaded, ready to print. Several pages churned out, but the printer halted.

"Out of ink" Josh mouthed to himself, reaching for the desk drawer. Plenty of other supplies, but no reserve ink cartridges. The school bookstore wasn't open on Saturdays, and the nearest office supply store would be closed by the time he drove there. Josh thought "I only have a few more pages to print, maybe Shaun wouldn't notice if I 'borrowed' some ink." Shaun was out with his friends for a least the night, and who knew if he'd even come back tonight. Shaun had slept elsewhere in the past. Josh could have waited a day or so, but he wanted to finish up and get his responsibilities behind him.

Josh rose to his feet and headed for Shaun's room. He twisted Shaun's door handle and, to Josh's relief, the door was unlocked. All he had to do was sneak in, not displace anything, and return the ink to Shaun's printer. The door glided open and Josh stepped inside. Makeshift curtains hung over the window to block out most the light the cheap blinds didn't catch. Dark wood furniture was placed against the walls, leaving shelves where Shaun kept his belonging. A couple guitars, flags, and posters the walls. His room was well decorated in comparison to Josh's. Shaun did, however, neglect organizing his clothes. Piles of used and clean clothes were haphazardly lying next to the closest. The laundry basket was nearby. Why it was barely used, Josh didn't know. Shaun was just lazy.

Josh went straight for the printer, popped it open, and grabbed the ink cartridges. He had dropped the cartridges into his pocket and turned towards the door when a tower fan rotated, blowing the scent coming from the laundry pile into Josh's face. Josh instinctively sniffed the air and stopped him movement. He got a whiff of the room's musky, warm smell, and the male pheromones called out to Josh. He sheepishly walked to the source, forgetting why he was in the room. His body told him his only purpose of being there was to indulge in the scent. Josh leaned down onto a knee, grabbing a lone black socks in one hand and navy blue boxer briefs in the other. Neither article was fresh, and laid on top of the pile.

Josh lifted the underwear to his nose and took a deep whiff from where Shaun's junk once rested. The deep, masculine odor sent Josh's brain into a spiral. He closed his eyes, mouth hang open, as Josh took more breaths. Where Josh expected relief, he only felt empty, as each inhale reached the farthest corners of his lungs. He only became more addicted to the musky scent.

Josh's nose was turning blacker with each time the pheromones rolled by. The wetter texture magnified his sense of smell and his nostrils grew wider, allowing more air through. His nasal bridge was flattening, leaving Josh with a distinctly canine nose. His brain was overloaded, only concerned with getting its fix, which seemed never ending. His jaws were cracking, inaudible and painlessly for Josh to take notice. His clean-shaven lower face pushed outward, forcing his hand and the underwear gripped tightly between his fingers back, while keeping contact with his moist nose. Josh's extended jaws were quickly being filled with morphing teeth. His molars grew wider and took on jagged shapes. The enamel on his canines was multiplying, softening, and dripping down, thus extending them into a long, sharp shape before hardening again. Lips were getting puffy and darker, gently drooping near his cheeks. His tongue followed suit, filling the new length his muzzle had added on. Josh used his elongated tongue to lick at the underwear's crotch between sniffs, hoping to find whatever Shaun left behind. Chocolate-brown fur was accumulating under his chin. The dusting coated the newly formed skin.

Josh was getting horny from the excitement, primal urges putting him in a mating rut. His gym shorts were tenting with the knotted, red cock pushing over seven inches desperate for air. The throbbing and blood flow caused Josh to start thrusting his hips forward, gradually at first, almost losing his balance from the first unanticipated motions. Josh could feel it, he was reaching his threshold and enjoying it immensely.

The front door clicked. Josh stopped dead, his stomach dropping. "Shit" he blurted, Shaun was back early.

Shaun was outside, struggling to get his key into the lock with his impaired, drunken state. The door clicked open after the third try and Shaun stumbled inside. He placed his half empty beer bottle on the kitchen counter and called out to Josh.

"Yo, you here?" Shaun waited, no reply. He walked to Josh's shut door and loudly knocked. "You sleepin'? Ha, now you're not!" The joke sounded funny in his head. Still nothing. A mischievous smile crossed Shaun's face as he now had the dorm to himself. He took strides to his own door, the fact that it was cracked open wasn't even registered. Shaun walked in, kicked his shoes across the floor and stripped his shirt off, throwing it into the pile before getting into his twin-sized bed, still wearing his jeans. Next course of action was to drop an arm over the side of the bed and grab his full-ear headphones and laptop from the floor. Shaun went straight of his porn video collection and overlapped it with soft rock music. His perfect way of unwinding from a day of partying was only nearly perfect. Shaun guided his hand south, opened up the front of his pants, and let his uncut shaft poke out before stroking it in rhythm to the porno.

He wasn't alone. Josh had huddled onto his back underneath the bed, knowing he couldn't fit into the closet small closets the college provided. He held still in fear, even limiting his shallow breathing. Still clutched in his hands was Shaun's used boxer briefs and sock. Josh was alert, not making a movement until he heard faint music from above. His eyes lock onto the underwear and he lifted it back to his muzzle. He couldn't get enough of the rich musk. His cock was still erect, brushing against his straining loins, which had no fly, and forming a dark spot from the beading precum. Josh, still clutching the sock, used his legs to raise his lower body and with his thumb pulled the shorts off his hip. His slick tool, kept moist from his sheath all day since the shower, flopped out with his inflated knot still within his fur coated sheath.

Musk from his own cock fanned the flames and gave his nostrils a second punch. The dual scents, from Josh's cock and Shaun's boxer-briefs was enough to speed up the process. Heat radiated from his groin, first working its way down to Josh's bare feet. Toes curled and arches bent. Josh's nails were turning grayish before darkening further, absorbing light as they grew thicker. They sank into his skin, now protruding from the ends of his toes. The toes ballooned, rounding out, each one being larger than before, save for the big toes. The bones in his feet moved slightly apart, widening his feet and allowing the new toes to fit. His big toes shrank while the others formed unified sizes. The two big toes migrated up the sides of his feet, resembling dew claws, eventually being absorbed into the skin and disappearing altogether. His high arches lowered, almost becoming flat. The skin on the undersides of his heels, forefeet, and toes hardened. The skin grew thick. Darkening callouses emerged, and replaced the pale flesh with what resembled paw pads on lengthened and widened plantigrade feet.

Uncomfortable sensations next came from above Josh's ass-checks. He rolled onto his side as a nub of flesh extended from his spine. Bones from his coccyx defused, adding to Josh's number of vertebrae. They marched their way down, extending his spinal column past his ass with new flesh and nerve endings keeping pace and connecting to lengthening bones. The hairless tail reached over a foot long and thumped against the carpet on its own.

His hands, one holding Shaun's underwear to Josh's face and the other now stroking his member, grew fatter. The bones thickened, joints taking on a more rugged shape, while his fingers were altered, stubbier. The nail beds blackened, as with his feet, but the keratin continued to rest where it was, not sinking into the digits. They curved downward and thickened, blunting at the ends. Paw pads grew from raised skins on his fingers and the majority of Josh's palms, numbing his touch while adding a rougher texture.

Josh's ears softened, the flesh now pliant. The ridges in his ears melted as they migrated north, towards the top of his head. They were now pointed, with new muscles capable of rotating them.

Josh's frame was expanding. His neck was pushed against the wall behind him, forcing his head upright, his feet were pushed against the wooden frame connecting the bed's front two legs. His toes attempted to grip onto the flat, wooden surface, only managing to make clacking noises as his blunted nails made contact. Josh's previous height of 5'11'' was now closer to 6'4'' in his mutated form. The paws were now size twelves, too big for any of his footwear.

Josh's body was overheating, a thin film of sweat coated his body. The process was burning energy, with Josh's only reserves of fat rapidly being used, disappearing from his body. His flat stomach was moving under his skin, the muscles forming faint ridges, being fed by the adrenaline coursing through him. Josh's thighs, calves, and biceps were now a healthy size, each having contours Josh never strained to gain before. His pectorals underwent the most notable transformation, rising from his chest, more visibly separated from his abdominal muscles with added definition. Josh's two largest, pink nipples rest near the bottom of his rounded pecs. Josh's shoulders push outward with cords of muscle in his neck thickening to support the added weight.

The body beneath the bed now resembled a hairless hybrid between man and canine, covered in sweat and convulsing in pleasure. Short, soft fur crept out from Josh's treasure trail, concealing the skin beneath. They spread in all directions and remained tan on Josh's chest and inner thighs. Hair follicles across his body were being activated in waves. Tan fur climbed his chest, concealing all but the points of Josh's six nipples in a short, dense coat. The fur reaching his sides, back, shoulders, and upper limbs turned the same chocolate brown as the fur now concealing his muzzle. They hid Josh's muscles, but the general, strong shape could still be seen.

The fur crept down Josh's lower limbs, shifting from brown to tan as the hairs approached his knees and elbows. His limbs were now covered in fur. His palms and soles not spared, as only his paw pads, with their rougher, darkened skin, raised above the fur. Longer brown and tan fur raced sown Josh's tail, coating the rear and underside respectfully. Josh's oddly-shaped head was the last left bare. Brown fur already covered his muzzle, but began marching outward, covering his face with a tan masking. The fur on his back grew up his neck, finally reaching the back of his head and the ears atop his head, leaving more brown fur in its wake.

Josh was too deep in rut to care what he was transforming into. He placed all his effort into getting off as silently as possible, not to disturb his roommate laying above. Shaun was still unaware of Josh as he fondled his manhood to the porn on his screen and music cancelling out all outside noises, eyes drooping and movement slowing.

Josh's cock urged for a void to be filled, to be stuffed into anything warm. Josh took his hand, now glazed with his natural lube, and stuffed the ankle-long sock over his aching member. At first the tip of the sock fell limp, being too long for his canine cock to fully fill. More of the sock was being hugged by the cock with each subsequent thrust. Josh's shaft had grown to ten inches long, adding four inches of red, fleshy tubing in two days. The shifting strained the fabric as it bloated in width. Josh was about to blow, but he couldn't make a mess in Shaun's sock. A dirty idea crossed Josh; it was his only choice to not leave any cum behind in a rush.

Slowly, Josh pulled the sock off his shaft, his sensitive flesh making traction with the tub and leaving behind clear precum before being tossed aside. He let go of the saliva-coated underwear, letting it rest on his chest. Josh was hesitant when his eyes opened and locked onto his shaft, pointing towards his face. His second thoughts were ignored as excitement and wonder took hold of Josh as time passed by, and Joshed arched his much more flexible back. He locked his arms under his legs to hold steady. The engorged, knotted shaft was just bobbing in front of Josh's face. His neck strained to close the distance as his muzzle parted to let the warm shaft in.

Once the shaft was inside, Josh went to work. His elongated tongue lapped up the drooling pre. It invaded his tongue, sinking into the pliable muscle. Josh's tongue was flattening as it danced around his embedded shaft, searching for more of his salty, musky fluid and enjoying the feel of his tight, sensitive red flesh. His broad tongue was better equipped to engulf his cock, following its contours in a way no human could. Josh bucked his hips, and thus his shaft, into himself. Each thrust pushed his knot against his nose, the tip of his dong approached the back of his throat.

Josh froze mid thrust as the flood gates failed. Josh's urethra dilated and his cock contracted. Hot, yellowed cum exploded into his mouth while hormones were released into his system. Josh positioned his tongue to catch the next loads. The first few were powerful enough to coat his maw. The taste wasn't unpleasant, but the texture and sheer amount of cum made his throat gag. Josh struggled to keep pace, wanting to just spit out the excess but knowing not to. The first loads came and went in just seconds with the next contractions getting progressively weaker. A half-dozen more squirts were released with Josh's tongue lapping up as much as it could, before the flow drizzled to a stop.

His back relaxed and gradually Josh let his length slip out of his mouth's warm embrace. His lips scraped off any remaining cum on the shaft's way out. His semi-erect cock tip popped past his lips, falling onto abdomen and reaching his navel, matting the fur in saliva underneath. His tongue lapped up the last remains of spunk from between his sharp teeth, spiraling around them. Josh laid there in bliss, knowing what he'd done, yet still proud from avoiding a crisis. Josh raised a hand and got his first good look at his changes. A beast's broad hand stared back at him. He flexed his fingers, half expecting the hand to hold still, only for it to respond. It was his hand, complete with paw pads and blunted nails. His smug face fell, lips sinking. Josh let a smell, his nose, drive him down this path, huddled under his roommate's bed, getting off to Shaun's musk while he lay within arm's reach.

Josh took his hand and brushed it over an arm, watching the fur part between his leathery pads. Josh inspected the rest of his body, his chest defined by the six peaks poking above his fur, and his crotch with its hefty package slinking back into the sheath. His feet seemed much farther away, and yet they responded to his every touch, toes splaying on demand. Then it struck Josh, his field of view was being obstructed by his muzzle. His hands clasped his muzzle and felt the cold, square nose at the end. He used his thumb to slide down his rows of teeth. They were uneven, jagged, built for a carnivore.

The realization his Josh like a wall as he sat in the now dark, silent room, the moon giving the slightest illumination through draped blinds. Josh's eyes reddened, blinking a few times. For the first time, Josh felt alone, fearing the future. He had no one to talk to, no one to share his condition. Unlike a flu or anything else, he couldn't trust anyone to help him, nobody to call out to. He had no answers; he lost hope of being able to steer his future. A single tear built in each of Josh's eyes. They gathered in the corners of his eyelids before falling off to be absorbed into the fur beneath, instead of cascading down his cheeks.

There was nothing left to do but leave for Josh. He pivoted his body, working his way from under the bed. If Shaun saw him, then so be it. As he rose to his feet, adjusting to his new frame and tucking his tail down a leg of his shorts, he looked to Shaun. Shaun was asleep, passed out as his porn and music continued to play as though he were still watching and listening. His uncut cock hang limp, poking out of his fly while a hand hung nearby. Josh frowned. In a way, he wanted Shaun to see him like this, to get things over with, no matter what it be. Josh grabbed for the boxers and sock which kept him entertained and heaved them onto one of two of Josh's laundry piles before motioning for the door.

Josh gently opened the door, stepped out, and closed it behind him. He didn't look back.

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