To Catch A Rabbit - Chapter 6 - Hunt Club

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#6 of To Catch a Rabbit

Well, I missed my 1-year anniversary goal by 3 days, got lazy and distracted by another project. But here it is.

A short almost epilogue chapter which officially marks the end of the series' main story. I do have a few more ideas for some short stories that would fit in throughout it's timeline, so we haven't seen the last of Tim and Ten, but for now I want to focus more on Takato and some non-series idea's I've had for a while. Also realized that this could potentially work as the start of a new spinoff series for Hunt Club, but we'll have to see about that.

I've never seen The Fight Club, but as I was righting this it hit me that this concept may have a bit of similarity there, but that was in no way my intention.

The muffled sound of bodies colliding with the ground combined with a surprised shout met Ten's ears. The leopard-spotted white tiger stood on his back porch surveying the activity, as he did so often these days. Cubs, children, and teens of all ages, even several adults, scurried about. Bobbing between trees, hiding, waiting in ambush, pouncing and dodging. Some worked in packs, cornering others, and yet others worked alone.

The once secret play ground had grown, in more ways than one. What had once been a single empty wooded lot behind his house now covered several acres. A 10-foot high privacy fence surrounded the space, which rivaled the size of the public park across the street. It offered a wide range of terrains, from open manicured spaces to dense thicket covered woods. All for one purpose. Training.

Here was the home of Hunt Club. The first and the largest of its kind - established over a year ago - and Ten was its director and overseer. Beside him stood his second in command. The young boy was not even a teen yet, but none the less was still an accomplished hunter. He had worked from the beginning with Ten to establish the club, and was one of the most skilled trainers they had. The most surprising part about it though was not that he was so young, but rather that he was a little brown rabbit - a species not known for being hunters predators or carnivores. Tim was Ten's adopted son, and had been personally trained by him long before Hunt Club became a reality.

"Everything looks to be in order, and the evening should go smoothly." Ten rested a paw on his son's shoulder, "What do you say we adjourn to a bit of privacy?"

The little rabbit's puffy tail wagged eagerly. "You read my mind."

It was nearly 3 years now since the law had been passed banning predatory hunting. There had of course been appeals, but for many years public sentiment had slowly been shifting from their favor, and no appeal had been successful. It wasn't much of a surprise either, considering a good number of law makers who'd voted for and signed the bill were carnivores, and some had even been predators when they were younger. In the end it was just a sign of how society was changing.

As was to be expected, there were some who had chosen to defiantly ignore the new law and continue their activities as if it were never passed. Even before the law's passage predators had already skirted the edges of acceptance. Most communities knew who they were and took extra caution around them, but since their activities were legal there really wasn't anything that could be done to stop them. A series of crackdowns against known predators easily rooted out the vast majority of those flouting the law. At the same time needlessly harassing those who were abiding the ban, and making it that much harder for organizations to move forward with fighting the law and finding new alternatives.

Ten, and a few other like minded individuals, had provided the best answer - not perfect, but better than any alternatives.

Hunt Club.

An organization of like-minded members, bound by a set of rules which kept them within the confines of the law. Those rules were few and simple:

Number 1: Members of Hunt Club may only hunt other members of Hunt Club. Number 2: Hunts may occur anywhere and anytime, with or without the prey's prior knowledge, provided no non-members are involve in or disturbed by the hunt in any way. Number 3: Any member may find themselves in the role of the prey. Keep on your toes. Number 4: No hunt may end in the death OR injury of the prey. Number 5: "Supplementary Activities" were at the discretion of each member.

There had been some mishaps in the early days. Predators getting a little too carried away. Takedowns happening a bit too publicly; prompting bystanders to freak out believing they were witnessing a criminal activity and calling the police. Predators targeting other predators had caused more than a few pissed off violent brawls.

In the end though things had calmed down. Members had fallen into and honored unwritten roles; strictly predators, strictly prey, and versatile. Most members chose to keep their involvement in the club secret from all outsiders, to avoid any undue attention or fear.

It was an elegant solution, which ultimately had the opposite effect the law intended. Far more people were now engaging in hunting. Both carnivore and herbivore species equally learning the joys of the chase. The only thing missing was the thrill of the kill and the taste of fresh flesh.

A familiar creaking and muffled moaning met Josh's ear when he stepped through the backdoor into Ten and Tim's home. With a small shake of his head the young Wolf-Sheep hybrid headed towards what he knew to be the source of the sounds. The door he was drawn to stood just slightly ajar. He silently eased it open knowing what sight would greet him on the other side.

Ten was bent over the side of his bed, ass up and head resting on a pillow. Behind him Tim stood on his toes; his 11-year old hips moving a mile a minute, eagerly driving his young cock into Ten's rear. Their fur covered hips repeatedly colliding with a dull thump.

When he was first adopted the bunny's lust for Ten had been nearly insatiable, but once his puberty hit... along with it came the legendary rabbit libido. What had been daily sessions almost instantly became 2, 3, sometimes even 4 times a day. At first it had been almost too much for the tiger to handle, and more often than not he found himself as the bottom to Tim's budding needs. But slowly he grew more used to it, and now the pair found themselves equally filling both roles. It wasn't out of the ordinary for Josh to find himself a third party in their fun, but today it was just the two.

From his vantage point in the doorway, Josh had a perfect view of his best friend and his adoptive father. Tim's back was aimed directly at the him. His little tailhole easily visible beneath his raised puff of a tail, leaking a wet trail down the inside of his leg. Evidentially the bunny had started on the bottom today. Between his legs was an excellent view of Ten's own manhood. His furry balls swinging rhythmically in time with Tim's thrusts, and his pink pointed shaft standing hard and erect. A strand of sticky fluid connecting its tip to the floor below, where a small wet pool grew.

They grunted and groaned in unison, an incoherent animalistic sound. Josh had been with them often enough to know that he'd entered at an excellent time. Tim's rhythm broke, his thrusts becoming more erratic. Then his hips froze and his left foot started making an adorable spastic thumping against the floor; a little quirk he'd picked up with puberty every time he came. As Tim filled his father, Ten's sack pulled up tighter to his body, and with a roar his cock twitched and fired off his load. Adding to the mess that already stained the floor and the side of the bed.

When both were spent they collapsed together, Ten's head resting on his father's back.

"Are you two going to hide in here all night?" Josh at last revealed himself. "The newer members would like some pointers from the masters."

Two heads turned in unison to gaze at the voyeur, no hint of surprise or anger at his presence. "They may just have to wait a bit longer..." An all too familiar look crept across both their faces, their eyes drifting towards the wolf's crotch.

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