dave and scaredy

Story by dbj_rab on SoFurry

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a quickie did of Dave and Scaredy squirrel. characters copyright cartoon network/etc.

Dave the skunk grunted and yawned as he stretched and farted awake. He idly scratched himself as he wriggled his naked body out of bed towards the shower. He yawned as he quickly showered, and idly fondled his loins. "Gods I can't wait to get together with scaredy later," he thought to himself, as he stepped out and dried himself off.

He donned on his favorite shirt and usual no pants. He hummed to himself as he got on the bus to visit his friend Scaredy Squirrel who had the day off. The bus ride didn't take too long, and he soon knocked on the squirrel's door.

"just a minute," he heard the squirrel call out. The door soon opened, and the squirrel let his friend in. "Hey Dave. Good to see you dude."

"Yeah great to be here dude. What do you wanna do?" the skunk replied back.

"oh I dunno. Want to go to a bar for some drinks and pool?" Dave asked. "Yeah sure.. why not. Nice to do something different for a change I guess," Scaredy answered.

They soon headed out to a nearby bar, and started to play a game of pool and ordered a couple of drinks. "Well this is fun, not done this in a long time," Scaredy remarked, as he started to feel buzzed. "Yeah love playing with you," Dave remarked back, with a slight smirk and downed done more beer, while Scaredy gulped down more whiskey.

The game soon got more lopsided and they decided to go back to Scaredy's house, getting more buzzed by the minute. They soon collapsed onto Scaredy's bed, finishing more drinks Scaredy had in the fridge.

"oh god. I'm so drunk and horny," Scaredy mumbled. "Yeah you and me both dude," Dave mumbled back, idly fondling himself. The skunk glanced over and saw Scaredy fondling himself as well.

They both moaned as their dicks started getting hard and preing. "Always love watching you get hard," Dave rumbled. "Yeah same here Dave," Scaredy replied. "Hey want to do each other?" the squirrel suddenly blurted.

"Thought you'd never ask," Dave moaned as he reached out and grasped Scaredy hardening 9 inaches, and Scaredy reached over to fondle Dave's own 9 and half inches. "Mmmnnn feels so great," dave moaned and thrust himself into Scaredy's paw while he did the same.

"Gods you're so hung dude," Scaredy panted, as he squeezed and fondled the skunk's balls, while his legs twitched from the sensations of the skunk's paw rubbing along his own twitching length, and his pre rubbing along his dick.

Dave soon moved over to lick Scaredy's balls while dangling his own cock and balls above Scaredy's muzzle. Scaredy blinks and tentavely licked the skunk's heavy balls, while pawing his hung length faster. "Ohh Scaredy, that's feels so great," Dave mumbled and wriggled against the squirrel's muzzle, while he did the same to Scaredy's dick and balls.

They both moaned as they started to suck along each other's lengths and variously squeezing each other's balls, while rubbing along their ass crack. "Oh gods yeess," Scaredy panted from the sensations and Dave mumbled, "So badly want to fuck you dude."

Scaredy twitched and panted heavily from feeling Dave's finger rubbing against his twitching pucker. "Shit yes. Fill me with your hot hung skunk dick," Scaredy moaned. Dave grinned and soon moved to rub his preing cock tip against Scaredy's tight pucker. "Mmmnn gods yes love your hot tight anus," Dave panted and slowly pushed himself harder against the clenching tail hole.

Scaredy moaned louder as he felt the skunk's hung dick press more against his anus, and he wrapped his legs around the chubby skunk's mid section and wriggled his ass harder against the skunk's hips. "Mmmnnn Dave so big. Yeess fill me with your hot cock," Scaredy groaned in pleasure. Dave growled in pleasure as he felt his dick slowly shove into the squirrel's tight asshole.

"Mmmnnn Scaredy so tight and hot," Dave panted in pleasure as he started to thrust deeper and faster into Scaredy's clenching ass. Scaredy groaned as he felt Dave's huge 9.5 inches slowly swell against his insides and his own 9 inches throb harder and dribble pre against their stomach fur.

Dave grunted louder as he thrust his hips faster and harder against Scaredy's wriggling ass. "MMnn Scaredy so fucking good," Dave panted. Scaredy just mumbles unitelligable noises as he clenched his anus harder around the skunk's twitching and heavily preing cock.

Dave panted and shuddered as he felt his balls draw up. "uunnhh Scaredy going to cummmm," he cried out. Scaredy moaned and panted as he twitched more. "Oohhh Dave yeess fill my ass with your hot cum," Scaredy growled.

Dave soon growled and slammed his hips one last time and shoved his dick deep into Scaredy's milking anus. He moaned and twitched all over as his dick swelled and soon splurted load after load of his pent up cum. "Scaredy nnnggghhhh yyeesss..." Dave panted and shuddered as he thrusted a few more times while still cumming.

Scaredy mrowled and gasped as he felt Dave's hung cock stretch his insides harder and suddenly flood his hole with hot skunk essence. "oohh dave..nngghh fuck that feels so goooodd," he cried out, as his own cock swelled and suddenly spurted hot squirrel cum all over their bellies. They both panted and twitched in sweaty drunken afterglow.

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