Welcome to the Harem

Story by hyenafur on SoFurry

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A gift from hunkyhusky

Leo starts harem building during the meeting of the gods.

Wind blew across the savanna as Leo one of the thirteen Zodiacs oversaw the setup for the annual summit of the various deities that exist in the world.

Normally these summits would be held in the Zodiac's headquarters that looms over the American southwest, but on occasion special locations are chosen to hold such events.

Leo now awaited the help that was coming from various tribes around the area that have volunteered to help cater and guard the summit.

Leo was a six foot tall lion with different hues of brown all throughout his fur, and he worn a sash where many colors dance about the designs upon it, and the medallion located on his shoulder showing off his Zodiac sign.

Leo clicked his teeth as the volunteers arrived with baskets of food and meat brought in to feed the gods while they hold their summit.

Amongst the volunteers three caught the lions eyes. Three hyena's walked in together chatting with each other, there was a brown, a spotted, and a striped one as well.

Leo licks his lips and grins, "well this adventure won't be a complete bore," he said as the lion set about directing the volunteers to where they needed to be.

"Hey Kuro wait up," a spotted hyena with yellow, while he had white fur on his belly, along with spots located on his shoulders, and his hips called up running after the striped hyena.

Kuro stood at just under six foot with white fur, and black strips through his body.

"What I'm excited I've met a god before Jumble," Kuro yells back with an excited grin.

"Let him go Jumble we'll get there soon enough," a brown hyena with thick neck fur, and two small strips on his legs said with a small chuckle.

"I know Nsundu just don't want him embarrassing the village," Jumble said rolling his eyes as the met up with other groups from the various tribes.

"There is sure a lot coming to this summit thing," Nsundu said rubbing his neck fur while adjusting his shoulder making sure the basket he was carrying didn't slip off.

"Well it's not too often that the valley is visited by every god under the sun," Jumble said with a grinning running his hand through his black head fur before shaking his head about his toned muscles ripple with his moment.

Kuro waved that the other two hyena's, "hey guys we're here," Kuro said as the wind blew through his head fur causing to sway slightly.

As the other two caught up with Kuro they saw a domed building in the middle of the African Savanna, "wow never seen anything like this before," Nsundu said in awe of the structure.

"Well let's hurry before we are late," Jumble started down the hill.

Within no time the three hyena's joined a crowd of people from different villages in the area.

Soon a lion appeared in front of the crowd, he wore the sash of the zodiac issued assignments for each group. Kuro was put on food detail, Jumble was put on guard duty for the life aspects, and Nsundu was assigned to music entertainment.

Each were given a uniform to wear which were basically toga's. After they got their assignments the three hyenas part ways as the summit began.

A few hours have passed and the summit was underway, but all Leo could think of was the three hyenas he saw earlier, and before he knew it the lion spotted the striped hyena putting out dashes of shrimp onto the buffet table.

Leo licking his lips with a grin as he walked over to him his tail twitching as he went, "well hello there mind assisting me for moment young fellow," Leo asked as the striped hyena turned around bowing in respect to Leo.

"But of course how can I help an honorable Zodiac," Kuro said looking up smiling.

Leo smiled in return, "Follow me, and what is your name perchance ?,"

"Kuro," the striped hyena introduced himself.

"well follow me Kuro," Leo gestured leading the striped hyena to a more secluded area of the summit building.

"What is it that you need," Kuro asked,but before he could say anything else Leo pressed himself against the hyena pressing this surprised male against the wall.

Leo took a deep breath in Kuro's neck before responding lustfully, "You."

Leo drags his tongue slowly up Kuro's neck inciting a whimper from the striped hyena as the lion works swiftly to remove his clothing.

Leo grinned as Kuro's hard cock sprang forth and throbs in mid air, "enjoying yourself ?," he asked rubbing Kuro's chest.

The striped hyena blushes and smiles a little, "well......I am," he responded.

Kuro gave off another whimper as the lion gripped one of his nipples and twisted it slightly, "Good," Leo said pressing his lips against the striped hyena's ear.

Leo reaches down and brushes his paw against Kuro's hard cock making it throb and twitch releasing a small bead of pre from the tip.

Panting the hyena leans his head back blushing as Leo grips his cock and strokes it slowly, "my my you are a leaker," Leo mummers happily as his paw soon become lathered in pre cum.

"Makes perfect lube," Leo grins as he lets go and uses the pre cum to lube his rock hard cock.

With that Leo bends Kuro over and grinds his cock in between Kuro's butt cheeks, "ready for me ?" the lion murrs out.

Kuro nods panting a little bit his cock throbbing as a long stream of pre cum oozes from his tip and drips onto the ground.

"yes.....," Kuro said bashfully then moans loudly as Leo wastes no time as he thrusts into him.

Moaning Leo roughly kisses into the males neck as he thrusts hard into the hyena's tight passage, "mmmm you are a tight one, let's fix that," Leo sped up his thrusts making Kuro's groan out in pleasure.

Around the same time Jumble made his rounds until his shift was over and relief come to replace him, "man what a day," Jumble said rubbing his sweaty forehead with his wrist.

Didn't take long for him to find Nsundu who also had finished his day's work.

"Let's find Kuro and see if we can head back to the village," Nsundu gestured as the two looked around for their friend, but couldn't find him anywhere.

"I wonder where he is," Jumble said rubbing his neck.

A pink glowing unicorn walked behind him, his purple mane sparkled with stars from the night sky, "I saw him head off with one of the Zodiac's that way," the unicorn said pointing in the direction where Leo and Kuro were.

"Thank sir," Nsundu along with Jumble bowed to the unicorn.

"No problem,' the unicorn said with a smile before heading off into the crowd.

Jumble and Nsundu head into the direction that the unicorn pointed out, and soon they heard moaning, and as they drew closer they saw Leo one of the Zodiac's balls deep in Kuro.

Jumble and Nsundu looked at each other and grinned.

Leo moaned loudly as he grounded his hips against Kuro's rubbing his tip into the striped hyena's prostate causing the male below him to moan deeply and jerk his hips.

"I'm getting....close," Leo panted as his thrusts became harder and faster as he neared his peak.

Kuro groan and jerks with each thrust before letting out a deep moan as he cums hard spraying his thick cum onto the ground sending Leo over the edge filling his rear full of warm lion cum.

Leo panting pulls out of Kuro his cock still throbbing coated in his cum grins down at the gaping cum covered tail hole.

"One down......," Leo was caught off as Jumble came behind and grinds against him.

"Two to go," Jumble finished for Leo

It was Leo's turn to be caught in an embarrassing moment as he feels the spotted hyena's thick cock presses against him, and he watches as the brown hyena got on his knees licking his lips.

Leo gave a chuckle as he turns his head about and kisses Jumble firmly on the lips grinding against him as Nsunbu cleans the lions cock of cum.

After a little foreplay Jumble bends Leo over like he had Kuro, and slowly pushes his cock inside Leo making the lion moan out.

Leo's moan were muffled as Nsundu pushes his cock into his mouth as the two hyenas spit roast him.

Jumble grins as he watches his cock disappear into the lions rear, "bet you enjoy having my cock inside you" he said giving a sharp thrust into Leo's prostate making the male moan loudly.

"God his mouth feels good," Nsundu moans as he takes Leo's head into his hands and thrusts into the lions throat.

"nnnnnnggg not gonna last long here," Jumble moans out grinding his hips against Leo's

Nsundu groans out as well signalling that he too as nearing his peak.

After a good ten minutes both Hyenas let out deep moans as they cum into their respective holes. Leo gulps down spurt after spurt of cum while he feels his rear being filled with cum.

Once the two finished up they pull out and laid down next to Kuro who was still panting, "mmmmm you boys are something else," Leo said laying on his side panting smiling at the three.

"What do you say you come with me I won't mind your company, and there are some interesting perks to go along with it," Leo proposed.

The three look at each other smiling before nodding at Leo, "sure why not," Jumble said with a wink that made Leo get butterflies in his stomach.

"mmmmmm good welcome to the harerm," Leo grinned.


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