Taboo Fantasies Abound! M Machamp/Emboar/Terrakion X M Human

Story by The Bloody Seje on SoFurry

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#14 of Taboo Fantasies Abound

I'm stopping the rape! I'm too good at it!

It took me a fair moment to realize that the M/M/M/M rape was wining, okay!?

I was halfway done with the other one!

A Trainer's Comeuppance- During a battle, the mighty Terrakion sees the brutality of a trainer on his Pokemon and decides to teach him why Pokemon should _never _meet the hands of abuse...

To Franky's Fanboy- This is your candy. I hope you like waiting. |:P

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To thor94: Hmmm...If I ever get the time-or if Senior Seminar doesn't kick my ass-I may just look into your oviposition idea.

Requested by Franky's Fanboi-"A Trainer's Comeuppance"-M Machamp/Emboar/Terrakion X M Human(Rape, Blood, Rough Sex, Gangbang, Big Cocks involved!)

If I'd known that trainers were really going down hill with their Pokemon, I woulda asked Arceus to get rid of them...

This was Terrakion's thought as he stood almost bored by the wall of his chamber in Mistralton Cave. The trainer in front of him looked like the biggest snob he's ever seen; flashy cyan suit, black dress shoes, and smug look to "compliment" his long, blonde hair. Someone, somewhere, has failed as a parent.

Terrakion's unfortunate were a Machamp and an Emboar, both of which literally teetering between consciousness. They had tried their hardest to take them down, but their stats were literally their downfall.

"COME ON, YOU BIG, BURLY SIMPLETONS! HOW HARD IS IT TO HIT A PERFECTLY SCULPTURED TARGET!?" Oh yeah, and the brat was having a huge rant behind them. The Emboar simply snorted while Machamp looked dejected. On an order, they rushed Terrakion again, the Cavern Pokemon sighing his disappointment at their lack of speed. Pokemon should know never to use moves that drain your stats repetitively.

When their slow trot got them about halfway, Terrakion yawned before using False Swipe. Just as expected, they both went down but not out. Their lack of proper training showed as Machamp's muscles flopped a bit against the cave floor. Poor thing looked like the results of someone who lived through the five stages of grief and went right back in.


So that explained it...Young, rich kids being spoiled by their money-choking parents with "over-the-top" Pokemon and whatever gadgets they had. More yelling; apparently the young teen didn't like the sight of his two "ultra-powerful Pokemon" down on the ground like limp flesh pockets...It sickened Terrakion for the last time...The time for waiting on humankind to right themselves is long gone...

If you want change, then you make it happen...

So as the human came up to his fallen Pokemon, Terrakion finally spoke to him.

_"Don't come anywhere closer." _As expected, the human jumped out of fright. Never had a run-in with a Psychic-type Pokemon to know about telepathy; probably to keep some sort of status within himself.

"W-who said that!?" the human asked in blatant ignorance, looking around as if there was a higher power speaking to him. Technically, the Cavern Pokemon was a higher power, but he wasn't in the mood for jokes...

_"I did..." _To enforce this notion, Terrakion stomped the cave floor, causing what felt like a Magnitude 1 and rattling the human. Said boy made eye contact, before promptly fixing his hair and brushing himself off. That smirk...Terrakion was gonna wipe that off like an unwanted bodily fluid...

"Ah...I see...Well then, since you to speak, we can settle this like gentlemen."

You have a LOT of nerve, human! _The Cavern Pokemon inwardly fought the urge to just run the human through with a Sacred Sword as he replied, _"You would know well to respect me, human..."

A scoff that echoed through the barely vacant chamber emanated from the boy. "I'm not gonna bow down on my knees for you."

"I didn't ask for worship; I asked for respect. I'm not some common animal you walk over..."

"Why would I respect a mindless creature?"

_"..." _Terrakion began to growl at the comment, making the boy in front of smirk some more.

Of all of my years of being a Pokemon, I've never wanted to sin this bad and want to just straight kill-!

But, a thought-one that crosses the Legendary Swords of Justice member's mind every once in a while. With it came a close examination of the human. He was lithe, but sported a fit stomach-whatever was being pressed against that undershirt. And his dress pants looked tight even to constrict a sheath, making his hips more defined...almost feminine...

The boy had took Terrakion's silence as his cue to simply leave and went to pick up his dropped Trainer Belt behind him. As he went, he didn't realize that the Pokemon he had been battling was checking him out almost creepily...But he paid the prickly feeling no heed as he bent over to grab the utility belt.

Terrakion couldn't believe the sight he was given. Such a supple and firm ass should not be kept confined in clothing that tight...No...It needs freedom...A stir in his loins made the choice for him; he'll have to punish the human a _different _way~...

"I'll be back with better Pokemon." The voice of the effeminate boy brought Terrakion out of his thoughts, prompting him to get to work with his plan. While the battle is technically not over since they didn't faint, the Cavern Pokemon quickly used Mean Look on both Machamp and Emboar, preventing their returns as the beams dissipated. The trainer was not happy.

"Hey, I said tomorrow, not now you dumb Pokemon!" His snarky attitude will be dealt with in due time but for now...Terrakion decided it was time for some peace and quiet. Slowly, he crept to the human, expression unreadable. His posture was concerning, so the human began to back away. There's not enough space for him to go, and Terrakion cut him off from the exit, so when the human bumped against the cave wall he knew he was fucked...

If only he knew just how much he was.

_"Bad choice..." _Before the human could see why, he was quickly pounced upon by the Cavern Pokemon, knocking him out with a bound that sent his head to the wall...

Head throbbing like a drum in a solo, the trainer woke up, seeing that the area he was in was dark. Groaning from the sudden rush of blood through his systems, he looked to see he was actually bound where he lay, even with his own sturdy clothing. His poor, stretched out suit was nearly tearing at the seams, half a business card was sticking out the breast pocket, it reading,

|Anytime You Want A Battle From A Professional Like Me, Just Call!|

|Rick Sorenstein|

The human, or rather Rick, was not feeling so professional. He noticed his boxers torn a little ways away from the apparent stone slab he was bound to. If Rick was in his right mind, he could assume this was a...bed...

_"Good...You're awake..." _Terrakion came through a hole in the wall Rick had not seen before. Seeing the Pokemon while he this state made him blush in embarrassment and anger.

"Release me! My dad will wonder where I am and-." As soon as Terrakion started laughing, he knew whatever bluff he could try wouldn't work.

_"Silly silly Rick...I've been watching you for some time...Your father doesn't care about where you are..." _Terrakion hit the nail on the head. His dad, once his mom left to go find freedom, become the typical abomination common with every divorced man. Except...instead of child abuse like beatings and punishments for no reason, he did...something else...with Rick.


"'Well then' nothing. "Daddy" is not coming, and I feel that you need some *real * punishment..."

Terrakion went quiet, content with just staring at the nude teen in front of him. Terrakion couldn't help but feel a bit of a stir down there in his sheath...

_Damn... _As he continued to drink the sight in, his member hardened, poking out of its furry prison. It looked ready to flare out as Rick squirmed in his uncomfortable position. The Cavern Pokemon shivered as naughty thoughts filled his stoic mind. He may seemed naked now, but in Terrakion's head he was nice and...white~...

Rick smelled what could be described as someone who hasn't met the wondrous touches of an afterglow in years. That thought held true; the last time Terrakion even came was for a little favor for Virizion... It flooded his nostrils with every tenth of a minute, clouding his mind with lust-NO! Rick shook his head. This was not the time to get hard over an animal's scent...

But he couldn't deny how much it just dwarfed normal oxygen as Terrakion reached full-mast. A whopping 13" tan-colored girth with a medial ring about halfway down. It was just a tidbit denser than his arm, but it'd still be enough to break someone...And Rick was hoping that someone wasn't him.

As if he knew what the boy was thinking, Terrakion smirked and stroked the member, making it jump to his stomach and hitting himself with a loud smack.

_'That could cripple me...' _Rick thought, gawking at how Terrakion's malehood twitched with every deep heartbeat.

"Sadly, no..." _Terrakion's voice threw Rick out of his thoughts as quick as he got in them. _"Just as much as I want to just simply use it now, I'd rather not be jeopardized of my code for killing someone-no less, a human-by fucking them. Instead, that's *their * job."

Terrakion nudged his head to the side before two figures entered the bed chamber...revealing to be Machamp and Emboar. Rick was so happy to see them, he woulda whooped. _Would have _being better to use; their looks were not what Rick could consider normal...

"Guys...?" Rick called, trying to see if they were in their right mind...He got no response from either.

_"Tsk tsk...You should well by now they're out of your control...And under someone else's...Boys, show him your goods~..." _Almost instantly, the Mega Fire Pig and Superpower Pokemon started rubbing their crotch areas, Rick just now noticing that Machamp wasn't clad in his speedo and his nutsack was dangling like a pair of baseballs in a floating bag. They both groaned, resorting to stroking since their members were on high alert for what they had been programmed to do.

Rick was _not _amused. "What did you do to them!?"

"Simple-", _Terrakion repsonded, _"-I'm giving them what you owe them. Believe me when I say this, but you humans go on with this thought process that us Pokemon just have to battle for you, get hurt for you, dress up for you and be your "mindless pets" without some form of payment...Well congratulations Rick...You're gonna be the first to see that...~"

Machamp and Emboar were both fully erect, the former a long 10" while the latter was an inch shorter but fatter going to the base. Rick felt a rush of fear course through his systems, and he began to struggle against his bonds. Seeing this made Terrakion growl in lust, sounding predatory in Rick's ears to make him stop.

_"There will be no stopping this from happening human...So you might as well resign to your fate...Who knows? Maybe you'll like it...I know I will~..." _Terrakion licked his chops sultrily before nodding his head in Rick's direction, an unspoken command in the other two Pokemon as they walked up to Rick.

Machamp, unlike the unruly Emboar, had a heart feeling about Rick and went for his mouth instead of his ass. Emboar didn't really care; finally, he was gonna get a piece of this cruel tease of a human.

_"Have fun boys~..." _Terrakion had a seat near the bed, haunches spread so he could watch the scene and keep himself hard throughout what he had planned...Machamp loosened the bonds around Rick's arms a bit, not enough for him to struggle out of but just enough to move his upper body up. His member looked like a torpedo up close and Rick shut his mouth.

This was caught by Emboar, who simple lifted his legs up so they'd bend at the knee before he found the human's rosebud. Smearing whatever pre-cum that hadn't evaporated yet due to his body heat onto his member, the Mega Fire Pig started pushing into Rick. The pain was scorching, making Rick scream in pain before he was silenced-or rather muffled-by Machamp.

Both Pokemon were in bliss of how tight their trainer was, even as he screamed his sorrow below them. Machamp felt a little heartbroken for doing this, but he couldn't withhold his urges anymore when he's already at this point. He groaned as Rick's wails were stimulating his member to leak warm pre down his throat. Wanting more, he started thrusting, bulging out the human's esophagus.

Emboar was just feeling relieved. All these years of being passed around like some whore in a strip club and he was finally getting some. Too bad it was a guy to do it; he'd prefer a nice, tight little labia as opposed to this. He'll take what he can get though, and this was furthered by his impatient pace that was stretching Rick to unbearable levels.

_"Don't tear him apart boys. I still want a turn of him~." _Terrakion warned from the sidelines, half-jerking his cock off to the scene before him. The two Pokemon nodded obediently and resumed their ministrations, except a tad bit gently. Not like it made a difference; the damage had been done already and Rick's throat couldn't feel anymore torn.

Machamp only thrust halfway in, wanting as much pleasure as he can get while not trying to completely hurt Rick. He could feel the groves of the human's teeth, but it only grazed and served as pleasure. Rick's throat only served as a realistic flesh light as it squeezed the Superpower Pokemon's tip. Machamp's back, however, was beginning to strain from being upright, so Machamp loomed over the human for comfort.

The Mega Fire Pig was having the time of his life rutting Rick's ass. Machamp's new vantage point let him see how eager the whole thing looked. He watched as Emboar's phallus plowed in and out with wet thrusts that splattered hot pre all over. The human's de-flowered rosebud sucked against the intruder, pulling along with it and providing more of a challenge for Emboar to thrust into, especially when he started brushing against a certain spot within Rick.

Several minutes later, said human was close to straight passing out from the pain. No doubt while Emboar was tearing him a new asshole, there was a little trail of ruby along that angry red porcine cock. Even now, he could feel his lips dry up and chap up, breaking with every thrust that Machamp delivered. He wish it could end...He really did...but there was something else to it...

"[Chuckling]_Seems someone's enjoying themselves~..." _Terrakion, and Rick by now, noticed the human's hard-on sticking in the air. It throbbed every time he was thrust into and smacked against Rick's belly wetly and lewdly. A sight to behold, considering the situation.

_'I can't believe my body's enjoying this...Fucking traitor...' _Emboar suddenly snorted smoke out of his nostrils, preventing normal oxygen for Rick for a split second before it all breezed away. Why it even happened became clear as Emboar was straight-drilling the trainer onto his cock, face contorted into a grimace one could describe as drunk.

"Seems one is finally finished..." _Terrakion was fully jerking himself off, convulsing here and there from how sensitive he was. _"Go on. Fill him up really nice~. Don't hold back either; I'll need a *lot * of lube~..."

No further prompting needed, Emboar slammed his fat cock as deep as it could go inside of Rick, making the human scream from the warning-less thrust. The feeling of lava-hot cum flooding his innards almost made him relax, but due to the rough treatment all it did was agitate his inner wounds. He winced as Emboar simply yanked his cock out, letting his ass flush out the fluids with little left over inside.

Machamp was still going, now forgetting about being subtle and gentle and just straight face-fucking Rick. It seemed he was showing just how much he loved his trainer...

Even if it meant making him hoarse.

"Stop!" _Whether fortunately or unfortunately for little Sorenstein, he wouldn't know as the order made the Superpower Pokemon stop mid-thrust. _"Now then, I want you to switch to where your partner was. I need as much lubrication as possible and yours may help."

With that, Machamp stepped back, letting his cock slip out of Rick's mouth with a flop. Rick coughed gravely, as he had almost lost his voice form all the screaming he did. When he saw Machamp move to his abused ass, he struggled to close his legs off.

"N-no! Don't you dare!" Rick yelled at Machamp, who didn't say anything on the outside, but inside felt like shit for doing this. He knew release would be inevitable, so it was only right to show him just how much he feels. With one set of arms, he kept Rick's legs still while the other set held onto his hips. Rick seethed and glared at his once loyal Pokemon who only looked back expressionless.

"Don' it..." he growled angrily. It looked as though Machamp listened, as he did not move for a solid minute...

"Ma Machamp." But all of that hope of avoiding being raped further was thrown out the window once Machamp thrust into him. Rick only grunted his discomfort at this entry; apparently, Emboar did a lot more than leave his hole gaping. Thanking Arceus above for not letting it hurt like hell, the human glared at the Pokemon currently fucking his ass open with the thinner yet longer cock. Said Machamp looked back down with unbridled lust and a hint of...something... That something became evident when Machamp suddenly shuddered and...

_Kissed _Rick.

A surprise, even by Rick's standards, he wasn't expecting, not even as Machamp somehow managed to get his thick tongue inside his mouth. The prehensile dental muscle slurped everywhere it could reach. Poor Rick didn't know whether to be disgusted or...slightly turned on.

Like clockwork, one of Machamp's hands went for his member, making him moan involuntarily. Terrakion smirked at this and told the Superpower Pokemon to keep that up. Needless to say, Rick couldn't really hold back his noises, nor could he try to play off his pleasured moans for grunts of pain.

Machamp synced both acts with a dexterity that can only come from someone ambidextrous; he jerked Rick off as fast as he could without discomfort and kept his pace in his ass going. He kissed along Rick's neck, leaving small nibbles here and there. He wanted Rick to like this as much as possible, so he was doing everything he knew from what his past partners have told him.

_"Come on Rick~...You know you love it~..." _Being a Legendary, Terrakion didn't have to worry about sudden orgasms. He could just keep holding it. Besides, he'd rather have a little excuse; Terrakion knows Arceus will find out one way or another...The human looked to be trying his damnest not to show how much he was liking the rough yet sensual fucking he was receiving, teeth bared and grinding a bit. The Cavern Pokemon knew what would be the best way to break that mental barrier Rick was placing in his head...

Some good, old-fashioned-

"Aww, Rick~! Don't be such a stick in the mud...~"

"Sh-shut up! Ngh~..." Rick yelled back, squirming around in his bonds. His member was leaking copious pre for his age, which was quickly smeared onto his shaft as Machamp refused to let up his ministrations.

_"Just stop fighting...I promise it'll feel good...~ And besides, you still have me left~." _Terrakion licked his lips as he witnessed Rick shudder for more than one reason: that fact the Cavern Pokemon just mentioned and that he was almost ready to blow his load all over himself. But Machamp beat him to the punch. The four-armed mass of muscle used both hands to grip Rick's hips before slamming their hips together one more time before he could feel the rush of one's climax entering his body like a wave, adding more to the mess already inside. This also prompted his own climax out of nowhere, jizzing all over himself and getting very little on the Pokemon above him.

Machamp panted heavily; it felt like he dumped a whole half a year's worth of seed into his trainer and it left him drained. He looked down, seeing that his trainer looked flustered and smiled. His lower right arm stroked the tired human's hair, damp from how hot he was, while his lower left arm caressed his nipples. All it served was getting his member semi-flaccid.

_"Alright, that's enough mushy stuff. It's my turn~..." _If Rick actually knew his Machamp, he'd know that the look he was getting was one of apprehension and longing.

"Machamp...Champ..." Still unable to understand Poke-Speech, Rick didn't know what he was talking about. But he did get a subtle hint as Machamp kissed him one more time before pulling out. He wasn't given the luxury of walking at his own pace as Terrakion came over and shoved him out of the way. His flared member looked ready to find its new home, but Terrakion simply stood above him...staring...

_"Turn him around." _Terrakion could finally see the flaw in having Rick bound in Missionary: he wouldn't be able to rut him correctly. So just like while he was unconscious, Machamp fiddled with the bonds to loosen them to turn Rick around. Still trying to catch his breath, the human didn't protest as he was put on his elbows and knees, presenting himself to the two Pokemon behind him.

_"Any final words before your ass is mine, human?" _Terrakion asked, eagerly mounting Rick and wrapping his forepaws around his torso. His member expertly positioned itself at the gaping tunnel that was Rick's once-upon-a-time sacred place.

"...[Mumbling]..." Even with his enhanced hearing Terrakion couldn't make out what he muttered.

_"Sorry, can't hear ya. Care to be a bit louder...~?" _He applied pressure to the entrance, a non-verbal command at its finest.

"...fuck you..." Rick cursed, glaring daggers at Terrakion.

Terrakion merely chuckled; all humans were the same. The tough guy act was a common one with those who won't concede, but Terrakion was patient. He'll get what he want...He always does...

_"Silly human...Fuck you!" _With a simple push, Terrakion inserted his girth into the warm and abused confines of Rick's ass. The latter screamed again, mostly in surprise than pain as he felt a bulge in his midsection.

Terrakion shuddered above him, putting more of his weight onto the human. _"Ahhh~...S-so warm~..." _Just to keep it up, he began to thrust wildly into the poor trainer, making him grunt with discomfort. The tip of the monstrous length was brushing past his left elbow with every rut he received. Their hips met with smacks that filled the chamber quickly, balls meeting together in a rather erratic tango that redden Rick's cheeks with every slam.

Terrakion felt like years' worth of relief was being let out inside the human's rectum. No words could describe how much pleasure he felt at once; from the suctioning of the somewhat tight asshole he was fucking to the rather sadistic feeling of his hips smacking against Rick or the warmth of his innards, he couldn't really call favorites.

Rick couldn't keep quiet, especially with how rough the Pokemon was rutting him. A soft moan here and there graced the outside world as the width of such an organ stimulated his prostate to no end. No doubt if this was over he'd be sore on the way out...

Rick didn't know when or how, but someway he woke up from something, feeling his body push forward and pull back in a rhythm. He groggily blinked in and out of focus, seeing the red and brown outline of Emboar slumbering by the cave wall. Machamp wasn't that far from him, hand on his member as if he was masturbating. A sudden push forward jarred his vision, making everything become clear to view. The sight of stone-brown forelegs wrapped around him made him look up to see Terrakion was still going at him.

_"Wakey...w-wakey, sleeping beauty...~" _Terrakion moaned, feeling a rising pressure in his loins. A half-hour of rutting someone while they were asleep does that to you.

"W-what...?" Still somewhat tired, Rick could only lay there and take the huge member in his ass over and over as its owner was ready to fire at will.

_"I'm gonna b-blow...~" _To further this, he sped up, almost a blur with their hips as they slammed together and sloshed long-ago squirted pre-cum onto the cave floor. A few shudders overtook his body as he did so.

"N-no...Don't cum in me..." Rick struggled to get himself free, but it was all futile as Terrakion grabbed him with his forelegs and brought his weight crashing down on the sleep-drunken human. The Cavern Pokemon thrust into him a few more times before the last one sent him as deep as it could go, making the abdominal bulge a bit more prominent."F

The feeling of cum jetting out of his cock, almost made Terrakion pass out, but he held sturdy. He had a rep to keep and he wouldn't lose it filling up a human with his essence. His dick was wide enough to plug his hole shut, so nothing came out as he shot.

Almost four minutes later, his orgasm tapered out, leaving him in an afterglow he wants to experience everyday. Rick on the other hand felt like he was being burned from the inside-out. The sperm that slushed around in his stomach as he breathed made heat radiate almost uncomfortably through his systems. Not to mention he looked like someone 6-months pregnant with twins.

_"T-that was fun." _Rick couldn't believe the statement he just heard.

"Shut u-up..."

Terrakion scoffed. "You can drop the act, human. I know you enjoyed what I delivered. Besides, I'm not the only one who let loose in here...~"

Not sure what he meant, Rick looked down to keep his neck from straining, only to see that his thighs were dripping with cum... _his _cum. His body was always such a traitor.

"Now listen here...I'm not doing this because I like you; believe me when I say this, but I almost wanted to run you through with my horns." _That statement alone kept all of his attention on the Pokemon still balls-deep in his cum-filled asshole. _"From now on, I'm keeping watch over you...To make sure you don't abuse Pokemon ever again...especially with how you basically cock-blocked your own...If a Pokemon wants you, you better peel your clothes off without question. If you reject your Pokemon, or any of them for that matter, I will see to it personally that mighty Arceus above casts her Judgment on you! Understand?"

An ultimatum...Rick was bad at ultimatums, this one no better. Either become a Pokephiliac whore for any Pokemon to use as they please or face a god that he wasn't even sure existed...

_"I'll let you think about it on your own..." _Rick suddenly had an empty feeling in his body and the feeling of what felt like a bucketful of cum gushed out his puffy rosebud. He looked to see Terrakion turn into red data before being sucked into a spare Great Ball Rick had on his person...

It was an instant capture...

Great...Looks like he's not getting out of this one in one piece...

There. Done. Finally.

I'm stopping the rape for a while. Got a problem? Take it with my hell of a senior school year.


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