Sometimes Dinner Bites Too

Story by TheSarcasticBandit on SoFurry

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Werewolves get horny too. Marked work in progress until my publisher reads it. (Muah!)

Jesse cleaned up his apartment, showered, and was ready to start cooking dinner though he felt kinda nervous. Sure it wasn't a date date, but Alex was cute. She was nice. The kind of girl he imagined himself being with in another life. He had almost called and cancelled a dozen times, but he kept telling himself they'd haven't even been going out a month and any connection he felt couldn't be real. Sure they may have gone out three times and everything seemed real, but that was his plan, right? Jesse couldn't cancel, it had to be Alex. Otherwise it'd be someone else and he wasn't sure about someone else. Someone else might have friends or family that care about them, but Alex? Alex was a drifter. He could practically smell it on her.

When the buzzer rang it cleared Jesse's thoughts for him, he could smell Alex's perfume and buzzed her up. Then quickly started frying the potatoes he'd prepared and searing the steaks. The door opening was his cue. "Oh, Alex. Aren't you a little early?"

"Yeah, like five minutes." She put down her purse by the door and crossed the room to give him a peck on the cheek and a light push. "Either way I was going to find you cooking right? You show me your feminine side... nice touch with the apron by the way." Alex playfully pulled at the bottom of his apron emblazoned with 'Careful, the Chef Bites' (which Jesse actually liked). "Then I let you in my pants?" She whispered in his ear and while she lifted the apron her other hand slowly climbed his leg. "Corny." She dropped it and walked away giggling. Jesse laughed too, though a bit nervously. Usually he didn't get her no nonsense flavor of nonsense, but tonight it seemed different. Or maybe he was over thinking it, he had been sort of pent up lately. "That smells so good."

"Fried potatoes Italian style and steak, which reminds me, how do you like it?" Looking at the pan he wanted to scarf down the contents while it was still mostly raw in the middle. The hunger was starting early. He put his cut on his plate.

"Rare." When the food was done Jesse carried the food, wine, and glasses to his living room and began setting up the coffee table. "We're eating in here?" Alex cocked an eyebrow at him.

"Yeah, it's nice. Warm. Intimate. Why not?" Alex smiled at this and shook her head.

Jesse tried his best not to wolf down his food and failed miserably, which left him staring at her as she cut, chewed and swallowed at an increasingly agonizing pace. "Still hungry?" She said before her lips closed around a cut of dripping nearly red meat.

"Oh. No, just uh..." Jesse's heart beat felt hard in his chest.

"Good, cuz I wasn't gonna offer you any." She laughed a little.

"Excuse me, I'm gonna..." Jesse faltered a little as he walked to the bathroom. He didn't seem to notice Alex voicing her concern. He let out a huge sigh as he closed the bathroom door and took several large breaths. "Okay. Just a little longer." He splashed cool water on his face and carefully check his eyes in mirror, some things changed faster than others, but they were normal. Once Jesse regained his composure he sat back down on the couch to sip wine while Alex finished eating and they chatted about nothing in particular.

"It's getting kinda late..." Jesse was afraid Alex would try to leave, he was trying to make this as pleasant as possible and that would be difficult if he had to restrain her. "I don't know if I should be driving though. This was full..." She said, holding up the bottle that used to contain wine upside down.

"Well, you could sleep it off here if you like. Take my bed, I'll crash out here." Jesse was happy, if this is where the day ended it'd be near perfect.

"You're crazy. It's too early to sleep." Alex looked at him with a sort of primal desire in her eyes as she crawled up to his eye level. "Besides, you were pretty cute while you were pouring all the wine in my cup and now..." She kissed him in a way that let him know she was for real and that awoken some feelings that Jesse had been trying to ignore. He kissed her back, leading her tongue in a smooth, hot dance with his. Jesse, though small, lifted her and pinned her arms to the couch in a single move. He grinded against her through their clothes. Alex, not to be out done, sucked on his lip and bit it playfully. When Jesse's grip tightened until it almost hurt she did it again a little harder. Jesse licked his lips, tasted blood and was lost to the world. His eyes glazed over and his mouth went slack. He began to shake and drool, his teeth gnashing, but his grip never loosened. Alex could only stare on in mute horror as she heard the sounds of bones breaking and reshaping themselves and clothes being torn by the sheer mass of muscles that sprang from Jesse's body. The face of the man she was just making out with was no longer recognizable as a man at all. A deep and hideous growl had awoken her from her stupor.

"Jesse? Jesse, you're hurting me!" Alex saw not even a glimpse of remorse as the creature's claws dug into her arms. As moonlight filtered in through the window dark black fur sprouted from Jesse's pores and she realized what manner of beast was holding her captive. Of all the impossible things she was staring face to face with a werewolf and as the white film lifted from its yellow eyes it was staring back.

Hot saliva fell across one of her open wounds and she gasped at the new feeling like the heat had traveled through her blood to the rest of her body. The beast paused a second and sniffed the air, it lifted her effortlessly and its nose pushed forcefully against the source of the scent it found alluring, the crotch of Alex's jeans. Letting one of her arms free it slid a claw into her waistband and it snapped the canvas. "Stop it!" She bashed it across the head with her free hand and it dropped her. Alex got full view of the beast towering above her, it was massive, strong, pure animal and more frighteningly it was definitely still a male. What was perhaps the most frightening was the size and canine shape his arousal took on. She gasped when in the blink of an eye its powerful jaws stood poised to crush her neck. Then as adrenaline burst through her veins she felt very strange. Thunder rolled through her ears as her bones morphed nearly in an instant. She'd lost all sense of herself.

The beast that was no longer Jesse ripped the clothes off Alex's transforming body, uncaring that her perfect pale skin now bore many scratches. He hunched over to sniff and lap at her pussy lips while he pinned her convulsing body to the ground with one paw-like hand. Once content that Alex would make a hospitable mate he pulled her towards his drooling canine cock and because he couldn't very well mount her he began to use her as a cock sleeve. He growled with pleasure at the incredibly tight and hot pussy that engulfed his length. The beast was in ecstasy as new muscles burst forth from the body he held and she writhed about in his grasp.

As the haze left her eyes the body he held began to growl, and though she was a little smaller than him she was no weaker for it. In a flash she broke free of his grip and claws cut open his face and muzzle. With a roar he threw the smaller beast across the room, she yelped as she collided with the television shattering the screen and splintering the shelves around it. She began to shake it off, but a rough paw forced her face to the ground and she felt him mounting her. She turned and grabbed the offending arm, twisting it with a sickening pop. The larger beast jumped back with a yelp, then glared at her as his body healed itself. She got up and sensing his weakness attacked. She bit his shoulder and dug her claws deep into his body. He batted her away with his good arm, but she was relentless. Before long the two dark wolves were no longer trading blow for blow, and the female knew she would come out on top. As he landed a glancing blow she pulled him towards her and moved out of the way causing him to stumble over the coffee table and fall on Jesse's couch which collapsed feebly. By the time he tried to push himself from the ground she had her teeth in the back of his neck, biting just hard enough to make him bleed. He paused then tried to lift himself again, but she bit harder and he'd learned his place. She relinquished her grip.

With a whine Jesse turned over and bared his neck, pleading for forgiveness. Alex's paw pads met his throat and her claws dug into the tender muscles surrounding it. Her furry ass felt a light tap from his still hard cock. She positioned herself, then slammed herself down on the lupine cock taking everything but thee knot. She let loose a warm and comfortable groan. Jesse growled and she tightened her grip, cutting him off. Alex lifted herself and let herself fall back down on his erection, repeating the process at a rough and unsteady pace. She grunted a little each time the knot tried to force it's way inside her. Her femcum lubricating the red and veiny cock and his knot slowly stretched her lips. Alex made a noise halfway between a roar and a yelp when she finally took his full length and girth. Jesse whined below her and she felt spurt after spurt of his seed fill her, the knot trapping most of it inside her pussy. Unsatisfied with the beta wolf's performance she growled and raked her claws down his chest and he yipped, for this he received another scratch. She pulled herself off of his already waning erection then turned around putting her used and cum dripping lips in his face, he could smell his own musk as it slowly pooled on his neck. She nipped at his half hard knot.

Jesse lapped at his own salty cum wanting, needing to please her. Her hot breath and groans slowly making him hard again. She backed up a little, his muzzle poking into her hot and wanting cunt. He pulled her tail, bringing her closer so he could lick deeper inside her pussy and clean out the rest of his wolf cum. All at once her orgasm came crashing down on her. She arched her back and squirted on to Jesse's already messy face. He kept licking, her muscles tightening pushed more cum into his willing maw.

Alex sniffed at his renewed erection before licking up some of the semen and femcum on it, it tasted quite good to her. She licked up and down his sensitive cock, the feeling so intense he paused during his endeavours. When it was clean she nibbled at his sheath, some of the salty and sweet mixture trapped between it and his canine cock. Alex bit too hard when she came again, Jesse yelped and threw her off of him. The doorway from the kitchen to the living room knocked her out. He turned sideways and brought his head between his legs to assess the damage, he gently licked at the wound in his sheath. Eventually the feeling of pleasure outweighed the pain and he licked in long strides across his whole length, his pre dribbling down it. He put his muzzle around his knot, licking it and biting down until it was almost too painful. His cock tip was left wanting, so he licked and nibbled on it until he came in his own mouth, pulling back after the first spurt. The rest dribbled on to the mangled remains of his couch. He lapped this up too before curling up on the spot and falling asleep, satisfied.

Alex awoke startled and confused. She was completely naked and her head, among other things, hurt. She felt the bump on the back of her head. "Ow, fuck! What the hell happened last night?" She said to herself more than anyone as she sat up on the floor. Alex looked around at the destroyed living room. "Oh my God, oh my God..."

"Foreplay." She turned to see Jesse holding out a mug to her.

"What?" She flailed her arms uselessly.

"You asked what happened." She looked more confused still. "Hold on, let me get some chairs and I'll explain..."

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