Angy and Blacknight's first time.

Story by TheLagger on SoFurry

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"So, my handsome mate, let's do it."

Blacknight was speechless. Here he was, lied on his back with a beautiful she-wolf on him, rubbing his chest with her front paw. Angy was way out of his league, at least it's what he thought the first time he met her. And now, here she was willing to mate with him. If this was a dream, then it was the most amazing dream he ever had.

Angy began to lick his neck. She couldn't believe her luck. Before that night, she was certain that no male wolf in the world would love her for who she is, and not what her body looked like. Sure, she knew she was the most pretty girl in all the country she traveled in with her friend Lyne. It often brought trouble to her with some too eager male, but thanks to her friend, she was still a virgin. But Blacknight was different. He was mysterious, strong, handsome and was smarter than any wolf she encountered before. He was just the perfect wolf. And here he was, pinned under her, wanting to make her his mate for life. It was her luck, and she couldn't afford to miss it.

Blacknight put softly his front paws on Angy's back, and then slowly rolled around with her. Now that she was under him, he could properly explore Angy's body under all its curves. Angy smiled to him with her gorgeous little muzzle, making Blacknight blush and pant a bit as he smiled back to her with a silly lovely grin. Then he began to lick her neck and nip it a bit, earning some moan from the female. Slowly he came down her beautiful body, licking everything that came into his tongue's way. He reached her nipples and began nipping softly on each of them, Angy moaning loud as each of her tiny sensitive nursing breasts were stroked in a way she never experienced before. As Blacknight finally reached Angy's pussy, he paused there and looked at her pink pussy lips. They were damp, glistening in the soft moonlight coming from the hole in the roof of the cave. The male looked up and his glance crossed Angy's blue eyes.

Angy was drowning in great feelings. Blacknight was so lovely, he licked every place that made her feel good. But he stopped before reaching her private place between her hind paws. She looked down at him and saw him look up at her. He was asking for her permission! Angy was suddenly all excited. Blacknight was such a gentlewolf. She was sure now, he is the wolf she wants as her mate. She smiled to him and nodded to him, giving him permission, her tail wagging on the ground under Blacknight's body.

With her permission, Blacknight slowly lowered his muzzle to her wet pussy lips and breathed in her scent. Angy's pussy smelt of wild and female scent. It was something Blacknight never smelt before. It was strong and attracting, an aroma that quickly made him dizzy. But Angy's whine quickly brought Blacknight to reality, and he took another quick whiff of her wonderful scent before slowly extending his tongue and licking her needy vagina. Never he tasted something like her juices before. His tongue slowly slid on Angy's pink lips, her juices sticking on his tongue before he drew it back into his mouth. Her fluid was so wonderful on his tongue, so hot in his mouth. Angy's pussy let out another little wave of juice out, drenching her pussy again.

Angy never felt anything that good before. She licked herself before, but that never felt that good. Blacknight's rough tongue slowly slide on her sensitive pussy, slurping her juices away. Angy couldn't suppress the loud moan that escaped her mouth. Never any male before gave her such attention. All the males she dealt with in the past only wanted to jump her and brag about the fact they had a good fuck. Blacknight wasn't like them. He wanted to pleasure her. He wanted to love her in any way he could. He wasn't fucking her for his own pleasure, but for both of their pleasure. As Blacknight's tongue got away from her tender and sensitive lips, another wave of her juice damped her pink pussy. Angy could feel it slowly flowing out of her. She whined, feeling dirty and wanting to lick herself. As she was making a move to get up, Blacknight stopped her by licking her wet pussy lips again with a little more force. This time, Angy moaned louder, feeling her clitoris being tickled by her lover's tongue. Blacknight was the best. He was pleasuring her like she never been pleasured. She couldn't wait anymore. She had to fuck him. She had to feel him inside her, filling her whole pussy with his wolfcock.

As Blacknight licked Angy's pussy a second time, the female moaned loudly, indicating him he was doing well. But as he began to move his tongue over her little clitoris, Angy suddenly evaded from his grip and got up clumsily, her paws barely keeping her standing. He watched her do some step before dropping her front half to the ground and lifting her tail to the side, giving Blacknight a perfect view of her dripping pussy. Angy then turned her head toward Blacknight and whined, needy.

"P-please B-Blacknight... M-mate me." She whimpered.

The male approached her slowly and licked her butt cheeks. Then he moved forward on her raised hindquarters and lowered his head to hers, licking the top of her head with tenderness. Angy purred at his affection. Then, she looked under her between her paws and saw Blacknight's growing member swinging just behind her butt. She whined at the view of the red organ, precum dripping from it onto the ground. She wanted this thing inside her. She needed it.

Blacknight put his muzzle into Angy's neck fur and breathed in her scent. She smelt so wild, so female... It was driving him crazy. The female looked so fragile under him, yet very beautiful and wild. She was like a delicate wild flower. And he was here to deflower her and give her his love. Slowly, he moved himself behind her so that when he'll mate with her, she won't support all the weight of his body. His cock was slowly coming out of his black furred sheath, precum dripping from it. Blacknight positioned the tip in front of Angy's pussy. Some precum dripped from it onto Angy's wet vagina. Angy shuddered and whined slightly with the feeling of the slimy gooey landing onto her damp lips. The female looked at Blacknight. Blacknight looked her back straight in the eyes, and he knew then she was ready. With slow movement, he put his right front paw on Angy's right hip and began to probe her pussy with his cock. When he was sure it was aimed at her entrance, Blacknight began to push his hard dick inside of her hot pussy. Angy turned her head to look in front of her and began to moan with the new pleasurable feeling into her crotch.

When the head of his cock was fully into Angy, Blacknight paused. She was really tight! He wasn't even a quarter inside her that she was already tightening around his length. Well, to say the least, he assumed she was really tight. He never thought that he was also very huge in some place in his body. Angy was moaning under him.

"Oooh... That feels so odd... but... so good too. Please Blacknight, please, give me more." She moaned out.

Blacknight obeyed and resumed his entrance. Slowly, his cock entered inch by inch into Angy, until a barrier stopped its way.

"Angy... If you want to stop, it's now." Blacknight huffed.

Angy's pussy was milking his cock already, his precum mixing with her juices, massaging his organ softly.

"Aah! Please Black... I love you... Do it. I want you Blacknight. Aahh..." Angy moaned, her eyes closed as she was focusing on the pleasure his cock was giving her.

Blacknight grunted in response and slowly withdrew his cock back.

"So, I'll go straight to it. Get ready my love." He said.

Then, he suddenly pushed forward with strength. His tip ripped through Angy's hymen, and quickly went deeper into her until it tickled her cervix, the last barrier to her womb. Angy gasped and moaned loudly, and Blacknight groaned as her vagina tightened more onto his dick. Blacknight couldn't believe it. His tip was snuggled on Angy's cervix, and yet there was still some inch of his cock outside of her pussy. Just now he noticed how much bigger he was compared to another male. If he wanted to knot Angy, he'll have to make his dick enter into her very womb. It was an experience very painful for both male and female, his mother already told her about such thing. Just now, he didn't know what he should do. But Angy gave him the answer.

"Oooh fuck Blacknight!*gasp* You're so deep!!*pant* Fuck me Blacknight, please!!" She pleaded.

Blacknight slowly withdrew his dick. There was a faint smell of blood in the air, exciting Blacknight's nostrils. As he brought his dick out of Angy's pussy, Angy moved a little, trying to hump his huge cock by herself. She couldn't believe what she was doing. Her body reacted on its own. She wanted to fuck Blacknight, she wanted his cock back where it would be useful. The feeling of something thick, hot and pulsing inside her vagina was driving her crazy.

Blacknight just watched Angy as she moved on his cock. She really wanted it. As he wasn't a male who liked to make a lady wait, Blacknight obliged and thrust forward with strength. He was once more taken aback by Angy's tightness. Her vagina was spasming around him, sending great signal into his spine. As his tip snuggled again on Angy's cervix, a thick drop of precum oozed out and flowed into the little entrance of her womb. Angy became dizzy. Her head was spinning around, clouded by pleasure. For the first time in her life, some precum penetrated her very womb. The inside of her womb was very sensitive, tingling at the feeling of the thick and hot liquid moving inside it. Angy suddenly became very hot inside. She suddenly needed to extinguish this burning feeling inside her body. She caught an outburst of energy and she cried:

"God!! Blacknight please fuck me hard!!"

She didn't even know she could say such words. But as Blacknight drew his cock out again, she didn't cared anymore about what she said. As long as he fucked her, she had nothing to reproach herself.

Blacknight took a good pace and began to thrust in and out of his lover. The feeling of her vagina massaging his penis was like nothing he experienced before. It was very soft and hot inside her. Angy was in heaven under him. Each time he thrust inside of her, her eyes went into the back of her head due to the immense pleasure it was giving her. Her claws where gripping the ground beneath her, trying to keep her in place while Blacknight pushed his way inside her. The male slowly began to pick up pace, his tip beginning to dig into her sensitive cervix. Inch by inch, his tip penetrated into Angy's womb, sending precum inside it. Angy shuddered and moaned loudly beneath him. She could feel every inch he buried inside her. His cock was rubbing every place that made her squeal in pure ecstasy. Soon, she was pushed to a powerful orgasm as the head of Blacknight's cock finally popped into her womb. Angy howled as her orgasm shook her body violently. Her vagina tightened again around Blacknight's cock and milked it with force. Blacknight growled out with the feeling of her tightening around him like that, and his breeding mind woke up. He caught Angy's scruff into his maw and began pounding into her hard and deep. His knot was beginning to form at the base of his organ, bumping hard on Angy's pussy lips.

"God Angy *pant* You're so *gasp pant* So tight!!" He groaned.

Angy gasped and looked under herself. She saw her belly from her vantage point, and what she saw shocked her. Through her belly, she could see the shape of Blacknight's penis move inside her. He was so big that he distanded her tummy.

"Great Spirits!!*gasp* Blacknight!*pant moan* You're HUGE!!" Angy shouted.

Oddly, Blacknight didn't understood why his mother told him penetrating a cervix was painful. It was immensely pleasurable, in the contrary, and Angy didn't seem to be in pain. His growing knot began to part Angy's lips wider, slowly sinking inside her abused vagina. Blacknight knew he had to make it go inside her before it becomes too big. With determination, he pounded faster and harder inside Angy, making little progress with each thrust. The lubrication of Angy's first orgasm was very useful in such time.

With the hard pounding, Blacknight didn't noticed but he had pushed Angy forward on the ground inside the cave. Soon, Angy had her front paws against a wall. In an attempt to help Blacknight to bring his huge knot inside her, she put her front paws on the wall and pushed herself back against him. It was effective as more of the big bulb entered inside her this time. By now, Angy's womb was slowly filled with Blacknight's hot precum. She couldn't believe how Blacknight had reached her womb like that. He was really huge for a wolf. As he was nearing his orgasm, Blacknight suddenly let go of Angy's scruff and instead he bite into her shoulder, letting a visible mark into it. Some blood flowed into his mouth, enticing him further in the mating. Angy groaned and moaned louder as her lover marked her as his.

"Yes Black!! Claim me!!" She shouted in ecstasy.

Suddenly, a loud popping sound was heard in the whole cave. Finally, Blacknight's knot had fully slipped inside Angy's tight vagina. Angy orgasmed right away, yelling and howling in delight as the huge meatball grew inside of her. But the most unbelievable pleasure came from her womb. Blacknight's tip was nudged on the back wall of her womb, tickling it. It quickly drove the male over the edge, and he howled loudly as his orgasm exploded inside Angy. A furious torrent of hot seed splashed inside Angy's womb. The female orgasmed again a third time, the feeling of being filled up with warm semen pushing all the right buttons at the same time. Both lovers saw stars. They never felt something like that in their whole life before. It was too painfully pleasurable.

Blacknight's balls were pressed tight against Angy's clitoris. The female could feel them jump up and pump their content inside her very womb. Her belly was expanding quickly with each new wave of hot semen. Soon, her womb wasn't enough, and semen began to fill her vagina. Then, the pressure rising again and again, the knot couldn't held the seed anymore. The juices spurted out of Angy's overstretched vagina, coating Blacknight's balls, his hind paws and Angy's hind paws. A puddle of warm white juices quickly grew on the ground beneath the two lovers.

After some minutes, both wolves fell down on their side, exhausted. None of the two had the strength to stand anymore. Angy snuggled into Blacknight's warm and soft fur and fell into a deep slumber. She had a big happy smile on her face. Blacknight hugged her on his chest with his front paw. He loved that female more than anything. Angy was wonderful. He never felt so happy before in his whole young life. Blacknight now wanted to stay at her side his whole life. Exhaustion soon blinded his mind and he fell asleep, his paws wrapped around the little female to keep her warm and protect her.

In the morning, Angy slowly woke up from her deep slumber. Her eyes opened slowly. The first thing she saw was the beautiful lack that was inside the cave, shining in the light of the sun coming from the hole in the roof. Then, she felt someone's else breath near her muzzle. She slowly rose her head and something wet licked behind her ears. Then, someone she couldn't see began to nip playfully at her ears, and then to lick her neck and head with tenderness. After some minute of pleasurable licking and nipping, Angy finally turned her head and licked Blacknight's muzzle.

"Good morning, handsome." She said, battling her eyes at him.

Blacknight smiled widely and replied:

"Good morning, beautiful."

He licked her muzzle back, and Angy rubbed her head under his chin. She felt so happy with him. Her heart could explode of happiness right at that moment.

"I don't want this moment to end ever." She whispered.

"I don't want it either. I love you Angy." Blacknight said.

Angy drew her head backward and looked straight into his eyes.

"I love you Blacknight."

Blacknight kissed her deeply. Then he hugged her against his chest more.

After some more minute of silent hugging, listening to the forest waking up, Blacknight said:

"We should join the others now. I'm pretty sure your friend Lyne will be happy to know you're alright."

"Yeah, we should. But we should also clean up before, don't you think?" Angy said, feeling her backside sore and sticky.

"Yeah, we should. Come in the lack with me."

Both lovers stood up and walked slowly to the lack. They slipped in the hot water, the liquid washing their fur quickly. Soon, Angy's whole backside was presentable again, and Blacknight's crotch and hind paws were clean. After at least a quarter of hour inside the hot water, both lovers came out and shook their fur.

"I really love that place now. It's so peaceful." Angy said, closing her eyes and listening to the sound around them.

"Now that I have someone to share this place, I love it even more than before." Blacknight said, licking her cheek softly.

Angy opened her eyes and blushed, before turning her head and kissing Blacknight. In their joined maw, their tongue danced with each other, tasting the saliva of the other. When they parted away, a trail of saliva formed between their mouth before it fell on the ground. Both wolves looked at each other intently, their mouth open and their tongue lolling out. There was still some sexual tension between them. Suddenly, Angy moved first and jumped on Blacknight. Totally unprepared for the impact, the male fell back on the ground, his back down and his paws in the air. When he opened his eyes, Angy kissed him deeply, her tongue exploring his mouth again. When she backed up, both lovers panted slightly from the kiss.

"I love you Blacknight. I want to stay with you forever." Angy said.

"I want it too Angy. You are the most wonderful wolf I ever met. Please, stay with me. Join my pack and let's live together." Blacknight said desperately.

"I want it Black. I want to live with you. I love you." She said, cuddling her head under his chin and crying happily.

"I love you too Angy. I'll never stop to love you." He replied, hugging her tightly.

Since the last night, Angy deflated considerably. The cum that was inside her slowly flowed out in the night when Blacknight's knot softened enough to be pulled out. There was only a little bump in her belly remaining from her mating with Blacknight. Her pussy gaped a little and was still very sore, but that was still okay. The night had been very pleasurable.

After that, Angy lifted from Blacknight, licked his muzzle and went out of the cave to join her friend Lyne. Blacknight told her he would join her there. This day promised to be a great day.

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