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Well this is the last part of this story :3. Hope you like it!

Nathan belongs to me

Niko belongs to NikoKarro

Everything was all so blurry and confusing. What did these guys want with a low-life kitty-cat and a fluffy little doggy? Niko turned his head over slowly to see the familiar looking wolf chained up beside him, " is you," he remarked, recognising the shirt that he'd given him in an instant. "What.....are we doing here....?" he questioned slowly, looking back to the uncloaked figures. The leader of the group, a tall, rather gruff-looking tiger stepped forward, "You've been added to our....collection. We take in other intriguing animals for....certain uses." Nikola raised an eyebrow at the statement, but was honestly too fearful of the answer to his next question that he thought it better not to ask it. Turning his head, he took one more look at Nathan before the leader of the group approached Niko once more and attached a muzzle to his face, much like they'd done to the wolf.

The wolf looked worried to the kidnappers. He tried to talk but the muzzled transformed his words on muffled moans. He struggled softly against the chains but it just hurt him. "Seems like the wolf wants to play" the tiger chuckled archly, wagging his thin tail in the air. "What do you say, guys? Should we show them their new house?" he asked as he looked to his partners. Nathan tried to talk again but it was useless. "Don't worry puppy, we will take care of you two" he teased.

Nikola found that the muzzle was indeed restricted his ability to speak or interject as well, there was nothing he could really do but watch the others. "Let'ssssss give them the grand tour!" The lizard piped up, "then we will give them a tasssste of what they're in for," he suggested with a devious chuckle and turned to the husky by the side of him who nodded quickly in agreement, "I'll make sure all of the machinery and tools are fired up and ready," he said ominously, flashing Nathan a small wink hinting at what he was going to do to the both of them. The large dog approached the wolf and began to stroke the boy's chin a little, "Well, we've never had a wolf before," he grinned slyly, "they always seem to evade us," he explained, tying a rather tight rope around Nathan's throat, gesturing for his partner to do the same thing for Nikola, "I guess we should get this tour over with then..."

Nathan shook his head softly to avoid the dog's fingers. As he put the collar on him he blushed, feeling like a pet. He looked to the tiger, who was tying another collar around the cat's throat. "Hehe we've had some kitties here" he said with a little smile "But you're so cute, young one" he teased and scratched softly behind one of his ears. Then the tiger got up and looked to his friends "Alright guys, let's show them what they'll live here!" he exclaimed with a big smile on his face. Then he began to unlock the metallic stocks on the cat's paws.

"Feisty little thing, aren't we?" The husky remarked at Nathan's reaction, giving him a little pet behind the ear and a little tickle on his chin before freeing him from his restraints as well but keeping a tight grip on the rope and kicking the poor wolf to the floor. Nikola felt a lot more comfortable after his stocks had been opened but the lead around his neck was almost choking him, especially as he was abruptly forced to stand upright by the tiger who had bound him with it. The cat wiggled his toes inside of his boots as he was marched toward another door on the opposite side of the room, he husky handed the lead which he had attached to the wolf to the lizard who proceeded to shove him towards the door as well. "Now, our little toysssss, you're going to sssssee what we do to our petssss in thisss place, and what they desssserve," he explain creepily, making a rather eerie hissing sound behind the the cat and the wolf.

The lizard opened the door slowly. Nathan and Niko saw a terrible thing. Wolves, dogs, cats and other species were bound there. Their feet were red and wet with sweat, and they were panting so hard. "This is where our pets sleep" the tiger talked pointing the jails "But you both are our special guests so we have a better room for you" he explained with a smirk. Then they walked to another room. As they opened the door the two poor guys felt a chill over their spines. A lot of tables and chairs with restraints were there. Also some tables and shelves were full of some tools. "This is the fun room" the tiger explained "we have a lot of tools to play" he then lifted up an arm and grabbed something. Nathan whined at the sight of a fluffy feather on the big cat's hand. "Who is the first to try it?" he asked as he wiggled the feather on the air. Then the tiger approached to Niko and wiggled it over his neck and chest, teasing and brushing his soft fur.

Niko's immediate reaction was to gulp at the sight of the feather, how such a simple weapon had been the downfall of many men, especially in this place, as it seemed...The cat couldn't believe his eyes, all of these poor creatures, other felines, canines, reptiles, even shark-men, were restrained to tables, driven insane by incessant tickling. Some of them even were currently at the mercy of machines equipped with brushes and fuzzy rollers, seemingly tickling some of the unfortunate slaves for days on end. "nnnnnhhh!" nnnnh!" Niko tried protesting, as if shouting 'no!' But the tiger had already committed to running the feather along his body to test him a little, causing him to uncomfortably shiver and flail about, but the tiger was well prepared and kept him still with his massive arms. The lizard approached Nathan and used his long, thin tongue to tease the wolf boy's ears and neck, "What a tassssty little wolfie," he commented, a little red hue crossing over his face as he did so. The reptile continued this for a while, as did the tiger with Niko who was groaning and struggling. The other animals in the cages watched in horror as they saw the two newly captured animals, they were moaning through their gags, some were even screaming, absolutely horrified to see more people being dragged into this dungeon.

Nathan blushed and wiggled his ears as the wet tongue touch them. Also he shook his head, giggling softly under the muzzle. "Seems like we have a pair of feisty guys!" the tiger exclaimed with a giggle he now moved the feather down the cat's legs. Then he grabbed one of his ankles and started to brush up and down the soft sole. Meanwhile Nathan kept giggling and struggling to avoid the tongue. "We need to escape!" he yelled on his mind, whimpering and shaking his head again.

Nikola's ears flicked and flinched a little as the tiger descended lower to get to his more sensitive areas, like his feet. The cat wasn't happy, a strong surge of anger ran through his body and he heavily stamped his booted foot down before the protective garment could be removed, then delivering a rather nasty punch to the tiger behind him and staggering him just long enough to get his mouth free from the muzzle, "I said, leave me alone," he threatened, making a peculiar clicking sound with his larynx, it sounded awfully like a hunting call, or a show of aggression. However, the little cat's upper hand was short lived as the lizard quickly pinned him down to the ground and hauled him back through the door, "Alright, you little piece of sssshit!" The reptile growled, shoving him rather viciously toward the wall and began to restrain him all over again, accompanied by screams and groans from the cat. The same was done with Nathan, the large tiger regained his composure and hauling him back inside of the room. The two animals had their arms restrained, their ankles tightly fastened together and Nikola was re-muzzled. The husky approached the tied-down cat and rather hastily unlaced his boots, tugging them off and gazing at his adorable feet, his toes wiggling about, "mmmmmpphhhh!" The cat protested loudly through his muzzle.

The dog knelt next to the helpless paws. "You guys were a bit bad with us!" he exclaimed wiggling his claws on the air "Time for a little punishment!" the husky scratched the soft soles, wiggling his claws up and down and dragging them across the arches "Seems like your feet are so sensitive" he said, increasing the speed of the tickles. After a few minutes he placed his nose between the cat's toes, giving them some sniffs "your feet smell good!... Let's see if they're tasty too," he teased and began to slide his rough tongue up and down across the left sole "Mmmm... so tasty," he moaned softly. Meanwhile, the young wolf looked scared to his partner, worried about what could they do to him as well. "Mmmmppphhh!" he tried to beg the husky to stop, but the muzzle didn't let him. The dog kept licking the left sole, and then he used one of his hands to scratch his right sole and tease the wiggling toes.

The sudden feeling of his soles being attacked was utterly unbearable, even more so from the fact that he couldn't speak or cry more than just "MMMPPPHHH!!!" Not only that, but he seemed to be in an incessant fit of giggling, looking like he was about to suffocate inside of his muzzle with the way he thrashed about. Everytime he tried to clench his toes, the husky simply pulled his toes apart again with very little effort. Now things were getting even more strange, feeling the dog's wet nose rub up against his toes, 'Get off! Arrête!" he wanted to cry out, but all he could manage was a muffled moan with violent thrashing about from his feet. The slobbery, slimy tongue was just horrible, the feeling of his feet being coated in the dog's saliva drove him nigh insane and the coarseness of the thing was enough to keep him in a mindless state of screaming laughter "HMMMMMPPHHHH!!!! NNNNNMMMMRRR!!!!" All the while his soles were being clawed and scrubbed....he couldn't take much more of this. The lizard took a look at Nathan, approaching him with a menacing glare, "I guesss we can't let your little friend have all the fun," he gave the wolf's ear a little nip with his fork-like tongue, almost affectionately before moving to the end and tugging the boy's shoes off as well, "what shal we usssse firssst, hm?" The reptile wondered intently to himself, reaching for a brush and instantly sweeping it across his right sole, viciously scraping and brushing up and down, as well as under his toes. As for the left one, he wrapped his tongue around the big toe, massaging it gently but dragging his sharp claws down the sole and almost expertly tormented it, using his long tongue to coat each and every toe in his saliva. "Thissss one hasss the tasssstiesssst feet, Dan," he told the husky who was currently tormenting the cat's paws, "You have to try them after yoursssss," he chuckled as he continued indulging in his work.

Nathan tried to scream in response of the tickles. The feeling of the soft brush teasing under his toes and tormenting his sole made the wolf struggle and and squirm against the metalic restraints. "MMMPHHPPMHHH" he protested when the wet tongue slipped against his big toe. "STOP RIGHT NOW, PLEASE" the wolf begged on his mind, suffering the scratch of his other foot. "Oh, really?" Dan asked as the took a moment to catch air from the licks "His feet are so soft and sweet" he chuckled, grinning at the cat. Then he took a pair of feathers, and wiggled them on the air "Now your feet are wet and sensitive from my saliva, this should tickle a bit more" and the husky began to scratch the cat's soles and heels with the quill of the feathers. Sliding up and down over the wet feet. "Also, Claw, could you take care of their upper bodies?" he asked looking at the tiger, who was smiling at the sight of the two helpless guys being tickled. The tiger nodded and walked between Nathan and Niko, wiggling his claws on the air. "NO NO PLEASE" Nathan begged again on his mind.

The extremely intimidating tiger was readily approaching Nathan was the hungriest look in his eyes, "Well, I think I want to hear this one scream in agony!" He chuckled ominously as he removed the little wolf's muzzle, "now you can tell us how this feels, little dog," he whispered in his ear with a deep, menacing voice. Then, he was ready for duty, beginning to run his claws along the exposed belly of the canine, digging those devious fingers into every patch of fur he could find, jabbing and prodding at the skin until it was red and sore underneath to truly torment the wolf. He moved to digging his claws into the wolf's pits, this time being a little more gentle to make it feel worse and more cruel, again prodding and jabbing at the soft skin. While doing this, he went to nibble on Nathan's pointy ears, giving them little bits and tugs with his teeth, "tell us how it feels, then, little dog!" He stole brief glances at Niko across from the wolf, already eyeing up his next victim who he'd torment in just a moment. The lizard was enjoying himself too much, having discarded the brushes and now nibbling on his toes while letting his long tongue dance and slither across his soles, using his claws to scratch at them, just to add the cherry on the cake, "yessss, my little pet, tell ussss! Admit that you are our little tickle ssssslavesssss." Steve, the lizard, was hastily shoving his hand down his pants, trying to relieve his throbbing cock as he tormented the two little slaves, everything about it was turning him on, the taste of the wolf's sweaty feet, and the muffled cries he was letting out, it was all filling him up too much. He jacked himself harder and harder, all the while making sure the wolf's feet were wet and being tickled wildly. Niko watched in fear as the wolf was tormented further by the tiger, luckily having been giving back the ability to speak and scream, something Niko wished he could do....if he could just cry out, some of this agony would go away. 'Why are these guys so obsessed with our feet?!" Niko howled inside his head, it simply came out as "MMMMMPPPPHHHHHHH!" While he also gave off muffled giggles, tears streaming from the poor kitty's eyes. Now that his feet were wet, he thought he was going to pass out. His toes wiggled wildly, making themselves look thousands of times more adorable in the process, his whole body was thrashing about wildly and he wasn't even being tortured like Nathan was yet.

When the muzzle was removed from his mouth the took a deep breath from the tickles. But then he screamed and howled of laughter as he sharp claws of the tiger wiggled over his belly "GAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" he laughed, struggling and squirming while his skin was tormented by the claws. Finally his body turned red, making it more sensitive. But the claws moved now on his pits, digging and dancing there and sending Nathan to a crazy laugh "I CAN'THAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH TAKE IT HAHAHAHAHA" he screamed again. The gentle tickles on his pits made it worse, making him feel scared about a stronger attack. Also the ear nibbling didn't help. His feet were red from the scratching, and feeling the tongue and mouth on them making him blush and feel embarrassed. Then Claw looked at Niko and walked behind him, leaving the wolf with tears rolling down his cheek and his feet teased by the lizard. "Don't think I forgot you, kitty" he teased on his ear "I want to hear you scream as well" he then removed the muzzle from his mouth like he did to Nathan. He placed his lips next to his left pit while wiggling his thin tail on the air next to the right pit. "Coochy coo!" the tiger exclaimed as he began to scratch his sides and chest, wiggling his claws over the soft skin of his. "You like this, right guys?" he asked to Dan and Steve. "A lot!" the husky answered, scratching under the toes and nibbling the tips of every toe. After a few minutes the tiger slid his rough tongue against Niko's pit, and tracing circles in the other with his tail. His claws dancing over the fur and skin and the quills tortured the poor Kitty. "P-PLEASEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA R-RELEASE US!" Nathan begged as he felt the saliva over his sensitive feet.

He had to take a second to move his mouth around, trying to stretch his jaw a little after the confinement it had been suffering, then realising that the tiger had moved on to torture him as well, "GAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! NON!!! NE CHATOUILLEZ PAS NOS PIEDS!!!" The little kitty screamed, pleading with the the husky and tiger as his feet were licked and scratched, his torso being subject to the tiger's ticklish onslaught now, "HEHEHHAHAHAHAH!!!! LAISSEZ MES PIEDS!!!!! PLEHEHEHEHEASE!!!!!" The tickling of his pits and his belly made him thrash about, desperately writhing from side to side. If it weren't for the restraints he'd have jolted up off the table, "OK! OKAHAHAHAHAY! JE SUIS VOTRE ESCLAVE CHATOUILLEUX!!!!!" He'd admit to being a slave now, but he sure as hell wasn't going to give them the satisfaction of doing it in English, he was kind of getting how to even do that now that he was being driven to the brink of insanity. "HAHAHHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAH!" He continued to loudly laugh and cry, his sensitive pits becoming sore from all the tickling and the coarse tongue of the tiger was pushing him further over the edge, he couldn't even feel his feet anymore. Everything was starting to go black and it wasn't long before the francophonic kitty soon passed out, tired and in pain. "Heh, that was fun while it lasted...would've been nice if he admitted that he loved it, right, guys?" The husky explained as he stood back up. "No matter," Steve said deviously, "we'll play with him when he wakesss up! You're going to sssstay here for the ressst of your life, little wolf!" The lizard hadn't finished yet, he was soon joined by the husky who took over licking one of his feet, dragging a long, slimy tongue across his toes, the lizard darting his own tongue across his other sole, constantly jacking himself inside his pants until he reached a rather messy climax, letting the cum squirt across the poor wolf's feet, "Fuck.....I haven't tickled a wolf like that in a very, very long time..." he said tiredly, letting the husky finish off his feet. The husky was content extracting every delicious drop of sweat from Nathan's feet, between his toes and everywhere else.

The wolf kept giggling for a long while, looking at his wet feet being licked and tickled. When he felt Steve's cum on his foot he blushed deep. "Don't think we forgot you, puppy" Claw said, holding a strange box, and placed it in front of the feet. Suddenly the three men get up and walked to the door. Two mysterious hands appeared from the box in front of the helpless feet, holding a pair of soft horse brushes "Thisssssss will clean up your dirty feet" explained the lizard "Sleep well if you can puppy, tomorrow will be another ticklish day" said Dan. After they closed the door, and left the two guys alone, the hands began to use the brushes to clean and tickle the wet feet. The saliva made them more ticklish, and Nathan began to howl and laugh all night, waiting for their release.



Nathan's phone rang that morning.The wolf ran and read the message "A party?" he thought, and left the phone on the table again. He wasn't sure if he should go to the party, and walked across his room. "Should I?" He asked to himself. After a few...

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