Hunter Vs Mindy Round 2

Hunter Vs Mindy Round 2 After his defeat at the hands of Mindy Hunter was reduced to nothing but a naked servant. Mindy made sure that any fur that grew back was removed as more prey would move into the forest so much that there was a food shortage...

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Hunter vs Mindy Round 1

Hunter the Wolf vs Mindy the Rabbit round 1 Throughout time the laws of nature was simple. Predators hunt prey however over the last weeks rumors have spread of a new prey in town that loves to turn tables on predators. The rumors started when a Fox...

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Hunter vs. Mindy Chapter 3 Battle of the Sexes

Hunter vs. Mindy Chapter 3 Battle of the Sexes Weeks after being defeated and captured again by Mindy the furless Hunter was rescued by his fellow wolves. Followed by a few more weeks of growing his fur back and to get the poor tamed wolf back on his...

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Super Hunter vs Mindy

In the basement was dozens of machines. "you see those will get to know each and every one of them." mindy said hooking him up to a table and strapping his arms and legs downs.

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Hunter Plays Strip Pokemon Part 3

Hunter Plays Strip Pokémon Part 3 Hunter stood there unable to cover himself totally naked in front of Mindy the rabbit who was still fully dressed. "Still two rounds to go cutie." Mindy said looking over Hunter loving what she is seeing. "I cannot...

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Hunter Plays Strip Pokemon Part 2

Hunter Plays Strip Pokemon Part 2 Hunter was already shocked that not only Mindy the Rabbit was able to beat two of his Pokemon even with him having the type advantage but she stripped them of their fur and are being teased mercilessly by the victor...

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Hunter plays Strip Pokemon

Hunter plays Strip Pokemon Hunter was wandering through the woods carrying his backpack which held his 6 Pokeballs. He just beat his fourth gym leader and was ready to head over to face another. He was the age of 20 and was an anthro wolf wearing a...

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The Machine

The machine is done. it spits out the part, grimy hands reach down and grasp the engineered art. the man, the inventor, walks across the room, to where another machine is being birthed in the gloom.

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The Machine

Men would give out after they ran out of cum, but the machine never would. this was the first time she'd tried the new machine, and it had lived up to its expectations, and then some.

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Janis and the Machine

Janis glanced at the reflection on the surface in front of her. She didn't suit make-up. She never had done. But that was irrelevant now. Money is more than just a cosmetic beauty so she was reduced to being dolled up like a whore for the sake of a...

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