A Small Gesture, A Big Change

Story by Jeeves on SoFurry

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When two scientists attempt to level the playing field of their relationship, things don't go quite as planned. Undaunted however, they make the most of the situation. For romance, yes, but also for science!

This story was written for Phenoixx as my Patreon Reward story for the month of August! It contains F/F romance, sex, and micro play between consenting adults. :3

A Small Gesture, A Big Change

"I know we've talked about this, a-and I know you've told me time and time again it's what you want. But... you know you don't have to do this, right? I love you, Chrissy. I love you for who you are. Your size, big or small, won't change that."

The leopard's cheeks flushed as she listened to her partner, gazing down with grateful admiration at the ten centimetre tall kangaroo standing upon the bench in their lab. It was amazing to think that it was almost five years they'd known one another. Five long years since Dr Amanda Collins had become a superstar in the scientific community, not to mention a celebrity all over the world, through her accidental discovery of a chemical formula capable of proportionally shrinking any object, inanimate or living, to a fraction of its former size. Five years since she had hired a promising younger scientist, one Christine Evans, to assist her in replicating the formula under more controlled conditions. And now over three and a half years since their professional relationship had become something far more involved and personal.

"I know that, Mandi. But, it's not just you I want to do this for. You know that. It's for me, too. I love you with all my heart and soul, and I do my very best to show you that every day we spend together. Just once though, just for one day, I don't want to hold you in the palm of my hand as I kiss you. I don't want to have to watch you hop up onto the bedside table and into your own little bed at night, so I don't accidentally roll over and bury you. I want to be able to stand up and be eye to eye with you. I want to walk hand in hand. I want to lie down and cuddle you. Not just to hold you in my arms, but for you to be able to hold me in yours at the same time."

Chrissy extended a single finger out towards the bench before her, and smiled as the kangaroo embraced it, squeezing the digit and planting a soft kiss upon the soft tip of the finger. For a short while the pair said nothing, simply enjoying their unique kind of cuddle as they thought about what was soon to happen and all that it might mean for their relationship. Even if, as the testing of their new formula seemed to indicate, the leopard would only remain in her shrunken state for a day, two at the most, before reverting, that would give them plenty of time together. Plenty of time to study Chrissy's change, and all that it would allow them to experience for the first time as a same-sized couple.

A few minutes later, they were ready to begin. Mandi couldn't help blushing as she watched Chrissy slip out of her uniform. Her black trousers, blouse and short white lab coat. Beneath the cotton fabric of the robe she herself was wearing, custom made for her like every garment in her wardrobe, the kangaroo could feel her stomach fluttering and her crotch tingling with excitement. She knew that this was about much more than sex. If nothing else, this breakthrough they'd made was one step closer to perhaps being able to reverse her own permanent shrunken state some day in the future. But... particularly now, staring up at the vast, beautiful form of the leopard's bare body, it was hard to remain objective. Hard to think about any of the things they'd discussed doing whilst similarly sized, other than hour upon hour of intimate, heated affection.

Looking up at the leopard in admiration and joyous anticipation as Chrissy carefully hopped up onto the surface of the work-bench, settling her rump against the smooth surface and wiggling herself slightly into a more comfortable position, Mandi approached her lover's closest thigh. The kangaroo placed a paw upon Chrissy's soft fur, and caressed it reassuringly as her mate picked up a small beaker full of liquid. Their latest variant of the formula. The outcome of more than six months of six day weeks and ten hour days in the lab. The substance which, according to their calculations, should replicate a stable but temporary size transformation for the first time since Amanda's initial and accidental breakthrough.

The leopard looked down at her tiny, beloved partner. She smiled, winked as she saw the blush radiating across Amanda's cheeks, and raised the beaker of fluid to her lips.

She swallowed its content in a single gulp, and swiftly placed the beaker back down upon the bench surface before any changes could commence. Amanda had told her what to expect; a not entirely unpleasant tingling all through her body, like delicate fingers brushing the back of her neck, and then the sort of rushing sensation one was probably most familiar with as a child upon a swing-set, or when an elevator lurched suddenly. Of course, there was no way of knowing for sure that would be the outcome. They'd tested this version of the formula as extensively as possible, but there was always an element of risk when it came to fringe science like this. That, however, was a risk they had both been willing to take since the very moment they began to work together. Indeed, it was probably the knowledge of the potentially dangerous matter with which they were working that had driven them to form such a close bond initially, and led to their coming together not only as great minds, but as a couple too.

Closing her eyes, Chrissy held hands with her lover. At least, she extended a finger of the hand closest to Amanda, and the tiny kangaroo wrapped the entirety of one of her own hands around its tip. She breathed deeply, waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

Suddenly, her eyes bulged. She let slip a breathless gasp as she felt herself falling; like when you awaken sharply from a dream and your brain fails to recognise that you're already lying down safe and firm upon your mattress. Only this time, it wasn't her brain's base instincts playing tricks on her or tripping up on themselves. Her eyes tried to focus, but rationally she was having a hard time processing what it was that she was seeing. The world was growing around the leopard. The walls, the lab equipment, everything rushing skyward. Except, it wasn't. Nothing was growing. She was getting smaller. Chrissy opened her mouth, and let slip a yowling cry of delight as her brain finally caught up with the physical change and realised that it knew exactly what was happening. The formula was taking effect. It was working.

Looking to her left, the leopard whimpered happily as she saw Amanda. The kangaroo who normally looked so tiny and cute and delicate no longer simply clutching at the tip of one of Chrissy's fingers, but using her hand to embrace more and more of the leopard's outstretched paw as their sizes grew ever more compatible. Overall, the leopard couldn't have been more than twice Amanda's size as opposed to twenty times larger, and she was still shrinking. Still getting ever closer to being able to make eye contact with her beloved mate without tilting her head in the slightest.

"O-oh... Chrissy..."

Amanda's voice was thick with emotion, happy tears flooding her eyes as she saw the leopard approaching her height. Their eyes bored gleefully into one another, and with every last digit trembling violently their hands entwined. Fingers lacing together tenderly, squeezing and relishing how perfect a fit they suddenly found themselves.


Their equilibrium only lasted a few moments though, and soon Amanda's tone was full of surprise and slight concern as she found herself looking directly forward at the forehead of her lover. Then at the hair. And finally the tips of her ears. In a manner unprecedented over the last five years, Amanda found herself looking down. Tilting her head forward rather than back in order to maintain her gaze with the still shrinking leopard. She whimpered softly as she felt Chrissy's hand growing too small to retain its grasp upon hers, and within the next ten seconds found herself slipping a single digit into the trembling clutches of the leopard.

The kangaroo watched, transfixed, horrified and amazed all at once as Chrissy kept getting smaller and smaller, until finally she stopped. Sitting there, legs outstretched before her, eyes wide and muzzle hanging open slightly, breathless and speechless, as she stared up at the comparatively vast form of the marsupial seated beside her.

"T-this... this wasn't quite what I had planned."

Slowly scrambling to her feet, Chrissy stared down at her own body. Perfectly proportioned. Exactly as it had been before in every way, only smaller. Much smaller. Not ten centimetres tall like she had estimated, and like Amanda. Not even half that size. In a twist of ironic fate, a quick assessment of the titanic kangaroo seated beside her put Chrissy's own height at less than a centimetre tall. Maybe even half a centimetre In short, almost exactly one twentieth of the kangaroo's size... just like the kangaroo had previously been one twentieth of hers.

Carefully, moving in the same slow and painfully delicate manner that Chrissy had maintained when first meeting and interacting with her, Amanda placed the palm of one hand face down against the surface of the bench. She watched, trembling from head to toe, as the leopard scrambled up onto her palm and sat, cross-legged, as Amanda lifted her up before her wide eyes.

"N-not quite what you had planned, Chrissy? This is... oh god, this is bad. What if the dose was so much stronger than you thought? What if you're not just like this for a day or two. What if it lasts weeks... months? What if you're trapped like this permanently now, like me?"

The leopard frowned, but not because she shared her lover's worries. She did, of course. Some of them at least, but those concerns were dwarfed by seeing Amanda in such a state of anguish. Shaking her head, Chrissy reached out with both hands and patted their flat palms against the paw upon which she was seated. A gesture of comfort which Amanda had always shared with her when their positions were reversed.

"Hey, let's not freak out, okay? Panicking isn't going to help. For all we know our miscalculation was just in volume, not potency of the serum. If that's the case, I should still revert to my natural height in the next twenty four to forty-eight hours. If that time passes and I'm still this size, then we can start talking about overcoming the problem. But... until then, wasn't this supposed to be a good thing? A way for us to share a weekend together in a way we haven't been able to before?"

Nodding rather meekly at the tiny leopard's comments, Amanda sighed.

"Yeah. And... I was really looking forward to it. But, how are we supposed to do anything.. never mind do anything, with you like this?"

Chrissy giggled. It was incredible that even now, with her standing at a mere fraction of her lover's height, she was still the one with more self-confidence. The one who felt more comfortable taking charge of the situation, and guiding it in the direction which she knew they both had been hoping this weekend could take.

"Well, how do we normally spend our private time?"

The kangaroo tilted her head, confused. Again Chrissy laughed aloud and patted her comparably titanic lover's paw.

"Think of all the things we do together. All the ways we enjoy ourselves and make each other feel good. We can still do all that, exactly like we usually do. Except this time... I'm your tiny firecracker, and you're my gentle giant."

Amanda blushed deeply upon hearing Chrissy use their bedroom names for one another, reserved almost exclusively for private, intimate occasions, but this time reversed in to whom they referred.

"I... I don't know. What if I... if I hurt you? If I'm too rough or..."

The kangaroo's voice trailed off as she saw Chrissy fighting back laughter, her already deeply reddened face burning brighter still. With a grin, the leopard stared up at the massive marsupial.

"It's funny, you sound just like me the night I first plucked up the courage to tell you I liked you. We got all hot and bothered, and then it occurred to me... I was about to make love to a woman who I was twenty times the size of. A woman who I could squash if I sat on. How was a big lummox like me supposed to make a delicate creature like you feel good."

Licking her lips, Chrissy purred.

"You told me you didn't care. That you hadn't been with anyone since your shrinking, and that you at least wanted to try. You thought I was worth it. And if I remember rightly..."

Amanda shuddered, her free hand parting the lower reaches of her robe and slipping down between her legs. She cupped herself, feeling the heat of her already swollen depths radiating out against her fingers.

"...y-you made me cum so many times I passed out before I could say I was done. You were so gentle, but so intense. Your tongue. Your fingers. You've always known just how to please me... a-and you've never taken things too far. Always just far enough."

The leopard nodded, and looked up at her beloved partner with a confident smile.

"And I trust you just as much as you trusted me that first night. More, even, because we're not just friends starting to explore something more together. We already love each other. We've already spent years learning each other's likes and dislikes. What turns us off, and what makes our toes curl and our pussies wet."

Still grinning, Chrissy sat back upon her lover's palm. Spreading her legs out before her and using her arms to prop herself up, the tiny feline nodded encouragingly to Amanda.

"So, when I tell you to lick me like I've licked you a thousand times, I know that you know exactly what I want. And when you're done, if I'm still conscious and breathing, I'll return the favour. I bet you've always wanted to know how it feels to have a tiny pair of hands rubbing and squeezing gently at your clit, while a rough tongue goes to town at its very tip. Or what it would be like to have a tiny, wiggly little micro of your very own to slip inside that pouch of yours, like I have you resting between my breasts."

The kangaroo was touching herself as she listened to Chrissy speaking. She couldn't help herself. It was just like the leopard had said, they knew precisely how to push one another's buttons and Chrissy was doing a hell of a job at that right now. The idea of the tiny feline crawling into her pouch and suckling at the teats held within it was enough to make Amanda avoid caressing her clit, for fear she might trigger a sudden, violent orgasm through the arousal created by that fantasy alone.

Shuddering in delight, pulling at least a portion of her focus away from her own aching, dripping depths and turning it upon the same region of her micro-sized lover's body, Amanda lifted Chrissy to her face. Carefully her tongue crept out, glistening with saliva, and prodded at the leopard's fluffy, pale furred belly. Chrissy squirmed and giggled, her obvious glee rapidly boosting Amanda's confidence. She licked again, sweeping up from the base of her lover's stomach to the underside of her chin. Again Chrissy howled with laughter, but as Amanda's tongue withdrew she could see a fresh glow upon the leopard's cheeks, and caught Chrissy glancing bashfully down to her chest, her sensitive nipples having no doubt reacted rather strongly to that full body tongue assault.

Amanda didn't go for her lover's torso again though. At least not immediately. For her next attack, she carefully directed the tip of her tongue between Chrissy's legs; trying her hardest to mimic what she had seen the leopard do to her on countless occasions. The glistening pinkness of Chrissy's pussy was so tiny, but so perfect. The kangaroo pressed the tip of her tongue up against it, and wiggled the moist, textured muscle in a playful manner that she hoped hid how nervous she was about Chrissy's reaction.

To her delight, the comparably mammoth marsupial saw her lover's eyes bulge, then grow heavy and half-lidded as her whole body spasmed in pleasure. She saw Chrissy's muzzle fall slack, and heard the most drawn out, deliciously lewd moan escape her beloved partner.

Pulling her own fingers away from her pussy, Amanda single-handedly unfastened her rope. She licked at Chrissy again as her free paw reached for her pouch, and joined her lover in a mutual groan of pleasure as she rubbed at the surprisingly sensitive flesh within, gently tweaking at one of the pouch's internal teats. Amanda wanted to cum. She wanted it more than almost anything, but resisted the urge to return her hand further south. Instead she kept on teasing herself, stroking and fondling within her pouch, as her tongue instead worked Chrissy toward orgasmic rapture.

She'd have her turn; the kangaroo was sure her lover would not leave her unsatisfied. But for now, Amanda didn't want to lose focus by becoming consumed with her own hunt for pleasure. The kangaroo wanted to relish every moment of this opportunity, however strange and different from what she had expected to be sharing with her partner on this very special day. She'd wanted to hold Chrissy in her arms tonight, but to hold her in the palm of her hand was still an equally unique and wonderful opportunity. She'd wanted to bury her face between the leopard's legs and have her tongue reach spots it never could under normal circumstances, but had never imagined that she would be granted the chance to taste every inch of her beloved mate with merely the tip of her tongue.

What really mattered though, was that whatever they did and in whatever form this experience permitted them to be together, they each savoured every second of it. Every touch, every taste, every drop of pleasure it allowed them to share.

"P-please... oh Mandi, you're tongue, it's... it's everywhere. So good. I... I can't hold on. Mandi, I... I love you. I l-love... ohh yes. Yes M-Mandi. Yes!"

As Chrissy's miniature screams rang out around the lab and Amanda felt the tiniest squirt of fluids drool out onto the tip of her tongue, the kangaroo closed her eyes and focused entirely on recalling this moment. This exact second, and everything that was happening within it. After all, tonight was unique. Perfectly, wonderfully unique. It wasn't just because of Chrissy testing their new formula for the first time. It wasn't just because for once she was able to take control, physically at least, as the larger partner. A night uniquely full of love and intimacy and sex, regardless of any scientific breakthroughs used to hopefully enhance and make the time even more special. It was unique, because a couple, any couple, only got this night once in their lives together.

Just one wedding night.

Just one night as brand new blushing brides, taking a chance to make the first night of their honeymoon utterly unforgettable.

And unforgettable it would be. Wondrous, life changing and unique... even if not quite in the way they'd expected.

By Jeeves

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