Tina II Chapter 20 SPOILER ALERT!!!

Story by Gray Muzzle on SoFurry

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The next chapter in the "Tina II" series.

Author's note: Every year, before I do a writing seminar, I'll sit down at the keyboard, and do some writing, just to stay in touch. Usually, I'll do a one off, a simple piece, just to get my creativity going. This time, however, I wanted something more. It has been a long time since there has been a new story in the Tina II series. So, why not. Tina's fans now have an update, and a little peek into what the characters are up to. But, I felt the need for a spoiler alert. If you are a comic reader, note this: "Tina II" takes place five or so years after the original series ended. You will see hints as to where the story goes, and some things that have to do with the story. So, if this would spoil the comic for you.....DON'T READ THIS! For the rest of you, here's Tina II, Chapter 20.

Tina II Conversations at the Beach

It was a magnificent day on the Jersey Shore. It was a balmy eighty five degrees, with enough of a ocean breeze to keep things tolerable. Nothing but blue skies, as far as the eye could see. Even with these idyllic conditions, the beach wasn't crowded. There was a season to the Jersey Shore, and although it was not Labor Day, school was in session, so much of the family crowd had gone home. Nor did it hurt that it was a weekday morning.

Ray and Tina were finishing out their Summer vacation. In fact, the second of their two vacations. The first was in June, when they had joined Stan, Georgette, Flower, and their kids on a trip to Orlando. Everyone had a great time- the kids were all of the age where a trip to Disney was sheer magic. Magic, but not nearly a restful vacation, at least not for the adults. Ray and Tina had been looking forward to some alone time ever since. That's when Ray got a week in this vacation rental on LBI. This was a vacation. Away from the kids, and with work behind them, they could relax, and become the Tina and Ray from six years ago, back when they were newlyweds. He glanced to his right, where Tina lay on her back, sunbathing. Tina was amazing. In spite of three kids, and the demands of her job, she still had a remarkable body. A svelt ninety pounds, Tina looked as wonderful as her twenty seven years might suggest. Though she wore a more conservative one piece when she was playing with the kids, she had selected a decidedly unmatronly little black bikini that barely covered that which it needed to cover. The fabric was smooth to the touch, and through which one could see the cleft of her sex, and the profile of her semi erect...


"What?" Ray replied, once he overcame his surprise.

"I caught you checking me out" Tina scolded, but with a smile.

"Guilty as charged. Why wouldn't I be checking out the prettiest Poodle girl on the beach?"

"the ONLY Poodle girl on the beach...." she corrected.

"If there were HUNDREDS, I'd STILL be looking at you!"

Tina leaned over and kissed Ray. She sat up and lay her head on his shoulder.

"OK, nice save, Romeo. I can't believe Summer is almost over"

Ray took her hand.

"That's the way it works. You barely get used to it, and it's gone. Having fun?"

Tina smiled and nodded.

"It's been SOOOOO nice. Not that I'm complaining, but there's a million things......"

Ray knew completely. Tina was a very attentive Mother. She spent time with Little Stan, Faith and Hope every day. She volunteered at the private school where the children would be starting first grade in another week, while working her job at the DMV, running, dancing and playing tennis. Lately, she'd taken to swimming, too.

"Well, it will be a little better this year, with the kids in school full time."

Ray looked over to find Tina looking away, seeming to be distracted. He watched her like that for a while, until she noticed. It was now Tina's turn at getting busted.

"Ray? Have you ever thought about having children?"

"What? Am I missing something? Weren't we just talking about the kids starting school?'

Tina shifted uncomfortably, then lay her head on Ray's chest, holding him. After a time, she looked up. They were almost nose to muzzle. She slipped her arms around his neck.

"I mean having another litter....er, uh I mean expanding our family; I know you hate that......"

"I don't hate it; it's just always seemed, well, a bit weird when you put it that way. Besides, you know that can't happen. We decided to have me 'fixed' after we had our family"

"But, there's technology! You can have another procedure...anyway, remember, we banked your sperm before you had it done....."

There was a pause in the conversation, one that seemed longer than it was.

"Babe, we've discussed this. We decided that the three children that we have were what we wanted. You're such a good Mom, but you run yourself ragged. You're up to almost midnight, and you're out of bed at four thirty. You've been losing weight again. You were going to try to stay at a hundred, at least....."

Ray knew he was on shaky ground. It wasn't a place he wanted to go, especially on vacation. He had to change the topic.

"Besides, everything is up in the air because of Dad......."

Indeed it was. Diagnosed with Parkinson's over seven years ago, Ray's Dad was slowly succumbing to the disease. He was cared for around the clock. Both Ray and Tina had avoided the topic.

Tina sat up straight, crossing her legs, Indian-style, turning toward Ray as she did.

"What will it mean, Ray?" she asked, looking into his eyes.

Ray gave Tina a hug.

"Well, it depends a lot on us. Financially, we're well set. We have our money, and before things got bad, Dad took care of us...and the kids.....generously. We can work or not, and live where and how we please. "

"But, what about Mom and Dad?"

"and Flower?"

Tina said nothing. It was always that way, at least as long as they can remember. With her Mother suffering depression, Tina was raised largely by her Father, with whom she was very close. When her Mother's condition improved, it was a weight off everyone's shoulders. Shortly after, Georgette found herself with a later life pregnancy. Stan welcomed it gladly, but fate was to take a strange turn. An impulsive fling with a young Saluki resulted in another pregnancy. Now Stan had a pregnant wife AND girlfriend. There were several bumpy months, but eventually Flower joined the family, and the three had been living together, raising their families communally.

Flower was, and continued to be a free spirit. Not only did she continue her sexual relationship with Stan, but she seduced Georgette as well. It was fair to say that Stan, Georgette and Flower formed a kind of 'open marriage'. Not that it stopped there. When Flower offered to step in as a substitute caregiver to Doctor Goldstein, she ministered to ALL of the Doctor's needs. Beyond that, Flower's flirtations toward Tina had become more and more blatant. Flower often walked around nude. Tina had caught her masturbating by the pool. Once, it was clear that Flower was wearing the results of a very recent sexual encounter. Georgette had told her that Flower had fantasized about having sex with both Ray and Tina. Since then, Tina seldom entered the pool house unless she knew where Flower was. Mostly, Tina talked to her Mom and Dad elsewhere.

Ray cleared his throat.

"Dad took care of your father; they're set for life. Flower, too." Ray rolled his eyes. He was glad that his father was comfortable and happy; still, the thought of her and his Father, was well, at least a bit weird.

"Ray, what are WE going to do?"

"When he passes away?

Tina raised her hand

"Ray, I'm sorry! I........"

Ray put his arm around his wife.

"It's OK, dear. We can talk about it. It isn't like something I haven't been adjusting to for some years now. What do you want to do?"

Tina flopped backwards onto the blanket, her arms over her head, looking up at the sky.

"God! Is there an answer? Part of me says that we need to just have as normal a life as possible. Just us, you me and the kids. Part of me wants a home of my own again......but then I think of the kids, how close they are, growing up together. Weird as they are, there's even a part of me that's happy that my parents are happy, and in our lives. Then, there's our faith. Family is the most important thing of all. Turning your back on family would be wrong........."


Tina leaned over on one elbow.

"Can I go to sleep, and wake up when it's over?" Tina smiles

Ray kissed his wife

"You wouldn't really want that....."

Tina shook her head. She flipped up her sunglasses, and squinted at her iPhone.

"Look at the time. We still need to pack, and it will be hours on the road......."

Tina stood, and shook out the blanket. Ray gathered their things, and they walked the short distance to their house on the beach. Once they were inside, Ray dropped their beach gear.

"So, time to pack?"

Tina took him by the hand, leading him down the hall.

"Maybe you want to spend four hours on the Garden State with sand grinding at your ass cheeks, but I don't !" she stated firmly, leading him to the bathroom. She brought Ray directly into the shower, without even undressing. Tina turned on the water, instantly soaking them both. Ray started to undress, but Tina stopped him with a passionate kiss. As they kissed, Ray's hands fell to the back of her little black bikini. The fabric was slick, and clung tightly to every inch. Her nipples were hard, and Ray could feel them through his own shirt. Tina braced herself against the shower wall, and pulled Ray towards her.

" I am yours. Completely."

Ray stood in the cascading water, taking in his wife's beauty. He began to untie her swimsuit, starting at the back, followed by the neck, then each side of her bikini bottom in turn, until the tiny sodden garment fell to the shower floor. Only then did Ray undress himself, letting her see the extent of his arousal. Taking her in his arms, they embraced.

"You're in heat"

"Uh huh."



"Can we pretend that it's our first time? "

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