The Cocktease

Story by gothicpanda on SoFurry

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Gotta clear my head. Fucken room a bit too small for me right now. Not to mention got a few students watchin. Yah! So what if I'm a teacher. I know I don't behave like one, but teaching has always been a passion of mine next to long drives down route 78 with a steel hog.

But this one girl...lady isn't making my life any easier. Before you have any misconceptions, she started it. It's mating season as they say in the animal kingdom. Girls and fags are on their pills. Former for fertility reasons and the later for reasons of decency.


The whole classroom can smell it. She's eighteen by the way if you're asking. No way I'm gonna get into trouble for plowing jail baits. At least I think she's turning eighteen. Overheard from some of the boys in the school gym.

Don't be a prude.

I know what you're thinking in the back of your head. Honestly I had no designs on the It's lady right once they turn eighteen? I suppose it was called maiden in the olden times. That gloriously overrated age for overpowering hormones and overwhelming urge to breed.

Lust is in the air and hell knows I haven't gotten my share of pussy in a long time.

I'm not bothered by it. I tried the dating scene once. There were some potential candidates, but it didn't really work it. Some of the girls were too clingy and/or that I like my space.

Fuck! I can smell her. Right now I'm fiddling with the game plan on the board. Well. Trying to. Even the whole class can tell that I've been drawing circles pointlessly for several minutes.

I've felt these sensations before.

When I was alot younger. When I was alot uninhibited and a lot more vulnerable to hormones.

I'm a different man. At least I'd like to believe I am.

To clarify any assumption you have, let me make myself clear that she isn't a slut. True I've heard that she slept around with a few people in her life before and maybe after the prom ending in rather scandalous situations. She is not as promiscuous as other people would have lead you to believe. I think she just fucks to get some experience as well as for the fun of it.

Hey! No judging. Some, if not all of us done that before.

I have to admit my dick has been aching and itching very badly ever since she entered the room. My muscles were tensing and occasionaly I had to get the new chalk becuse I kept crushing them into fine powder with my fingers.

Thank our makers for elastic bands. They prevented my dick from rising like the flag on independence day for the whole class to see. I wore 3 boxers just to keep it restrained.

To make matters worse she's actually immune to the medicine that alleviates her heat. Last time I heard her body reacted negatively to the medicine. I didn't pry any further than that.

I was so lost in my own thoughts and in my subconsciousness that I hadn't heard the bell ring, signalling the end of the day. The class had already vacated the premises by the time I had finish my hundredth circle on the board.

"Mr. Gareth." I heard the voice behind me.


"Yes, Leigh." I tried to sound as gruff as possible. "What can I do for you?"

I had hoped it had the intended effect but she was still standing behind me.

"Can you give me a lift?" she said in a faux innocent tone.

"Leigh..." I finally turned. My dick's restraints were straining the moment I saw her.

She isn't exactly porn star material. I'll tell you that. That's not what I look for in a lady.

However there is a bounce to her steps and that glint in her supposedly innocent looking eyes that suggest something entirely mischevous in a very....very...sinful way. She almost looked waifish but that was because her clothes were one size larger. Her breasts were not threatening to jut out like those cheer leaders I see during intra school games. They seemed to be ample enough. I would think only noticeable if one unwrapped them from her lithe frame.

My paw that had long powdered the 7thchalk was already gripping the edge of the desk. I could hear the wood cruching in my grasp. My mind was going into places that I didn't want it to.There were glimpses of intertwined bodies in a remote motel. Paws half strangling her neck while pounding...

I snap out of it immediately. I had noticed that my other paw was now on her shoulder.

"Leigh, please don't do this." I said. The scent that was wafting in to my nostrils made my resolve cruble.

"It's fine Mr. Gareth. Nothing's wrong about it."

My paws were inching towards to the dark pink fur near her nape. Makers this was hard. Who would have known a mouse would give me this much trouble. Just when I was bout to utter another word. I felt her hand feel my boxers. She was feeling my dick, exploring it.

Her face suggested that she was pleased with what she felt. I was feeling it too when her hands began to explore my dick further. While she was fondling me, she tipped her toes inching closely to me to kiss my lips. I was reluctant for the moment then decided to reply in kind.

She ceased. She giggled, walking away from my classroom and vanishing into the midst of the crowds on students on the way home.

That fucking cock tease!

It was awkward getting out of class with a barely concealed hard on. That bitch blue balled me. The fucking nerve. At least a hand job was suffice considering how bloody close I was.

"Gareth! Wanna hang ou...."

"SHUT UP! BOB!" I shouted to my colleague storming to the parking lot.

It was dark by the time I got to my apartment. I was fiddling with the keys to my door, when I felt a pair of paws try to embrace me from behind and handled my still hard tool.

Familiar paws.

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