The Dragon's Slave: Competition

Story by Kalan on SoFurry

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Continuation of my Dragon's Slave series in which Neera is liberally sampled by a Naga....and his venom.

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The return of Kephis was greeted with bells as the caravan wound its way into the heart of the estate, the servants turning out as a group to greet the dragon who came striding through the main gates as if he were made of living gold. Neera watched him, confused and unhappy by the relief and pleasure the sight of him brought. She couldn't stifle it as he strode into the courtyard with his wings partially raised up and his bright blue eyes catching the light. The pure arrogance of the creature should have made her feel nothing more than dread and disgust, but seeing him made her heart lift slightly as she stood near the main door and watched him. The feel of relief helped encourage the pleasure at the sight of him, no matter how she tried to recall why she should dread his return.

Nagal had made himself free with the dragon's estate, citing that he was testing her, trying out the merchandise, doing his best to see if she was worthy of him. She had been his toy, his play thing, something that he had displayed and enjoyed with his venom as well as his torment of taking her in the stable. He had worked out a game, she would go about her day and try to avoid him, if she was able to avoid his hiding places or find him before he emerged she would be free of his touch for that day, if she didn't, than he could have what he wanted from her. She had rarely found him before he struck, and each time he mocked her for it, hinting that she did not find him because she did not wish to leave his embrace. It was beyond frustrating, it was demeaning and humiliating. The time spent with him had been long enough she looked forward to the dragon.

_He never stopped hinting that he was coming for me, that he would purchase me. _ She shivered at the recollection and tried to dismiss it from her mind, but it was harder than it should have been.

Kephis was in a fine mood as the carts rattled up to the gates, his head tossed up rather playfully as if he were a stallion instead of a dragon. She knew the mood, she could judge it by the way he carried his tail, see the way that he had his wings partially unfurled so that they caught the light just so. It reminded her of the times when he was feeling amorous and wanted her to enjoy the sight of him, to respond to how he looked in some manner. Most of the times she had ignored him out of spite, but today she came down from the stairs to greet him with an attempt at a fond and eager smile on her muzzle. It made her feel vapid to place it there, but it was better than the alternative. If she must greet him, she would and hope that it was enough to rouse him to reconsider any possible ill-considered goals he might have had to sell her.

"Ahh how is my kelpie?" Kephis asked as he spotted her, striding up with a whip of his long tail. "Has he been exercised?"

"Ah.. yes, Master. He is run each day." She stumbled over the words, taken aback by the conversational tone that he greeted her with. He didn't purr or rumble, he didn't look her over with interest, only showed his good mood in the way he held his body and his eyes moved to look at the stable.

"Excellent, I should hope that he has been eating well?" Her persisted, further putting Neera off her footing as her expression and smile faded nervously. This wasn't the way she was used to him being treated.

"Of course, sir, you left him in my care, did you not?" She tilted her head forward and the dragon snorted in amusement.

"You sound as if you were put out, girl, it is an honor to work in my stable." He corrected her shortly and then gave his wings a slight flex. "Or do you think yourself above it?"

"Not above it, no." She answered and swallowed. "Only that I am happiest by yours side, kept close to you where I might serve you."

Kephis tossed his head back and roared laughter, the sound of it filled the air as he stepped closer to her, the powerful body coming in closer and closer by the moment, his wings mantled and flexing delicately, the hooked wing tips twitching as she moved to step back. His mirth was mocking her as he lowered his head and turned it to one side, his blue eye reflecting her image back to herself. She didn't like the tone he was giving her, the pure amusement he felt at her expense, it wasn't like him and set her of her footing even further so she didn't know what the right response was.

"When I bought you, you would have carved your tail from your body if I told you that you might serve in the stables." He rumbled to her. "Tell me, did Nagal enjoy you? Did you enjoy him? Is he more suited toy our tastes?"

"No." She whispered the word, she didn't know what else to tell as the dragon loomed high above her, the questions making her mouth go dry.

She had assumed the naga was giving more bluster to her, trying to set her off her guard, simply saying things to get a reaction from her, she hadn't realized that he might actually be telling the truth. At least not truly. Kephis had shown a strong preference for her, even when he tried to dismiss her, he always welcomed her back to his bed when she wanted to join him there, even if she had to debase herself. She was not unique, but she had bore him a clutch of eggs, he couldn't throw her to the winds and sell her off so quickly. It was a game, he loved hi damned games, and she would be forced to play them because there was always the chance that he really meant it.

"You have not met my dearest gift yet, Neera." He lifted his head and turned it. "Come and greet her, her father gifted her to me in exchange for free passage in my northern routes. I must admit, I was quite partial to her the moment I saw her."

"Her?" Neera blinked, her back stiffening a little bit as the dragon turned about towards the carts that were being dragged into the courtyard. She couldn't, quite, keep the jealous pang from rising up in the back of her throat as he spoke.

She didn't know what to expect, but she felt fear mounting as two of the servants helped someone to disembark the dragon's personal transport with a flourish. Part of her thought it would be another harem member, one of the four legged females that shunned her, it wouldn't be the first time he had gotten another female. That thought was dashed the moment a slight form was escorted from the carriage, dressed in a light white tunic that split down to a long skirt that ran down between her legs and pooled on the ground. The world nearly stopped as Neera stared at her rival, unsure of what she should do, or say, she couldn't get her mind to work as she simply met the gaze of another two legged female.

It was a deer, an exotic looking creature with a soft russet red coat that covered her body and a snowy underside that trailed right along the line of her throat. There was a glimpse of spots and dappling along her hips that trailed and disappeared right down her legs and towards her knees. Her muzzle had a bold black marking on either side with a soft black padded nose that twitched and sampled the air. Her eyes were wide and soft, gentle looking in the way that they were locked on Kephis, their dark chocolate coloration making her look almost startled as she twitched pink inner ears backwards and then back towards the front again, advancing towards both of them on polished black hooves.

Her body was lean and muscular with just a hint of softness along her sides. Most deer were fit and willowy, taller and stretched out than short and curved, but she excelled in the vision of grace as she moved. Her outfit was made of fine white fibers, but it wasn't the boasting of clothing that made Neera's throat contract and the faint feel of unease grow. Along the slender throat was a golden collar, intricately carved and designed so that it fitted around her neck as if it had been custom designed to fit her and her alone. It was a match for the one that she wore, right down to the gems that picked out a draconic form that was elongated along the collar and stretched out to meet it's own paws. No other harem female wore one like her own, they were all given perfectly lovely silver or gold collars that were plain and reusable etched with Kephis' seal. But none of his females walked on two legs. None were like her.

"Master?" The doe spoke, her voice sweet and silky as she approached, her movements were perfectly poised and light. "We have arrived?"

"Of course, my jewel, I told you that this last leg would be the easiest." Kephis murmured, his voice taking on a lilting quality. "You must meet Neera, she has been my favorite as of late."

As of late... She thought and felt a lump in her throat. She felt her stomach roiled unhappily as the doe turned those soft sweet eyes towards her.

"It is a pleasure, Neera. I am Soreal." The doe introduced herself in the same soft tone, hear large ears pricked up high to either side of her dainty head.

"A pleasure." Neera answered, keeping her tone just as pleasant, stifling her anger and affront at having the female brought to her.

What did it mean? Was this her replacement? The thought made her swallow, but retain the mild expression on her face, this was the game, she had to show him that it didn't matter to him. She had to show him that he could not get under her skin so easily. He was always playing games, perhaps the doe was just one more joke to play on her, one more trick designed to make her react, to make her do what he wanted. But what if she wasn't? It was growing harder and harder to tell when he was playing games and when he was serious. Except this time the game was more than his words, or even actions, it was with a living creature looking at her with a soft smile on her face, a knowing smile.

"Come, Soreal, I will show you the suite. We shall have to address more suitable clothing for you as well." He thrummed to the doe, but his eyes were on her, gauging her response before turning to lead the girl into his manor. He didn't look back at either of them as the little doe scampered behind looking perfectly pleased at the turn of events.

~ ~ * ~ ~

Kephis kept one eye on his prize as he began to walk towards his suite, hearing the doe keeping up with him with the sharp little taps of her cloven hooves. She was absolutely perfect for him, the young female trained from birth to obey and understood what her role would be the moment her father gave her away. She was the last born of ten, there was no space for Soreal on the manor and marriage only get her father a debt as well as give him land and titles of his own. Marriage was a two way street, he would have had to give up something in return for gaining, but giving her to him as a harem girl, well.. He would receive a proper price and the girl's life was now in his talons. She wouldn't deny him anything, she had been trained with an understanding of everything a good slave should know, and she would even garner pleasure from it. There would be no need to break her in as he was breaking Neera.

_Oh my lovely emerald, you do not know what competition is, not at all.. _ He thought with a bit of a smile curling his muzzle.

So far, Neera had spent her time with him with her only competition being the rest of his harem and his occasional trips away. Even if his distance made her feel as if she were losing him, she had never experienced his attention fixating with his lusts on something else. Would she understand the danger she was in now? Soreal would not fight him, she would not deny him or try to bargain her way out from under him, she would pleasure him and offer it freely. He could be as rough as he wished with her and unless he truly raped her, she would enjoy it. She had had teachers in these arts, he had a list of what she knew, music, dancing, love making, grooming, any number of things to interest him. She was more valuable than any other female had he taken under his roof which made her perfect for his purposes.

"Sir?" Neera's voice echoed through the hall as he started down his private entrance to his set of rooms.

"Do you have no chores, girl?" He put some annoyance into his voice. "The kelpie should be fed and tended too."

"It has already been done, I would rather see to your comfort, Master." Her response was swift and he ruffled his wings a touch. She was a bit more desperate this time, delightfully so.

Nagal had already put in a price for her, one that had made him raise a brow and consider what was being done in his absence as the sheer amount of it had been hefty enough to make him honestly consider it. It begged the question that what he had done with her. He had put limits on the old snake, making sure that any harm done would be healed, there would be no scarring, he had carefully worded it all to make sure that his boundaries would not be ignored. He had no desire to have her harmed, but he wanted to keep her rattled and on her toes, that's what would make all of this so delightful for him. He wondered when she'd actually sort out what he was doing, when she would realize how deep his game went.

"What need I have of your comfort when Soreal desires to make sure that she understands my needs?" He answered and twitched his tail tip upwards a little bit. "But if you insist on coming, you can prepare my bath instead of one of the normal servants." He added as if he didn't care, his eyes sliding towards the doe who was blushing quite prettily.

And the lovely doe... The thought of her stirred him as he continued a long and lifted up a paw to place against his door to push it open. He had taken her for his games, but he also desired her. He wanted to possess her, to take her, to feel her body beneath his own, to feel the way that she moved and writhed, to see just how tight her supple young form was. Oh she had done several things to him already, but most of them had been with her clever hands or muzzle, pleasurable enough, but he preferred more interesting games, especially with her nubile form curving towards him as he stepped into his suite. Neera followed behind, the dragoness almost radiating her unease, but she wasn't about to leave him alone with this new challenger. Because challenger she would be, he had every intention of pitting the two against each other, though he doubted Soreal would really believe they were fighting against one another. He was sure the doe would only do what she was trained to do, but in doing so, she would be usurping Neera's place in his affections.

"So, my dear, is this not as lovely as your previous home?" He lowered his head towards the doe and offered a sly smile as he watched her eyes flicking around rapidly. "You shall be housed here, with myself, with access to all of what I possess here."

"It is far larger than my old room, Master." Soreal's small triangle tail was wagging, the sight making his eyes lid in pleasure. He loved that tail, whippy and fluttering, beautifully positioned above the heart shaped curve of her rump. "It is perfect."

"I am glad that you find it so." He flicked his tongue out, catching against her tunic. "Disrobe and join me in my sleeping chamber, I would ease my stresses from the trip before I retreat to a long bath."

Neera was watching, stiff and unsure in the doorway, her eyes flicking back and forth. A lesser female would have let her anger get the better of her, she might have snapped or snarled or even tried to call his eyes away from the doe. She was thinking, her mind working, he could see it as he turned towards the bedroom and used his muzzle to nose his newly acquired doe in front of him. She wouldn't act rashly, but he was going to drive home that this had now become a competition and one that she would be wise to participate in if she wanted to remain in his house.

"See to the bath, girl." He called back to her, his voice casual sounding as he led her into the room, drawing in the familiar scents that he had missed on his trip.

He didn't bother with closing the door behind him, he left it wide open as he guided his prize towards the pile of soft covers.

~ ~ * ~ ~

Neera heard the soft female gasp beyond the room before she made a move to enter the suite proper. Her immediate reaction to how he had spoken had been to leave, turn around and abandon him and his ideas of 'fun' behind so that she made a statement. She even knew that this was a game, but the fact he was flaunting the doe in front of her sparked outrage and anger inside of her, and almost jealousy. She didn't want to be under the dragon's claws, certainly she didn't want her already sore body to feel him entering her, but at the same time, she was offended he displayed such little care for her. He treated her like a servant, not even like one of the females he kept locked away in her harem, but one of the many creatures that he commanded to see to his comforts.

She gave herself a shake, dismissing her own feelings and moving towards the suite as if she weren't at all offended by what he had done. Her chest tightened as she padded through the open door, the uneasy emotions roiling with tension as she kept her eyes focused on the bathroom door and not the movement from the corner of her eyes. It was impossible to miss it entirely, there was no hiding the fact that the large golden dragon was starting to grow amorous with the doe. His body was looming over her as the girl stretched out under him, on all fours, her hands cradling the tip of his emerging shaft as if it were some sort of gift. Her soft noises ones of pleasure as the dainty muzzle worked and the tongue darted out to flutter along the glans, gathering up the wetness with obvious eagerness. Neera looked away and swallowed, going through the bathing chamber and the indented large tub, hearing the dragon growl his pleasure.

If he had made her come and watch she could have felt real anger at him, outrage at the humiliation he was causing, but she had been dismissed and left with the wet suckling noises of the doe's muzzle. The dragon wasn't even really touching her and Soreal was letting out sweet little sighs and other noises, things that the dragoness to gritting her teeth as she made herself draw the bath. The sound of water, at least, helped to drown out the noises from the other room, the ones that filtered through were muffled as she used one hand to see if the water was hot, dancing it back and forth, swirling her fingers through it lightly. It was a distraction from the sudden grunts that came from the next room, noises that made her eyes slide towards the small opening of the doorway that led into the suite.

It wasn't that she wanted to see what was happening, she didn't really want to watch the show at all, but at the same time there was some amount of morbid curiosity that drew her eyes to the sliver of light. The doe was a two legger like herself, there should have been some level of embarrassment at being brought in to act like some sort of pet to a creature like Kephis. Soreal hadn't looked embarrassed or ashamed, certainly she hadn't made any sort of effort to protest when the dragon had indicated he wanted to rut her. How could any creature on two legs allow a half-animal to make a claim on their freedom?

She went to the door slowly, she didn't have to go all the way into the doorway to see the dragon hunched over the doe. His face was an expression of pleasure as he had one paw hooked around her breasts, the fingers curling so that the finger claws were dancing against him lightly, scraping this way and that as the haunches were spread open to cup around her hips firmly as she was on all fours, her ass pushed in the air. She was rocking back against him, her legs spread open wide as she bleated out in shock as he was impaled on the gleaming black length that was hanging down along his lower body. She flinched, she'd never seen another small female impaled on the heavy cock, she'd always been the one pinned, now she could see the doe's body stretched out and writhing, the lower belly swelling.

Her sleek pink cunny was stretched into a lewd O, nearly ready to tear, the softer fur around the edges rubbed along the cock each time he sank forward. Her ears were pinned down flat to her head, her jaws opened wide as she cried out loudly and bleated, but her expression was one of pleasure. She couldn't have really been enjoying it, not truly, she knew how painful it was to be impaled even after she had grown used to him, but Soreal was wriggling and arching herself backwards, trying to impale herself onto the cock further. She had her hands against the bedding, pushing against it as Kephis snarled out his pleasure and gave a rough thrust that pushed her hooves up from the ground, ridges popping into her body as one of her hands moved back to curl against her stomach. She wasn't trying to hold it in pain, she stroked her stomach fur, caressing against it, kneading where the shaft was settled inside of her.

It was a display of enjoyment, one that she had never seen on herself or experienced, her cries were calling out with sweet sounds. Neera didn't know if it was a play towards the dragon to try and make him think that she was aroused or if it was something more, but it was a display that made her more and more uncomfortable. Every thrust against the haunches pushed the hips up higher in the air, the drag back showing the slick wet arousal before the push forward. He was barely able to fit half his large length into the doe, and even then it was an obvious struggle as the claws were digging into the pillows and muscles were bunching up with the effort, but he didn't go any deeper. The ridges were standing out plainly, catching along the inner folds and pushing them in on themselves.

The dark brown eyes were closed, her lips parted open as the drake dragged backwards with a slow pull that slipped the inches from her body with a loud wet noise. Neera felt her stomach contract as inch after impossible inch dragged out of the doe's body, deflating the bump in the stomach as the beast pulled himself free with a wet noise. The cock tip fell down and drooled towards the ground, pulsing and swollen as he pushed it up to rub right along the girl's ass. The slow movements were teasing against the base of the tail as Soreal was panting and gasping, her hooves splayed beneath her as she did her best to keep herself braced from under the assault.

"Do you enjoy that, pet?" Kephis flicked his tongue out to brush the back of the doe's neck. "Perhaps it is too much?"

"No.. master. I want more.." The little deer wriggled in place, her tail wagging rapidly back and forth. "Please don't stop, sir. Please... I don't want to be empty."

The doe was pleading, the voice sweet and nearly chirping as she looked back at the dragon with those soft brown eyes while her hand moved between her legs. Neera was almost horrified to see her fingers stroking herself, the touch fluttering along her violated body, rubbing either side of the puffy folds and stroking along her clit with a dainty touch. She was actually fondling herself, rubbing and getting herself worked up as Neera watched, she wasn't just making do with what was being done to her, she was enjoying it. She was savoring it.

"Perhaps Neera would like to come show you what she has learned. It might make things easier, my sweet doe." Kephis' eyes looked up at her, the blue orbs dark with his lusts. The dragoness stiffened at her name and swallowed, the doe barely cracked an eye to look at her.

"I should be pleased to share with my sister slave." Soreal answered, her voice sweet as honey, breathy as her finger actually began to dip into her taut little cunny. It made her swallow and stiffen, eyes narrowing.

"I'm not your sister." She answered with some heat, heat that she couldn't completely stop or contain.

~ ~ * ~ ~

Kephis was panting shallowly, his body tensed in pleasure as he kept himself hanging out of the girl when what he wanted to do was sink back into her. The doe was far smaller and tighter than he had anticipated, he had missed it with Neera. The incredible tightness had made him snarl out and shudder, nearly emptying himself into her body as the interior of the walls began to spread open around him. The girl was beyond eager for him, no matter how much it had to have made her ache and burn with being stretched she had moaned and shivered, she had impaled herself on him until he was nearly driving into her no matter how it might have damaged her. She had been trained to accept this, trained to understand she might be hurt and her body taught that pain could be pleasure. He could feel her fingers working between her legs, teasing herself, getting herself worked up for him.

His eyes flicked over towards Neera, watching the girl staring with a mingling of horror and embarrassment as the doe begged for him, and for what he offered. He would have to establish now that the rules of the game would be if he wanted to string it alone. Soreal had been well instructed that she was supposed to make every effort to please him and not disrupt his home, but Neera wouldn't know that. She looked angry and outraged while the doe reached her fingers back and began to deliberately rub along his cock tip, coaxing a groan from his throat. He moved his paw down to curl along the line of her stomach and squeezed, pulling her back as he drew his hips back.

"Such a shame, I did not know you were so possessive over my cock." He prummed over at her, flicking his tongue out lightly in the air.

"I... That's not what I said!" Her protest was immediate, her eyes widening at him while he pushed into the fingers that were trying to guide him back to her needy little pussy.

"No?" He drawled and kept his eyes locked on her as his cock tip kissed against the soft puffy folds. "Mmmm... very nice Soreal, my lovely one, just right there..."

"Yes, sir.. oh.. y-yes..." She shivered beneath him, her tail fluttering playfully as he nudged forward, just barely spreading her folds open. "Please, Master, fill me..."

"Whatever my treasure desires, I will always give her." He purred and hissed softly when she leaned back, starting to stretch open around his cock. "Groom, leave.. You have no place here.."

"B-but.." Neera stiffened and her eyes widened slightly, surprised at the dismissal. Normally he would have pushed her into a position to join them, but today he was going to make sure that she understood that things were shifting again.

He didn't wait for her to leave, he only pushed his hips forward and began to sink home into the writhing doe that was crying out under him. It wasn't a cry of anger or pain, it was sweet and eager as her body molded around him and squeezed along the length of his spire as the first spill of precum pumped out and was flung into her body. No, she wasn't one he would have picked out for himself, not normally, but gods if she wasn't delicious to feel wrapped around him as she struggled to take his length. He had to shove a paw down against her back and hold her still as the inches found their way into her, pushing deeper and deeper, stretching her wide with a wet lewd noise as her arousal pushed out of her. She was so damn wet, he'd never felt a female this slick without being in season, and he adored it as he was able to squeeze himself deeper inside of her tightening body.

The door to the sleeping quarters didn't shut behind the girl, his lips quirked up in a slight smirk, wondering if Neera was still watching before Soreal bleated out and bucked herself against him. She was wantonly trying to hilt herself on him, even if it would break her unprepared body, she was still trying. He had no idea that anything he did to her would be met with her moans of pleasure, whether her mind was eager for it or not. He bared his teeth and gave a rough thrust, savoring his newest claim for all that she was worth. He had no doubt her purchase price was well worth it.

His ridges chased through her body as he moved to grab the small wagging tail, feeling it twitching as he used it as a handle. He stuffed the ridges into her, using the thick wetness of her own body to squeeze his way past her muscular inner passage. She was so damn hot, hotter than Neera had been, the muscles giving small twitches and quivers around him. Every time he thought that his thrusts were hard enough to make her regret her purchase, the little doe arched and cried out, wiggling her hips backwards against him. He felt her rocking, the little twitches and movements playing against him as he rumbled a throaty snarl, curling his lips all the way back to show the sharply curved white teeth. He drew himself backwards, raking barbs through her, dragging his way backwards with the wet sounds of his ridges being pulled free.

He toyed with her, he had no doubt Neera hadn't stormed away entirely, she would be too concerned after the naga's visit to risk leaving him, especially with a new threat to come close to. He lifted his long tail, keeping it out of the way before sinking forwards again and Soreal's hands splayed to either side as she nearly shrieked out. It was a shock, that head jerking up as he rolled the tip of his cock right against the soft warm barrier of her cervix, chasing over it gently at first, but with more force as his thrusts began to build up. It was a sharp contrast to his emerald dragoness, the moans that came from doe, the way she wriggled and tried to find the right angle to allow him just a hair deeper instead of struggling to keep him out.

He sawed his girth in and out of her, working through the sleek walls that suckled and pulled along him while his back arched up. His jaws opened up, his breathing coming shallower as he felt her furred body wiggling beneath him. Her hooves were struggling so hard to hold herself up beneath his heavy weight. He grunted out, eyes sliding shut when she suddenly gave a twitch and bleated harder, her hand suddenly sliding back so her long fingers were wrapping around his base knot. She clutched him, the tight hold squeezing, mimicking the way her sleek body should have been stuffed with his girth. With a growl he pushed through her hand, his tip starting to thicken, the ridges stiffening inside of her as he stepped backwards, pulling his dark black cock from her body with a smooth tug before roughly sinking forward again.

This time Kephis was rough enough that she cried out, he heard the pained edge to her voice, even through her pleasure she couldn't hide it as his cock began to throb and stiffen, swelling her insides and glutting her with the sheer size of prick. The drake shuddered, his tail tensing and stiffening as Soreal's hand gave another squeeze around him, rubbing over his body, milking him, pulling upwards so that the pressure grew around his flaring knot. He forced her fingers apart before he lifted his head up and opened his jaws wide. The dragon gave no attempt to stop his roar of triumph, he let it out, wanting the girl to hear him as his cock began to pulse inside his newest toy's slot, twitching and pushing out a hot wave of cum to assault her sleek little body with. It poured into her, the ropes flooding the little cervine belly as he leaned himself forward above her, savoring the way her hand pumped and milked him.

Oh yes... well trained indeed.. He thought, glorying in the shuddering moment of pleasure. I wonder if Neera even understands what she will have to do to rival Soreal for my attention...

_ _

The thought helped squeeze up another hot jet of his seed right into the vulnerable belly, coating it messily as he crooned down at the writhing doe. Every part of him delighting in the way that she was shaking and trembling, overcome with hot seed as she moaned for him. His own little whore, how could Neera ever hope to match her?

~ ~ * ~ ~

"Why do you not sleep with us?" Soreal's voice was sweet and soft as Neera polished the heavy gold plate that she had been charged with. "Do you not wish to be warm?"

"I want to be warm, but I will do it on my terms." She snapped in response, bristling a little despite the fact that the deer wasn't doing anything wrong.

"Of course, but would you not be more comfortable beside our master?" She persisted with those soft brown eyes looking oh so innocent. "I would happily make room for you."

She had learned that the deer that had been brought into the harem was actually a fallow deer from further north than the dragoness was. Soreal never did anything that was objectionable, she always seemed to have the same quiet smile on her face and the demeanor rarely changed from that of avid eagerness to please those around her. It wasn't just Kephis either, she was constantly trying to convince Neera to join her in activities, doing things that appeared nice, but at the same time damned her in the golden dragon's eyes. Such as when the drake wanted to be pleasured, Soreal would come to ask her to join them, offering to learn from her what their 'master loved best of all' and always did so with a perfectly innocent expression on her face.

Everything about her seemed to designed to try and pleasure the dragon, to answer his every need which left Neera further and further on the outs. She had never been willing to do the things that the gold drake craved and when she did, she came around to it slowly. She had to work herself up to the acts, even when she knew that she was going to be forced to do it one way or another, which meant that Soreal was far outstripping her in terms of favor for the dragon. Whenever he came into the room she leapt to attend him, doing her best to offer him anything that might give him pleasure. She groomed him and sharpened his claws, she offered to read over the numbers for him so he didn't have to strain his eyes, she delivered messages. And when it came to physical pleasures she was constantly doing her best to give him whatever he wanted.

More than once Neera had come back to the suite to find the doe either in the heat of the moment with the drake or just after. The few times she came in when they had just begun she had done her best to attract Kephis' eyes, hoping to do something that might secure her more favorably to him, but he was always drawn back to the doe. Soreal had no shame, there was nothing she would not do, she was constantly challenging herself and trying to give into his debase desires no matter how strange. And what was worse, the deer seemed disappointed that Neera refused to join them.

"Would you like me to help you polish?" Soreal persisted, her tail giving a little wag.

"I really don't." Neera refused and sighed a little bit. It reminded her of an overeager pet with the way that the deer tried to win her attention and affection. "When does Kephis return?"

"Soon, he is in meetings, he said this morning that he hopes the secure a position that will allow his children to extend their territory when they hatch." Soreal answered immediately and pricked her ears up. "I believe he will be checking on them this evening."

Neera winced and not simply because of the mention of the eggs she had laid, but because Soreal had the information so readily at hand. The doe was starting to have more and more information at her finger tips, most of it having to do with the dragon's schedule. The dragoness was starting to feel like a servant in truth, steadily being given chores to take care of. Whether it was tending to the kelpie or cleaning or arranging scrolls, the work she was given was given to her with an eye to her not being around the dragon that owned her. She should have been relieved by the change, it was a situation in which she wasn't being violated and was allowed to frequently have time to herself when she wanted it. There had been no mention of the naga, nothing to indicate that his threats were real, she should have been content.

Soreal did everything, no matter how degrading, she had actually seen the doe's tail flagged and taking the shaft in the taut anal ring once. It had to have hurt, but she had wriggled and squirmed, cooing so eagerly as she had pushed back on the length, trying to get more of it inside of her. The very hint that the dragon was randy was enough for the deer to begin to rub up against him, teasing him, caressing him with her body with undisguised eagerness in the hopes that he would respond to her. Neera had even tried a time or two to beat her, but every time the doe was leaping forward with wide eager eyes. It was like the girl didn't have enough mental power to understand that she was being used and abused, certainly she should have understood that this wasn't a good position to be in.

_I'm jealous. _ She thought and struggled the urge to growl at the admission even to herself, but it was difficult.

Kephis showered affection upon Soreal, rewarding her with trinkets and bits of silk, calling upon her to spend long hours pouring over scrolls or generally enjoying the sensual side of the deer. She didn't understand her emotions about it, but she had always been treated with a certain amount of privilege and even affection from Kephis. He had typically lavished her with the idea that she was special to him, the mother of his eggs, chosen and purchased especially because he desired her. She had become used to it, having it taken from her, to be placed on the doe made her feel irrational jealousy, things that made her struggle to keep her anger from showing in front of them both. The doe would not have understood it and the dragon would have used it as a way to keep her in check, she was sure of it.

The last week it had grown worse, her half desire to have his attention was growing into an obsession she wasn't comfortable with. He didn't hint she would be sold, but she still wanted him to see her as more than simply another servant. Her thoughts were corrupted far enough that even her dreams were unsteady as she spent most nights sleeping in the library or in the stable where it was warm, even if it was with the kelpie. Her dreams had become disturbingly fixated on the dragon and not simply as a nightmare, more than once she had woken up with the heated thought of his tongue on her body, his heat against her. They shocked her awake sometimes, the fantasies leaving her damp and confused, disgusted with herself as her heart pounded in her ears. It was made worse listening to the doe and the dragon together, struggling to simply enter the competition for his attention.

_It's barely a competition, she does whatever he so much as whispers, she doesn't even find it wrong. _ She thought in frustration.

Today she was polishing several items that he wished to use for an upcoming event, a dinner that would be held in honor of the impending hatching. The eggs were showing every indication that they would hatch within the month, something the dragon was nearly strutting around about. She had heard that they had begun to rock restlessly, the dragonets inside growing too large and shifting constantly and nervously. The servants were murmuring about bets being placed on what would hatch out, the hopes being an equal distribution of males and females. Her chest tightened slightly at the thought of the eggs, more emotions to confuse her, especially when she knew that she had given birth to the unwanted clutch.

_My first clutch, I should be excited, pleased, eager to see their damp bodies hatch free to be named.. _She felt her throat tighten slightly, but the doe was persistent in her efforts to engage her fellow slave.

"Would you like to bathe him when he returns from visiting his eggs?" She asked and offered a sly little smile. "I'm sure he would enjoy it."

"I'm sure he would." Neera answered and perked up slightly, trying to keep a realization from showing on her face. "But you should bathe first, I can have one afterwards."

"We could bathe together and let him find us." She offered a shy smile, fluttering her tail back and forth.

"I don't think so." Neera gave her head a shake, forcing her smile to remain on her face when she wanted to grimace. Bathing games were one of the does favorites, she seemed to love ambushing Kephis there, abusing it early in the morning before the drake even started his day. "Go ahead, I'll go second, I promise."

_If he's alone with the eggs I can meet him up there. He never takes anyone there, but they are my eggs too, surely he would not turn me away, not when they are so close to hatching. _ She twitched her tail slightly, trying her best not to show her excitement at the thought. _She wouldn't dare follow him there. He'd never expect it. _

_ _

Her mood lifted, it became calculating and eager as she set the plate aside and watched the dappled doe move towards the shower. Let Soreal bathe, she was going to use the only advantage that she had left, one place that she could visit him and try to regain his attention. Just thinking it made her feel unnaturally warm and her heart sped up, it wasn't a normal reaction, but she had long since given up on her life being normal.

~ ~ * ~ ~

Kephis rubbed his beak hooked muzzle along one of his eggs as he twined his body around them, feeling the way that they were stirring and shifting against his muzzle. He could almost feel the paws that hit against the shell, the muzzles that were trying to find a weakness in the outer edge. It had been so long since they had been laid, the wait as they were cared for and growing within their protective shells. Now, now it was finally coming to an end as they showed every sign of being ready to finally hatch. He licked over the edges, settling against them so that the sand was baking against his stomach and side, trying to gauge which one would be his first born. The largest one wasn't nearly as strong, he dismissed it as possibly being the first to break shell, he favored one that was nearly entirely green with a faint mottling along the outer edges.

It was the finale of his plan when he had purchased the girl, to finally pass on his lands and titles to his offspring. He was positive Neera would provide him with a strong bloodline, but he was anxious for them to hatch out. Traditionally it would be the first born that would take his lands and titles, but exceptions could be made. He preferred to have another non-morph to be his heir, but if one was strong enough and intelligent enough he might revise his preference. His goal was to have his line continue, and not simply continue, but flourish. Every hatchling would be precious, each one a tendril in his expanding empire. An empire that his neighbors were gathering to see the birth of.

_Well, they don't need to know it's aa empire. _ He thought and crooned down at the eggs, hearing the soft noises from under the shells.

All of his time was spent gathering wealth and power to him, slowly enough that no one could accuse him of doing so deliberately or that he was forming an empire, but at the same time he was doing it swiftly enough to see progress. The trade routes were shifting in his favor, eventually they would be entirely under his hand as long as he was freely sending out his gold as much as he possibly could, currying favor at every quarter. There were those that controlled various parts of the deserts that weren't allowed a say in how things were run, in the Councils and meetings that took place without them. Great and powerful merchants who lacked titles and were growing bitter, he could take advantage of that. He could create allies that would eventually give him more than a simple estate.

He often had such thoughts when he came to tend his eggs, the closer they came to hatching the more important it was to solidify his plan. He would need to keep them safe, they would be vulnerable at first, and keeping them safe meant making sure that his allies understood what was at stake. They would need to defend him, defend his offspring. The golden dragon thrummed down at the eggs softly and rubs his muzzle over them, feeling their frantic movements. They were born to rule, they would be hatched at the very cusp of his new empire, he would raise them with all the guile that he possessed and their mother's spirit would give them fire.

It was almost as if the thought of her brought Neera to him as he brooded over his offspring, his head lifting to see the sleek little female opening the door instead of the guards. Kephis lifted a brow slightly to see her stepping into the bright light, her scales glowing in burnished metallic and deepest greens as her head lifted, eyes sliding towards him with a hint of light behind it. He almost purred towards her, his entire mood relaxed and pleasured by the way events were beginning to align for him, but he withheld it and instead lifted a brow up in silent question as to what she was doing out of his quarters, or the stable.

He had spent the last several weeks slaking his lusts with the doe. She was constantly in attendance to him, always ready, always wet, always eager to lift her tail or bend over just for the chance to feel his cock sinking home inside of her. Kephis supposed that most males would have been happy with the situation, after all, he certainly had a female that was eager and willing to answer his softest command, what more could he desire? Except, he was not most males. He enjoyed himself, and his body savored what they did together, but he lacked challenge. No matter how rough he was with her or what he did, Soreal seemed to enjoy it, often bleating her pleasure and shivering, sometimes reclining afterwards and giving him a show of her fingers dancing over her soft folds, inviting him to watch her pleasure herself. And he encouraged it, encouraged it because he could see the anger and frustration in Neera's eyes, her confusion.

"What are you doing here, girl? I set you with chores, I will not tolerate you slacking." He snapped, putting an irritated growl into his voice, tightening his body around the eggs.

"I came to see our eggs, Master." Neera answered, her elegant head lifted and eyes looking challenging at him. "It is in within my right, is it not? I have heard that they are very nearly ready to hatch.."

"Aye, they are." He conceded as she continued to advance towards him, his eyes narrowing to slits.

It had been weeks since he had touched her with more than a brush of a wing or tail, his attention had fixated on the doe, trying to push Neera to a breaking point. Having her attempt to seduce him was lovely, but he wanted to see her pitted against another female for his favor. Having his other concubine was an easy comparison between the two and his lips quirked at the way that she came towards him, her steps measured grace. Soreal was gold, beautiful and soft, easily molded into whatever shape he wished to have her as, just a bit of heat and pressure and she changed for him. Neera was steel, tempered and forged, blows needed to shape her, file her, and each blow only helped harden her into something that no creature could reshape.

"You have not invited me up here to see them, my lord, I should have hoped I would be present for their hatching." Neera came to the edge of the sands and hesitated before stepping down on them, making the drake want to thrum his appreciation for her. The way that she was posing herself on the edges of the sands, her neck curvetted oh so beautifully.

"And should I have invited you?" He responded casually, shifting so she could see the mottled orbs tucked against his stomach. "They are my heirs, you were merely the vessel that carried them. I can hardly see why I should bring you here to see them when you are far better suited to caring for my kelpie."

"And you are better engaged with your deer?" She countered and he nearly swelled his chest in amusement at the taste of jealousy on the air. Uncharacteristic of her, but it excited him.

"Ahh do you regret not being more eager, girl?" he extended his head and stopped as he was nearly a foot from her when his nostrils flared open.

He could taste it on the air, beneath the fragrant scent of oil that she had coated on her scales so that they shined, it was sweet and alluring, sensual and primal as it filled his senses. The pheromones made his blood begin to pump hot as he tasted her season on his tongue, so invitingly rich and fertile that his stomach tightened while he moved his paws away from the eggs and turned his body slowly to face her. The girl had gone into season. He did not know when, he couldn't even be sure as to how long she had reached her peak, but it was there and making him want to flick his tongue out towards her. There was no denying the way that it filled the air, and she only moved towards the eggs as if her body were not releasing the next generation of eggs ready to be seeded.

Has she learned nothing from me? _ He thoughts and moved to sit up, allowing her better access to the eggs as he did so. _She should recall the last time she as in season.

_ _

It wasn't her full heat yet, but close enough that she was advertising to the world that she was ready to accept a suitor. A dragoness did not ovulate often, eggs were hard to carry, the thick calcium rich shells and the effort to form them could be deadly if a female weren't ready, but oh when they did. He let his eyes slide along her body intimately as she seemed to ignore him, moving towards the way that her tail was oh so subtly hiked up and lowered his head to draw in a breath. He could taste it, just the start of it. His breathing picked up the pace as he lowered his head towards her and moved his tongue out, touching her tail so that she sucked in a breath and jerked away from him. He wasn't giving his attention to her affront, but to the way the tail slipped up higher in response.

"I regret nothing." She answered and turned to face him, her tail just barely held up at the base, making him meet her eyes. "But these are my children as well, I wished to see them, Master. They will soon hatch."

"Yes, they will. My next generation." He thrummed and tilted his head down towards her, choosing his words carefully. "I have hopes that Soreal will carry a fine heir as well, though I do not know if it will be live born or hatched, she is of good stock."

You don't like that, do you, girl? _ He saw the way her eyes jerked up, shocked. He had always told her how he favored her womb above others. _Careful, now, do not lose her.

_ _

"Did she come with you as well?" He tilted his head back towards the door, as if looking for the doe, though he knew she was nowhere to be found. It was the act that counted, looking for the girl.

"No. She is bathing, Master." Neera tilted her head towards him, her tail tip lashing and twisting wildly behind him. "I had hoped you might allow me to stand watch over the eggs with you."

She moved closer to him and reached out to rest a hand right along one of his broad forelegs, stroking down the scaling with a feather light stroke that made him shift his muscles, tightening and relaxing them. She was coming closer to him, the movements seductive and inviting, made all the more appealing by the fact that she smelled so deliciously of what he loved best. He had sharp vivid memories of what her estrus riddled body felt like around his cock, how she had been so swollen and tight, crying out and writhing as he had tried to fit every last knot inside of her. He had never been able to do so while she was in heat, she hadn't been trained to fit around him but now... now she did. The idea of driving his base knot into her, of pinning her and making her belly swell and bulge with his cum was a heady thing.

And this time, she will know what she is giving me. She will offer me her next clutch freely. _ He let her move closer before flicking his tongue down to brush along the nape of her neck. _She will help guide me inside.. but not tonight. Tonight, let us see what she is willing to do to stand out from Soreal.

_ _

"I had hoped you would show me my prize, the kelpie. Hyrul, that is what he is named is it not?" Kephis reached his paw up to run his toes along her side, feeling the faint shiver. "You have been tending him for months now."

"Yes, sir." She blinked up at him a touch. "I have been tending him, he is as vicious as he ever was, and as blood thirsty."

"Aye, but I believe it would do me good to not fret over our eggs." He ever so slightly stressed the 'our' part while he rubbed his toes along her stomach. "I could do with a distraction, and I'm afraid I have not yet explored the possibilities of breeding him with a mare. Since you have tended him, I'm sure you will be happy to show me he is in good health."

"Of course." She answered promptly and dipped her head, her eyes a bit confused as she did so. "I should be pleased too..."

You will be more than pleased to show me the beast, especially as I am well aware of his amorous nature. A few precautions and I will let my new stallion help to prepare you for what is to come. _ He thought and gestured for Neera to precede him. _This time I will have every last inch of me inside of you and paint your egg chamber white. And you will demand my clutch, you will beg for it...

_ _

~ ~ * ~ ~

Kephis hadn't been near the stable since she had originally taken over the duties that came with caring with his newest prize. Neera had long since gotten over her visceral fear of the animal, though her disgust was still present on purposefully keeping the creature, she had begun to let her guard down. He would take her hand off if he could, but he preferred to have prey within his cage he could actually stand a chance of catching rather than biting at the bars to get at her. She could even touch him if he was in a good enough mood, he would only snap a few times in annoyance before allowing himself to be stroked with her finger tips. It was more than she had ever dreamed being able to do as a frightened child and it allowed her to enjoy the climate of the stable rather than feel frustration and dread at being forced into the building.

She led the golden dragon through the halls and out the doors with alternating senses of relief that he wasn't making her stay in the room with the eggs and disappointment that he seemed to dismiss her attempts to grow close to him. He wasn't treating her exactly like a servant or dismissively, but it wasn't her intention to go down to the stables and likely be given a set of chores that would keep her out of the running while Soreal used her position to secure herself as his favorite. He had already mentioned he might see to it that she too carried his offspring, it was a splash of cold water to realize that she was being replaced by the sweet deer. There was no hope that she could compete in terms of eagerness, or quantity of times that the little deer gave into him, she would have to find other ways to impress him.

"Ahh he is magnificent." Kephis purred as he nudged the large double doors open to allow for his balk to walk through, his head up as Hylar danced and high stepped in the indoor ring that made up his cage.

"I do not know, what I was taught was how to avoid them, not how to rate them, sir." She answered and felt her entire body relaxing as she stepped into the humid warmth.

Her scaling had grown healthier since she had been allowed to spend more time in the faux swamp. She needed that added humidity, it helped to make her scaling softer and more supple instead of dry and hard as the desert winds made her. She felt better overall, the warmth here was entirely different from the dry brutal heat of the desert. If she had been given this place as her own, without the kelpie, she might have felt warmth towards the dragon that had enslaved her. He had recreated a slice of her home here, but it was obvious from the first time she had walked in through the doors that it wasn't made for her. Every bit of it was designed with the stallion's health in mind, just as he designed his other stables, they were kept in better conditions than most servants and certainly better than a slaves bed. Not that she even had a room of her own...

"Fantastic." The dragon strode along the fence line as the kelpie bared his teeth, the scaled lips peeling back to show the sharply hooked fangs in silent warning before dancing backwards with a flick of his long tail. "Perfectly proportioned. If I was one of your kind I might be tempted to put a saddle on him."

"He would eat you as soon as let you put a saddle on him, Master." She offered and moved up to the fence, trying to ignore the way the creature's ears pricked forward at the sight of her, the mobile muzzle moving to draw in a breath. "He is a predator."

"Aye, but even a predator can be broken." Kephis commented, his eyes sliding down towards her. "Go and bring me the halter and lead, girl."

"Master, I truly would not advise you.." Neera started to protest, her eyes widening as the dragon reached to rest a paw on the heavily set of locks that kept the gate closed.

"I will fetch them for you, sir." A sweet voice spoke up, light and delicate as the familiar sound of hooves clattered behind them.

Soreal came from the open door with her ears up and her expression one of eagerness as she looked around the room as if she belonged here. Neera was almost surprised at the sense of invasion in having the other female here, but this had become her own personal retreat ever since Kephis had returned. There was no where else that she could go that escaped her troubles except for here, the only place she felt she could let at least part of her guard down and now the doe was moving around and searching for the halter and lead as if she had been invited here. She swallowed, nearly moving to shift closer to Kephis, but she kept herself from the automatic movement, and instead stepped away.

"I will get them." She interjected, keeping the edge from her voice while the doe tilted her head a little and then froze.

"Is that a kelpie?" Soreal asked breathlessly and her tail snapped up in alarm as the monster tossed his head and snapped his teeth irritably, starting to pace behind the bars as the gathering grew outside of his cage.

"Yes, don't get close. A deer like you would be a fine meal to him." Neera offered and pushed open a chest to dig out the dusty implements meant for a horse.

"Come now, I doubt he would ear such a lovely doe." Kephis prummed and moved away from the fence, his attention sliding towards the small doe who remained posed a dozen feet away.

He had been fixated on his stallion, she had been alright with his dismissal in favor of his watching the kelpie, but now he was ignoring her so that he could look over the other female with some amusement. Why hadn't he found her that interesting? He had spoken with her and even looked her over, but there wasn't the amount of attention that he was aiming towards the little doe who was approaching the fence with the whites of her eyes flashing in her fear. She was nearly shaking, and well she should have been, deer and other prey animals were delicacies for predators such as the kelpie. Neera steadied herself, drawing in a breath as she shook out the halter and a set of leads from the chest and began to advance on her master.

This was her space, well in as much as she could make it, she was comfortable here even with the kelpie watching them with his alien and hungry eyes. She had even set up a small cot in the nearly empty tack room, she had come here to read and slept here several nights when she had given up on trying to get the dragon's eyes on her or grew tired of listening to the carnal sounds of pleasure slipping in from the next room. She felt violated that her rival was here, and even more outraged that Kephis was moving towards her intent in every step, nostrils flaring slightly. Was she no longer even mildly attractive to him? Or was he craving the soft feel of fur as opposed to scales?

"Here, sir, the harness and lead that you requested." She offered them with a slight tilt of her head, trying to display herself without causing more embarrassment. "Shall I call up the grooms to help you corner the stallion?"

"Rrrmm?" Kephis turned his head slowly towards her and his lips twitched slightly, almost a smile. "How large is that halter?"

"Large?" She looked down at the soft supple leather in her hand, her fingers running against the edges lightly. "I don't know, it's a normal halter, sir."

"Hrrrm my horses are Arabians, bred for small dainty heads." He turned his eyes back down towards the doe with a fond expression on his face. "Soreal, put on the halter for me, I wish to see how large it is."

"Of course, Master. I should love to display it for you." The doe answered sweetly, her tail fluttering even as her eyes darted back towards the contained kelpie.

"Ahh your muzzle is far to small, Soreal, it would fall straight off." Neera interjected, finding at least something she could do to push some of the favor towards her side of things. "I can see better gauge the size, I have worked with Hylar for quite a few weeks now."

"By all means then." Kephis shifted his eyes towards her, almost looking surprised as she shook out the halter.

It was embarrassing and a bit demeaning, but in terms of what had been done to her this was on the low end of the spectrum of embarrassment as she moved her head downwards and slipped the halter up and over her muzzle. It wasn't designed for her head, her horns made it hard to draw it high enough up, but at least it gave a good vision of just how large it was in comparison to her muzzle and jaw line. She had him watching her again, not watching Soreal, and she nearly basked in it as he tilted his head a touch to one side and gestured with one of his paws.

"All the way on, Neera, and buckle it. I don't think that your head is the same size as his, you are a good deal smaller, but we cannot very well pin his head down and strap on a halter." He commented with his eyes brightening a little bit, taking a step forward. "Soreal, take those leads from her."

She didn't know why the drake was fascinated by what she was doing, but she did know that the attention was a reward she had been looking for. She let the doe take the two leads from her and moved her hands up to struggle to buckle the halter in place. Her cheeks burned and darkened along the edges, making her ears run hot as she managed to get the head strap up and over her horns so it could be buckled into place. The soft well-oiled leather was soft and sensual feeling against her head, rubbing along the line of her muzzle and either side of her lips as the buckles were cold feeling. It was degrading to wear it, but the golden drake was moving around her and looking her over, not just her head, one of his large paws moved to brush against her cheek, the deadly talon curling to just barely hook beneath the loose line of leather.

~ ~ * ~ ~

Leather on golden and emerald scales, the raw shame in the eyes looking up at him, it was as glorious a sight as he could have imagined on her. He loved seeing the shame there, finding new points of her pride that he could ruthlessly exploit. He had deliberately made sure that Soreal had watched them leave the main part of his home, he wanted to make sure that the girl followed them. Everything hinged on putting Neera in a position where she agreed to what he wanted her to do. It would be a test of how far he could push her, if her lines were drawn to the point that he still had to let her have some chance to back down or command her, force her to do it. Not that he had anything against forcing, her, only that he wanted to see what he could push her to do.

The halter was the first part of his plan, he needed something to control her, something he could latch leads onto to bind her down. He had no illusion that she would remain still and quiet for what he had planned, even if she agreed to it of her own free will, when she realized just how serious he was she would try to fight it. Until now, he had always allowed her to generally have her freedom save for his paws on her body or his weight, he hadn't truly used any sort of restraints on her.

"Not too bad, it's one of the larger ones." Kephis murmured with approval. "Of course, moving him is the least of my worries. I have every intention of breeding foals from him, but you pointed out that may not be possible."

"You want to breed him?" Soreal squeaked up, the little doe struggling to hide her instinctive fear, but he could still taste it on the air.

"Oh yes, I intend to have foals form him, but we need to establish if he can view another creature as a potential mate, which requires handling him." He shrugged a wing slightly and glanced at the proud beast that was watching him.

Nagal had been amused and verbose about how the kelpie had reacted to sexual tension in the air, he had even wanted to set the animal on Neera, but he had been quickly denied. He moved a claw to hook hard beneath the halter and turned the dragoness' head towards him, forcing her to turn it while he kept watching his prized stallion as if he were considering something. He had his doubts that Soreal would volunteer for what he wanted, but he only had to carefully word things to make sure that Neera would be the first to volunteer and only afterwards think about what she was agreeing too.

"I have never handled him, sir. Only through the fence." She admitted and stiffened a bit when he pulled the halter and dragged her forward, her cheeks flushing with humiliation. "May I take the halter off now?"

"Hmm, he would respond better to a female, I think." He rumbled as if deep in thought, ignoring her question.

"Master?" Soreal looked up at him with those soft doe eyes, so eager and scared. "Why should a female matter?"

"He is a male, girl, just look at him. The only one of his kind, locked away, a full stallion. If a female were presented to him he might just give into one of the more eager needs than simply killing." He released Neera's halter and leaned his head towards Soreal. "He is well fed, each day he is offered as much as he can eat, do you really think he would savage you simply because you were in there."

"Yes." Neera spoke flatly, making him glance over at her. He snorted and then slid his muzzle down to run towards the doe.

"Do you believe I would let a single scratch happen to my precious treasure?" He crooned and flicked his tongue out, brushing it along the curve of her shoulder sensuously. "I would never risk you, not when you have learned what pleases me."

He deliberately used a tone he had used in the past with Neera, when he wanted to make her think about some punishment or fate and worked her up with fear. He had always loved that fear and outrage, even if all he was going to do was pin her down and stuff her full of his cock, he wanted to make her react. He wondered if she'd recognize the ploy, he hoped she did, he was going to have her bound in that pen by the end of the day one way or another, and he wanted to make her agree to have it done to herself. He wanted to see her realize that he wasn't teasing about the kelpie and what he wanted to do.

"You aren't going to put her in there!" Neera stiffened while he watched the little doe shaking, her eyes nearly white all around the edge. He didn't have to feign interest in her fear and regard, so there was something the doe wouldn't agree to immediately.

"Of course, and why should I not?" He asked, sliding a paw along her hip.

"B-because the kelpie will have her for dinner!" She stammered, making him glance over at her haltered head.

"Do you not have plates to polish, girl? Something to keep you out of my scales?" He put disdain in his voice as his toes ran along the girl's stomach lightly, feeling her shaking against him, she wasn't refusing. "Mmm do not worry, my treasure, you will not lose a single bit of fur."

~ ~ * ~ ~

Neera forgot about the halter on her head, she was left staring at the dragon who was lavishing attention on the doe as if she weren't there. Just moments before he had been warm and approving of her, his attention like a compass that focused on her and her alone, but he had shifted his gaze towards the doe once more. It was like she couldn't keep him interested in her, not even the degrading act of putting on a halter had done more than capture his gaze for a few minutes. By contrast, Soreal was sidling close to him, pressing herself along his side and foreleg with her tail actively twitching back and forth as if to show off her pert little ass to the feral drake. The dismissive tone, the way that he began to rub his muzzle against her hinted that he was teasing her.

_It's just another game to him, he's just feeling amorous. _ She thought ruefully.

It was the start to one of his little games, trying to get the little doe worked up as he spoke about how he would have to tie her down to make sure the kelpie wouldn't see her running and prey-like. His voice was a low rumble with threats that she was all too familiar with, he wanted to make her agree, to be scared and nervous and then he would pounce on her. He would get more and more aroused as he discussed in detail how she would be tied, what he would do, but she knew that it was all building to one thing. She had known him long enough to understand what he was going to do, and much like the halter, she wasn't going to let Soreal continue to take the dragon's attentions from her.

He might wish to have a frightened creature, but she also knew that he loved seeing her offer something so freely. It would tickle him, especially if she offered it without him attempting to position her into it. She had lost too often, she refused to lose again. Even as her stomach gave a strange flip flop with the decision to step forward.

"She is too frightened, Master, look at her shake." She purred softly and stepped forward, reaching up to begin to unbuckle the halter. "I have handled him for weeks now, surely you will not put her into the pen with such an evil monster."

"Leave the halter on." He lifted his head, keeping his paw on Soreal who was shaking beneath his touch, her body tensed up. "So, you believe that you are better suited rrrmm?"

She dropped her hands from the halter, watching as the dragon was nearly groping the curve of the doe's haunches, his attention still fixated on her, but she approached him with a bit more confidence. If he wanted to play this game, she would have to lure his attention further from the doe. Doing so left a bad taste in her muzzle, but she still approached him and tilted her head down, trying to show herself off while he ran one talon right under the doe's soft white tail. His eyes were on her, though, that was an improvement, especially the way that he was weighing her as she approached him. Having to force herself into these actions meant that she had lost too many chances already, she was rapidly becoming his servant and nothing more. It was time for action, time to engage him and keep his attention on her.

"I believe that I would be better, Master, in many ways." Neera answered and put a throaty purr to her voice as she did so. "This is no place for a nervous little doe, she is better suited to the comforts of the estate."

"I can stay here, sir." Soreal spoke up, looking almost startled that it was hinted at that she should leave the stable. "I would prefer to give you what you need."

"Of course you do, my treasure, which is why I savor you as much as I do." He rumbled, his gaze starting to go down towards her again, but Neera stepped up with her tail raising higher, drawing in a breath.

_The hell if she's going to win this time. _ Neera thought, her body thrumming with energy, bursting through her and fixating on Kephis, she didn't know why, only that she couldn't continue being pushed to the edges as she was.

"Would you like to see your kelpie go through his paces?" She asked, her heart starting to beat faster as she looked up at him. "Or do you wish him to snap up that little bit of deer meat for dessert?"

"And do you freely offer yourself?" Kephis' eyes rose up to look at her, brightening as she advanced on him. "In her place?"

"No, I offer myself in my rightful place." She asserted her claim, trying to keep the sickness from twisting in her stomach nervously.

Kephis rumbled, the throaty purr rose up in the large golden throat as he stopped stroking the little doe and rewarded her with letting Soreal go as he stood up, looming high above her as he always did, but with more interest in his gaze than he had shown her in over a month. She wanted to run, to take it back, the moment that his attention had fixated on her she had second thoughts, but refused to show it as the little doe glanced over at her with wide eyes, but not anger or frustration, they were concerned and slightly fearful. She didn't know yet the dragon had a love of toying with his slaves' minds, how he wanted to break them, to threaten them and push at the their boundaries.

"Soreal, give me those leads and go stand back outside of the stable and close the door." Kephis reached out and caught the loose halter on her head and gave a rough pull, dragging her closer to him. "My lovely little emerald, how long have you been staring at my stallion hoping that I would chose you for this?"

"I-I haven't been." She immediately protested, nearly stumbling as he pulled her over, unprepared for the pull. "I only wish to give you what you need."

Kephis kept his claw hooked under the halter as she was drawn closer to him, she knew what was going to happen, her body felt warm as his paw moved to slide behind her and draw her in. He'd threaten, draw out what he was about to do to her and then give her the reprieve of being impaled on his shaft. He'd make her make that choice, perhaps even beg for it, but that was to be expected, she knew it was coming and simply stiffened as he turned his claw on the halter and drew her head in close to his own. The hooked beak-like muzzle nearly kissed her, it hovered above her and the maw parted open, showing a hint of the tongue before it flicked out to brush against her chin. The touch was a gentle swirl, a stroke that had her breathing speed up as she sucked it in and swallowed.

"Put your arms behind you, Neera, I want to make sure that you do not rouse the kelpie to hurting you." Kephis spoke in a low thrum, vibrating over her muzzle. "I would be remiss if I allowed you to struggle too much."

"I would rather my arms be free." She played along, feeling the halter drawing her head in close enough that his tongue could dart out, nearly pushing against her own.

The feel of him close by made her uncomfortable aware of the fact that her body was reacting to him in a way she was all together unsettled by. The warmth spread through her lower body, curling along her stomach and making her well aware of the scent of him on the air. She was nearly nude, wearing only her normal loose belt of chain and the spill of fabric that allowed her to cover her nether regions, but it was ruffled and fluttered about, shifting beneath the paw that ran against her. She felt a strange rippling contraction along her lower belly, a rippling of sensation that sent a shiver down her spine. It was anticipation, lust, a combination of both working together that made her breath catch in her throat as the dragon's forepaw curled along her loose fabric and tore against it, pulling it away from her body in a smooth yank.

"I don't think you will need this, my little mare." Kephis purred, she heard the outer door being closed as he mocked her, her breathing coming faster.

The moment it was tugged away she could feel the soft lips of her vent, the wetness gathering along the edge while the warm breath blew against her, hitting against the softness of her chest and down along her stomach. It was almost like cold water to realize how slick and wet she was, how the gleaming arousal clung to her inner walls messily and just barely formed a line along her vent. She hadn't been teased, he hadn't been using his tongue on her, it was her own bodies reaction as she pushed back into his paw and felt the heat of the tongue sliding along her throat, pushing towards her shoulder. The oral appendage felt so warm, almost feverish, caressing against her scaled body, nearly coaxing a soft noise from her throat.

-Snap- The sound of metal clicking on metal brought her head up, eyes focusing as something hung down from the halter.

"Come along, let us prepare you for Hylar, I have hopes that he has seen you often enough that you will be only another mare to him, albeit, a strangely made one." Kephis' voice was rough with lust as he walked on three legs, the fourth paw was used to hold the lead and yank her forward towards the fence line. He wanted to play out his game, she could do this, it had brought his attention firmly back to her, that was the important part.

~ ~ * ~ ~

Kephis could see her eyes showing a hint of worry, but not enough, she was already justifying everything as a game that was being played and nothing at all like a real risk. The kelpie's enclosure had once been a riding ring that had been used to exercise his horses, some of the design was still left over when he had converted it to a humid environment for the stallion. It took very little weight for him to shove against the exterior of the fence and swung the door inwards to send the kelpie snorting towards the other side of the ring. His ears were flat back to his head, eyes wide and flashing angrily, showing the sharp edge of his fangs, ready to charge, but the design of the ring was one that was able to be split in half at will.

He used his large golden shoulder to swing the long portion of fence inwards, scraping against the damp ground and catching on a few bits of moss as it squeak and screamed in protest. The metal had begun to suffer from the constant humidity, but his bulk was able to push it all the way up until it clattered against a stopper at the other end of the enclosure, effectively cutting the kelpie's usable area in half. The scaled beast was growing restless, angry and violent as it's clawed hooves dug at the ground and he gave short lunges forward, trying to charge the barrier. Kephis snorted in amusement at the energetic and challenging beast as he dragged Neera towards the far wall, watching as she grabbed at the lead to try and give herself some amount of slack.

"Pull that ring down from the wall." He commanded and gestured with his muzzle, tossing his head towards the spot. "You'll have to pull hard to bring the block down."

Neera's expression was confused, but she obeyed as she leaned up to grab the heavy lead ring and gave a pull downwards. He flicked his tongue out lightly, sampling the scent on the air from her body, it was alluring and promising, making the temptation to enjoy her himself increase as she yanked and pulled a heavy block from the wall, struggling and pulling back away with her tail flashing just near his muzzle. She was in season, but not deeply enough, he wanted to maneuver her into a position where she gave up her clutch to him. He had already consciously made the choice to see her with the kelpie, something that had toyed in his mind for quite some time, ever since he had heard the reactions the stallion had to her.

Still, his eye slid down the line of her belly and inner thighs, spying the bare soft folds that were glistening with arousal. She was trying to keep it hidden, he could see it in the way that she was shifting and moving her legs and attempting to keep her tail well tucked down, but she failed in hiding just how worked up she was. He knew that if he moved his tongue down and started to stroke over her cunny she would cry out for him, the swollen nerves of her body would react even if she wanted to deny it. He could push his entire tongue into that writhing slender body and feel her muscles clutching him and grabbing, suckling in an attempt to hold him deep inside of her. Even if she was ignorant to how her body worked, he was not, two legs or four, there were certain things that were the same with every female as long as one was willing to use them.

He used one paw to snap the block in place, the heavy round barrel depressed deep inside of the soft sand bed that he used in the humid swamp. It was designed to be used for new riders, the grooms could rig it to bounce up and down, to swing and turn like a fighting horse. It was roughly made, but he didn't care, the important part was that it was very nearly the same width of a horse's barrel which made it perfect for his intentions. He locked the thing in place with sheer force, using his greater weight to make the thing snap down and groan as the movable pieces were forced in against each other so the device would be relatively solid. Neera was watching with some confusion on her face before he turned towards her.

"I doubt you would enjoy holding him up on your back with two legs, hmm?" He drawled out and reached out to yank at the lead. "On the block, belly down so you're hugging it."

"Are you certain, sir? Surely there could be a more comfortable position available." Neera's eyes flicked towards the caught kelpie and then back to him. "Ones that you would enjoy."

"It is hardly about my enjoyment, girl." He dismissed and gestured, using the lead to drag her closer, loving the way that her head was stretched out by the hold and the flash of outrage she showed at being pulled along. "On the block, I want to make sure you're secured down."

~ ~ * ~ ~

Neera was regretting her choice to let him do this to her as he yanked at the lead, pulling as if she were an errant horse instead of a thinking dragoness. She let herself be drawn forward, feeling a strange tension as she nearly brushed against his foreleg as she was forced nearly up against the revealed block. She had no idea what it was for, only that it was rounded along the top to form a sweeping curve. It smelled like horse and wet leather as he used the lead and halter to force her neck over it to give her no other choice but to scrabble up onto the device. Her paws struggled to find a good hold, her arms spreading around it before a paw curled right along the edge of her rump cheeks and pushed her higher up. The dragoness let out a hiss and tensed as the thick toes curled right beneath the line of her ass cheek, squeezing down and shocking her with a shudder as her nude body was pushed all the way up and she had no choice but to splay her legs to either side.

She was barely settled before a forepaw pushed down along the line of her back, the flexing toes squeezed against her, pinning her in place so she squirmed under the dragon's touch. Kephis loomed above her, making her turn her head back towards him and forced herself to lift her tail up for him. She could play his game easily enough, displaying the line of her vent for him as he leaned forward and used one paw to loop the lead through a bit of metal at the head of the rounded block. She didn't have time to question the movement before he used his hooked muzzle to yank the lead tight and suddenly her neck was being stretched out over the block while she tried to give a yank backwards.

"Perhaps I should have a golden halter made for you, it seems to come in handy for you." Kephis murmured as he forced the lead tight, she could barely squirm backwards before the tight halter stopped her. "But I can't have you squirming so much as to resemble prey, he might take off your neck."

She opened her mouth to answer before hissing in shock as something slapped on her back and was dragged over her. It wasn't his body, nor even a paw, it was heavy leather that pressed down against her and before Neera could do more than squirm he drew it downwards through another ring set in the block. It was broad and padded, with smaller straps that bounced against her here and there, making her squirm and arch, twisting slightly to try and scoot free, but the larger dragon was already putting his weight against the strap and drawing it tight over her. She tried to turn her head, but the lead drew tight against the halter removing any give she had to try and see behind her as the pressure grew and the leather bit right above her tail.

"Ah.. too tight..sir.." She gasped out when he snapped something in place, she couldn't even lift herself up a hair, she was squished tightly against the block.

"I'm afraid it was designed to be ridden in another way, but we make do with what we have, hmm?" Kephis ran a paw down towards the curve of her ass and suddenly a hot breath teased against her tail. "My... don't you smell lovely today...such a shame it'll be wasted on an animal."

The voice trailed off into a low familiar growl that made her tense up, her body running hot in reaction, she knew that tone and what it meant. He was done playing his tormenting game of wanting to throw her to the kelpie, he was growing distracted. She felt her chest relax from her faint worry and hissed out when a long hot tongue pushed down right along the base of her tail and started to glide upwards in a smooth slimy movement. It had been a good deal of time since he had last done this, she was shocked by the shiver of pleasure that rippled down the line of her back, making her swallow back a noise that threatened to rise up. The thick tongue tip pushed upwards, rubbing along her soft outer lips, swirling and caressing slowly, not at all his normal rough manner.

He danced and pushed her vent apart, starting to push forward, spreading the outer lips open wider as she drew in another breath and tilted her haltered head backwards with a groan of pleasure. She didn't normally give in so quickly to his tongue, but he seemed to know exactly how to touch her pussy, to rub upwards towards the rise of her clit and twist around it so she jerked in place. She could feel herself growing warmer, she was already humiliatingly wet, but it was hard to feel shame when his tongue rubbed and swirled right over the nub of her clit. He took that swollen tip and danced his tongue around it, pushing forward with just enough pressure that the breath escaped her in a heavy rush and she moaned. The sound brought the heat to her cheeks, half expecting to hear the drake's laughter mocking her, but he didn't.

He began to slowly push his tongue forward, nestling the narrow tip against her opening and fluttering it as his drool coated along her outer folds. He coated her as his tongue gently began to nestle inside of her, parting her folds open wider, treating her to a caress of the long slimy muscle that rubbed through her. She balled her fingers up and clenched them against the stand, trying her best to not squirm in place as she tried to buck her hips. It wasn't like her, but the feel of him stroking her felt so damn good, her body was sinking into the sensation of the long tongue uncurling and pushing its way in deeper, glutting with the curling dancing muscles that she clutched around. She could feel herself pulling around him, the sensation pleasurable and humiliatingly satisfying as he pushed his tongue in deeper.

One of his paws moved to grip against her back, curling his toes against her and squeezing tightly as she let out a weak cry and arched her back higher in the air. His tongue jabbed forward and speared deeper, curling upwards as if he were trying to gather up her arousal and drag it backwards into his maw. She kept her eyes closed, arching and struggling against the restraints to push back against him. The base of his tongue grazed along her clit, making her cry out again, even as her scaling burned in humiliation. She was crying out like the doe, she wasn't going to turn into that deer, she was better than that, she had pride, she had shame, she would do what she must to survive, but that did not mean-

"AHHH!" She cried out loudly as the tongue tip pulled back and the tip twisted and nearly suckled along her clit, making her rake her groomed claws against the stand roughly.

"I think he is interested." Kephis' voice was thick with lust, almost touchable, but his words brought her haltered head up.

From the corner of her eyes she saw the kelpie standing at the fence. It was as disturbing now as it was the first time she had seen the creature. He was large and powerful, his attention absolute with his muzzle resting against the bars as his body was disgorging the impossibly large shaft to drool down towards the ground. The iron grey monster was breathing quickly, his upper lip curled back to show the sharp hooked teeth as he tried to take in her scent, his chest flaring open wide and contracting with each intake. She didn't know what to think at first, her mind was rolling over with the arousal that was making her heart beat low in her body, concentrating on her loins, but then the dragon moved.

She heard his heavy paws on the damp sand, his body golden and gleaming in the corner of her eyes as he approached the fence and she realized, too late, that he was going for the fence that had swung open to pin the kelpie in a smaller area of the pen. She jerked, arching her back in a spill of adrenaline that pumped through her, writhing backwards, trying to get out from under the leather as Kephis set his paw to the metal gate. The kelpie snarled silently and stepped away, the cold dead eyes moving away from her in favor of the new foe he was being presented with. He was half out of his sheath, and more, the heavy wrinkled girth smoothing out and swinging around beneath him as a threatening canon of flesh.

"Master?" She called out, her voice almost breaking as the rattle and screech of metal filled the air.

"Be still, my emerald, you don't want him to decide you are prey instead of mate." Kephis warned her before yanking backwards, the fence swinging wide as he hobbled on three legs.

"MASTER!" She called out louder as the opening was revealed between herself and the monster she had always been told would snap her if she ever came near him.

There was no answer from Kephis, instead, the gate was clanged back into place as the kelpie shrieked out and reared up, striking at the dragon without an ounce of fear or caution. There was little a monster feared, not even other monsters, but his attack on the bars was almost a front, a feint to show off and rear, pawing the claw like hooves against the metal and wood roughly before swinging around. He moved with perfect balance over the ground, his tail streaming behind him and whipping back and forth as he paced briefly. She could barely see him, the lead that held her head down meant she had to strain and twist herself around to actually see what was happening behind her and even then she only got a few flashes of the dull grey creature.

He let out a few more shrieking calls, the sound of his hooves thudding on the ground before the sound came closer and she nearly rubbed her muzzle raw to see him stalking towards her with his long ears pricked up high on his head. The sight made her freeze, raw terror rising in her throat, there were no fences between them, not even an attempt to contain the animal that lowered his head at a level with his shoulder and stalked towards her. The thick equine lips twitched and curled back in an unnatural way before parting the jaws. His mouth was all wrong, it opened wider than a horse could have managed and a long tongue snaked out briefly before his upper lip curled all the way back. He was the thing of darkness and nightmares, the reason children disappeared in the swamps and forests, a devourer of anything that dared cross his path.

"Please.." She whispered, the word frightened, a child's voice as she tried to be still, her breathing unnaturally loud in her throat as he came closer and closer.

His body was pure muscle, but it was lean muscle, not at all like the heavy bulk a horse should have had. He was made to run down his prey and take it to ground and she saw it in the way he moved and began to circle her, his spiked mane glittering in the light as a breath ran against her side. She smelled meat and blood, copper and terrifying in her muzzle, making her close her eyes and tremble in place. She had seen prey a kelpie had taken, they devoured them slowly, stripping choice pieces from bone and only eating what was left if they could find nothing else to kill.

Hylar released a strange noise, not a horse's whicker, but almost a trill that came from his throat as rough scales rubbed her thigh briefly and she felt the prick of fangs against her. She tensed the moment they dragged over her own scales, raking and digging in against them, almost breaking skin as a tongue slithered free to sample her. The animal was examining her, his body close enough that she could see the low hanging length that didn't look quite right. It was wrong, very wrong looking, the tip wasn't blunt and flat like a horse's, but oddly shaped and rounder, heavier. It was tapered right near the tip so it looked like a canine cock tip instead of a horse.

Neera wanted to burst out laughing hysterically as she found herself staring at the beast's cock, why was she even looking when he might kill her in the next breath. She stifled the laugh, but a noise still escaped and the moment she made it the beast shrieked out, the sound making her cringe before it sliced out with one powerful hoof-claw and raked right along the outer edge of her thigh. The dragoness screamed out in shock as the rake ran right along her outer hip and ran downwards in a line, the claws tearing through her scales making her lunge forward. It burned, throbbing and aching as she tried to twist to one side, but the kelpie's tongue flicked out and roughly licked along the shallow cut he left against the side of her tail while blood welled up to the surface. She saw stars, it hurt badly enough that she couldn't quite do anything except nearly bite her tongue in an effort to stave off another cry that might bring the hoof up again.

She felt it starting to drool down her leg, spilling towards her knee in hot rivulets that were sampled by the animal's tongue. He lapped at her as delicately as a cat with cream, abraiding the outer edges of the wound with darts and strokes that made her nerves leap and spasm, her voice muffled into harsh heavy pants. Her life was flashing before her eyes as the tongue pushed into the wound and began to lavish her in the same way that the dragon had, but there was no mind driving him for pleasure, he was licking and rubbing at her, swirling and heating her body up to taste her blood. Her fear? A tear rolled down her throat as she held still, praying he'd stop, praying that Kephis would realize that he had underestimated the animal needed to put a stop to it. Would he? Was she valuable to him any longer?

Hylar's tongue drew away from her throbbing open wound, it felt like salt had been rubbed against her, coating the raw lips and stinging her before the rough scaled nose shoved against her tail and smeared some of her own blood against her. She felt him rubbing back and forth, stroping his muzzle like a bird cleaning its beak. It was an unnerving sensation to have the rough scaling grinding against her, scraping against her own scales, abrading it as the blood welled up in her wound and continued to stain her leg. How bad was it? Was she lame? Had he hit an artery? She couldn't even see, only feel the slow seepage before the kelpie's head stretched higher up above her and the sound of his hoof claws pranced rapidly for a moment. And then... then the beast lunged over her, the movement violent and wild enough the entire block rattled under the impact.

"KEPHIS!" Neera cried out his name wildly, trying to scream for help before the abnormally wide jaws opened and engulfed her slender neck in their own, the rough chest pushed against her back and side as the legs shifted against her.

His breath stank of fear and her blood, echoing back her emotions to her as she was forced into position as the animal shifted himself. The edge of the claw-like hooves scraped against her, nearly raking against her upper thighs as he balanced himself and drew his hips in closer. If he had been a real horse the angle would have been all wrong for him to do more than jab at her curved haunches, but he was smaller and lighter, built as a predator instead of prey. She writhed and struggled, the bonds holding her in place as the strange tip jabbed up along the line of her tail and left something hot feeling drooling against her, running down along the crease of her ass. She let out a noise and the jaws closed down further, the teeth pricking against her scales, trying to sink home.

The animal jabbed mindlessly at her haunches, the cock poking right along the line of her ass with rough firm movements. She couldn't get away from them. She twisted and arched, trying to roll to either side, but he pushed forward against her, his hooves raking downwards. The tongue slipped from his muzzle, the powerful length running against her neck as the animal gave another blind jab forward, pushing against the base of her tail, trying to sink it's way beneath it. The touch sank home just how real this all was, she had expected to be taken, but this was an animal, an unthinking killer that pinned her and hunched his back forward, swinging his cock down lower against her. She couldn't edge her hips away, trying to get her tail down was useless as the rough scaled stomach held it up pinned between them. Her ass and glistening cunny lips were bare before the beat grunted and pushed downwards.

It was blind luck, he shifted at just the right moment and suddenly the cock pushed down and caught against the soft full lips of her folds making her cry out. The sound erupted out of her lips and she arched herself, writhing in place as the swollen tip shoved between her sleek folds. He didn't pause, or give her time to adjust, or consider her as anything more than a warm wet hole. The stallion clamped his jaws down hard enough to draw blood as he slammed forward, her scream turning into a hiccupping sob as the cock pushed it's way into her passage and bowed with the pressure. Her inner walls struggled to hold him as they were split open, yawning to mold around the grey length that raked through her with a rough stroke until nearly half of his heavy prick was force fed into her restrained body. She felt him, not the smooth silky feel of the cock pushed inside of her, but the rough texture that matched his tongue.

He wasn't barbed, it was more like the equine length was delicately scaled and all of those rough patches were grinding through her as he bore down against her, hunching and grunting out along her neck. It burned and ached, scraping places that were just aroused enough to be tormented by the slow steady push and wasn't even relieved when he started to draw his hips backwards. Hylar's shaft raked backwards, tugging and abusing her, struggling to pull through her tightening body as she tried to push him out of her. The tip was the thickest point, one that was driven back into her with a rough thrust that dragged the textures length right along her inner lips, making them feel sore and raw, stinging as her sleek juices built up, trying to find a way to ease the pain.

The stallion's powerful haunches gave her no quarter as she was stuffed again, her back arching and being pinched against the leather restraint as she was shoved against it. It allowed the lead on her halter to have more slack, but it hardly mattered, she dared not move her head as he continued to sink his cock inside of her. The strange thick tip pushed against her cervix, bowing it inwards, making her gasp out as her stomach cramped, the powerful muscles working in a vain attempt to keep him from going any deeper. The odd shaped dick pushed against her cervix roughly, dimpling it inwards for a brief moment before his hips jerked back again and he let out a grunt, the thick ridge of the medial ring slipping free of her body with a loud popping noise. He was on par with the size of the dragon, but the shape was all wrong, even for the naga he was wrong. The way he was built was never meant to go inside of her as the animal shifted his grip on her neck.

Fear and pain mingled together as he began to work his hips against her, the rough strokes little more than an excuse to stir himself through her walls. The rough skin of the cock began to grow coated with her arousal, she couldn't stop it, the texture seemed to gather it up and drag it from her before the inevitable thrust inwards that drove the cock tip against the sleep barrier of her cervix. Something hot, thick and creamy, pushed out against her, it stung and burned deep inside of her belly, making her cry out before the jaws silenced her with another rough clench and the cock tip drove harder against her, thumping up tight against the dilated opening before he withdrew again.

Any movement was a torment, there was no smooth way for him to sink into her or draw back, the rough rakes constantly stimulated her, making her body grow slicker by the moment. She couldn't stop it. It wasn't the burn and eye blinding pain of barbs raking her, it was a steady stimulation, rubbing over the inner walls until they were burning and aching, stretched wide already, it was just an added sensation that had her breathing erupting out in bursts, hyperventilating as tears rolled along her cheeks. She felt filthy, this was beyond slavery, this was letting an animal fuck her, she had agreed to this, she had told the dragon to let her take the doe's place. She regretted every word of it as the stallion's legs curled tighter against her body and his chest pushed the air from her lungs, the weight of him nearly crushing her as he drove forward again.

He was trying to scrub out any hint of cum from another male, the thought was brief as he dragged nearly all the way out and she felt how slick she had become. The texture was just enough to ensure that there was never enough to make them smooth, her body shuddering in place before the sudden lunge forward. The cock rolled up along her cervix, pushing and prying roughly, she felt the rounded shape of him prying deep within her, trying to force it's way all the way inside as her body hugged around him greedily. Neera felt every time her muscles tensed up, the humiliating twitch and squeeze of her inner walls, the suckling pulls working over him.

Some part of her was enjoying it, she could feel it, the anticipation of those thrusts inside of her paled in comparison to her dread, but it was still there as the stallion began to thrust harder... faster. The medial ring was a new experience, the one thick ridge tugged and pulled along her g-spot, popping free at times with sounds before the kelpie sank himself home again. His breathing was rough, short bursts, humid and hot while his teeth kept holding her, the cock driving up against the fragile spongy barrier. Thick hot slime oozed out of him, pushing over her cervix as his haunches shuddered and pushed harder against her. She couldn't' keep herself from crying out, eyes snapping open and bulging as the cock tip began to squeeze it's way forward.

It was too big, it was swollen and throbbing as it forced it's way along the narrow channel of her cervical passage, peeling the rubbery ring wider to swallow around him. She attempted to twist free, her hips bucking and writhing, but he only pushed harder, a hot spill of the thick precum being flung into her as the thickest portion of his base continued to ease itself into her. She was already filled to the brim, her body was straining to accept him as he scraped through her passage and gave another violent shove. His clawed hooves yanked against her while her neck was pulled, her cries meaning little as she felt the slow stretch within her belly. It hurt, her entire body shuddered and seized up as the bulbous glans sank home and the last few inches squelched into her body. He was seated deep enough that her stomach cramped, pushing into the narrow opening and pushing the taut ring right up and over the swollen tip.

The muscles rippled and strained above her, she felt the forelegs gripping before the kelpie dragged backwards and there was a slick wet noise as the inches tugged free from her sleek cunny. She shuddered, her entire body bucking and arching beneath the weight before the thrust forward drove into her once again. She felt him sinking home again, prying apart the narrow passageway towards her cervix, yawning the walls open wide, pushing the ring upwards and around the swelling tip. Her entire body was being rubbed raw, her breathing caught in her throat as the jaws contracted against her neck, the teeth shifting, digging hard while the tip began to open her up wider.

The kelpie's shaft was starting to grow thicker, heavier, by the moment it was swelling open and treating her to the intimate sensation of the flesh pulsing and throbbing. She felt it prying her wider and wider, the already abused passage was being stretched open wider, aching and protesting as the heavy base pushed into her with a squelching noise. Her own wetness was being pushed out, the precum was driven too deep inside of her to escape, it was only being pushed deeper inside of her by the swelling tip. She cried out, her jaws opening wide in shock as the cock tip flared wider, pulsing and forming a thick foreknot that locked itself into the narrow cervical passage. She tried to writhe forward, fighting against the leather restraints as the animal jerked his head free of her neck and let out a shrill shrieking cry before thrusting forward again. The movement running through her inner body as she was trapped, the kelpie's body tensing above her and the muscles going hard while the cock tip locked into place, ballooning out and seating as far as he could go.

Even without the restraints she was trapped, feeling the pressured shifts against her body, the little movements that ran the rough textured shaft through her body as her sleek muscles caressed and pulled along him. Her claws bit and scrabbled against the block, leaving marks against it before the first hot pulse ran along the line of the heavy spire, throbbing and quivering while her inner walls pulled along the length. The small spasms and contracted worked as she intimately felt the first twitch and bulge running along the swollen foreknot before something hot erupted out of the cock in a heavy wet stream. She felt it, the heat pouring into her and splattering out into her open empty belly, making her toes curl as she strained forward. Her eyes shot open wide as the rich creamy seed rushed like a torrent into her lower belly, she could feel it, every heavy rope of it rushing into her body.

She quivered and clutched around him, every twitch helped latch herself around the obscenely swollen knot that was lodged inside of her cervical passage. He was flexing and lifting up and down lightly, the force rippling and pushing up the stream of cum to spread through her womb, sticky and hot feeling. It was burning her lower belly, heavy feeling as the animal grunted and shifted his hips, prance stepping on the sharply clawed hind hooves. Every movement pulled and put pressure on her locked passage. She felt it pushing through her body, the powerful shits and throbs sending another heavy eruption from the tip of the cock. Before each wave she felt the base twitch and flex, the sensation running over her g-spot, making her body react to him.

Some sick part of her wanted this, her body was relaxing into the way the heavy seed pressed into her stomach. She knew that this was beyond wrong, it was a sin in the face of everything she had ever grown up with, but it didn't change facts at all. Her body was throbbing in a mixture of pain and other things, her heart was beating against her chest as she lowered her head, feeling the slight trickle of blood running along the delicate scales there while the kelpie only shifted his weight above her. The scent of her blood filled her nose, making her shudder as another bubbling eruption of cum splattered from the cock tip and was thrown into her body.

When she dared open her eyes she was confronted with the sight of Kephis standing just outside of the enclosure, his eyes fixated on the show. She had half expected to see the doe with him, it would have been a perfect time for her to take advantage of his growing arousal, but he stood alone. There was no masking the lust in his eyes as he watched her, the way his tail was curling up and down right along his large powerful forepaws. He noticed Neera looking at him and parted his muzzle in a smile, lowering his head down towards his forelegs, the brilliant blue eyes twinkling in the light of the stable.

"Well now... I suppose that puts that particular question to rest. He will take to females outside of his species." Kephis observed with a smug rumble to his voice, well pleased with himself.

The Dragon's Slave: Testing The Merchandise

"Absolutely divine! Look at him move!" Kephis' voice was rich with pleasure as he stood upon a large sun-heated stone and looked down at the beast running along a coarse laid out for it. "You spoke true, my friend. I have never seen his like." "You...

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Team Spirit

Emma tossed her phone on her bed and let out a bit of a groan as she cracked her back and shoulders with the movement. It had been a good morning, but she was still a bit sore from the night before when she had gone out for practice in the park. The...

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Cost Of Laziness

"JACOB! GET DOWN HERE!" The loud voice made Jake jerk in place, nearly falling off the edge of the stacked hay bales. He jumped up with a bit of a yelp and looked around blearily and did his best to figure out where the screaming voice had come...

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