Secrets To Immortality Is In Silver

Story by Rotten730 on SoFurry

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Russell is a wealthy man living in a distant, unknown, year. Technology rules the roost in this futuristic setting. However, this rottweiler has secrets that always makes good pillow talk. Are all of the rottweiler's male kin named Russell? Who is the Russell that ran the BDSM Club called the Pit back in 1995? How much cum can a rottweiler handle? These questions and more maybe answered.

Dante's Square: Secrets To Immortality Is In Silver

By: Rotten


Thunderous boisterous glamorous but grungy seedy inebriated haze slashed by sights of epileptic proportions lights fog bodies bump grind dance! Dance! Dance! Dance like wheat stalks in the wind of alcoholism sunlight of electronic light music electronics a true multitool. Screens small large illuminate the dancers and djs who look at them and decided what clattorus beat to inflict next. Same screens brought the adventurous to the gathering of sweat lust to meet fuck to enjoy get off. Others wandered the streets and heard the roar that resonated from The Pit curiosity always got the best. The cat never died technological manufactured music greeted by international national species of similar of difference instead planted in soil of light to move dance roll with waves of windy bass.


Russell's stalk rode against another familiar velvet against shag dressed in smooth leather the stalks knew the other well. Tickled fire burned cocks firm free but constrained but not to the senses fingers rolled squeezed fondled pinched wrestled pulled bodies glowed lust. Wind's water sucked down grew them contorted them the erotic dance no flash no twerk masculine rough lust. Lights dim windstorm died time for rest wicked never rest calm stillness streaked by red amber flashes allowed soil to glow bright and keep lustful glow ignited.


Thump thump thunk wet smack the world stopped haze remained but taste in mouths of difference. Tongue wrestle lips suckle firmness find freedom. Masculine and primal dance continues even in the absence of wind. Fertile fluid leaks the smells of lust comfortably trapped in the columns a stairway to heaven. Heart pulses a new music grows with a steady drum shared only by the duo. Shouts screams moans flashes of white flow and paint cold steps yet the fire was still there. Wild animals tamed ushered enclosed zipped locked away the journey to heaven of lust continued.

"Now that the edge is off I can fuck you properly," Keoke said.

"You mean you couldn't before? Your cock must be broken." Russell replied.

Keoke chuckled and growled looking over the rottweiler's backside before he smacked the rottie's ass. "Only thing I intend to break is your ass tonight," he said.

Russell glowered at the wolf before the metallic slam of a door sounded behind them, He sighed before lips curled into a grin, a key slipped into the keyhole. A twist and a gentle push opened the door into the darkened hall. Russell stepped in and left the door open for the wolf to follow before he paused and began to peel off his boots.

"Good morning, please identify yourself," a voice came from the shadowed distance.

"Bedroom Calamity 35, bark code," Russell barked loudly for the voice.

"Thank you, welcome home Russell."

The apartment lights turned on and illuminated the spacious living room with a soft, amber, light. Minimally decorated with furniture the walls each had several large frames of leathermen pinups. The photographs featured wolves and tigers dressed in leather that hugged their muscular frames. Some illuminated with dramatic, rembrandt, illumination that accentuated the haze of cigar smoke around them. Russell paid them no attention as he stripped off his jacket and began to unbutton his shirt. Keoke followed but stopped to look at the pictures studying them intently.

"Where are the wires?"

Russell's ears perked, "say what now?"

Russell turned to look at the wolf as his shirt fell onto a suede, leather, couch. Keoke's ears flicked when heard the fabric's flutter and turned to look at Russell.

"Woof, so that is what you look like beneath the clothes," Keoke said.

"Tsk, if you think you like this side of me wait till you see the rest," Russell said.

The rottie had crossed the living room and now stood behind the wolf. Strong arms moved to wrap Keoke's torso fingers tugged at the wolf's pant's button. He leaned against the wolf as his hands worked themselves into the pants and groped at the swollen sheath. Hips ground against each other as they shared a deep, lustful, rumble. Russell's other hand moved to the wolf's back and undid the snap just above the fluffy tail. Hips rolled against each other as both bulges were rubbed and dry humped against the other's body. Soon Keoke's pants fell off his hips and left the wolf naked from the waist down.

"But what did you mean by your question," the rottie asked, "unless you are talking about the pictures?"

Keoke rumbled and lifted his arms to allow the rottie to begin to completely remove his shirt.

"Mmm that is exactly what I'm talking about," Keoke said.

Russell nodded while his paws explored the chiseled chest while his snout got lost in the soft, neck fur. He took in a few nose fulls of the wolf's body's scent enjoying the natural musk. Fingers massaged over the chest as it vibrated from their affection. One hand found its way to the wolf's sack, fingers gently curled and juggled the heavy testicles from finger to finger. His thumb pushed against the swell of the sheath, a humanoid shaft peaked from the tip. The head, slightly tapered but still distinguishable as glands slid further from the warm home.

"Well, these are not electronic displays. They are images that were taken long ago by an ancient technology and printed on real paper," Russell said.

The wolf's head rolled back until his cheek touched the rottweiler's, "that would mean that these pictures are worth more than I could sell an organ for."

"Much more than that my guest," Russell chuckled and gave the wolf's cheek a nip, "these pictures could be sold for enough money to purchase one, hybrid, dome, environment or in less technical speech my own city."

"Tsk, what makes these pictures different than one that I could purchase from a store?"

"I thought you were here to fuck me, not get a history lesson," Russell said.

Keoke chuckled and brought a paw to playfully wrap around Russell's snout. "I will in good time, but seeing as I might be fucking the wealthiest dog I know I'd like to know more about him."

"Fair," Russell said but began to tug the wolf over to the couch, "but it is a long explanation and I wouldn't want you going soft on me," he said with a chuckle.

Keoke growled playfully and let the Rottweiler guide him. Russell plopped on the couch shifting back until his back rested comfortably on the smooth surface. His hand patted the surface and the wolf gladly slid his knees on either side of Russell's lap. The Rottweiler rumbled at the sight of a thick cock and heavy sack which he soon dug his nose into. Snout rolled along the shorter fur over the balls and sheath. Tongue soon joined as the familiar taste of wolf filled his tongue once again. Pink, warm, and strong his tongue tickled the cock tip before lips suckled on the tip to clean it of new pre-cum.

With a soft plop the cock head left his lips, "mmm, that taste never gets old. Young masculine, male, unsullied by modification."

"Glad you like my choice to keep it all natural down there," Keoke grinned and ground his hips against the rottie. "I can smell you haven't had any modifications either, though I suppose you wouldn't need to if you have enough money."

"Quite right," Russell said. "But about those pictures, they are made special and were printed using an old photographic process. It wasn't digital, it was all analogue."

Keoke stroked the rottie's head as that tongue cradled a testicle, "Analogue? Does such a thing exist?"

"It did," the rottie said and puffed warm breath over a damp ball, "but now it is obsolete or rather something that can't be recreated cheaply in modern times."

"Why not use modern sensored cameras," Keoke asked.

Russell sat back on the couch but kept his hand on the wolf's cock. His other hand moved to his side table and removed a bottle of lube. While he began to slather the slick fluid over the shaft he explained.

"There is no soul in electronics, pardon my words Fran."

"No offense taken Russell," the disembodied, house, computer's voice chimed in.

"Right, you see with a camera with an electronic sensor that electronic plane sees hundreds of thousands of images and records it in memory." He paused as Keoke nodded and began to unbutton Russell's pants. "But when using analogue film, the silver mixture on the plastic only sees and captures one image, one exposure of light, one scene that exists in history." Russell shifted in his seat and wiggled out of his pants beneath the wolf. "Its special and is unique in that it can exist in both digital space and is a physical object. In the abstract, a piece of analogue film has captured time as a physical object created by light that will never be seen again in that exact configuration. Not to mention that one piece of film has a memory that will last till the end of days if taken care of properly."

"I guess so," Keoke rumbled and watched as the rottweiler turned around on the couch.

Russell's feet planted themselves on the cushions while his arms gripped the back of the couch. His black and brown body strong, sturdy, a youthful sheen in his fur, a set of balls that hung low with an uncut cock nestled against the fleshy cushion. A clear web of precum dripped from the foreskin and onto the black surface and the sight made Keoke's mouth water. Russell's head turned over his shoulder and grinned.

"Think of it this way," Russell said with a small shake of his ass, "the sluts at the club is a digital sensor, they get used over and over again. But this ass presented to you hasn't."

Keoke growled and popped open the bottle of lube and dribbled it over the Rottie's tight ass. A finger smeared the liquid across the slick flesh before it curled and pushed its way into him. His palm soon pressed against both cheeks, fingers pumping in and out of the grunting rottie. His other hand collected some lube and brought it to Russell's cock, slicking it up, and stroking it gently.

"Then what you're saying is, taking pictures with archaic instruments is a treat huh? Damn you're tight," Keoke added.

"Or a treasure," Russell replied quietly as he pushed back against the digit.

"Whatever you want to call it I enjoy it all the same," Keoke said and let go of Russell's cock. "Here, come down to the ground, I can get better leverage and control that way."

Russell whined as he felt the palm on his ass flex, finger still embedded in his rump. The wolf followed his movements as he moved to the rug and rolled onto all fours. It was only when he settled that the finger left his ass.

"You haven't been fucked recently have you?"

"No," Russell replied. "I've never taken anything other than a toy or two before. I mostly get propositioned to fuck a hole not take a rod."

Russell allowed a small snicker to roll from between his lips. Back arched in imitation of other men who had assumed this position for him. Two hands land firmly on his muscled globes. The feel of impact rolled through his muscles and caused them to flex under the palms. The short fur did little when it came to hiding the rottweiler's physique and was not lost on the wolf. Fingers curled and squeezed the muscles in gentle massages. Digits soon returned to his crevice and spread his cheeks wider, humid breath soon followed, and flowed across his sensitive flesh.

"Look at that tight, neglected, hole. Some folks at that club should really attempt to get their dick wet more often. Maybe they'll have more luck you know?" The wolf said before his broad tongue swiped over a globe. "A room full of bottoms is no orgy?"

"No," the rottie said, "but a top in a room full of bottom equals a feast or a suffocating dog pile of writhing hips trying to get some dick."

The rottie moaned when he felt a hand return to his cock and give it a few, feather-light, strokes.

"You mean this dick? Sure is an ample one, I can see why you can make them bend over so quickly," the wolf said. "Pretty rare to find someone with your anatomy."

"Feelings are mutual bud, now you gonna use that tongue to talk all night," the rottie asked after his head turned to flash a mischievous grin.

"Oh? The ol Rot is impatient," the wolf shot back the same grin.

Russell watched the grey and white head slip back behind his ass. Breath rolled across each globe in waves with each pant and grew more focused as the wolf's snout zeroed in on his asshole. Hips swayed side to side to draw that tongue out and finally touch his hot bud. Fingers curled into the carpet when he felt the first testing lick brush over his star. The rottie figured the wolf liked his taste as he felt lips touch his pucker. Tongue began to attack his ass teasing open the sensitive ring of muscles. The warm appendage flicked and hooked and soon slipped into his velvety walls. A deep rumble resonated through them both. Tongue swiped and dug into slick flesh eating out Russell's ass. He was glad the lube he chose was edible.

Keoke's tongue slipped in and dug at different areas. Some tickling over the Rottie's prostate, while others aimed to stretch the hole wider for thicker things to come. Russel could feel the air conditioning cool the spittle that ran along his crack and over his taint. No doubt the wolf's maw would be damp in musky saliva as he sloppily ate and suckled at the rim. Hips thrusted forward and cock throbbed as both scents of arousal mingled and created a snowball of arousing scents for both men.

When the tongue finally slipped out of his rump the cool air rolled over exposed flesh and sent a shiver along the Rottie's spine. Russell 's eyes had closed while he was rimmed and remained shut as he heard the plastic snap of a lube bottle once more. Wet slurps and snaps followed by the schlick sound of a cock being lubed finally drew Russell's eyes open. He rocked on his hands and knees and adjusted his posture, looking back at the wolf. Keoke's cock stood proud, bone firm, and glistening in the low, warm light.

"God I'm never gonna get that delicious taste out of my muzzle," the wolf complimented.

"Mmm, play your cards right and you may never lose that taste." Russell said.

He looked forward when he saw Keoke begin to scoot his knees forward. Soon his back arched when the hot, thick, cock pressed between his cheeks and slipped along the curve of his ass. It came to a rest as Keoke opened the lube bottle once more. He could feel the subtle taps on his bud when the wolf's cock throbbed with his pulse. Cool dampness, colder than the spit, rolled between his valley and pooled along the hot and slick prod. Anticipation caused teeth to bite his lower lip while his torso pressed back against the wolf and ground lube over his flesh.

"Mmm if I play my cards right, there will be no question I get to see this sight again," the wolf said.

Russell grinned at the man's confidence and then began to relax his body and ass. He felt the tapered cock tip press and push at the rim of his ass before he felt penetration. It wasn't bad initially, but as that smooth, lubed, shaft began to spread his hole wider his face scrunched in pain.

"Easy, easy," Russel said between pants.

The rottweiler could feel the wolf's hips still before the soft, radiant, heat of the wolf's body could be felt over his back. The steamy breath of the wolf rolled over his neck and caused fur to stand on end.

"Just breath and relax bud," the wolf's hands stroked along Russel's sides, "besides its like a band aid, better to get it done in one go."

Russell didn't say anything but kept his breathing even. Ass clenched around the length that had only begun to tickle his insides.

"Fuck that feels so good," the wolf said. "I'm going to start again," the wolf's hands gently rolled down toward the rottie's hips, "just keep on breathing. One, two--"

Russell yipped when the wolf's hands flexed and gripped his hips tight. He felt his ass being pulled back as the wolf's hips drove forward and shoved the rest of his cock into him. Back arched along with the wolf's trying to get away out of impulse. But the impressive muscle of the wolf kept him still and pressed tight to the groin. Russell felt the pain throb in the ring of muscles, face contorted. But the tender, warm, voice continued to chant and encourage him to breath.

He whined but followed the instruction until the pain became much more bearable. Eyes began to open as his breaths grew steadier. The sharp pain of penetration soon dissolved into a uncomfortable, full, throb. But even that turned into a fullness and soon he realized the throbs he felt was the same pulse of the wolf's cock. It invigorated his senses, that aroused high mixed with adrenaline triggered by pain. Body pushed back against the wolf as he adjusted his posture on his knees.

"Damn, you really are a thick one aren't you?"

"No, you're just very tight bitch," the wolf said. Then he grunted and shifted his hips, "Really ought to stretch yourself out some more. Haven't heard that sort of yelp in ages."

Russell rumbled at the comment and rolled his head, shoulders shifted as his muscled rolled under his shiny pelt.

"You really know how to make someone feel in their place don't you?"

Russell pushed back against the wolf and met with some resistance. But as his muscles flexed and applied more pressure hips soon yielded and began to sit back onto the wolf's groin. With a loud sigh both hips settled with the rottweiler's ass nestled tight in the crook of the wolf's crotch.

"But let me get one thing out of the way pup," he said.

One of his palms landed on the wolf's nape and pulled the wolf tight. Keoke yelped and the sound made Russell grin. The wolf's hands gripped his wrists in an attempt to remove the firm grasp, but only made Russell hold tighter. Head turned over his shoulder, tongue licked at the wolf's jaw-line.

"Easy wolf, you can be rough with me if you don't mind me being rough with you," green eyes met rusty brown, "but when you fuck me, I'm not your bitch."

"I didn't mean to--"

But Russell quieted the wolf with his lips. Tongue slipped between parted lips to tickle and tease each other. He didn't feel teeth close around his tongue and took it as a sign. The grip on the wolf's nape loosened when the fight on his wrist ended.

"That was easy," Russell thought, "young, horny, buried deep in a tight ass I think my point has been made. Thats it little wolf, there is no domination or submission tonight. Just good hard fucking."

Tongue entwined between open mouths, canine muzzles were never good at kissing like humans. Tooth clicked while slick, broad, tongues slipped against each other before they slowly parted. He hadn't realized Keoke's hands had wrapped around his chest and lazily stroked up and down his chest and brought his own to rest over them.

"Fucking hell you're so hot," the wolf said.

Russell bore down on the wolf's crotch and turned his head toward the wolf. "Thanks wolfie. But we haven't really started fucking yet"

"True," Keoke said with a deep rumble.

Russell grunted as he felt the wolf's hips pull back and give a hard thrust forward. The sudden shift of the cock dug deep in his ass caused his own cock to throb and drool a thick stream of pre. Lips parted as he grunted and began to pant himself. The wolf's hands rolled along his side and again hooked themselves at his waist. Both hips slid away from each other at a slow and steady pace and softly kissed once more.

"God it feels so good," he heard the wolf say.

"It only gets better bud," Russell said.

The black and brown arms wrapped behind the wolf's back and pulled him tight. He began to lean forward and the wolf followed until the rottweiler was back on his hands and knees. The thrusts began to resume, but he could tell there was some hesitance in the wolf's humps. Hips pushed back to meet the slow shoves in an attempt to return some confidence in his prospective fuck buddy. But when the wolf didn't seem to pick up his pace his head turned over his shoulder.

"I meant it when I said you can be rough with me," he said and then grunted.

The wolf made a sharp thrust forward and made Russell clench tight and hiss. Keoke leaned over and bit Russell's neck and milked a moan from the rottie. Satisfied with the response he changed to gentle nibbles and licks that would no doubt be felt for a day or two after.

"I just want to make your cock to continue spewing your pre bud. Makes me feel good to make someone cum while I fuck them," Keoke said.

For the first time Russell's ears laid lower to his head at the wolf's reply. He shifted his body's weight onto one arm and brought a hand to one of the wolf's. It gripped it and slid it down the slight pudge of his belly, toward his hot, throbbing prick but led it beyond to his heavy and hot sack.

"Do you feel these," Russell asked when the warm hand landed on his tight balls. "They're nice and ready to let my puppy makers free. All I need is a fast enough cock to let them fly," he said with a growl.

The wolf's fingers smoothed over the short, brown, fur feeling the skin taut across his testicles. It was a gentle caress at first but soon turned to an explorative massage. It caused Russell's hips to sway and cock to throb beneath him. He became aware of just how much pre he had released when the scent hit his nose. Head tipped down and under him, the gray carpet streaked with dark lines where each streamer had landed. Keoke's blunted claws rolled over the back of his sack and through the cooled wolf pre that had leaked from his stretched ass. Taint soaked with wolf musk and black bud glistened with dampness while a bright, red, knot kissed and threatened to stretch velvet walls even wider. The red cock pulsed with the man's heart beat and seemed to mirror each clench of the rottie's muscles.

"Hrmm, then let me oblige you then," the wolf said.

Russell smirked and soon grunted loudly when that cock pulled out to the thinnest point, fresh, hot pre pulsed over his flesh and dribbled over his taint. But the warmth couldn't be enjoyed long as that cock was pushed forward once again. The knot stretched his bud wider and wider still as the long fucks grew with more force.

"Ah, fuck," Russell shouted.

The thrusts slapped tight against his ass cheeks with deep, dull, thuds. Each push seemed to add more and more weight to them. It grew to be too much for the rottweiler's body and he fell forward onto his elbows. Legs stretched and laid nearly flat, hips lifted to keep his sensitive cock from rug burn.

"Yeah, yeah, take that cock," the wolf growled along with Russell. "I'm gonna bury it deep and cum bud."

"Fuck yea, fuck, nice and hard, I'm close bud," he said between pants.

The sounds of wet squelches grew more and more louder as pre was worked to froth. Each shlick and suckle with wet slaps ramped up as the knot grew deeper and deeper. Russell could feel his bud grow rawer as the muscles worked that cock into him. It only made his cock pulse harder and balls pull tighter to his body. Cock swung and slapped against his abs and made them wet with his own pre. Eyes closed, teeth clenched, and a deep rumble in his chest that rose.

"Keep it up," he hissed, "oh fuck!"

The knot pushed past his ring of muscles and slipped deep into his ass. It quickly swelled and spread his soft insides wide behind his muscles. There was an initial shock and pain but as his hole clenched and sucked the knot deep there was only a satisfying fullness. It was a mix of sensations to feel the wolf's cock pulse firmly against soft walls as he was filled. Hot jets of cum pooled at the tip of the wolf's cock and manifested as a warmth deep within him. It started small, but quickly grew to a deep heat that spread at the pit of his stomach. The Rottie became aware of his own release when he felt the gentle, hot splashes, coat and pulse on the back of his hands. It was then he realized his body had begun to milk and tease that knot deep within him.

But the sense of euphoria soon was interrupted when he felt the wolf's body collapse over top of him. Russell found it difficult to find breath and rocked side to side. Soon he was able to coax the wolf onto his side along with his own. They both grunted and the wolf's arms wrapped tight around his chest spooned close to his back. Russell's eyes looked over the carpet and the dark, wet, streaks, and the puddle where he could only assume his balls were over.

"That was the best fuck I've had in years," the wolf said. "The way your muscles moved, the way you grunted, and the way you didn't encourage me to call you slutty names. It was, freeing."

"Mmm, I'm glad you loved it too," Russel said and continued with his ears perked, "are you still shooting?"

"Probably," the wolf said. "You're going to need alone time, that is for sure."

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