i walk, simply walk. The road is coated with a thick blanket of the ever-drowning snow. Sometimes i wish i could just stay like this, watching the snow fall and the stars twinkle as my breath fogs up my vision. Liking the sound of it, i composed a...

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The puppy The puppy in the box is alone. He wasn't always alone there, But all the others are long gone. Nobody wanted to adopt him. Maybe because he was limping, Or maybe because he was scruffy. So he takes a towel and put it around...


“AVATAR” Poetry

#6 of written word poetry inspired by the movie "avatar". inspired by the movie avatar out of body to another time and universe do i go alone, so far away from what and where i consider home.

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poetry to motivate

feel the passion in your heart, the rhythm of the beat, sing the song of your soul be honest with all, let your tail wag, your ears go flat, let the pheromones pour, what ever you feel, show it with pride. Amaze me with the sounds of a howl. A...

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Poetry for LIberation

\*\*\*\*this is just some poetry i thought of, not yiff, not a story, i hope no one gets pissed that i am using this as a place to put my poetry. meh, i doubt it. this poetry may not be that good, its just off the top of my head. so enjoy (a)//(e) peace\

Poetry of Power

My Poems of Power: Revenge Template: Revenge is Sweet Revenge is Bitter Revenge is Dark But still so Bleak... The Sight of it- A Corpse rotted away by Centuries of Hatred and Decay. Cannot stand to see it; don't you Dare look...

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Poetry for love

hey man, I know how you feel I see your ears, your tail, everything, even the eyes your feelings are normal. understandable don't fret. I wont leave cause I love you. hey man, you should feel this way. it is only normal to have...


Love in Poetry

Listen to the rain as it beats upon the glass,Listen to my fingers as they drum along your ass, Listen to my breathe as it warms your inner ear,Listen to my heart as it wipes away your fear. Feel my fingers tracing over your warm mound,Feel my...

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Poetry - Abyss

And here's some of my poetry :p have a nice lecture!

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Unity (Poetry)

In the promise of opportunity, Let us not rest upon days past: Let us go forth in unity. What can we have without community? An inkling of solidarity dashed And the promise of opportunity. Can we seek immunity From the words that hurt and...

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Ballbusting poetry

Feel free to chime in with your own creations in the comments :P --------------------------------------------- **Limericks** There once was a quiet young shrew who pissed off a fem kangaroo. His timid _piano_ turned into soprano and his...

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