Can I borrow your body?

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#17 of Supernatural

A male ghost wanted to masturbate a female body.

_ English is my third language, please correct me if I am using Chinese-style English. Thanks for reading. Please feel free to comment ^_^ _

Can I borrow your body?

One day, Pham was walking home from the college. Suddenly it started to rain and she did not bring along umbrella. She began to walk faster, at that moment she saw an old house on her right side. She looked around for a shelter, she found no other shelters but this house. It **'**** s roof was a thick thatch of straw and it *'* s walls were painted candy pink. The square windows were mullioned and edged thickly in white. **** She decided to stand at the garage until the rain was over. Suddenly the front door opened automatically and she saw no one. **** Haunted house! She took a deep breath, turned and began to run.**

"Wait, please don' **t run!"** a voice exclaimed.

Pham turned and saw a half-transparent man without feet. The sight of the ghost made h** er **** hair stand on end. **** He was so very slender, keen, hatchet-faced and well-dressed. **** Once again she wanted to run away.**

"Wait, please stay, I won' **t hurt you**** , ***"* he assured her.

Pham snapped h** er **** fingers ***.* "** I trust no ghosts. How come you can appear during daytime? ***"*

"** Now outside is raining heavily and blocked the sun. Since I can't see the sun, I can come out from my hiding place. **** You *'* re wet, you better dry your body first. Come, you can use my ex-wife *'* s room *," *** he said with enthusiasm.**

"You're not going to rape me?" Pham hesitated wistfully. "Or kill me?"

"I can possess you but can't touch you, how to rape you?" he went on. "There's a switch here, is still working but I don't know why."

He led Pham to a female room and she saw many female items to dry her body, or at least her hair. "Now leave me alone** , ***"* she announced.

Ten minutes later, Pham' **s body was almost dried.**

"Hi, I forgot my name already, you can call me Mr Ghost** , ***"* his eyes gleaming with excitement.

"I' **m Pham. Why are you still here? Why nobody sen**** t **** you to Heaven yet?" **** Pham **** said coolly.**

Mr Ghost sighed wearily** , "I wanted to go but I can *'* t because I still have one **** last wish, and I knew I couldn't do it in the Heaven. Can you please fulfill my last wish? ***"* he looked very despondent.

"I' **m listening** although I've no idea what you're talking about. You can't go or don't want to go? And how did you know that you can't do whatever you wanted to do in the Heaven?"

"Can I borrow your body to masturbate?" Mr Ghost asked slowly. **"This is my last wish, to masturbate a girl's body."**

** Pham got a scare. She pondered long and deeply over the matter. If he did this in the Heaven, he would be sent down to the Hell immediately.**

** "Many girls ran away after they saw me in front of the house," he added, "you're the only one who dared to come in and speak with me."**

Pham scratched h** er **** head ***.* "** Why the Hell you wanted to masturbate a girl? **** What ***'ll* happen to my body? Are you going to use my body to do bad things? What if you refuse to leave my body?"

He grinned. "** D *on' *t worry** , I won't hurt your precious body. **** A *nyway* , **** I can *'* t leave this house **** even after I'm inside your body ***.* When I' **m satisfied, I*'ll go * to the Heaven **** immediately - I think I'll go to the Heaven because I'm a good ghost ***. Please* trust me."

Pham drove silently for a few minutes. **"What are you going to do?"**

"First, I' **ll** possess, I **'**** m inside your head, can you please take a nap and let me control your mind?" **** he said with a grin.**

Pham frowned. "Mr Ghost, can' **t we stay together?"**

"Well, yes, may feel shy and uncomfortable..." he agreed.

"I' **ll go to sleep when I felt...uneasy. So, what*' *s next?"** Pham said determinedly.

"Ms Pham, please relax and allow me to control your neural response and nerves** , ***"* he said cheerfully.

Mr Ghost now controlling Ms Pham's body. He undressed and lay on the bed. She did not blush as she already let him controlled every nerve of her body.

He spoke up. "Ms Pham, your body is beautiful beyond descriptions."

"Thank you for the compliment," Pham answered with enthusiasm.

She ran her hands over he pert breasts and found her nipples hard, a shiver ran across her body, as a tingle went straight to her crotch. Her breasts were solid and rounded. Her whole body shivered, she never felt such sensations before. Continuing to pinch one nipple she allowed her other hand to travel to her pussy, her labia had already started to open a little and her middle finger found her slick wetness.

"Ghost, I'm not a virgin anymore, you can go ahead," Pham said.

She gently massaged the area around her little button and her lips opened further. She began a circling motion around her clitoris that sent ripples of pleasure running through her body.

"Wow, girl's body gave more pleasures than boy's," Ghost remarked.

She pulled her legs up so that her feet were flat on the mattress and opened her legs to give herself better access to her streaming pussy. She inserted one then two fingers into her opening. She started to finger fuck herself, faster and deeper, "This is so much better than boy's dick!" Her climax was approaching like a freight train and as soon as she started to massage her little clit it sent her over, her cunt spurted her musky juices as she came. She shrieked as she had a powerful come.

Suddenly there was a bright light surrounding her. "Ms Pham, thank you so much. Now I can leave this place and enter the Heaven, hopefully. Please leave quickly because this house is going to collapse in twenty minutes," he warned Pham.

When the light disappeared, Pham blinked her eyes and tried to move her body. Ghost had left and now she was controlling her own body again. She cleaned her pussy and put on her clothes quickly. Luckily the rain has stopped. After she left the house, the house collapsed. She did not tell anybody about this encounter.

The end.

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