Allen and James: Part One

Story by ReLiTe on SoFurry

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A gay story telling of the relationship between Allen, the tiger, and James, the bear. This is my first try at a story like this. Tell me what you think, please. I'm always open to feedback :3

Also, if you want to suggest a title for this story, (because just using the names is boring,) then please do. If I end up using your title, I'll give you a shout out as well :)

-- Part One: Prologue --James and I have always been close. Well, almost always. We met in Secondary School, and when I first saw him in Year 10, surrounded by girls in Maths because he was the 'cool new kid', I hated him. But when we got stuck next to each other one day when we had to work in pairs, we instantly got along. Because, like me, he was a twat. He spewed insults at me and threw my bag across the room. Several times. ....And that's what I liked about him. And, of course, I did the same back to him. We quickly became best friends. We shared each others' secrets and stuff, like when he told me that he liked Kayley, and when I told him I liked... him. When I told him that, he turned bright red, but said that he was okay with it, and I knew we were going to be good friends for life.We went to the same college, and now we're in the same university. We're both doing our third year and, although we're not both doing the same course, we eat lunch together and he comes over on Saturdays, which is awesome. But one day, I ended up having a conversation that I never expected to have with my good friend, James...-- Scene One: University Cafeteria --Here comes the bastard, I thought to myself. "Hey", I mumbled. He sat down next to me and pushed my bag slightly so that he could put his lunch tray on the table. "Wassup, dickhead?!" he exploded, with WAY too much enthusiasm for my liking. I groaned. "...I'm too tired to fuck you up right now". I pulled out my lunch box and we both ate. But something was weird about James. He was smiling. Not just that, but at ME. What the fuck? "Okay, what's up?" I asked. "What?" James shouted, as if he didn't realise what he was doing. "You seem... happy." He shrugged. "Yeah... I am. What of it?" Does he seriously not know what he's doing? I wondered. Urgh, I'll have to spell it out for him."James, it's Friday. Everyone else in this fucking university is practically dead." He mouthed he word 'Oh'. Good, the idiot understands, I thought. He didn't say anything for ages, though, and as he finally replied, he put his hand behind his head and looked down at the floor. "Yeah, well, y'know, I'm just... happy to see you, that's all." What is going on with him? I thought. First, he's happy when he should be tired and miserable like me, and now, he's confessing his undying love for me? "...Gay." Oh, shit, I'd said that out loud.He rocked nervously in his chair. "Mate, just because YOU'RE gay doesn't mean that--" Was he trying to be funny? I didn't give him the chance. "I don't hear you denying it!" He almost fell off of his chair. He panicked and blurted out: "I'm not! Clearly, I'm not, it's just..." He paused, and his expression changed. It was a more serious look, and I knew I had to stop teasing him. He wanted to tell me something.He took a long time to compose himself. I wondered what was going on. It must be serious, I

thought. Eventually, he started talking. "Okay... do you remember when you said that you liked me?" he began. I nodded slowly, a bit confused as to where the hell this was going. "Well... recently, I've been thinking and I... I..." He paused again. In any other situation, I'd yell something like 'Spit it out!' or urge him on sarcastically, but I knew better this time, despite my building curiosity. He took a deep breath. "I... would like to... do... stuff... with you. ...If that's cool."My jaw hit the floor. James, the guy I've been friends with for over six years, the guy who I'd always assumed wasn't into men, let alone me, wanted to 'do stuff' with me. I needed answers. "When you say 'stuff', do you--?" He interrupted me. "Y-yeah. I mean... that." I hoped that he wouldn't see the growing bulge in my pants. Holy shit! I thought. I honestly didn't know how to handle the situation, so I just kept asking questions. "A-are you sure? I mean, you're straight! What made you... curious?" He looked to the floor again. "I've... always been curious, I suppose. I mean, obviously I've always preferred girls, but I'd always think about what it would be like to be with a guy. Lately, the curiosity in me has just been... building, I guess. I asked myself which guy I'd like to do something with and, obviously, I thought of you. So I decided that today was the day to ask you." I listened in silence. I still couldn't believe it. He WAS being serious."Allen? Y'alright, mate?" I wondered how long I'd been quiet for. "Heh... yeah, just a bit mind-fucked is all, to be honest. ...James, are you definitely sure?" He nodded straight away. I smiled. "...Okay, then." He grinned from ear to ear. "Really? Awesome, man, thank you!" I grinned back. "No probs, mate. You know how I feel about you. I wasn't going to say no!" We both laughed and continued eating our lunches. He asked some questions of his own, like when to do it and what we'd do, but I stopped him. I told him not to worry about it and to only do it when he was 100% ready.After we'd finished eating and we'd chatted for a while, James got up. "Well, I'd better get going. See you later, Allen." "See ya." I waved as he walked away. Then I remembered. I'd forgotten to ask him. "Wait!" I called, but his only response was a mouthed 'What?' because he was already halfway across the room and he was too lazy to walk back. 'Are you still coming over tomorrow?' I mouthed and, after he hastily nodded, he left. For the rest of the day, all I could think about was James, and the 'stuff' that we'd eventually 'do'.-- Scene Two: Allen's Place --The doorbell rang. Even though we'd been doing this for over a year, I always got over-excited when I heard that noise. I rushed to the door and opened it to see James standing there, holding his hands behind his back. "Hey, Allen." I smirked. "Hey, James. Uh... you're not going to propose to me, are you?" He

laughed. "You wish! Nah, I brought the game you've been wanting to play." He revealed it from behind his back and I stared at it. Probably for too long. "That's even better! Come in and prepare to get fucked up!" He looked puzzled. "...I thought you were against drugs, though." I let out a short, sarcastic laugh, then snatched the game out of his hand and held it up to his face. "No, you retard, I'm gonna snipe the shit outta you!" He swiped the game back and shouted "Fucking bring it on!" as he invited himself in. I chuckled and shut the door.I followed him into my living room and, after I got us some drinks, we both sat on my sofa and began to play his game. I was right; I fucking owned as a sniper. The score was 8-3 to me when, suddenly, he paused the game. "Oi, why d'ya pause it? Just because I was win--" James put his hand on the base of my thigh and rubbed up and down, working towards my... What? Was he about to--? "James... you don't have to--" James smiled at me. "Just tell me if I do anything wrong." He unzipped my jeans and took out my cock, which quickly responded to his touch. He started to stroke it slowly, watching it get hard in his hand. I moaned softly, still trying to comprehend the situation. I mean, he only said he wanted to do something with me THE DAY BEFORE! I wasn't about to complain, though. I purred softly as he handled my now fully erect cock a bit faster. "Can I feel yours?" I found myself saying. James only nodded, his gaze still on my dick. I leaned slightly towards him and stroked the top of his hard dick through his trousers."Can I... kiss you?" Why the fuck are you still asking him questions? I asked myself. He didn't answer, but continued to toss me off. I smiled. "Heh, don't worry, we don't have to. You're handling me so well, I forgot that this was the first time you've done shit with--" I stopped as I felt his hand softly grab the side of my face. As I looked up, James leaned in. I felt his soft lips against mine whilst I rubbed his cock and he fondled mine. The sensation was indescribable, and I was pleasantly surprised as he began to explore my mouth with his tongue. As I did the same, I put my free hand up James' shirt and ran it over his chest. He pulled his head away and I gazed into his deep brown eyes. "You're a good kisser, James." He didn't answer. Instead, he stood up, kneeled down in front of me and took hold of the base of my cock again. He took a deep breath, then took my head in his mouth. "Fuck, James..." I moaned as he began to take my cock deeper, still slowly handling my shaft. "I'm close..." James then took me as deep as he could as I began to cum. "Fuuuuuuuuuck..." I roared as I climaxed, and James pulled his head away and swallowed, leaving some cum to drip from my dick and onto the floor. I panted: "You were fucking good, James!" He stood up and and said quietly: "Thanks..."Now, it was my turn. "Do you want me to... uh..." I

gestured to his bulge with my eyes and he hastily stuttered: "Well- uh- I- I- uh- um- if you- if--" I smiled at him as I put a finger to his mouth with one hand and pulled down his trousers and began to toss him off with the other. "Ahh..." he growled as I stared at his dick. "Can I suck it?" I asked and, hesitantly, he nodded. As I held the base with my thumb and index finger, I licked up and down his shaft, making my way to lick between his head and foreskin. He moaned again and I looked up at him. "Ready?" "F-for what?" I placed his hot dick in my mouth and slowly leaned forward until I'd taken all six inches of it down my throat. He growled loudly. "Shiiit, Allen... ahhhhh..." I worked his dick with my mouth and tongue, getting faster with every motion. "I'm gonna cum..." he whispered. I took his dick out of my mouth, placed his head on my tongue and tossed him off as fast as I could. "Nng... Allen!!" Some of his cum spurted down my throat, some landed on my tongue. I sucked his cock clean, then swallowed. He was still panting. "Oh my fuck..." he gasped and I grinned. "Never heard that one before. Did you like it?" "Y-yeah..." I grabbed my controller and threw him his. "Right! Back to the game!"-- Part One: Epilogue --Things went quiet for a while, even after we had finished playing his game. It wasn't awkward, by any means, but chat was minimal and we didn't really hit or insult each other like we'd usually do. Eventually, though, we did start to act like idiots to each other again, though we didn't really talk about the stuff we had just done. Before he left, though, he handed me a piece of paper. A note? When did he write a note? I shrugged and opened it. It read: 'Allen. Thanks for today. Sorry about not letting you know in advance, but I actually had no intention of doing it before I came over. It just felt right, you know? Worth it though: you looked proper fucking confused for a while haha. I really enjoyed it though, mate, and I'd like to do some more stuff with you sometime. You know, if you want. See ya! - J''...PS:  When you went to the toilet, I hid your controller. Good luck finding it, arsewipe!' What a twat!* * Part Two: Coming Soon * *