Short Story Exercise 1: Sahira’s Mega Sized Fun

Story by GiantGodzilla on SoFurry

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Here is my first short story exercise to help me get vack into writing. This time it involves my OC's Sa'hira and Tr'avo getting sexual on a beach. Enjoy!

Sa'hira peacefully lounges on a beach near Tokyo on her homeworld of Macr' Eptilia. The twelve hundred foot tall water monitor lizardess with a chubby figure, C Cup breasts and four toed feetclaws clad in a snug silk purple two piece bikini looks around boredly. Suddenly out of the corner of her right eye, she sees her fellow god Tr'avo, a chubby fifteen hundred foot tall Megalodon with golden eyes. He was wearing a snug silk purple speedo that generously shows off his thick crotch and ass cheeks. As he sits beside her, she gropes his crotch and says "Well big sexy boy, how about we make love here? You know... as practice for our pornography works?"

The humongous shark creature nods, clearly ready to make love with lots of tinies around. He then stands and removes his snug silk purple speedo, revealing his flaccid uncut dick that was about 30 feet long by 10 feet wide. The chubby water monitor lizardess then strips nude, revealing her pussy and fat padded milky C Cup breasts. After that, the duo lay side by side on the warm sand. The lizard goddess then rolls over and begins rubbing her breasts so the hung shark god would feel his dick go in between like a credit card. Tr'avo growls in pleasure as his cock begins hardening and swelling.

Soon, the god's dick reaches full erection at two hundred feet long by seventy feet wide. Sa'hira gets up and starts rubbing her outer vaginal lips and clitoris, making both the giant creatures gasp and groan loudly in pure ecstasy. The group of tinies on the beach meanwhile move from the beach and move to the nearby beachside motels and suites to watch the titan and titaness passionately have sexual intercourse. As the duo begin oozing precum from their orifices, Sa'hira roars lewdly and begins letting her love cave eagerly and sloppily swallow up the godly erection.

The shark grunts and thrusts his hips, and soon the water monitor lizardess sits on her knees before beginning to bounce on her god's dick, rumbling happily as her pussy starts clenching around Tr'avo's thick penis.

As they continue having sex, their moans of lust get louder and louder. If the duo were on Earth, windows would be breaking and buildings would be crumbling to debris. On Macr' Eptilia though, the building code is strong enough to withstand multi mile tall macros having rough sex. Since these two were only around a thousand feet tall, the structures were easily safe. Eventually though precum begins gushing forth on torrents from both Sa'hira and Tr'avo's crotches, really showing their sexual power. The crowd begin smelling their sexual scents and sweatiness and begin bowing to the two deities' making them blush deeply. Soon their desire to get each other to orgasm takes over and the chubby shark leans up before pulling the thrusting water monitor lizardess' torso down and french kissing her.

After several intense moments, Sa'hira breaks the kiss and says seducingly "Babe? How about we show our worshippers how we cum live?" The god nods and says lustily "Sure my cute seductress." They both then begin thrusting in time and picking up their pace of sexual lovemaking. After that, their moans and thrusts became so loud and felt so powerful that the entire Tokyo metropolitan area heard and felt the duo having sex. They knew their climax was near.

Soon the shark whimpers needily and the water monitor lizardess gasps as her pussy hugs his erection tightly. Sa'hira then sits up and starts bouncing slowly, making sure her partner and fellow god feels every little detail in her vagina, especially her ridges. This made Tra'vo feel even more ready to blow as he feels his balls swell with seed and take up all the space in his testicular sack.

They both then bellow out powerful roars of arousing climax as they simultaneously feel their loads shoot from themselves. Tr'avo's load is so it ends up filling up Sa'hira's stomach. Meanwhile the goddess' load of warm cum coats Tr'avo's dick and oozes down his ballsack, eventuality pooling up around his balls.

After they recover from their orgasm and afterglow, Sa'hira and Tr'avo get up, put on their swimsuits, wave to the crowd, who was also recovering from their own orgasms, and walk back into the ocean heading back to their island mansion home

Short Story Exercise 2: Godzilla’s Day Off

It was a typical day on Earth. The sun was rising in the eastern sky, humanity was awakening to go about their business and... wait? Godzilla was on a beach in Massachusetts north of Boston? Yes, he came to Earth from his homeworld of Macr' Eptilia on...

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