Bane vs Altana (tag Gryph)

The smell of burning cinders from their last campsite still filled the nares of Gryph and Bane Sylvur, father and son who hiked for the first time in a long time - unburdened by the rest of their clan - in search of exploration and adventure. Their...



_Eeek,_ followed by a resonant shatter of glass - this was all I heard. It sounded like a damsel in distress and the rapture of some unknown predator. I didn't know what to make of the sounds I heard, or how to react. I opened my eyes to see, and I saw...

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A Catgirl's Hope, part 2

A Catgirl's Hope, part 2. _...Always a Slave to an Inferior Master.._ She lay there as always, in almost the exact position her body took every morning when her master awoke. She didn't move much, for fear of Master's disapproval and fierce,...

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A Catgirl's Hope

"god corvus take me hard!" she was already in a masochistic mood, having been beaten up enough today to make her that way, and she definitely didn't want it to stop the moment it actually became interesting.

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Church Witness, Revised

She felt a hot cream gush deep inside her body, and her eyes fluttered closed as she murmured, "god..yess..."

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Shaerie's Upbringing

_I've learned to hate them,_ the young gryphoness whispers helplessly. She lay silent on her back looking up at the eager features of her new master as he ravaged her young, virgin body. _They left me with... this._ She looks away, angry with the...

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Things to know about Portumel

The new gods: the high and mighty rulers of the land of portumel ruled over by the goddess of the sky and lightning zara.

Too Proud For Your Own Good Chapter 1

He was the god of mischief and thieves so... yeah. not liked. he was a grey, black and white wolf looking beast with a constant smoky fog at his feet. his mother gave him control over smoke which made him quite literally a hard god to catch.


Bad Time For Fools

Sephora was the goddess in charge of mortals and spent most of her time taking care of them. she seldom spoke to deities-especially flak. she heard a lot of the pranks and jokes he pulled and stayed far away from his prying eyes.


The god of all gods,

Axel was walking throughout the grassy plain unaware of were he was going, after running away from home he soons seeks out to find the truth about the god he worships "deviship" (axel) on the road again... blah blah, on the road again.. when am i going to


In all of this, nobody had become god, because there were still people who just wanted to take advantage of others, no matter what affliction either party had.


The Gods

"saradomin, the "good god" as some might have said, was one of the most worshiped gods during the medieval ages. during the god wars, saradomin was aided by his worshipers against what was know as the evil god. that god was zamorak.

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