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Random encounter story in a club.

It was the grand opening of a new local nightclub in the city. It had only been open for a couple hours, but the place filled up in no time, with people dancing, shooting pool, mingling with others, and just having a really great time. Well, everyone except Eugene.

The chubby raccoon sat at the bar by himself, eyes glued to the TV on the wall playing ESPN. Eugene wasn't really interested in the program, he just needed something to look at while being deep in thought. The club scene was not his thing at all, and he cursed himself for not sticking to his guns and letting his friend talk him into coming here. When she started begging and pleading, he just didn't have the heart to say no. Speaking of that same friend, she was nowhere to be found. Eugene shook his head, typical of her to just disappear like that.

The raccoon reached into his pocket and got out his phone. He tapped the Google Maps app and looked for the nearest subway station. If he hurried, maybe he could rush to the station and get the next train back to the university.

"Excuse me, sir."

Eugene looked up from the phone screen and saw a drink in front of him. Then he looked at the dalmatian bartender.

"I didn't order this," Eugene said.

"I know, the gentleman at the booth ordered it for you." The bartender pointed at the direction and Eugene turns his head to see a rabbit sitting at a booth, waving at them.

"Thank you," Eugene said to the bartender as he picks up the glass and walks to the booth.

The raccoon was puzzled and his mind became inundated with various thoughts. What kind of guy buys another guy a drink? Is he gay? Maybe he is. Is he interested in me? way. Why would he be interested in me? I'm just a fat, nerdy raccoon. He is pretty hot though.

"Finally!" said the rabbit, a grin on his face. "I was almost starting to think you'd never look up from your phone."

Eugene turned his head to the exit. "I was just getting ready to leave and call it a night."

The rabbit immediately made a face, which Eugene read as...disappointment.

"At least stay for the drink."

Knowing it was bad etiquette to refuse a drink someone bought for him (he researched this before coming), he sat down across from the rabbit. That seemed to put a smile on the rabbit's face. Eugene examined the drink a little before putting the straw close to his lips.

"Oh wait I almost forgot," the rabbit said, hitting his head. "I bought the both of us Long Island Iced Teas, so there's alcohol in it. If that's not your thing, you don't have to drink it."

It was Eugene's turn to grin. "Don't worry, I like Long Island Iced Teas. I may only have them every now and then, but I think they're really good."

"I'm glad this didn't turn into a big disaster. I'm Aidan. Nice to meet you." The rabbit put his paw out to shake.

Eugene immediately took the rabbit's paw in his. "Eugene. Nice to meet you."

A warm, tingly feeling spread through Eugene's body. Likewise Aidan was feeling the same sensation. Eugene took a sip of the drink and took a deep breath.

"So how come you decided to buy me a drink?"

"I wanted to get your attention. I saw you staring at the TV and...let's just say I'm crushing on you hard right now. You're pretty cute."

Eugene was speechless, he never expected such a situation of love at first sight to happen to him. And to also say he was cute? Eugene couldn't believe what the rabbit was saying. Without thinking, Eugene picked up the glass and just downed the rest of its contents.

"Whoa, Eugene, slow down!" Aidan said.

"Crap, sorry," Eugene said sheepishly. "Dunno what came over me."

"Is everything okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine, just a little shocked is all. I never had someone so attractive as you tell me I'm cute. I mean a chubby guy like me being told they're cute by someone who looks like they could be a male model, it's just..." Eugene wasn't sure how to finish that sentence, so he just stopped talking.

Aidan put a paw on top of Eugene's squeezing it. Eugene blushed a little, that tingly feeling was back. The raccoon had to restrain himself from jumping over the table and making out with Aidan. Maybe that will come later.

"Listen to me Eugene. Things like looks don't bother me in the least. I'm definitely not that shallow. For me it's the personality that counts.

Eugene nodded. He felt he could believe what the rabbit was saying.

"Well then, how about buying me another drink and maybe we can get to know each other better?"

Aidan smiled. "I like the way you think."

Aidan finished his iced tea and got up to buy another couple. Eugene took this time to ogle at the rabbit. The thought that Aidan was just attractive was wrong. He was damn HOT. Every part of him, from his floppy ears that hung low, to that handsome face, nice toned body, and bubble butt underneath that spade tail of his. He loved how his clothes just fit him like a glove. The raccoon felt himself getting hard in his pants. Eugene thought Aidan looked better than most porn stars. Aidan made his way back to the booth, drinks in both hands. The raccoon's eyes locked onto the rabbit's crotch, the obvious bulge in plain view. Eugene smiled to himself, cock leaking pre into his boxers.

The two took the time to talk and learn about the other. Eugene's 22 years old, a college junior studying finance at the university in the city. Aidan joked how he's always struggling to keep a lot of money and should hire Eugene to manage his money. Aidan's 25 and attending a trade school to be a technician. They both shared how they came to be at the club tonight. Eugene mentioned his friend who dragged him here, Aidan mentioned his roommate's ultra-religious parents coming to visit and how they started preaching as soon as they walked in. Aidan decided to go out to get away from them.

"So are you openly gay?" Eugene asked.

"Yup. I have been for a few years now. I think that was a good moment in my life. It felt like I was getting rid of this huge weight off my shoulders. Coming out also lets you know who your real friends are. I've lost a lot of buddies after coming out, but I've kept a few and made new ones."

"I'd like to be open about my sexuality someday," said Eugene.

"Don't let yourself be pressured into coming out," Aidan replied. "Do it when you're ready."

After finishing his second drink, Aidan got up.

"Gene, I've been thinking."

"Gene? You're giving me nicknames already?"

"Yeah, because why not?"

Eugene nodded. He couldn't argue with that. Besides, he kinda liked the nickname.

"Let's dance for a while."

Eugene gulped. "Y-You want me to dance? With you?"

"Yeah," nodded Aidan. "It'll be fun."

Eugene blushed and turned away. "I...really suck at dancing though."

"So do I. I don't let that stop me though. And you shouldn't either."

And with that, Aidan dragged Eugene out of the seat and pushed him toward the dance floor. Looking around at the different furs dancing and grinding with their partners seemed to make him realize that this might not be so bad after all.

For the next few hours, Eugene and Aidan danced with each other. They weren't the most graceful dancers, but what mattered was that they were both having fun. Eugene loved it when the rabbit would get behind him and would grind his crotch against the raccoon's ass. They both knew the rabbit was doing deliberately because Eugene would turn his head a bit and see Aidan grinning mischievously.

After another song ended, Eugene checked his watch and noticed it was close to 1 AM. He was surprised, he'd never stayed out so late before in his life. Aidan noticed the time as well.

"What do you say we headed back to your place?" the rabbit said. Without hesitation the raccoon nodded and almost instantly they were in their coats and out of the club heading to the nearest subway station

* * * * * * *

"You're really feisty aren't you?" Eugene asked as they walked down the hall to his dorm room. Aidan had been groping him for most of the subway ride back to the university.

"Haha, you know it Gene," whispered Aidan. "You gettin' down on the dance floor got me hot and bothered." Aidan licked the side of Eugene's neck. "So you share your dorm with other people?"

"Yeah, but I can guarantee none of them will be around." Eugene swiped his FOB and opened the door. It was quiet as a mouse as they walked into the main area.

"See? No one here. They seem to disappear when it's the weekend."

"Too bad, I was hoping someone would be around to witness us making the bed rock."

Eugene and Aidan began kissing each other hard while ripping off each other's clothes, throwing them around the room. After they were completely naked, Eugene got on the bed first, Aidan on top of him, where they resume their make out session. Aidan's tongue forcefully entered Eugene's mouth, making him moan. Aidan started grinding his crotch into the raccoon's. Aidan broke the kiss then licked the side of the raccoon's neck.

"Aidan...feels good...having you on top of me," groaned Eugene.

"I plan to make you feel good all over Gene, you sexy coon you," said Aidan.

Aidan licked the side of Eugene's neck a little while longer then slowly moved lower, running his tongue down the furry chest, spending a few moments to suck on each nipple, then moving lower to Eugene's stomach. Eugene arched his back a little bit, Aidan wondered if that might have been a sensitive spot, hopefully he had more.

Eugene lifted his head a bit and watched Aidan go further south to in between the raccoon's legs. The anticipation of what was going to happen next made Eugene hard, harder than he had ever been. The rabbit gave the nuts in his face a swift lick, then he gently took the hard cock in his paw.

"Fuck Gene, you're really hard," Aidan whispered.

The raccoon looked down at his erection. Aidan was right, he had never been this hard before. The feeling was almost painful.

"Now then...what should I do with this...," The rabbit looked up, a mischievous looks on his face. "What would like me to do, Gene?"

"Please, Aidan, suck me." The words came clear and without hesitation.

Grinning to himself, the rabbit licked slowly up and down the shaft, then putting the tip in his mouth and suckling on it, happily licking up the pre that leaked from Eugene's dick. Aidan noticed how the raccoon seemed to leak pre with every hitched breath, every arch of his back, which he did often.

Aidan was ready to move on, so he slowly took Eugene's dick in his mouth and began sucking the raccoon while rolling around Eugene's balls in his paw.

"A-Aiden...fuck, that feels good," Eugene groaned. The sensation of the rabbit's warm orifice gliding up and down his shaft sent shocks throughout Eugene's body. Eugene moaned a little more and started pinching both nipples. Aidan then took more of Eugene into his mouth, while using his tongue a little more. As if on instinct, Eugene paws go to the back of the rabbit's head and keeps it there while thrusting into Aidan's mouth. The raccoon knew he didn't have much longer until his orgasm. Eugene kept fucking Aidan's face until his body stiffened and he shot his load inside of Aidan's mouth. After eating the load of raccoon spunk, Aidan spat out Eugene's dick.

"Fuck, I'm sorry Aidan," whimpered Eugene. "I was...,"

The rabbit simply shushed him with a hard kiss to the lips making Eugene groan in delight as he swapped his own cum with Aidan.

"It's alright," Aidan said after he broke the kiss. "You were pent up." The rabbit reached down to touch Eugene's dick. He was surprised the raccoon cock didn't go soft. "Ah, still hard I see." He looked Eugene deep in the eyes. Aidan could tell they were a little glazed. "I'm glad you're still hard...," he moved close to Eugene's ear and whispered, "Because I want to get another load out of you."

"Nnn...Aidan...please fuck me...please be my first..."

The lust in the raccoon's voice...Aidan couldn't help but smile. "Aw, Gene...I'd love to. But I gotta get you ready first. Got any lube?"

"Yeah, it's in a box under the bed," Eugene said.

Eugene looked under and found a black shoebox. Aidan found the lube along with dildos and a fleshlight. Oh man, that Gene, what a guy, thought the rabbit.

Aidan grabs the lube and pushed the box back under the bed. Eugene spread his legs wide exposing his virgin hole. Aiden slowly pushed a lubed finger inside of the raccoon's tight ass.

"Holy shit, that feels...," moaned Eugene.

"Good?" asked Aidan.

"I was gonna say weird...I'm so used to dildos up my ass. But it DOES feel good."

Aidan inserted another finger inside of Eugene and wiggled and pushed his fingers in and out repeatedly. Eugene found himself moaning out the rabbit's name and squirming. Aidan loved the way the raccoon was behaving, it really turned the rabbit on. He fondled himself a bit rubbing his pre around the tip. Aidan noticed that Eugene was about to jerk himself off, but Aidan slapped his hand away.

"No no no, dear Gene," said the rabbit. "You're gonna cum without touching yourself."

Eugene blushed a little while Aidan took his fingers out of the raccoon's and began applying lube to his hard dick. After his cock was lubed up, the rabbit repositioned himself between Eugene's legs.

"Ready for me to enter you, Gene?" Aidan asked. Eugene doesn't say anything and just nodded.

Aidan began to ease his way inside of Eugene's hole. The chubby raccoon yelped as more and more of the rabbit entered him. He remembered how big Aidan looked when he saw his bulge at the club, but damn, Aidan was bigger than he thought. He wondered if other rabbit's cocks were as big as Aidan's, then perished the thought. The only rabbit dick he wanted to think about was the rabbit looming over him right now.

"You okay, Gene?"

"I'm okay, just enjoying having you inside of me." Eugene reached up to touch the rabbits face.

"You're really sweet, Gene, I fuckin' love it. You ready?"

"Yeah, so ready," Eugene grinned.

Aidan began thrusting slowly into Eugene, finding The raccoon's sweet spot. A few thrusts then a pleasurable squeal from Eugene let the rabbit know he had found it quickly.

"Fuck, Aidan," Eugene moaned. "Oh, fuck yeah...,"

"Does my Gene like what I'm doing to him?" Aidan said, a wide smile on his face.

Eugene blushed. He didn't know why, but the words "my Gene" touched him deeply. "Yeah, he really does."

Aidan continued his slow thrusting while Eugene held him tightly. The two of them exchanged dirty talk, Aidan commenting that he loved fucking the raccoon's tight ass and taking his virginity, Eugene letting the rabbit know how big his dick was. The slow fucking lasted for a short while before both of them wanted to go faster.

Aidan started going faster, pushing harder and deeper into Eugene. Eugene's moans got louder as he wrapped his legs around the rabbit's body, toes curling.

"Ahh fuck...Aidan...please...fuck me good...," Eugene panted, his fur becoming sweaty and matted.

"Of course, baby," Aidan whispered. Then a thought popped into his head. He grinned then stopped thrusting.

"No...don't stop please," the raccoon moaned.

"You want me to continue, my sweet raccoon? Beg for it."

So that's Aidan's game, huh? thought Eugene. "Please fuck my ass hard Aidan. I want your cock in me every night and every day. I would give up all my dildos and fleshlight to have you fuck me whenever you wanted."

Aidan could tell the raccoon was sincere, he could see it in his lust filled eyes. But he would not go that far to get rid of the toys. They were good sex toys, and the rabbit could see them playing with them together.

Aidan plowed into the raccoon hard and fast, his thrusts making the bed bang against the wall. Eugene held on to Aidan as tightly as he could, his moaning getting higher pitched, almost becoming squeals. He felt himself getting close to climax.

"Aahn...Aidan...I'm so close...," panted the raccoon

Aidan's own breathing was getting heavier with each hard push. "I am ready for me to shoot my load deep into you, baby?"

"Yes...fill me up...please."

Eugene clenched his ass against Aidan's cock which was pistoning in and out of the raccoon. Aidan did a couple more pushes before he let out a really loud groan and buried his cock deep inside of Eugene, filling his insides with rabbit spunk. With a loud groan and his body stiffening, Eugene shot his first ropes of cum, reaching his face. The next shots splattered around the raccoon's torso, and the last couple of shots pooled around his crotch. Aidan pulled out of Eugene, cum dripping out of the raccoon's ass. The two let out heavy sighs as they spoon with each other. Not many words were exchanged between them because they were exhausted, instead they shared a brief kiss before drifting off to sleep.

* * * * * * *

The next morning, Eugene's eyes opened as he reached for his phone to check the time. It was almost noon which surprised the raccoon because he never slept that late before.

"Mornin' Gene."

"Oh, Aidan. How long have you been up?"

"Only a few minutes, I was just admiring you while you slept."

Eugene smiled and blushed. "I thought you'd be out of here already. I still can't believe this isn't a dream..."

"Oh last night was very real, baby," Aidan said grinning. "Those squeals you were making were real too. Anyway, I decided I'm gonna spend the whole weekend with you. I know a place where we can get some brunch, then we can go catch a movie or go to the mall. And then later on tonight..." The rabbit caresses Eugene's cheek with his finger. "We can do round 2 if you want to."

Eugene thought for a minute. Then he moves to the foot of the bed and gets between Aidan's legs licking the rabbit's cock.

"How about we do round 2 now and then round 3 later?" Eugene said while cupping the rabbit's huge balls. He looked the rabbit deep in the eyes after saying that.

Aidan chuckled. "I won't object to that, babe."