The first time. WWV

Story by lucifer94 on SoFurry

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#2 of werewolf love

Because of good reviews i was asked to make an sequel. i never planned this to be popular so there is no plot to it. since i couldn't figure out how to advance it, i rewrote it with a different view point character. i am not going to update it on a regular schedule, so do not expect a new chapter each week.

WWV mean werewolf view.

I couldn't find him. I have been looking for the past few hours, but I still can't find him. Isighed, why did I think this was a good idea?

My name is Fredrick I am 19, 20 in about a month, and a werewolf. I wasn't bitten by one, I was born this way. Most of my relatives are werewolves, hell some of my friends are to. The area has a high werewolf population, so we are just a giant pack here. One day I am going to inherit it all, if I didn't screw everything up at any point. But I need to fix this issue first.

I have been away at college for a while, so when a long weekend came up, I packed everything up and headed back. I wasn't there alone, others in my pack were at the same college, but none of them was Val.

Val, short for Valrez, was a human who moved in the area around the same time I started high school. He was odd, so I hung with him just to make sure he wasn't a threat to the pack. I still hung with him even after determining he was not a threat and develop affection for him. As we got closer, guilt formed in me. Here I am, a werewolf in love with a human, and I can't tell him because he might hate me even fear me.

I went to a far college because I felt I needed to organize my feelings. Tonight was a full moon; I was going to reveal my secret to him on this night, if I find him that is. The plan was simple, get him into the woods, have the others in my pack lose him in the forest, find him, transform into my wolf form in front of him, and wing it from there. The first two steps were easy the third is tricky.

I was in my fourth form; my senses were sharper, I should have found him by now. I have been looking for hours, I started to feel hungry. Damn, I would attack Val like this, I need to eat something. I smelled the scent of food, a deer. Perfect. I tried sneaking up on it, but it saw me and run. Iprefer a chase. It was fast, but I was slightly faster. I caught it I caught it and broke its neck it was dead in seconds. When I was younger, I dreaded the kill, but now I just try to get it over with as quickly. I tore into my catch, filling my stomach with meat, feeling my hunger disappearing.

I heard rustling nearby, I turned out of habit. Isaw Val, his face showed complete terror, I guess seeing a giant wolf kill in front of him would be horrifying. Igot up and approach slowly, I hoped I could calm him down if I don't do anything aggressive, but he got up and ran.

Ichased after him, I knew about the location we are at. There was a cliff near here, nothing steep, but a person could get seriously hurt or even die. I keep calling him, but speaking is difficult in this form. I keep calling him while I keep changing forms, losing speed and gaining distance between us. Once I got to a form that could speak I yelled, "Val stop!" I saw him try to find the voice, but in the next instant he ran off the cliff.

My heart sank, I changed forms again. Please be okay please be okay. I repeated it till I got to the cliff edge. I scanned the ground for Val. Isaw him not moving. Icollapsed under my guilt.

It's all my fault Val is dead because I thought it was a good idea to tell them like this. I am so sorry Val, I never meant for this to happen. I looked at the body of Val and saw him move. Iwas so happy I immediately jumped down.

Iapproached him, not even trying to not frighten him. He started to flail around and cry, I placed my arms around him, embracing Val. Val did not try to struggle, he just cried into my fur. He was so vulnerable, so scared, I felt extreme guilt it was mostly my fault.

Once he calmed down enough, I loosened my hug. We stared at each other, not a word spoken. I then drew our faces together, connecting my muzzle to his lips. I stick my tongue out, on a slim hope Val would return the affection. He did, our tongues were wrestling with one another. My tail wagged out of control, even if the act was clumsy, I felt so happy this was happening.

I broke the kiss I wanted it to go on but my body had other plans. I should have stopped, but I put my crotch to Val's face. In my current form, I have a sheath with holds my cock. I expected Val to shove me away, to back out; I didn't expect him to bury his face in it.

This was a scene I fantasize about for so long. Me, in werewolf form, being sucked by Val, my crush, it felt like heaven to me. When Val pulled away, I forced him back on my cock. Val then started to lick and play with it. He licked all over it and juggled my balls; I started to trust my pelvis, I could barely stand it.

Not enough. I pushed Val on his back, moving to his pants and the bundle in it. it is difficult to unbutton them, so I just pulled them down. His own dick sprang up greeting me. I was always amazed how thick it is when compared to my own. Even including the knot I have now, it stilled looked thicker than mine. I put it in my mouth. I am aware of my teeth and what they can do; I didn't want to hurt him, so I had to be careful. Val was aroused but I also sensed fear from him, so I then move to my next target.

I spread his legs showing his asshole. I placed my nose and got a big whiff. He smelled clean, so I started to lick it. Val squealed at the sudden licking, but he didn't fight it, he enjoyed it really. After I lubricated the hole for a while, I put a finger in it. I didn't get much resistance so I put in another. It felt perfect, Val's moans only motivating me more. I pulled them out, it was time.

I lined up my dick at the entrance. Iwas too long gone to back out. Iput the head to the entrance then pushed slowly. Iwas afraid that I might have hurt Val, but the look on his face looked so euphoric. Ithrust forward, Val moaned. Ithought I hurt him, but he just looked at me and said," go."

Igranted his wish, I started slowly not to make it painful to him. The longer we did this, the louder his moans were getting and the more lustful I felt. I then starting thrusting with more force, causing me to accidentally shove in the knot in my lust filled haze.

I felt so close, so good. When I came, I released a howl, letting the world know I have claimed Val as my mate. Val climaxed as well, releasing his sperm on my fur. Val fell asleep a bit later; I pulled out of his to make it more comfortable and just laid with him. I didn't fall asleep and just cuddled with him. I just watch him sleep peacefully. Iheard rustling close was Shan. "Hey, howled it go?" his damn puns.

"I need to go back, watch over Val for me." Shan did not reject, he knew I was stronger than him and I trusted him to not do anything to Val with me away.

I kissed Val one last time then left him. I was still naked even with my fur and I need to retrieve my clothes. Iretrieve the clothes in my hiding spot and ran back to Val. Shan was on the cliff looking over Val from there. I notice Shan also cleaned up Val while I was away, good that would make it less weird when he wakes up. I sent Shan away to get the others together then climbed down the cliff.

Ichanged back into my human form and got dressed. Val groinedin his sleep, time to wake sleeping beauty. "Val, hey Val wakeup." His eyes opened slowly, "Fred." "You okay, we looked all over for you." "It hurts to move." I helped him up, but his legs gave way. Part of me laughed internally, then I remember it was my fault he can't walk. I placed him on my back and carried him that way. He didn't resist it and slowly went back to sleep. I was fine with that, maybe I would tell him another time. I leave with the sun rising behind me.

The first time.

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