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#7 of Orr Chronicles

Donald and Daniel are twins, Older than Damian by 2 years. In this story they are 13, and we follow Daniel around for part of the day.

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"Hey, Donald!" the rabbit said, catching up to him. She pulled his arm in hers. "Is there any chance you can ditch your brother after class, and come with us? The girls really want you to pose for their art studies?"

He chuckled, He pulled the arm out put it around her shoulders, and leaned in. "I'm Daniel," he whispered in her ear. She froze. He straightened up. "I'll text him, to see if Donnie's wants to get naked for you and the girls." He started typing on his cell, and she blushed red under her short white fur.

"You two have to do something so we can tell you apart! Do something to your stripes, wear different clothes," she mumbled, "do something!"

He tilted an ear in her direction. She was actually angry? "There's an easy way to tell us apart." He didn't look up from the screen.

"What? How?"

He looked at her, and smiled. "I'm not telling you."

She screamed, drawing looks from everyone in the hall, which just led to her blushed harder. He looked her over. Donnie was right, she was actually pretty when she was angry. Maybe they should give her what she wanted, one of these days, if they couldn't find a guy to bed, and they were really desperate.

He read the reply. "No, Donnie can't make it. He's busy with me after class."

"Arrr. Why can't you let him have his own life! Jeez, it wouldn't kill you to let him go on his own just once." She stormed off.

Okay. No, she was definitely getting scratched of the list. He didn't care how desperate they were, having sex with her was just asking for trouble.

His phone ran. "Hey Donnie, yeah. I'm on my way to history, and I have your books for math. No, Betty didn't take it very well. You were right she's a little too possessive, we should scratch her off the list. No, no, I agree, she's cute when she blushes, or gets flustered, but she'd only end up wanting one of us, not both. There's no way that would work. Now, Marcus, man. Now him I think we need to talk to. Hey, I see you." He hung up.

He hugged his brother, the only thing they allowed themselves to do in public. Wouldn't do to traumatize the school by having to brothers kiss in front of everyone. Anyway, they didn't need to kiss to know they loved each other.

"The football team has practice after class," he whispered, "we can catch Marcus after that."

"Good plan."

Daniel handed his brother his books and then headed for history. He didn't like having different classes than Donald, but there was nothing they could do about it. The headmaster had taken one look at them, same fur pattern, same clothes, and he'd decided to separate them.

They had tried to convince him to change his mind. They'd explained that they'd never been apart, they were more comfortable that way, they'd even subtly indicated they were willing to 'work' for the change. The bribe had either been too subtle for him, or he wasn't interested.

Donald thought he wasn't interested, but Daniel wasn't willing to think the headmaster was actually that smart. In the end, after mixing them up twice, even though they hadn't moved. He said his word was final, so the twins had made the best of it. They did quickly realize it allowed them a wider field to play from.

Daniel sat in the back, In the middle. The seats on each side of him were quickly occupied. He looked, and smiled at Adrian and Lyle. They were the two of the 'toughs' of the school, two bullies. They moved their seats and desk closer to his, in the tumult of everyone taking their seats. The teacher didn't do anything to stop them. Daniel knew she was actually afraid of them, he'd seen them threaten her. So he figured that she preferred they intimidated the tiger, rather than her.

Daniel didn't mind. It wasn't like they were actually intimidating him. Before everyone was seated he had both their flies down, and pants open so he could slip a hand in. Daniel wasn't actually too comfortable doing this, not without his brother. This was something they always tried to enjoy together. He hoped Donald was able to amuse himself in his math class.

The teacher started talking, and Daniel listened, while his hands were stroking two nice cocks. A good size, both of them, even taking into account they were sixteen. One was a bull, and the other an otter. Their eyes were already slightly glazed.

He figured that they were going to fail history again. From what he'd heard, this was their third year taking it.

He didn't particularly worry about failing. He wasn't as smart as Damian - the youngest of the family was a genius - but he was plenty smart enough to to pass this just by listening, keeping just enough attention on his neighbors to make sure they didn't cum during class. It wouldn't do to have them scream in pleasure. And he figured that at some point they would get desperate enough for a complete job that he could convince one of them to let his brother help.

Class ended, the two on each side were panting, and whining slightly. Daniel's hands were covered with precum, which he discreetly licked clean, before heading out of the classroom.

Lyle grabs his arm and pulled him aside as he left the room. "Look, stripes. You can't just do that to me. I'm going to have blue balls all day now. Every time it's the same. You jerk me off 'till I'm almost there, then you back off. Well that's got to stop."

Daniel cocked his head. "So you want me to make you cum, in class. You really that good at keeping from reacting when your cum blows out of your cock?" He moved closer, like he was sharing a secret. With Lyle against the wall, and Daniel's body hiding most of him, he ran a hand up and down the, now wet, front of the otter's pants.

"Fuck stripes." Lyle shuddered. "You've go to finish me."

"I can't right now, I have to go to my English class, but I'm going to be in the toilets at the back of the school at the start of lunch. You know the ones, by the old chemistry classroom."

Lyle nodded. The classrooms had been closed off this year because they weren't up to code.

"If you come there, I'll take good care of you. I promise."

"You better, fag," Lyle said panting.

Daniel almost laughed, Lyle actually thought he was insulting him. Well, by the time lunch was over, Lyle would have something of a change of mind.

Daniel left him there. He took out his cell. "I have our lunch entertainment," he typed. "Bathroom, by old chemistry classrooms. First one there needs to setup the camera."

"10-4" was the reply.

English was a bore. The girl on his left kept making eyes at him, but she had no substance. He knew, he'd tried talking with her the first time. All she did was agree with him, or gossip about what the other girls were doing. The guy on his left was nice, but uninterested in him. Which was fine, except it meant Daniel had nothing to do to distract himself.

His phone vibrated. He discreetly checked it. Dominic had sent him a video of him getting plowed by Dad's cashier. Fuck that guy was well hung. He was happy for his older brother, he'd been after that guy for a while now, but it left him really hoping Lyle was going to show up for lunch.

Class ended, and he tried to head for the toilets, but he was intercepted by Marie-Ann, his chemistry partner. She was nice, and smart. If she'd given any kind of indication she was interested in having sex with him, she would definitely be on the list, but she hadn't. She wanted to make sure he was ready for the test. He told her he was, then she wanted to talk about the project they were working on. He told her, as politely as he could, that he didn't have the time, he really needed to go to the bathroom.

He wasn't lying.

When he got there, he entered extremely quietly. He could hear voices in the back, Donald and Lyle. He made his way to them, Lyle's back was visible in the doorway of a stall.

"Look, you better get started, fag. You said you'd finish me this time."

"I know," Donald replied, "but we have all of lunch, I know you're pent up, but it's going to be so much better for you if we take our time."

Daniel sneaked up to them. "Hi Lyle, I'm glad you already met my brother," he said, when he was right against Lyle's back, and then ran his hands along the muscles.

Lyle spun around. "What the fuck?" He looked from one to the other. "What's going on here?"

"You said you wanted some release," Daniel said, pressing himself against Lyle, who tried to back up, but Donald was pressing himself against his back. "We're here to give that to you."

"Fuck, who's who here?" Lyle asked.

"Oh, that's easy," Daniel replied, undoing Lyle's pants. "Donald's at your back. He always handle the back." Donald nibbled on the back of the otter's neck. "While I always handle the front." He pushed the pants down. "Oh man, you're still hard. Have you been hard all this time?"

"What do you think? Now get down to it."

"Shhh, we don't have to rush," Donald said, pulling Lyle's shirt up. "I promise you the best orgasm you've ever had, if you let us handle this. We know what were doing."

Daniel ran his hands along the now exposed chest. "Man, you have such a great chest." He buried his nose in the otter's fur. "And you smell so manly." Some flattery couldn't hurt. Donald went down to his knees at the same time Daniel did.

Daniel was eye level with Lyle's cock and balls, and it was the nice specimen his hand had told him it was. Daniel loved cocks. He loved the scent of them, the feel of them, the taste of them. Right now Lyle's smelled somewhat ripe, from over an hour of soaking in precum. He didn't mind it. He proceeded to lick Lyle's cock clean.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Lyle was looking down over his shoulder at Donald, who was lifting the otter's tail.

"Shhh," Donald replied. "Just relax, you're going to enjoy this. I promise." He buried his muzzle under the tail, and a moment later Lyle gasped lightly. Daniel smiled, knowing his brother could give quite the rim job.

He opened up his pants and took out his cock, it was hard and leaking already. He put both his hands back on Lyle's body, rubbing his legs and sides, as he licked the hard cock. He was forcing himself to go slow, even though all he wanted to do was swallow it to the root. He hadn't had a cock in his mouth since his dad's at breakfast, and he was hungry for one.

He suckled on the tip, and a Donald must have done something Lyle liked with his tongue, because he moaned, and a jet of precum hit the back of Daniel's mouth. Feeling Lyle enjoying himself made Daniel shudder in pleasure. He loved knowing he and Donald could bring such delight to a guy.

He slowly pushed down, moaning as the cock filled his mouth. He didn't stop until it was all in. God he loved having a hard cock like that. The only way this could be better was if he was being fucked at the same time, Hopefully when he got home. Dietrich should be able to accommodate him. Lyle obviously like it too, because his cock throbbed in his muzzle. He stayed like that for as long as he could hold his breath, then pulled up slowly.

He made shallow bobs for a moment, so he could catch his breath, and then went back down, deep throating Lyle. For a while, that was his rhythm, deep throat, bob for a time, then deep throat again. He carefully controlled his speed, speeding up, bringing Lyle closer, and then slowing down. He wanted to keep the otter close to the edge, but not send him over, not yet. Donald wasn't ready for that.

Daniel saw his twin stand in his peripheral vision, and he smiled around the cock. Lyle shoved forward, but Daniel prevented him for moving too far.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing. I'm not a faggot."

"Just relaxed, Lyle," Donald said. "We promised you the best orgasm you've ever had. If you let me do this, I swear it's going to blow your mind."

Well, blow your nuts, at least, Daniel thought to himself, and ours.

"No fucking way you're putting that in me," Lyle growled.

Daniel quickly stood, and nuzzled the otter's neck. "There's nothing to worry about. You're going to love it, I promise." Donald was licking the base of Lyle's ears.

"I'm not a fag," Lyle stated.

Daniel smiled. "I know that. I never said you were. This is just about relief. And the best blow out you can have." He caressed the otter's cheeks. "If you're not interested in that, we can stop. After all, we're doing this for you. Isn't that right, Donnie?" Donald nodded, while rubbing Lyle's chest. Damian had told them to always make it about the guy they were with, guys just couldn't resist thinking they were the center of attention.

"Mind blowing, right?" Lyle said.

"The biggest you've ever felt." Donald agreed.

"No one better ever find out about this," the otter grumbled.

"No one will." Daniel lowered himself and took Lyle's cock back in his mouth, even through this, it had remained hard. He put his hands on Lyle's ass and pulled them apart. Lyle grunted, and gasped as Donald entered him.

Daniel had to work Lyle up again, but it gave Donald time to ease himself in, and he could make sure to match his sucking to the spots he knew would be more difficult, getting the otter back close to the edge each time his brother pushed deeper, and relaxing when he was letting Lyle catch his breath. In moments he was back to where he could have the otter blow anytime he wanted, and if not for him getting fucked, he would probably be fighting to do so by now.

He knew Donald had bottomed out when he let out a sigh. "Oh Lyle," he whispered. "Doesn't this feel amazing?"

Lyle didn't say anything. He was probably too dazed at this point. Daniel steadied the otter, and Donald started thrusting. Within a minute his twin was moaning and grunting.

That was the signal Daniel had been waiting for. He closed his eyes, and bobbed up and down. He didn't slow down when he felt Lyle getting close, he kept going, anticipating the explosion, the tastes, the heat. Lyle grunted, and then he screamed. His cock pulsed once, and then cum was filling Daniel's mouth.

His own body vibrated, his breath became shallow, his cock was straining, he was at the edge himself. He swallowed some of the cum, and he saw stars. He moaned, his body shuddered, his cock jumped and jets of cum flew around, landing on the floor, Donald's pant leg and Lyle's leg fur.

When he was able to unclench his eyes again, his mouth was full of cum, delicious cum, hot and gooey. He rolled it over his tongue, and moaned again. Normally, he would swallow more of it, making himself shudder as he felt it move down his throat. This time, he had a better place for this nectar.

He slowly stood, making sure to continue to keep Lyle steady as Donald kept pounding his ass. He nuzzled the otter, catching his attention, and then kissed him. There was resistance, but Daniel was able to get him to part his lips, and then the cum flowed in his muzzle, as he shoved his tongue done the otter's throat.

Lyle panicked a little, but Daniel held his head, as he French kissed him. He wanted to make sure he was getting a good taste. While he was doing that he saw Donald bit the back of Lyle's neck and grunt, a clear sign he was now filling his ass with cum.

Daniel placed his hands on each side of the otter's head. He looked into the glazed eyes. "See, was this the best orgasm you've ever had, or what?"

Lyle panted a little, then started focusing. He looked at Daniel, then Donald. He pushed Daniel out of his way, pull up his pants and ran out of the bathroom.

Donald let out a chuckle, and then pulled his brother into a kiss. Their tongues played on each other, and when they pulled out, he was licking his lips. "He's pretty tasty. And he has a nice ass. You think we'll get to play with him again?" He reached on the top of the partition, and picked up his cell.

"Considering the way he just left, I doubt it. He's probably going to want to pound us in the pavement." Daniel ran a finger along his cock, picking up the cum that was there, and offered his finger to his brother.

Donald closed his lips around the finger and slowly sucked on it, looking Daniel in the eyes. He smiled, once he released it. "Well, if he tries, he's going to be in for quite a surprise." He played the video, and they had a nice view of Lyle getting fucked and sucked.

"Fuck, you're so hot when you're fucking a guy," Daniel said. "Send me a copy."

Donald gabbed his brother's ass. "I can fuck it during recess this afternoon."

Daniel rolled his eyes. "I'm not going to just have a quickly. I can wait until we're home."

Donald nipped his neck, and then sent him a copy of the video. He pulled up his pants, put his cell away. "So, about Marcus. You think we're going to have to pull a Lyle on him or will he be more willing?"

Daniel pulled his pants up, and noticed something on the floor. He picked up Lyle's shirt, there was a nice string of cum on it. "If the stories I've been hearing are true, he should be willing, so long as we catch him in the right mood." He hung the shirt on the stall's door. "He's suppose to be the kind of team captain who looks after *all* the needs of his teammates."

"Really? Maybe we need to start playing football."

Daniel looked at his brother's slim body, and laughed. "Right. They would break us in half. Lets just catch him after a game, in the shower." He shivered. "Oh sex in the shower, my favorite."

Donald punched his shoulder. "Sex is your favorite, you don't care where it happens." He pulled his twin into a deep kiss as they reached the door. "Lets make out at recess, okay? I don't think I'll be able to last till end of classes."

Daniel nodded. "I'll see you back here, then." He caressed his brother's cheek, and then left the bathroom to confront the world again


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