Story by MonjoTheFolf on SoFurry

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My first Vore Poem. I haven't vore stories, but, no poems. It was hard, but, I think I did okay.

It features three fandoms with vore art I really like.


A Vore Poem by Olivia Docherty "Monjo Mutt"

When did Furries taste like fruit? Well, maybe they're as tasty as they are cute! Pick 'em up, small or not. Put their head in your mouth, swallow a whole lot!

When did Ponies taste like sweeties? Maybe there's candy in their eyes! Take Zecora's potion and shrink 'em down to a tiny size. Pinkie tastes like a cupcake and would be nice to give to the kiddies! Pop 'em in my mouth, and feel them slide down my throat.

When did Pokemons taste like a barbeque? Juicy, and chewy. Hey! Maybe the mustard is Pikachu! Trap 'em in a pokeball, and train them. Send them in a battlefield, and let them eat all they want! Hopefully, Arbok doesn't try and eat it's Pokemaster!

I wanna go deep inside. I wanna be your meal, you decide! Do I taste like a Skittle? Just a little? What is it like, to live inside? To live like food kind.

The Hunt (Part 2)

Cover Art by DANILO7. I don't move and just let myself die... I listen to the creaking of the Wolf Predator's bones, the air blowing in and out of his lungs and the gurgling and the grumbling of his stomach. It was time to die. I am prey... No matter...

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The Hunt (Part 1)

MAIN CHARACTER: Name: Ivy Age: 2 human years Gender: Female Mate: None Pack: None. Lone wolf. Pups: None. I see the small, puny, deer in the distance. I was first to catch it. My stomach rumbled, as if it was telling me that that deer, must...

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