I can make it all better

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Doberman jock wants his man to love him through his musky scent. A musk hypnosis story

This is a story commission for avatar?user=44482&character=0&clevel=2 Linkin Monroe. It was truly a great pleasure to have written this down and to be commissioned by him. Thank you all in all. I was allowed to share this out with everyone. So, enjoy.

If you'd like to have story commissions, I'm available.

I can make it all better

"Another my good lad! Fill her up!" The glass slammed on to the car counter, a large Doberman paw gripped around it. Bartender nodded and acknowledged the order, gingerly got another bottle of his favorite poison and poured it out. "Thank you. You know you're kinda - "

"Fuck you!" The male beside the Doberman shouted at the bartender as he began to slur words afterwards. "You... You... You bastard."

"Sir, I do not like that sound of that. You're drunk and I don't take lightly to drunken men." He hissed.

It was Doberman to the rescue. He quickly apologized to the agitated bartender on behalf of his friend. It has finally come down to this. Paul, the friend and coworker that worked along him, a German shepherd that used to hold his head up high, confident in his ability, was dumped this morning. Throughout the whole day, he was gloomy and even cried in the cubicle. Max had to slowly console the canine before he did anything stupid. Three long years of a healthy relationship and the bitch broke up with him because he wasn't rich. Not only that, his opponent was fucking built like a brick wall.

Paul's world came crashing down and didn't know what to do with his life any longer. Max had decided to bring him in for a drink and lend a shoulder to cry on, even an ear but things didn't turned out the way he thought it should. The Doberman, standing at six feet and just like the male that stole his friend's woman, he was just as large. He worked out regularly with Paul but genetics played a huge role in his form and within a few years, he was quite the attractive Doberman. Solid chest and biceps that could crush his opponent, wash board abs that were to die for and tree trunk like legs, he was the kind of dog that nobody wanted to mess around with.

However, due to his large stature, he didn't have many friends and Paul was the only one that could keep up with him. Thus, the reason why he felt obligated to help a friend in need but with how much they have drank for the night, perhaps it was in their best interest to leave. The cheetah bartender suggested as so and the Doberman nodded, held the canine against his shoulder as they walked out.

"She was the best you know... the *hic*..."

Max rolled his eyes. "But she was cheap. What she did was cheap and you deserve more than a bitch like that. C'mon, she's not worth it."

"Do you not know how much I spent on her, huh? The late nights, the dinner and that fucking thousand dollar dress that we bought in Italy?" Paul cursed through the night, wobbled instead of walking like a normal.

The Doberman wrapped his arms around his waist and held him close, walked as if they were a couple but they were never as so. He had a secret crush on the other canine and there were several nights where he dreamt of him lying under him as he lodged his massive dobie cock in. Dreams were vivid enough that he came without even realizing it and all this while, he wanted the dog to see how much he wanted him. Despite not living together, Max was constantly around his cubicle and occasionally, he would purposely leave some sort of musk trail around when he didn't shower for the day, in hopes that it would attract the male but it didn't work as much. Although, he was beginning to question the funky smell that lingered in the air.

Now he had the drunken man draped across his shoulder, unable to even form words that made any sense; perhaps it was the right time to seep in his scent into the canine. "Like I said, she isn't worth it. C'mon, in you go. Don't fucking barf or you're going to spend the rest of your life cleaning the seat."

The door closed and Max let off a huge sigh of relief. He finally got him up the car and as he drove along the streets, Paul continued to bawl in his predicament, constantly complaining about their time together and how much money he had spent on her. The number of times they went on dates, the sweet memories and kisses that they shared, all of them for naught. This went on and on until they arrived at his domain. He wasn't going to let him drive back home in the state that he was in and since his place was the nearest, there's no other option.

Car locked, secured and dragged him up; Max had it up to here with the German shepherd. He pushed him off and landed right up to the living room couch, an obvious mess as shirts were strewn everywhere.

Being a bachelor living under one roof, the place was slightly unkempt but Max didn't care. He liked it this way and the lingering smell of Doberman was exciting to him. His shirts were everywhere and that included his unwashed underwear. Dumbbells at one corner, TV right in the middle and the couch followed, which is now filled with canine. He sighed and got undressed; obviously he didn't care if he was naked in his own place. Muscles stretched out against those sore spots and letting off a big yawn, he was tired.

Keeping Paul in check was hard work enough and thankfully, he hadn't vomit all over the place, yet. Snuggled right to the side, he held on to the canine for comfort. This time, he had stopped whining about his poor miserable life and this time, he was quiet, too quiet. Perhaps crashing his place temporary was a good thing.

"What's wrong now?" Max asked.

"Why did she leave?" Paul closed his eyes and hiccupped unexpectedly.

That was a question that needed no answer. He knew the answer was going to hurt and didn't say anything but continued to console the man. "Because she was a bitch and bitches don't get to keep handsome men like you." And he kissed on his forehead.

Paul felt something weird stirring within his heart but thought nothing about it as right now, he was more concerned with why his girlfriend left him. Then again, Max didn't want to see his friend hurt any longer. Why would he even go for a woman like that when he has a man like him? Sometimes, he wondered what he lacked that a woman has, besides the boobs. No, he had had enough and now was the perfect chance to keep this German shepherd all to himself. His paw caressed against his head and stroked on it with care, talked softly as the canine slowly succumbs to his exhaustion from crying his eyes out. "Feel good there? Sometimes you just gotta shut that brain down of yours and just relax, let big ol' Max keep your safe."

Paul sighed and obeyed what the Doberman said. In his mind, this was just the perfect kind of setting that he had wanted with his girlfriend but now, with a man, it doesn't feel any different. Though, he had large massive pecs than breast and washboard abs than a slimmer build. Besides that, it was practically the same thing. Eventually, time seemed to slow down and soon enough, the tired man slept soundly against Max's lap. A smile spread out from his face and the Doberman was quite content with how things were working out. Perhaps it's time to bring this up a notch. Tomorrow, things would be slightly different.

The day that followed, it was slightly different. Morning came and Paul was left to sleep on the couch with a blanket over him, the Doberman was nowhere to be seen but he did smell something delicious. By the time he got himself composed, Max appeared with two big plates of breakfast. He grinned away and sat next to the dog while his arm draped over his shoulder, pulled him closer and at that moment, Paul didn't even flinch or resist. Instead, he allowed the bigger canine to do as he pleased. However, something was definitely different with him because his shirt was slightly disheveled and upper torso completely exposed, bared his chest away and Paul was amazed at the size of it.

His nose twitched and body shuddered from the sudden attack of musk. He smelled like sweat and alcohol, mainly because he hadn't bath since last night. Now he remembered what happened. They drank, got drunk and poured his heart out to his friend but was he that close to the point where he could inhale his musk like this and get goose bumps? As far as he knew, he wasn't into men but Max has some sort of sweet scent that had him craving for more, a little bit. He inhaled once more and the Doberman watched him do so with excitement, his plan clearly in place.

"So how are you this morning?" Max caressed his head lovingly. "Slept well?"

"Yeah... thanks... bud..." Paul closed his eyes and continued to lie on his chest; face buried on to them and it eased his tension.

"Good boy, very good boy. Don't think about it. Just let it all slide, okay? And you're staying here for the weekend. Today is Saturday, if you're ever concerned about it. You're here, now and big ol' Max is gonna get you through this."

Paul nodded in a sudden daze.

Max growled lustfully and the way this canine was going heads for him, he was beginning to feel aroused from it. His sexual pheromones was beginning to show and his musk from last night was beginning to mixed into it and with that, threw off a far more powerful funk than before. Paul inhaled sharply and lets off a small moan, his paws accidentally pressed against a certain crotch and that broke the spell immediately. He pulled upwards and blushed away.

"Eat your breakfast. I'm gonna go shower for a bit and come back, okay?" Max casually said and got himself up, stripped off the rest of his shirt and portrayed his powerful muscles in front of the German shepherd. It wasn't the fact that he hadn't seen the man shirtless before but in his sudden daze of musk smelling, Paul found himself aroused at the sudden sight. He flexed and rubbed on to his muscles, turned around and saw the petrified male, not moving an inch as he gulped away on his saliva. Max chuckled and saw that obvious bulge but wanted to continue to tease the male until he submitted to him willingly.

Both canines got on with their day without a problem but Paul fidgeted a bit when Max was around. Went out for lunch, hung out in the mall and talked like nothing happened. By the time night came, both had agreed to just laze around at home with a random movie, obviously not interested in the flick because Max had him cuddled up right next to him like it was the most natural thing to do. For Paul, he felt like this was just him being extra friendly due to his recent breakup and decided to play along with it. His arms around the man's waist and watched the screen flashed away with some random mind numbing gun scene. It was all the same thing, bad guy shoots good guy, good guy gets injured, scene intensifies and sudden dramatic save.

They knew how things would have played out in the movie but they didn't care. For the Doberman, he was happy that Paul went through with this and now it was time to start soothing his prey once more. "How are you doing tonight? Better?"

Paul nodded and felt a paw on his head. This time, he didn't flinch and allowed for the man to do as he wanted to. Started off with small little strokes and slowly escalated to a full on caress, matting down his fur, to the point where he felt completely relaxed, cared nothing more about the world around him. "Thank you for being here."

"No problem. That's what friends are for, babe."

Babe? Was he really saying that? Paul blinked and wanted to say something about it but was pulled upwards and pressed against the Doberman's chest. He inhaled and right then and there, he fell limp. Babe... His girlfriend used to call him that but now, that was gone. The scent that was placed on him was strong and powerful, hypnotizing in fact and he didn't know what to do about it. Instead, stuck there and kept breathing on to him, the larger male continued to stroke his head and down to his back. "That's right babe, don't think about it, all you need is big ol' Max to care for you. Don't think... feel..." and now, down to a whisper. "Feel..."

Paul closed his eyes, wallowed in this mysterious scent that was released from the Doberman, unable to explain why this had happened. Once again, Max had sported a full on erection within his pants and lets off a small moan, wanted to let the dog know how much he was beginning to make him feel. "Max will make you feel good. You like that?"

"Mmm... Max..." The German shepherd finally found his words but dreamily voiced it out. This went on for a while and with each strokes on his fur, it cradled him down to slumber land. Max watched him sleep and was thoroughly content with how well his plan was working. Hypnotizing with his musk was something that he had never done before but since he was so compliance with all of this, perhaps he was truly the one for him. He had read articles that your one true mate is best identified with how well they can take in your musk. This seemed to be true and by tomorrow, he would be more open about it.

Max had started planning for the next day. Not bathing in the morning and work out, come back home with just his briefs and hopefully, the German shepherd would fall for him. The plan actually came into play and surprisingly, Paul laid on him like he did two nights ago. Another random movie, another night but this time, didn't clean up. The scent that was released from him definitely spread across the room and it didn't help with the fact that he was aroused at the same time. During these few nights, he hadn't had the opportunity to let one out but save for the time where he had the cheetah bartender from his favorite bar bounce on his cock at the back alley.

Him down on all fours, begging to be broken in, crying out for his name, cock rocked up and down and cumming without even touching himself; it was such a vivid image. Max found himself dreaming about that lay and wanted to just walk around with his undergarments but that was pushing the boundaries. Now wasn't the right time but soon enough, he would have the dog eating out of his paws. At this point, Paul wasn't even thinking straight because by now, he had his eyes closed and laid on to the man's abs. His nose kept twitching with each breathes, taking in the scent that he was slowly succumbing to.


"Yes... Bud?"

"How are you feeling today?" Max hoisted the man up and placed his head on to his shoulder, petting gently.

"I'm... good." Paul answered in a dazed state.

"Still thinking about the girlfriend?"

The canine shook his head. "She is a bitch. I deserve better than her. In fact, I deserve to have a friend like you. You were always there for me."

"Yeah, I was always there for you and do you like it?"

This time, he nodded with glee. "Yeah, I like how good you are treating me right now. She never did this for me. Never."

"Really? Well then, did you ever inhale her musk before?" Max asked with a slight hint of authority.

Paul nodded. "I did but it wasn't sweet and strong. Like... like yours." He blushed now.

It was finally falling into place. "So mine is sweet and strong? Is that what you're saying?"

He stopped, couldn't find the words to it but evidently, he found the answer that was buried deep down in his mind. "Yes, it's sweet and definitely strong. Very very strong."

"If so, why don't you give it a good sniff and tell me how hard I worked today?" Paul wasn't sure what was going on but didn't want to think about because the scent was calling on to him. His deep and passionate voice was convincing enough that he climbed on to the man and inhaled around his neck.

The whiff of it was intoxicating, his eyes dilated over and his body going limp. Tongue flicked away and Max had to hold on to him before he fell off to the ground. Deeper and deeper he went, slowly going into a trance like daze, obviously not caring if it was a male or a female. All he knew now was how right all of this was. Paul groaned and whispered softly to him, telling the man how good he was, how wonderful his body was, how beautiful he looked and best of all, how amazingly strong his musk was. This went on to deeper grounds when the Doberman lifted his arm pit and guided the man to it, forced to take in a much stronger scent than the ones that were on his chest and neck.

"That's a good doggie, very good doggie. You like that?" Max cooed.

Paul didn't answer but continued his ministration. This time, he found his own strength and grabbed hold on to his arm, wanted him to flex and show off those powerful muscles. As he did so, he licked all over. Around the pits, trailed off to his biceps and slowly started worshiping his muscles. The other arm was done next and with each passing second, Paul didn't even know what was going on. All he knew was how right all of this felt like, like everything was how it was meant to be. His body didn't feel like it was his anymore but belonged entirely to the Doberman. He was slowly hypnotized, slowly falling into a deep slumber that men was the only way to go. No, correction, the Doberman was the only man that he needed.

Max moaned and lustfully rubbed against his large bulge, obviously far too big to contain in that tiny undergarment. Paul didn't know it yet but a sudden paw guided his head down and before he knew it, he was faced with that bulge. His nose was in overdrive and the simple whiff of it gave him a sudden craving to reveal what was underneath it. It was a cock, he knew it was a cock. In fact, the dog began to nose at it lovingly like an obedient pet. Up and down his nose and muzzle went, caressed against it while lips pursed around the outline of that shaft.

Evidently, Paul had two fingers at the upper line of the Doberman's underwear and gently pulled it off. Max didn't even need to tell him as so but did it on his own. By now, his mind was in a complete haze and the sight of a sudden cock popping out had him salivating. Paw wrapped around it and started giving small little strokes, beginning from the tip, all the way to the base. His nose now buried into the mast of muscles that belonged to the canine. Max was in total control right now, not wanting for all of this to end. The man was his now, his to control and his to claim and the claiming part was the icing on the cake.

"That's a good boy. You don't need to worry about awful bitches breaking your heart when you're with your bro. How do you feel against all of these strong and warm muscles? Bet you'd rather have a true stud than a softy, huh?"

Paul was no lost in every single way possible. He wasn't sure what was going on anymore and like the previous night, he didn't even want to think about it. The Doberman's words seemed to be absolute and true. "Max... You're so hot. Why am I so attracted to you?"

"Maybe because you've wanted this your whole life?" He continued to watch the canine move on his own and wasn't disappointed with how all of this was going. "Yeah, those muscles taste good, huh? A true sign of a strong stud. Someone so much stronger than you. It's nice to be with someone strong... someone who can take care of you... keep you safe. That's what guys do for each other and why we both love guys, right?"

"Love... guys?" Paul didn't stop even after the Doberman finished up. He was beginning to question his own sexuality because all his life, he thought he was straight but at the moment, that thought was thrown out of the window. His girlfriend never gave him this pleasure before, his girlfriend had never treated him this good before, and his girlfriend never even praised how good he was! All she did was belittle him and take away what was dear to him. Max didn't treat him as so and was... very good... to...

"Max... Guys..."

"Shh... don't think about it. Weak females are not what you need, you need a strong male. Look at that," the Doberman forced the man down towards his leaking cock and slapped it against his nose; a new sexual scent pierced through is nostrils. Paul couldn't help but breathe in deeply, pre smeared against his muzzle and a lick from it had the man craving for more. Never in his entire life could he imagine how wonderful the taste of pre was and this Doberman definitely had it going.

In the end, his muzzle opened up and willingly engulfed that cock without a word. Max couldn't help but spread his legs wider and allowed the man to gain better access to his manhood, stroked his head and ears to encouraged him to get more of it down. The sight of his cock disappearing down a throat was too hot for words but this was finally down to his final trick.

"Paul, babe, let me refresh your memory. Look at me," the German shepherd was pulled upwards to face the strong stud and he gave a short kiss on to his lips, now whispered a much convincing story into his mind.

"You've been a shy pup all your life, always so timid and always picked on in school. Then you met me, and you'd always hide your boner in the locker room. Just being around guys made you so hot and bothered. It was cute, and I liked being the one you checked out. Then one night, there we were, just two horny teenagers together and eventually, found ourselves in my bed, and you were still trying to cover yourself. And the cute moan you made when I put my immactuate dick inside your ass. You allowed yourself to be the sub and wanted nothing more than to feel full, a real man ramming right up into your prostate, to be pounded endlessly through the night and to enjoy the pleasure that no woman can give to you. And when we mated, this big ol' Doberman was the one that wrapped himself around your body and kept you in place, giving you a sense of protection and safety."

The memory was forming in Paul's mind, being a natural sub, he would want Max to take care of him, to feel that only he alone could fulfill the void of his own natural sexual desire, nothing less but so much more. He could subconsciously feel that moment when he given his virginity to this amazing dog. His cock would cum in time and only when the Doberman did so. Their lives would be complete and love each other for eternity.

"Didn't I... wasn't I with a girl?" Paul wanted to argue but his voice and thoughts were practically not his any longer.

"No, you weren't with a girl," Max licked on his ears and held him close. "You were with me. You were always with me. All those nights, remember? Those nights that you spent cuddling with me, we watched movies together, I made you breakfast. Remember that?"

Paul wanted to nod but all he felt was how he was being undressed. The Doberman peeled off every garment on him and within seconds, had the male down to nothing but a fully erected cock, just as he'd expected. His strong arms held on to him possessively, the other paw gripped on his shaft tightly, which resulted in a small lustful moan, a need that must be fulfilled. "You're mine. You have always been mine. All those nights, you were with me. What are you talking about?"

He couldn't remember anyone else. "I was... with you... Max... Yes, with you," Paul was taken into the lies that was filled in him mind. Nothing mattered, all for the Doberman, all for him. "I am yours, Max."

"That's a really good boy," this time, it was his turn to inhale at his musk, "You are mine, forever. No other man is good enough for you. Only me and me alone. C'mon, you must be real pent up. Do you want to have some good ol' sex?"

The German shepherd blushed and nodded, "Only you, my big strong stud. How could I forget? Your scent is the best there is."

As much as he'd like to grab a bottle of lube to give the man a short reminder of who he was, their lust had built up to the point of no return. Thankfully, he produced more pre than anybody else. That Doberman cock was lubed enough and this was evident when the cock head finally popped right in. Paul cried out and held on to the man that got him through all this. No one was going to hurt him any longer... no one... he was one with Max, Max was the only man he needed. Max... Max... Max...

"Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Oh babe, I can't take it anymore. Breed me with your seed. I want you to fill me up. Please, I beg you!"

"You're mine!" The Doberman snarled and pushed his hips upwards, finally getting more of that cock in that amazingly tight hole. Half was swallowed through, leaving another half to go but Max wouldn't want to keep the dazed dog from snapping out. Instead, he took it slow and that tight tail hole was gripping on to him like a vice. He may not have lasted long if he continued to keep it this tight. Up and down he went and once again, thanks to the copious amount of pre that he had produced, it was beginning to slide in easily.

Up and down he went, Paul's cock never flag for a second. Instead, it bounced lewdly with strings of pre flying all over. His balls swung up and down, obviously pent up as the Doberman was due to several nights of concealment. This went on with primal lust fueling each of them. Muzzles locked in together and the German shepherd had his arms around the dog's neck, wanting nothing more than to hold on without falling off like a rock. Another push, with a cry of heat and pleasure, he was down to the hilt. Max felt those two butt cheeks landed on his hips and he was proud of his achievements.

Paul moaned endlessly as his male g-spot was found. His voice neared to a higher pitch when he started fucking himself on to that large cock. Up and down he went, tried wantonly to fill himself up and did so with pride. Max couldn't believe how well this worked out to be and finally, he had the man of his dreams to be his. Paws held on to his hips and did his part by thrusting in and out of that love tunnel. Paul groaned away and actually appreciated what the Doberman was doing because this made his work far easier.

Max couldn't take it anymore, the buildup was intense, prolonged and most of all, pent up desires. His claws gripped at the German shepherd's back, obviously right up the edge and with how tight he already was, he came in no time. His hips grounded upwards and that sent him off the edge of no return. Ass muscles clenched down on that large shaft and each spurt was heaven made. Paul felt the warm and powerful torrents of cum from the dominant male and was glad that he got what he had wanted. The hypnosis had worked wonders because the Doberman commanded him to cum just the same and he did instantly.

Pure canine seed shot upwards and landed on the Doberman's chest with a loud splat and it didn't stop right there because several more came along. That engorged cock throbbed violently and threatened to explode. The harder he got pounded, the harder he came but that was the same for the crazed lusted Doberman. Even after spilling out in buckets, he was just as hard and it wouldn't wane with just one fuck. Paul cried out as loud as he could when his body was pushed downwards, face planted into the couch that they were just fucking on. This time, he wasn't in control anymore.

The cock popped off and out leaked a tear drop of cum but that wasn't going to be all because Max lifted that tail higher and began rutting all over again, doggy style. Max felt the cock down under slapping around with no significant direction and it seemed to be getting this poor canine off. A single scream warned the large Doberman that another round of spunk has been released on to the floor and this was evident with another scent and musk of male sex.

The room was initially filled with the undying desire of sweaty Doberman but now that it has mingled with male sex, it was even harder to resist. Each breathe was a drug that alerted every part and senses of the dominant male's body and he had to rut harder in abandonment. An hour had passed and by then, Max was thoroughly exhausted from it all. Paul whined but not in sadness but happiness.

"I'm glad you decided to move in with me," Max murred in Paul's ear. "Tomorrow, we'll get your stuff, and you'll live with me and you don't need to worry about anything else any longer because big ol' Max is going to take care of you," Max held him close. "You're my boyfriend, my one true mate. We're together now."

"Y-Yeah... You're my one and only stud." Paul continued to breathe in musk without falter, enjoyed every second of it without any complaints. "And you're my boyfriend. I'll move in, together, with you, forever, my love."

Days had passed and the German shepherd had lost all memories of being straight and even the woman that made him suffer in the beginning. Now, all that was there was the muscled Doberman he dated for years and everywhere he went, he was with him and their lives wouldn't have been any happier. The sex was definitely enjoyable and Max did not regret his action for one bit. In the future, he may plan for something for more extreme than just smelling his musk. As Paul always said: Max can make it all better.

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