A Long, Dark Road (Part 4)

Story by Rothwild on SoFurry

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#6 of A Long, Dark Road

This chapter is one of two to contain sexings. if you don't want to read that sort of thing, you can skip ahead without losing much in the way of plot.

My connection to this world is one I am loathe to endure; I find no comfort in the conversations of my peers, no joy in the pleasures of the flesh, and only sparse happiness in family and friendship, save that of one.

-Fenris Skjoll

Kath had abandoned Varg to the inn, leaving to search among the shops for the furs and dried meats that would prove invaluable for their trip through the mountains. Brandon had accompanied her, making himself useful by recommending stores and carrying the wares she had chosen, and Tsal departing toward the doctor's office to check on his grandson.

Their wandering had taken them past the door of the inn several times now, giving them cause for pause at each crossing. The first pass had seen Varg standing over a broken slab of wood three inches thick, a pack of ice on one hand and a cheering crowd of drunken patrons telling Kath all she needed to know of the dragon's activities. Their second pass had been some hours later, with both Kath and the captain of the guard laden with haggled furs, giving them a view of Varg speaking with the pair of equine siblings that he had, in layman's terms, beat the shit out of. The mare had her hands on her hips and was shouting at Varg, who stood by, nodding in time with her accusatory finger as it was jabbed at the dragon. Her brother stood nearby, talking to a small group of townspeople, demonstrating in the air how the dragon had taken them down.

The sound from the rest of the tavern eclipsed the words of both siblings, but after a moment, the mare stomped out the door leaving her brother and the dragon doing a slow-motion recreation of Varg's attack for the villagers. The lanky horse-woman all but ran Kath down to launch a tirade against Brandon.

"How could you let that bastard in the town? He nearly killed Thomas and my brother!" She said, prodding the Labrador on the chest.

Brandon held up his arms calmly, waiting for the guardswoman to settle herself, "Relax Anya," the captain said, briefly placing a comforting paw on the woman's shoulder before she brushed it off, "What did Varg say to piss you off?"

"Nothing!" Anya said, throwing up her hands and pacing in front of him and Kath, "The son of a bitch even apologized and offered to buy our drinks for the night!"

"What exactly is the problem then?" Brandon asked, confused.

"He almost broke Kobeck's jaw, and doesn't even have the good grace to be an arsshole!" Anya said, seething in rage as the other two tried to discern logic from what she had just said.

"Well, what did Kobeck say?" Brandon asked nodding towards the bar and her brother.

"That jackass is in there laughing about it with that brute," She said, crossing her arms and snorting angrily.

"Did you at least accept the drinks?" Brandon asked, having trouble keeping a straight face as he addressed the furious guard.

"Of course I did," She said, practically foaming at the mouth, "I'm pissed, not insane."

The bewildered pair of them left the fuming horse to her anger and made their way into a smokehouse to purchase rations for the days ahead, passing back towards the inn to purchase Kath and Varg's room for the night. As they opened the door to enter the tavern, they found themselves faced with an incredibly odd scene: Varg stood at one end of the inn, a mug of ale in one hand and a rope in the other, laughing as nearly a dozen townsfolk pulled on the other end of the rope, flailing and falling over themselves as they attempted to uproot the dragon, only for him to remain planted in place as he not only kept himself upright while drinking mug after mug, but managed to drag the ensemble of villagers, apparently lead by Kobeck, several inches towards him.

Kath and Brandon beheld the scene with confusion, the formerly vicious dragon now playing games with the very people that had been trembling in fear of him not an hour earlier.

"Oh, the miracles of alcohol..." Kath muttered under her breath, Brandon nodding disjointedly as he looked over the tavern.

"Thank god he decided to stop after Thomas," The Labrador said, "We have a finite supply of bandages."

The two of them skirted the competing villagers to sit in the corner of the bar, giving them ample view of the chaos beyond, but sheltered from the worst of the nose and calamity.

"How did the two of you meet?" Brandon asked Kath, seemingly genuinely curious on the matter.

"Pretty much the same way you did," Kath said, chuckling softly as the row of villagers was taken off their feet, the horse, Kobeck rising to slap the dragon on the back with a friendly laugh, "Only he was shirtless and had his sword out."

Brandon looked at the heavily muscled dragon, then down at himself, frowning slightly, "Do I really want to know?"

"I found him to the south in a pile of bodies," Kath said, stretching in her seat across from the guard, coincidentally giving him a rather enticing view of her lean frame, "I thought he was dead, then all of a sudden I'm on my arse in the mud with the biggest damn thing south of the mountains holding a sword the size of my body to my throat."

Brandon shook his head, chuckling, "I can imagine."

"He said he needed my help him deliver something to Tal'Krovak," she said, finishing with a flourishing gesture over herself, "and here I am."

"Why would he need your help?" Brandon asked, suddenly fumbling as Kath hit him with a vicious glare, "I mean, um, he seems capable enough."

Kath's glare subsided after a few moments, but she let the captain feel its force for a while before answering, "You should've seen his wounds. I can't believe he's alive, let alone able to walk this far."

The two of them sat in comfortable silence for a moment before Brandon asked Kath, "What is he trying to take back? I mean, we have a courier service in town that can make deliveries to Tal'Krovak for less than the cost of the supplies you bought today."

"I asked him that on the road yesterday," Kath said, shaking her head as she did her hair back up into its tight ponytail, "He said that it was too important to let anyone else handle."

"What is it?" Brandon asked.

Kath shrugged, "Some sort of necklace he had on him when I found him. It looked expensive, but other than that, I don't know."

"Could it be magical?" Brandon asked, looking over her heat at the dragon as he and the stallion tapped mugs together in a toast.

"Probably," Kath said, "He mentioned it would be valuable to someone like Morgana, but never said anything else about it. He doesn't let it out of his sight for more than a second though."

Brandon looked around uncomfortably before asking, "Not to be rude or anything, but why did you agree to help him?"

A warning glance from Kath made the Labrador shirk back in his seat, but his curiosity managed to overcome his fear of the venomous woman, "It's just that, you don't seem the charitable sort, so I assume he's paying you in some way..."

"For your information," Kath said, indignant anger fresh in her voice, made even more prominent by the astuteness of Brandon's observation, "I could've taken the necklace and run; I decided to help him out of the kindness of my heart..."

"And the promise of coin?" Brandon finished, smirking.

Kath opened her mouth to retort, freezing as she realized how dead-on the dog's reading on the situation had been, "You're an ass," she said bitterly.

Brandon burst out in laughter, patting the jackal's clenched fist playfully, "Relax, Kath; I'm only joking."

The jackal managed to hold her glare for a few seconds before joining the Labrador in laughter, brushing stray strands of hair from her eyes as she looked across at the man.

"So," the captain said, "are you and Varg...?" His eyes awaiting her answer anxiously.

"No," Kath answered, blushing slightly, though the act was hidden under her midnight-hued fur, "I tried leading him on, but he doesn't seem interested."

"Ah," Brandon said, "I see that,"

"See what?" Kath demanded, following the Labrador's gaze to where the dragon stood.

Varg sat at the bar, leaning forward towards Kobeck; a lustful, teasing gaze in his eyes as the horse rubbed the dragon's powerful thigh enticingly.

"Oh," Kath said, taken aback somewhat by this new revelation, "That explains that, at least."

"You didn't know?" Brandon said, turning back to face the jackal.

She shook her head in the negative, "Makes sense, I suppose," she said, "I mean, who could resist this?" she said, gesturing to herself seductively.

Brandon leaned across the table until he was only inches from the other canine's face, "I know I couldn't."

Kath smiled, batting her eyes at the Labrador and leaning even closer, "Good to know I haven't lost my touch."

Brandon took her by the arm and led her away from their table, taking her away from the inn and flirting dragon within, making their way towards the stone barracks that sat just within the walls of the town. He led her past the bunks of sleeping guardsmen up a flight of narrow stairs to a small bedroom, the Labrador's title and name carved into the thick wood of the door.

Brandon opened the door and fumbled in the darkness for his matches, lighting a candle positioned on a shelf besides the door, giving light to his quarters. They were fairly simple, adorned with little beyond a plain bed and desk, both laden with moderate mess. The dog led Kath to the bed, shoving the varying bits of detritus to the floor and lowering the ebony-furred jackal onto the bed, leaning over her into a kiss. The two of them sat like that for a long while, bodies pressed together in a passionate embrace, their muzzles linked by their intertwined tongues as they met in a lustful grasp.

Kath placed her hands on the lab's chest, revelling in the texture of his lean body under his clothes. She began stripping, unbuttoning her jacket to reveal her low-cut undershirt, allowing the randy dog to toy with her own chest as he pulled away his own shirt, revealing a body of admirably toned muscles and soft edges, chocolaty fur soft under the jackal's searching embrace.

Brandon lifted her shirt, its edges becoming caught on the jackal's lean limbs, leaving her hair in a lopsided tangle as it pried her hair tie from its place. The young man apologized, he and the jackal sharing a chuckle as she attempted to neaten her appearance in the dim light of the lone candle.

Brandon's hands were drawn to the jackal's chest, her pert breasts flowing around his hands as he massaged them, a relaxed moan escaping her lips as he played with her sensitive nipples.

Kath moved to the dog's legs, undoing the man's belt with some minor fumbling before sliding the trousers from his lean and limber limbs, revealing a lower body that was a fine as his upper. She leaned forward and pulled his final layer of clothing off, the captain's groin already stiff with pleasurable anticipation.

Kath sighed as she beheld the lab's stiff cock, its sizable length already hard and its knot beginning to swell, veins running along its red length pulsating as she held it in her delicate fingers. Kath moved to embrace it with her moist lips, taking the pointed tip of his member in her maw and massaging it with her tongue, relishing the salty tang of pre as it escaped his length.

Her efforts were spurred on by the sudden moans that escaped the dog's mouth, pleasure thick as his groans shifted in tone and octave in sync with the jackal's motions.

Kath worked the Labrador's member with skill and determination, bringing the man to the verge of climax before holding back, allowing tension to build in the man's groin, one hand working his furred orbs while the other played through the soft hairs that covered his abs.

Soon enough, Kath's efforts proved too much for the man to handle, and his balls clenched and spilled their contents into her mouth, his spunk flowing into her waiting mouth as his member pulsed happily in her mouth.

Kath swallowed his seed, rising from her position to sit over the reclined Labrador, her gaze making it clear she wasn't done with him. Kath undid her own pants, slowly pulling the leather leggings from her lean frame to reveal her moist privates, their feminine folds dripping with eager fluids as she aligned his pointed member with her depths.

Kath lowered herself onto the man, a hiss of simultaneous pain and pleasure escaped from her lips as she speared herself on his manhood, her feminine lips stretched wide by the invading length of flesh. She finally reached his knot, now fully swollen, and paused her decent, raising herself off the man with a flex of her thighs, allowing her neithers to expunge all but the tip of his thick meat, before sinking back onto his shaft, grunting in animalistic lust as she repeated the motion, falling into a steady rhythm as she rode the panting lab.

Kath and Brandon lost themselves in the act, their moans and lustful groans rising in volume until it was all but certain to wake the sleeping guards below. The two of them moved in synchronous motion, their forms melding in intimate ecstasy until, at last, Kath landed upon Brandon's member with such force as to allow his pulsating member to enter her fully. Her neither lips parted further to gratefully accept his knot, sealing the two of them in ecstatic bliss as they connected on a level of sexual pleasure so intense it sent both of them over the edge simultaneously, rocking both of them with waves of immense delight washed over them, draining them both of fluids and energy.

Kath rolled to the side, still connected to the man by his member. The two of them stared at each other in blissful glee, the raw joy of bare emotion bared leaving them breathless as they fought for breath in the low candlelight.

"That settles it," Kath said breathlessly, amber eyes locking with the chocolaty irises of her mate, "I'm defiantly stopping back here when I'm done with this trip."

"Glad to hear it," Brandon responded, brushing a length of hair from the jackal's sweat drenched forehead, "Because I am far from done with you."

Varg was glad he hadn't killed the stallion before him. The man was far more easy-going and energetic than most he had met in his lifetime, and had forgiven the dragon for his injuries with the simple maxim, "fuck it, I've had worse."

He and the dragon had been going at it for the past several hours, Kobeck offering challenges and the dragon eagerly meeting them. It had started with simple drinking challenges, with the dragon utterly demolishing Kobeck and the others that had joined their competition, the dragon downing two to three pints for every one of the stallion's. Then came the strength challenges, first with board-breaking, before moving on to tug-of-war, then finally to a friendly boxing match that had led to quite a few over-confident drunks being knocked senseless.

Kobeck lay on the wooden panels of the bar floor, holding a hand to his gut where Varg had hit him. The horse rolled to his hands and knees, coughing slightly. He accepted Varg's outstretched hand gratefully before raising a fist into the air.

"That was fucking awesome!" Kobeck shouted, sending the encircling crowd of patrons cheering.

The two of them moved from the circle to sit at the bar, the smaller horse wincing in pain as he sat, a look of concern crossing Varg's face as he asked if he was O.K.

"Nah, I'm fine," Kobeck said, rubbing a layer of sweat from his forehead with a dishrag snagged from behind the bar, "You may have a wicked left hook, but it's got nothing on one of Anya's kicks."

Varg laughed, handing the horse another mug of ale before taking one of his own, handing the bartender a couple of coins, "Why do I get the feeling you get kicked fairly often?" Varg asked with a chuckle.

"I swear that I only deserve about seventy percent of them," Kobeck answered, accepting the drink, "And she doesn't buy me booze afterwards."

"What can I say," the dragon responded, "I know how to treat a man."

The horse flinched and laughed, "I sincerely hope you don't hit on all men by well... hitting them."

"No," Varg said, leaning forward to gaze into the russet stallion's eyes with lustful hunger, "Just the tough ones."

"Oh, really?" Kobeck asked, playfully placing a hand on the dragon's thigh, "well just be thankful I'm not the sensitive type; most people would be put off by having their arse handed to them twice in one day."

"I knew we'd get along," Varg said, "although the whole, face-slamming probably put me behind a bit."

"Like I said," Kobeck shrugged, "I've had worse."

The two of them talked over another couple mugs before departing the bar for Varg's room on the floor above them, the two of them stumbling drunkenly into the darkened bedroom.

"I can't see a damned thing," the stallion said, slurring slightly as he lent on the much more stable dragon.

"Hold on, I got it," Varg responded, a dim light suddenly breaking through the deep shadow that enveloped the room. A low flame was flickering from within Varg's mouth, giving off just enough light to see by. The lumbering reptilian used the light of his internal fire to find the fireplace situated on one end of the room.

Varg knelt beside the stone furnace, piling logs into it from the stack beside it, finally opening his maw to loose a steady stream of fire onto the dry timber, slowly filling the room with smoky luminescence.

"Lucky bastard," Kobeck mumbled, "I can't do that with my mouth."

Varg snorted with choked laughter, his drunkenness making the horse's statement all the more humorous, "That's too big of an opportunity to pass up."

"What?" Kobeck asked deliriously.

"I've got an idea for something else you can do with your mouth," Varg said, smile vicious with savage hunger.

Kobeck paused as he thought back on his words, finally realizing his unintended double-entendre and falling into laughter with the dragon.

"Ha, well, I can certainly indulge a handsome dragon in that, if he so desires," Kobeck said, sliding into the dragon's arms to look up at the reptile's face.

Varg growled playfully and lunged for the horse, tearing at the stallion's clothes with absolute abandon; within seconds the both of them were naked, Kobeck's lean famed exposed as his coat shone in the light of the fire, hopelessly outclassed by the dragon's thick musculature coated in vigorously shinning scales.

The horse rubbed against the larger dragon, his lengthy animalistic cock rising to impressive stature as his groin was stimulated by the soft texture of Varg's tightly packed scales. Kobeck kneeled before the dragon, nosing his snout against the narrow slit that hid the dragon's genitals. At the horse's gentle stimulation, the slit began to part, and the thick tapered point of Varg's member embraced the warm fireside air.

"Damn," Kobeck said, eyes wide with shock, "You're big all over aren't you?"

"Speak for yourself," Varg said, rubbing the stallion's cock with the palm of his hand, his motions receiving praise in the form of deep moans slipping from the equine's lips.

"Not so fast," Kobeck said, halting the dragon's hands as they worked his animalistic member, "I believe my mouth was promised a role."

Varg smiled, "Don't let me stop you."

Kobeck leaned in an gave the tapered dragon wang a tentative lick, sending shivers of pleasure up the dragon's spine, a sigh of pleasure pouring from his mouth as Kobeck began to swallow the dragon's dick. The horse's long muzzle served him well as he struggled to fit the arm-like slab of dragon meat into his mouth, his jaw forced wide as inch after inch slid into the stallion's throat.

Second by second, the dragon's dick disappeared into the horse's mouth, the outline of the stallion's throat becoming distended by the massive dragon schlong that invaded it. Kobeck's breath soon fogging the shining coat of scales above Varg's groin, his nostrils puffing laboriously to provide oxygen to the horse.

Varg's moans became more and more constant, the overwhelming waves of pleasure forcing him to lower himself to the floor to prevent from collapsing, his equine lover continuing his skilled blowjob all the while. Just as Varg felt his groin to tighten in preparation for orgasm, the dragon halted Kobeck's oral assault, motioning coyly for the stallion to turn around.

The horse's look of confusion lasted only a second before smiling, a thin line of pre-stained drool connecting his muzzle to the dragon's long and thick cock. The horse rotated, laying atop the taller dragon, his own cock extended firmly over the dragon's shoulder, even as the dragon's own meat rod aimed itself directly at the horse's mouth.

The two of them took the other's flesh in their mouths eagerly, excited moans falling half-formed around the lanky organs they each sucked upon; savage and primal lust fuelling their tongues as they laboured to pleasure the other.

The two of them groaned in sync, their organs simultaneously pumping salty come into the other's mouths. They held onto each other fiercely as they swallowed the other's seed, filling each other with warm spunk.

They released each other after several moments, both of them fighting for air after the exhaustive oral work they had just gone through. They laid sprawled over the coarse wooden floor, the only noise in the room being the drifting laughter and raucous partying below them and the heavy surging of their diaphragms as their lungs fought to keep up with their pounding hearts and throbbing erections.

They wasted no time in getting back to work, Kobeck bending over the thick furred blankets of the bed, presenting his toned rump to the dragon, his ample cheeks spread, with his dripping cock falling between his spread legs.

"Come and get it," Kobeck said softly, rubbing his ass enticingly towards Varg.

"Oh," Varg said, sliding his erect, tapering penis between the stallion's rump; Kobeck's silk-soft tail sliding across the sensitive skin of his shaft, sending a spurt of pre from the dragon's cock onto the horse's exposed ass.

Varg positioned his hands on the horse's hips, holding the slim stallion firmly as he slowly prodded the guardsman's pucker, centimetre by centimetre spreading it wide to accommodate the dragon's manhood. Seconds passed slowly as Varg entered the horse, stopping only after his gargantuan member was fully lodged in the stallion's bowels.

The two of them stayed like that for several seconds, linked at the hip by Varg's cock. The horse moaned as his belly was filled, bending backwards to kiss the dragon, the reptile's lengthy tongue melding with the guardsman's own, the heat of the draconic dick inside him matched only by the dragon's tongue.

Slowly, Varg pulled himself from the horse's ass, drawing it almost entirely out before sheathing it again, sliding in and out of the stallion's ass, his every thrust moving faster and faster within the guard's ass as it stretched to accommodate the arm-like member; powerful grunts and moans spilling from the pair at their every motion.

Each thrust sent the stallion further onto the bed, the intruding member distending the stallion's stomach as the dragon fucked the stallion raw. With a heaving thrust, Varg snarled viciously, flame spewing from his maw as he thrust into the deepest reaches of the horse's guts, litres of semen spilling into the horse's bowels with thunderous force. Kobeck finished only seconds later, the unnatural heat of the draconic seed sending the well-fucked stallion over the edge, his flared cock spurting sticky equine seed over the sheets and floorboards, a load whinny escaping the man's lips as the two of them climaxed.

The two of them sank onto the warm mattress, uncaring as the sperm of the two men soaked into their bodies and the sheets, their energy spent on their powerful fucking.

"That was easily the best sex I've had in ages," Kobeck said, his cock laying semi-erect on his abdomen, leaking fluids into his chocolaty fur.

"Agreed," Varg answered, pulling his softening dick from the horse's ass slowly, letting the accumulated spunk spill from the stallion's abused anus.

The two of them soon slid into the comforting darkness of sleep, their bodies worn and contented, eager to embrace the vaporous ambrosia of sleep.

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