Last Dance

Story by Drianazz on SoFurry

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To My Bestie.

The room was filled with music and dancing. One after the other, body against body, sweat rolling down every curve as track after track changed. A particular red striped tiger with sunset wings moved around the club changing dance partners faster than panties were to drop. Until the tiger ran into him. Literally. Nearly knocking him off the dancefloor. Clumsy tiger.

His presence let him know that this dance wasn't a request but a silent demand. Even if he was to refuse, Stripes had 'bumped' into him. As they moved closer the overflowing club became invisible, the music and over deafening screams of a hundred voices all laughing and flirting became background noise. His lips tilted into an "I'm watching you watch me," sort of smile. Calling his bluff as they grew closer by lifting his own eyebrow at this stranger shrugging slightly. Playing a little hard to get just to make it interesting.

The DJ cranked up the volume changing the tempo. Despite the young hot babes all around he teased the four horned demon to keep his wondering gaze from traveling to the stage mirrors. Being spun around by the male Stripes pressed his ass towards his crotch, rubbing purposely all over his dick, the teasing must of become much more than a hardening bulge. Being pressed forward until he was bent over giving the demon perfect humping and grinding against his ass. For the first time the tigers shorts became a nuisance much rather preferring to feel his cock between his ass cheeks in a primal dance.

Setting for clothed sex in the mean time he made his ass pop, lock, twerk and drop it like it's hot. The wet spot that grew in his own shorts was getting stickier and stickier, for the time it didn't matter. It was hard to hear but with little by little he heard the demons pants and his groans from their grinding. The way he roamed his hands over the tigers hips slowly, curving up the sides to his wings, he trailed those demonic sharp claws making Stripes squirt pre all over his shorts. It was a sensation that tingled to the depths of his cock, even when the male became more animalistic, demonic in his true form for pushing heavily and grinding almost tempting Stripes to remove his shorts right there and then. Maybe just inch them down just enough for a fast quickie. No one would notice.

Leaning up he pressed his winged back to the demon's chest, "What's your name?" Receiving only a cocky little sneer, as the demon placed his hand around the Tiger's neck leaving a thin collar and leash that tethered to his hand. "Gaelan." He hissed seductively into his feline ear. Without any other word it was like Gaelan had read Stripes mind and inched down the shorts just barely under his bum. They moved like every other body dancing, but it wasn't until he felt Gaelan's dick rubbing against his rear end, sliding slowly down only to be brushed and hot dogged by his phat ass.

Shifting onto his tip toes giving Gaelan better access to his tailhole, the tip of his cock was wide and impressive making the feline mrow in heat, grasped by the hip he was tugged backwards piercing his anus with one quick swift motion. The pleasure and pain that swarmed the sensation had his cock throbbing to be free. However he didn't free his cock, not yet, for now it remained prisoner in the tight shorts. Using his paw he rubbed the front of the shorts slowly as he backed himself into Gaelan's large cock. Bouncing his ass to match the steady but deep thrusts matching the beats. His arms wrapped around Stripes hips only to slither up the front of his furry chest, the dazzling white smile that left the demonic being as he brushed his lips across the curvy neck, a dangerous aura illuminated around the couple. Finding the pulsating vein only watered his mouth more, fangs sharpened as the hunger only increased, not the hunger but the need to taste the sweet metallic essence. Sway after sway of their hips, it wasn't long before the demonic dumped his load into the grinding ass before him. He pulled his clothes back up with a smirk. "Let's grab a drink."

Despite the sexy demon that Stripes had in his hand this night was all about him, the anticipation turned to excitement as they stopped at the bar getting a quick 'blue balls on the rocks' guzzling half the cup. It had quite the quick to keep this perfect high at its peak. Sharing make out kiss after kiss his hand slipped down to the tigers black short shorts fingering the cum filled tailhole starting with two fingers. Wiggling them in and out in a small circular motion, "Care get out of here, I got a hotel room about two blocks away."

"Sure." Stripes said but it couldn't be believed fully as to what lurked and was wrapped into that one syllable. There was no safe situation for this to happen it was all about getting down and dirty and revolving specifically the simple concept that it was all about him. Gaelan and Stripes couldn't even make it down the street without being all over one another. Building to building, hot make out sessions, groping of the ass. By the time they got to Gaelan's hotel room he struggled to swipe the key door. Not once but twice. It kept blinking red and it was getting frustrating with their panting breaths and the possibility of having to get another key. The third time was the charm nearly making them both fall in. Caught by Gaelan's strong arms and pinned to the back of the door securing that it was firmly shut in place.

Thats when everything changed, the privacy felt more real, more barbaric and his kiss was wild. Tongues moving against one another, the scent of their furs exchanged, the tiger noticed the irish spring that clung to his muskiness. Forceful exchange of grinding against one another in nothing but their underwear, it was a little competition, a heated one to see who came first. Wandering hands going from backs, ass and hips. Gaelan's cock was forced out of his underwear leaking pre all over Stripes. The musky scent filled the air, Stripes swore that his lips were bruised from the kissing and attention, until he was forced onto his knees.

The demon loved the sight of the tiger on his knees before him, taking the invitation eagerly, he wrapped his mouth over the astonishing cock, bobbing his head up and down slowly increasing the pace until Gaelan bucked into the depths of his throat. Licking along the veiny underside causing the cock to twitch and shoot pre, moaning at the exquisite taste he burrowed his feline nose into the demon's crotch swallowing his cock hole with little to no gagging. Slobbering over his tool he was taken by little surprise as Gaelan kept him to the root of his cock, thick creamy seed jetting out of the meatus with a loud groan. Short little bobs going up and down the fuck stick until he felt there was no more seed but the relieve of Gaelan's bladder emptying his precious yellow fluid. A satisfaction to clench the thirst.

Gaelan pulled out his still rock hard dick out of his mouth forcing him to crawl over to the bed where the demon sat down, but just as he approached he was told to get on the bed, stretching out over the cold comforter Gaelan took Stripe's cock into his own mouth. He went slowly down until he was snout first against his crotch and then slowly backup dragging his fangs over the width of the prick. The sensation of pleasure coursed through his loins feeling the touch of his hands on his striped thighs to spread his legs wide, stroking and blowing him faster but kneed and massaged his balls.

Claws of the demon stretched up the feline's abdomen making his fur stand, the scent of that man was strong and like a natural high that wrapped around his mind driving him even more wild. Gaelan rolled on top of him, kissing him deeply until there was no air in his lungs left, involuntarily jerking his hips against Gaelan starting the teasing and grinding all over again. Stripes was the first to pull away gasping for air, turning his head to the side giving him access to trail his long tongue over his striped neck. Glancing over at the mirror that hung on the dresser he saw the very thing he ached for. His dick sliding against the demons glistening in pre-cum, man-on-man, live, XXX-porn show we created. A fantasy come true.

Watching with the only conscious thought of not blowing his kitty load all over him. Stripes mouth began to water as the purple head of Gaelan's dick was growing in thickness, sliding his tiger leg over the demons, pressing his thick fuck stick into his cum filled asshole until the thick meat thrusted forward without hesitation. Sending a cry from his lips as he dug his kitty claws into Gaelan's chest, thumping back and forth fighting with the same insistent rhythm, smearing his feline oozing tip against each hard ab.

"Aah.. aah.. aah!" moaning to the rhythm of his pounding cock, wasn't long before Gaelan rolled Stripes onto his back grounding his hands on either side of his body on the bed pounding him harder and faster claiming the raised pucker of his anus. Hypnotized his throbbing erected cock Stripes wrapped his legs around pulling his hips up to match every rough thrust, feeling the demons strong arms cocoon around him, starting a deep passionate kiss until the sharp claws sunk into Stripes back causing him to bleed and arch upwards forcing him closer to cumming.

"Move a little bit baby. Get on all fours." Gaelan coaxed as he pushed his cock into the tiger's ass hard enough to make the bed thump against the wall. Shifting onto all fours Stripes wanted him back in his ass, putting no resistance to his declaring dominance, screaming with joy at being filled roughly. He needed it. Gaelan needed it. The need from primal-ness. TO be shown that he owned the feline not letting the moment slip past them.

Gaelan didn't disappoint, even in this position, despite how many cocks Stripes had fun with it was different. It was the sensation of being a virgin all over again. No time to adjust to his primal invasion pulling out and slamming back in. Each single time he filled Stripes making his puckered tail hole sore. The burn only fueled his fire and a string of swearing and egging the demon on. "Fuck, yes. Fill e. Make me your bitch, Sit. Fuck, it feels so good."

He changed angles every time coming in full contact to the back of his striped thighs making direct contact with his prostate. The encouragement from the tiger was nothing but a string of unintelligible grunts and gasps. Hands and claws fisting the hotel covers and sheets pushing his ass against Gaelan's fuck stick, loving the agony and the fullness coming together. He knew what it was the tiger needed, "Cum for me." His sweet command as he landed a blow of spanks on each cheek leaving fresh welts, Gaelan shoved balls deep into his ass making Stripes cum so hard that he saw stars. He tightened his grasp on the thick dick squeezing with his stretched tailhole feeling the cream pie load being dumped by his impressive orgasm.

For just a moment he collapsed on Stripes back making them collapse on the bed. A small attentive lick went across Gaelan's cheek before drifting in and out of sleep. "Go to sleep," the demon purred, "I'll be here." Rolling them to their sides as they cuddled up for the night.

The End.. For Now.

Written for StripesTheSeasonKing

Written by Driana Le Souris

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