Open Season Chapter 13: LOVE AMONG THE MIXERS

Story by Rick Coona on SoFurry

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#13 of Open Season

Chapter 13

Mike shows quite a new attitude when her shows up for work,



Chapter 13


Mike floated into work that night--the grin on his muzzle from Friday was still there. There was a sparkle in his eyes, for life was good. Michael Ferretti was in love.

Gliding through the front door he paused before the large grizzly bouncer.

"Hey's it hanging man?" Mike beamed.

The Bear glanced down at the ferret bartender. "Whazzup feeling okay?" he grunted.

"Oh Yeah." Mike slapped the bear on the back "Life, my friend is good."

Bruno scratched his head. 'What's up with Mr. Grumpy?' he pondered, watching the ferret make his way to the bar.

"Yo, Big Hacoona!" Mike called out to me behind the bar as he approached.

"Mike! How did your date with Cassy go?" I asked, drawing a pint of ale from one of the taps.

"Mike beamed at me. "Better than I could have ever expected." he said, holding up his right paw showing me the gold band with the emerald green stone.

I blinked in shock. "No way..." I grinned.

"Yes way!" he shot back.

"Promise Rings?" I asked. Mike just shook his head.

"Engagement rings..."The ferret chuckled "Can you believe it?"

I stepped over to the brass ships bell hanging behind the bar and rang it to get everybodys attention. This drew Max from his office...

"May I have everyone's attention please," I announced. "My Man Mike here is officially offthe market!" In the stunned silence that followed Mike nodded, holding up his paw. "It's true, I'm engaged!" he said grinning like a maniac. The place exploded in cheers and applause as I rang the bell for emphasis.

Max Badger sauntered down the stairs and around behind the bar. Something was very wrong here and he was going to get to the bottom of it.

"FERRETTI!" the badger growled. "What is wrong with you, are you crazy showing up to work as sick as you are?" Max teased. "I want to know exactly what you think you are doing young fur..." Mike blinked at his boss then held up his paw showing the ring.

"Cassy and I got engaged yesterday." Mike grinned.

"You are kidding, right? You and Cassandra? Our Cassy?" Max asked incredulously as mike nodded.

"Well I'll be dipped...Congratulations, you old scoundrel." Max shook Mike's paw thumping him on the back. "How the heck did this come about?" Max asked, honestly surprised.

"Well, do you remember that big wreck downtown last Thursday?" Max nodded.

"Well Cassy, Kel and Gwen were out on a girls-night-out and almost found themselves in the middle of it." Max visibly paled. "Yeah, anyway Gwen called Rick here and asked if he could drag me along to comfort Cassy who was badly rattled. And well, seems we had feelings for each other...We got to talking and well..." Mike grinned. "On Sunday she asked me to go steady, so we got these promise rings and well, one thing led to another and our promise rings became engagement rings. Gods Max, she makes me so happy."

Max beamed at the ferret, "That's wonderful news Mike. I always told you it wasn't good to be so cynical. Cassandra is a great gal,Cassandra Ferretti. It really rolls off the tongue nicely, doesn't it?"

"Oh you know it does." Mike added, "I guess I won't have to tell you about treating her right, seeing how you have been looking out for her since she started working here. That's great news, Mike. Well it looks like we are going to have to throw you a bachelor" The old badger chuckled.

"Well, I don't know..." Mike protested.

"Leave everything to me my boy, when the time is right we'll do something...tasteful...yeah, that's it, tasteful." Max chuckled evilly.

"Uh, Boss..." Mike asked, not really wanting to know what the badger was planning.

"Eh?" Max waved him away. " Don't worry about it, I've got phone calls to make." heading back to his office chuckling.

"What was that all about?" I asked watching Max disappear into his office.

"I don't know, something about a bachelor party, but I have the sinking feeling that I'm so boned." Mike moaned.

"Don't worry," I said slapping him on the back. "With any luck, you won't survive it."

"Oh, yeah...huh. HEY!" Mike squawked. I laughed.


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