Shipwrecked! Chapter 1.

Story by MBBlack on SoFurry

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#1 of Shipwrecked!

When her spaceship crash lands on a distant planet, a young coyote stumbles across the natives, and finds herself in for quite a surprise!

"Wake up, Sam. I've got good news for you."

Transport Helmsman First Class Samantha V. Delacourt groaned, and forced her eyes open. She immediately regretted it as she felt the singing glare of the lifeboat's fluorescent lighting.

"Yeah?" She said, squinting. The coyote rubbed at her muzzle, and ran her fingers back over her head, over to her ears. She winced as she touched a particularly sore spot- she realized she must've hit it in the crash.

The crash.

Samantha flopped back down into her crash couch as the memories came back. It had all been a blur; there had been an alarm, something about the Pilgrim's slip-drive coils- and then reflex had taken over, and she'd scrambled into the lifeboat. She'd been jolted about in re-entry, and ... here she was, tucked away into a coffin-sized lifepod. Somewhere.

Alive, at least.

"You're alive!" Said the voice in her head.

"Thanks for stating the obvious, Chip." Sam said aloud. She didn't have to- the sub-dermal A.I. microcomputer embedded in her head could pick up on sub-vocalized vibrations. She talked to herself anyway. The sound of her voice echoing off the inside of the lifeboat reminded her that she was alive. "Any more good news?"

"Why yes, actually," said Chip. "Not only have you survived this crash, but you've landed on a particularly habitable world. According to the data I've pulled from the lifepod's sensor array, the temperature should be quite pleasant, with a temperate-to-tropical climate. Furthermore, the biochemistry of the local flora and fauna is mostly compatible with your own, so you'll have no problem finding food, should it be required."

"Mostly compatible?"

"It would be prudent to cook your meals thoroughly, Sam. I don't have the means at my disposal to run a complete molecular analysis, so there remains the possibility for certain side effects. Nothing life threatening, mind you, but it's something to consider."

"Guess I'll stick to ration bars, just to be safe." Sam said, and reached for the release hatch to the lifeboat. The cramped, coffinlike spacecraft opened up like a clamshell, and Sam fumbled her way out, stretching her suddenly sore limbs.

The coyote blinked her eyes against the bright sun, and looked out over the alien landscape. Her pod had landed on a gently rising hill, digging a furrowed path through the dark soil. Apart from the wound the lifeboat had made on the landscape, everything Sam could see was utterly untouched; tall prairie grasses and wiry, gnarled trees poking up in little groups here and there, clustered together.

The bright afternoon sun dominated the clear blue sky- after just a few moments, Sam could already feel herself getting warmer. The natural heat was a lot different from the cooler temperatures she'd been used to on her transport, at least.

"Well, I've been on worse planets." Sam mused.

"That's the spirit!" Chip said, optimistic. "I'm sure you'll have a great time!"

"This isn't a vacation, Chip."

"True, true. But it might benefit you to look at it as if it were a vacation, since it may be some time until you're rescued."

"Great, so I just need to set the homing beacon and not go crazy until then."

Sam took a moment to look herself over. She was lucky to have survived the crash intact. The lifeboat had done its job- her slim, toned body was entirely unharmed, with nothing worse than a few faint sore spots to worry about. Already feeling warm, she pulled the front zipper of the garment down. Low enough to reveal a scandalous amount of cleavage- not like it mattered anyway, with nobody around for miles. She could always zip it up later.

"About that." Said Chip. "We were knocked off course, to the point where the lifeboat's emergency signal won't be strong enough to reach the nearest spacelane. You'll have to salvage the equipment from what's left of the _Pilgrim_in order to make a strong enough signal. It's well within your technical capabilities.."

"And where's the Pilgrim? Or what's left of her, at least?"

"By my estimate, around six hundred kilometers to the southwest."

"What?" Sam's voice cracked.

"Oh dear, I was afraid this would happen. This is why I gave you the good news first. Perhaps I should've reversed the order."

Sam rubbed at her muzzle and squinted her eyes shut. "I can handle this." She told herself, and fought down the sinking feeling in her gut. The Company would notice when the _Pilgrim_didn't show up to make her delivery run, and they'd send someone out to look for her. Eventually. Which might not do her much good; a slip-drive malfunction could've sent her nearly anywhere in the galaxy. Finding a needle in a haystack was nothing compared to finding a single ship, or even a single planet in all the infinity of space.

"You're right. You can handle this!" Chip said. "And I'm not just saying that because I'm programmed to keep track of your psychological health and morale. In fact, this entire situation is well within your predicted abilities, as based on your academy aptitude tests."

"Uh, thanks. I think. Now, can we get a move on?"

"Of course! I'd suggest taking the emergency survival kit stored beneath the cushioning."

Sam leaned back into the lifeboat and opened up the compartment Chip told her about.

As she pulled the orange bag out, the sleeve of her navy blue jumpsuit caught on the edge of the hatch, and the flimsy fabric parted, a long tear stretching up the length of Sam's arm.

"Stupid flimsy shipsuit." She muttered. The lightweight fabric worked well enough under the controlled conditions of a cargo hauler, but there was a reason they weren't recommended for planetside use. She at least had durable footwear- a well broken-in pair of black service boots. Not regulation, but they'd hold up a lot better.

Sam strapped the survival kit onto her back, and started to hike south.

"Chip, there are people here."

"What? That can't be right. This planet doesn't match the profile of any known colonized world."

"Tell that to them."

Sam laid at the top of a hill, hiding easily within the tall grass. She'd spotted movement below, and rummaged a small pair of binoculars from her survival kit to get a better look.

Sure enough, there were several horse morphs in the shallow valley, bathing in the clear river that wound its way through the hills. Each young male was nearly perfect in appearance. They were tall, broad shouldered, and built like bodybuilders. Sam could certainly get a good look at each of the horses, as they were all stark naked, bathing casually in the stream. Sam bit at her lower lip as she watched the group through her binoculars,

There must have been at least a half dozen of them, by Sam's count. The horses played and splashed in the cool river water. Well, it might not have been that cold; none of the horses showed any cases of 'shrinkage,' as best Sam could tell from the occasional eyeful of a meaty equine cock. Sam let her distant gaze linger a little longer than necessary. She'd been alone for a long time on The Pilgrim, and to see so many tempting male bodies (no matter what the distance) was just as refreshing as it was shocking. Muscles flexed. Dicks swung. Lips smiled. It was a hell of a show.

"Odd." Chip's voice snapped Sam out of her voyeuristic reverie. "I didn't notice any signs of colonization while we were in orbit. Unless their colony ship was lost, and they've regressed to a pre-industrial state. Do they have any belongings which might indicate what sort of tech level they're at? Perhaps they've left some communication equipment or other indicative technology on the shore?"

"Maybe?" Sam said. She scanned the edge of the river, but she couldn't find any technology- or much of anything else, for that matter. Wherever the men had come from, they'd not bothered to bring so much as a single towel between them.

"I should get a better look." Sam said, and pushed herself up into a crouch. She carefully crept through the tall grass, not wanting to make her presence known just yet. Unfortunately for her, her attempt at stealth didn't do her any good. A loose clod of earth gave way beneath Sam's heel, and she barely had enough time to start swearing before she was tumbling down the steep hillside. The short fall was nothing compared to the atmospheric entry she'd ridden through a few hours ago; but she'd been unconscious for most of the lifeboat ride. Finally, the horizion stopped spinning, and Sam was able to get back on her feet.

Sam looked herself over as soon as she hit the bottom. Her shipsuit took the worst of it, as pointed rocks or branches tore long gashes in the blue material. She'd lost most of her left sleeve and a bit of her right pant leg, but there wasn't any blood or broken bone.

"Smooth, Sam." she muttered to herself.

"You seem to have gotten their attention." Chip said.

"Whose attention?"


Sam did, and found herself surrounded by the tall, buff, and absolutely naked horses. Not a single one of them made any effort to cover himself as the stallions looked over the curious coyote who quite literally fell into view. Sitting as she was, Sam was right at eye level with the horses' most equine parts. She bit at her lower lip, and felt her ears tint in a blush.

"Uh, hi?" Sam said, and waved one hand at the group. She felt her heart start to beat quicker as she looked over the half dozen or so naked horses surrounding her. They didn't look hostile, at least- they looked at her with expressions of curiosity.

One of the horses- a mustang with a mottled brown and white coat stepped forward. Sam forced herself to keep looking at his face, instead of anywhere downward. The stallion raised his hand, mirroring Sam's gesture. He said something, but Sam couldn't make sense of the syllables that came out.

"Fascinating." Chip said into Sam's ear. "It sounds like they're speaking a variation on a long-lost lane-tongue dialect I'm somewhat familiar with. If you can keep them talking, I should be able to engineer a translation algorithm. I'll be unable to communicate with you while processing, however, so do be careful."

"I...I'm alright." Sam murmured as she stood up. She looked up at the tall white and brown mustang, who was suddenly standing very, very close. Close enough so Sam could smell his earthy scent, close enough so she could see a few last droplets of water still stuck to his coat. Close enough to touch-

Sam pulled her hand back before she let herself touch the mustang's rippled muscles. She fidgeted, and realized she had been alone on the _Pilgrim_for a very, very long time. It hadn't been so bad with Chip in her ear to keep her company, but pleasantly programmed conversation only went so far.

The mustang said something that Sam couldn't understand, but his wide, perfect smile was enough to put her at ease, however temporarily. He reached out, and touched Sam's shoulder. His hand was heavy, but gentle, touching her as if to make sure she was really there, and not some kind of illusion. Sam shivered a little, and began to breathe in more deeply, though each breath just brought in more of the mustang's intoxicating scent.

Suddenly, the mustang clenched his fingers, tearing the cloth of Sam's shipsuit away from her as if it was paper. Sam's left breast spilled out into the open, alien air, and her pink nipple stiffened at the sudden change in temperature.

"Hey!" Sam gasped, and took a step back, shocked. The mustang looked at the scrap of fabric dangling from his fist, and then glanced to his companions at either side. He said something in that unintelligible language, and then the whole group broke out laughing.

Sam covered herself with one hand- and the big mustang's laughter trailed off. He reached out and gently wrapped his fingers around Sam's wrist, tugging it away from her chest. The coyote shivered as she felt that firm but gentle grip on her. She vaguely recalled some self defense techniques she could've used to break the hold, but somehow, she just didn't want to.

The mustang gently drew Sam in closer, and she found herself leaning against his chest, muscles solid as a brick wall. Though no brick wall Sam had ever touched felt as warm or inviting. Something firmer still pressed against Sam's thigh, and she squeaked in surprise.

She looked downward, and felt her mouth water at the sight of that proud equine dick rising to its full hardness. "Halfway across the galaxy, and men all want the same thing." She said to herself.

The mustang perked his ears and cocked his head to the side, confused.

"Sorry, don't know the lingo yet." Sam said. She looked into the mustang's dark, inviting eyes, and felt her heart beat a little faster. "Maybe we can figure it out from-"

The mustang didn't let her finish, instead mashing his lips to hers. Sam sighed at the kiss, an electric jolt shimmering from the end of her muzzle straight to her pussy. As if guided by its own lusty instincts, Sam's hand slipped between the mustang's legs. Her fingers barely could fit around the thick member, but that didn't stop her from trying anyway. She stroked eagerly at the mustang's big dick and pushed herself further into the kiss, letting the rising wave of lust overtake her. She didn't know where such feelings were suddenly coming from- and she frankly didn't care.

Those firm, rough hands rose to Sam's shoulders and pushed her back. She whined a little, to be denied the pleasure she'd just tasted- but then she followed the mustang's gaze to the other horse-morphs still surrounding them. They watched on as casually as they had before- only now, each of the equines' dicks were hard from the show and more than a little stroking, from what Sam could see.

The mustang said something, and the other horses closed in. Strong hands grabbed hold at Sam from all angles, lifting her easily from her feet. Those same hands tore at her shipsuit, effortlessly destroying the flimsy garment as they ripped it into tatters, which were dropped carelessly to the ground. Sam couldn't help but revel in the feeling of the warm sun and open air.

Once Sam was naked, the horses began to explore her body with renewed interest. Rough hands ran over her tan fur, insistent, yet gentle in their own sort of way. Sam could somehow tell that the horses weren't trying to hurt her, that there wasn't anything malicious in their intent- lewd as it was.

She found herself on her feet, barely, leaning against one of the stallions while the one with the brown and white coat knelt down in front of her. He ran his hands up the inside of her thighs, and leaned in to drag his surprisingly soft lips over Sam's now-sodden pussy. The coyote shuddered, parting her legs for the equine. Blindly, Sam reached behind herself and took hold of the stallion she leaned against; she felt him tense up behind her, and smiled. Gently, she slid her hand back to tease at the nameless equine's heavy balls. In return, he dipped his head down, gently nibbling at Sam's shoulder, only adding to the flood of sensation carrying her away.

More hands, more mouths, and more cocks followed- Sam was soon lost in pleasure, adrift in a sea of musky horsemen. Mouths clamped around Sam's nipples, sucking firmly, making them stiffen even more.

"Fuck!" Sam gasped, voice ragged from her pleasure.

At that, the brown and white stallion perked his ears. He gave Sam's pussy one last, lingering pass of his tongue, and then pulled away. The brown and white stallion laid back on the ground, propping himself up on his elbows to look up at her. His cock stood up from his lap, and Sam stared at it, enthralled. Even if Chip hadn't finished translating yet, Sam knew exactly what the horse wanted.

She knew exactly what she wanted, too.

Giggling in nervous anticipation, Sam straddled the mustang. His strong hands rested on her hips, guiding her downwards. Sam bit at her lower lip, and then reached down to fit the thick cock into her aching, needy sex.

Sam felt the big cock spread her open, snugly sliding deeper and deeper into her. She moaned and panted, nearly overtaken by pleasure just at the initial effort. She couldn't remember when she'd had a bigger dick in her- then again, her trip had been long enough she could barely remember having any dick in her. As Sam's pleasure mounted, she could barely remember anything.

Then the mustang began to fuck her.

Sam gasped in pleasured surprise as the white and brown stallion started pushing his hips upwards, bouncing her on his thick dick. The coyote's breasts jostled wildly with each thrust, and she moaned aloud. Sam braced her hands on the stallion's chest and squeezed her eyes shut, riding out the rough, eager fucking as best she could.

She tried to focus on the pleasure- to focus on anything, but soon something warm and hard brushed against her muzzle. Sam opened her eyes, only to find herself staring at another horse's large, eager dick. Hesitant, she splayed her tongue out to lick the head of the dick- but no sooner had she opened her mouth, the horse in front of her pushed his hips forward, sliding his cock into her muzzle. Sam's moans of pleasure soon became muffled, and she opened her mouth as wide as she could to accommodate the big dick. She traced her tongue up the underside of the shaft, savoring the salty taste of horseflesh.

Below her, the white and brown stallion grunted, and pulled her down onto his cock- and soon, Sam felt a rush of warm, sticky seed flood into her tight pussy. She pulled off of the dick in her mouth and let out a moan of her own, gasping for breath.

Sam licked the taste of horsecock off of her lips, and looked up. She was surrounded by men, surrounded by cocks, and she couldn't think of a better place to be. The brown and white stallion beneath her shifted her around- and soon, his friends stepped in, pulling Sam off of his still-hard prick. A fresh stallion grabbed Sam by the thighs, lifting her easily up against his chest. He guided his cock to Sam's sodden pussy, and pushed himself into her without hesitation. Sam gasped- and then gasped again as she felt more hands on her, pulling her brush of a tail upwards.

She looked over her shoulder, where a black stallion was pumping some shiny liquid over his enormous cock. "Oh," Sam gasped, "you want to-" she couldn't finish, as soon the black horse was leaning against her back, guiding his prick into her tight, vulnerable tailhole.

Tears formed at the corners of Sam's eyes, but she forced herself to relax around the throbbing dicks inside her. Sandwiched between the two muscular horses, her heels kicking wildly in the air, there was nothing else she could do. The dicks pumped in and out of her in an erratic, loose rythmn. It became too much before long, and Sam felt her entire body shiver and tremble as a heavy orgasm washed over her. And another. And another. The equines paid no attention, and kept pounding at Sam's ass and pussy, eager to reap their own pleasure from her.

Sam couldn't remember which of the horses came in her first- but there were more of their friends to replace them. Strong hands grabbed and guided her onto one cock or another, the whole experience becoming more and more of a blur as each intoxicating orgasm rippled over her body. Sam's world was nothing but dicks- in her mouth, in her pussy, in her ass, in her hands...or just orbiting around her, unloading hot, sticky seed onto her face and chest.

The sun began to set by the time they were through. Sticky, exhausted, and thoroughly satisfied, Sam found herself cuddled up against the white and brown stallion on the soft grass. He petted at her hair affectionately, and murmured something.

"Translation complete." Chip's voice said in Sam's ear. "Applying language filter ... now."

Sam blinked, and perked her ears, suddenly

"Get up, Paz." said a black stallion, trotting up to where Sam and the first stallion (Paz, she presumed) lay. "We've been gone long enough already. Someone will start to get worried."

"Fine, fine." Paz stood up, and scooped Sam up in his strong arms. She remained quiet, not knowing whether or not she should reveal the fact she could understand them. "I swear, you're always ruining my fun."

"What're you complaining about? You got first go at the outsider. Now c'mon, let's get her cleaned up before she meets The Priestess."

"You always were the responsible one." Paz said- he grinned, though, and slid one of his broad hands beneath Sam, pushing a finger up into her sore, sticky tailhole, eliciting a lusty moan and shiver from her. They could understand that well enough, Sam realized.

"But before we do, why don't we squeeze in one last fuck before we hand her over?"

The black stallion's eyes roved over Sam's naked, ravished body...and he grinned.

"I'm not _that_responsible."

By the time they were done with her, Sam simply passed out from the pleasure.

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