Commission: Uninvited Tournament Part 9

Story by dracologist on SoFurry

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Still upset by the early loss that Cermina suffered in the scalies tournament she seems out her sister, the finalist who was defeated in the last round in order to prove which between them was stronger. Come see the heart, ever-shifting action, and stay for the sensual milking of the two characters.

I guess in a way I should probably apologize for the use of these two characters as they aren't exactly portrayed in this story the way that they should be considering their actual canon relationship that they have to one another, but somewhere I like to think that the bonds of sibling-hood has a way of shining through and the tournament island isn't within any mission regulation between Russia or Britain so they can use it to get away from that and let their real feelings for one another shine through, at least real feelings as I would like for them to be seen. So, I know that this isn't entirely accurate and that the characters likely actually hate one another on a personal level, so if that's the case then I do apologize.

Cermina and Lazurin (c) creepfrombehind

Uninvited Tournament Part 9

The deep snarl that rolled over her lips showed the pearly white teeth from the darkness of the forest floor, those glowing crimson eyes burning through the depths while each step took her closer towards that parting of trees. When fingers moved over the nearest tree it would draw deep hissing burns into the trunk, leaving her mark with her glowing fingertips being pulled as her body passed by it. Where most dragons had the clear ability to project heat from their figures and sometimes even control it to some extent this drakess felt her power to be inverted, to be inwardly focused. She couldn't force fire from her lips, but instead heated up herself to keep the fight close by and while this made her immune to such heats, it also made it harder for such a creature to be close around others when her powers were on the rise. Currently, however, she could control it, but that alone wasn't her only focus. The girl that rested in the shallow pond up ahead was the primary focus for this drakess, but while Cermina stepped out into clear view the blue eyes of the white scaled beauty didn't bother to look back at her. The towering, busty, beauty of a black scaled titan didn't gain the attention she was expecting from her rival, from her continuing nemesis, from her sister who even now passed fingers over those blue scales to help wash her figure. The feelings of this drakess were conflicting in many ways, the sight of this person that she'd been fighting her entire life made her want to face this dragoness once again, but at the same time where Lazurin had done so well in the tournament it sparked a bit of pride from this Russian drake and yet still irked her that her long time rival had done so much better in it than she had. There was a level of joy in this, but also a desire to face her opponent once more and determine which between them was stronger, faster, and more skilled.

Laz had noticed her sister enter that clearing, of course she did, that usually heat that rolled from that dark figure boiling the area in sudden dry beats and while that was a bit uncomfortable for most to stand the blue dragoness had grown more used to it. The shifting movement of her pale blonde hair bringing her sapphire shined eyes towards the display of that strong and muscular female body, looking over her once again. Was this to be a casual visit like they had on the beach a few days ago, or would this be a fight? The stance, the approach, the general desire for combat that usually cast off of her Russian sibling answered that question for her, and while Lazurin sighed to the idea that their fun little visits were likely over for a while, the hope that they could still eventually sneak away from their duties and enjoy one another while on this island was something kept secret on both ends. They were sisters, but they were soldiers on opposing sides of an ever growing struggle between two larger powers, and not only where they fighters in this war, but they were the primary weapons wielded to be used against one another. It created a deep and harsh struggle between the two siblings, but here there was no war, at least there wasn't until this heated black drake stepped forward from the trees with the very clear intention of wanting a fight. It went without saying that little mourning was given here in their loss of tranquility with one another, but fighting between the two was simply what they did, it was their skill, their talents, and even if it wasn't a struggled peace even Lazurin knew that the two could express their feelings better through their well trained fists.

"What's the matter, sister?" Laz asked quickly, her hand lifting to brush a few platinum blonde strands from her face was she smiled to the darker scaled creature. In a way Laz would never complain about Cermina wanting to fight her just like she knew that Cermina would never complain about her. It was simply the relationship that they had, and while they do often result in hurting one another they still were able to spend time together in this way, help the other become stronger.

Cermina growled easily, narrowing her gaze some. "You think you're tougher than me, and I'm here to correct that."

"Wha.." That British dragoness lifted a brow, thinking how in the world Cermina would possibly come to that conclusions. It was true, she did think that, but that wasn't anything new. The reasoning came to her quickly and the smile rolled over her lips. "Is this because you were taken down in the first match round and I was taken down in the final round by the same person? Barianna is a touch customer, but we both know that I'm way stronger than you, little drake."

"Let's test that."

The blue dragoness wasn't going to back down from this challenge, her sister wanted to fight and she was going to give her one willingly. The movement of those steps took that blue body away from the water, out of it so that the two could fight on more equal grounds. If anything this would be a real fight between them because at this point both had access to their powers, something that they didn't have during the tournament with those accursed stones. Without her being in the water those toes moved to flesh and shift against the ground. Naked thanks to being interrupted in the middle of her bath the strong, but lean, dragoness looked over her sister's figure, the stronger and more powerful body had always gone to Cermina, but that left Lazurin to be a bit quicker. She couldn't dodge forever, though, and would need to make the attacks that she landed count. Cermina stood there still, her hand reaching up to the biker hat that she liked to wear and with a fast flick of her wrist tossed it to the side out of the way, even that long coat that she managed to locate after all this time was tossed away too leaving both bodies well exposed to one another. The two sets of large breasts facing the other, standing tall and dominant against the other. Their fight had begun.

* * *

Cermina came in fast, her feet kicking the ground instantly with a fast push that launched her towards her sister, the deep snarl that echoed from her throat drawing that black fist around only to be caught against the blue palm of Lazurin who quickly lifted her other hand in order to block the fast approach from the other side as well. Hands wrapped around darker wrists, trying to fight back her sister's brutal strength, but it left her feet being pushed back along the ground, even those talon-ed toes were unable to anchor her into place while she felt her figure forced backwards against her will. Even while Lazurin tried to push back, tries to step forward, all she found was herself moving more and more backwards, but that wasn't all she could do and with a twist of her body that black drakess was forced to stumble forward quickly, made to lose her balance those hands found something new to grab at when her knees hit the ground and she had to catch herself from falling onto her face, those red eyes widening quickly at the surprise of the move, but not so willing to stay down or allow her blue sister to take advantage of such a position. When Laz moved to try and come in with a fast grab towards that now exposed slit the side of that blue body felt the hard impacting of the swinging tail coming around to strike against it, hitting the blue dragoness hard with a fast and accurate strike that landed her on her side on this soft ground leaving Cermina a final chance to get in that pouncing attack that she had worked so hard on accomplishing. With the dark drakess in the air from her jump from the ground towards her sister wouldn't land the way that she had hoped, not with the blue dragoness lifting her feet quickly into the air, catching her larger sister in the jaw with a hard upward kick that forced that dark scaled creature to tumble down once again in a deep groaning grunt.

Cermina was down but not out, that hard hit had done some damage but didn't break anything despite how well it could have. The dark drakess would have to thank her genes for that later for giving her the thicker bone structure that made her such a resilient fighter from time to time. This wasn't a time to be thanking anything, though, not with her red eyes opening to the sight of the blue dragoness moving to climb over her, working to press those black shoulders down against the ground with her knees for the sake of pinning her sister in place while that exposed blue cunny gave off it's scent of need and want to this stronger creature. That blue tail lifted quickly behind her just as her wings spread in a far more dominating manner before it crashed down hard against those black cunny lips. Lazurin wasn't even starting to think about ending this fight so soon, she wasn't fool enough to believe that her sister was even worn out enough to stay down for much longer, but a few well placed cracks of her tail against that heated pussy would absolutely draw an easy smile to the blue dragon's face when she was finally pushed back, finally forced up off of her bigger sister and made to step away. So far this fight had gone well for her, had worked out her way. Both were well trained and very confident fighters, but Lazurin was going to make sure that if anyone between the two were left moaning against the dirt at the end then it would be her dark Russian sister.

These two were known for being brutal, merciless, fighters, and as she saw her dark sister vulnerable as she moved to get back to her feet the blue dragoness would step in quickly in order to aim a fast and hard swing of that foot towards Cermina's ribs. Normally such an attack landed with a hard pain coursing through the person that suffered it, but this time the twisting movement of the Russian fighter rolled away from that kick, lifting her hand to catch the leg quickly before rolling back towards it, using her own dark and stronger body in order to force that dragoness down into the ground on her back and placing Cermina on top finally in order to finally get some top time in this fight and this powerful drakess was not going to waste it. Those burning claws, those red glowing nails reached down immediately in order to wrap around those tits, the hissing sound of burning scales forcing a deep call from her sister who once again took hold of those wrists, but this time had no where to go with them while they burnt against the flesh of those bare blue breasts. Lazurin was left crying out, her body writhing against the feeling of those claws slowly sinking into her tits while the meat burned down, Cermina might be cruel, she might be vicious as anyone else could claim her to be, but she wasn't going to do any kind of damage that was actually going to last and finally those claws would be lifted, replaced by fingers while the blue girl panted below her, shivering and whimpering at both the lasting pain and the feeling of those large blue breasts being fondled and played with while she rested helplessly on her back. Those blue hands continued to try and push back against the black arms, but with that heavier girl over here there was nothing she could do to muscle Cermina off of her body while she moaned up at her for playing with those large breasts, the white fluid contained within slowly trickling down over those squeezing knuckles as the girl was forced to continue gasping and mewling up at the drakess above her.

The deep call from the blue dragoness felt her large chest being taken, gripped, and even tortured, but she couldn't simply allow herself to be taken down like this and instead lifted her leg quickly aiming a well place strike with her knee directly into the side of that body with a heavy impact that left Cermina barking out hard while feeling her body being forced to the side against that dirt once again. Lazurin had to stop her sister from draining her tits, had to stop her from sinking those claws in anymore. Her ladies needed a bit of a rest after that, but in a fight there was no space for rest the two would have to fight on and save that break time for when this match was over. With her large and damaged blue chest moving to shift, going to roll in an attempt to get back to her feet Laz could already see Cermina moving to get up as well, the dark drake on all fours for only a second, but that blue beast was going to use this, needed to apply a bit of torture herself and within an instant that black and red scaled creature of muscle felt her slightly shorter sister crushing those large blue tits against her shoulders and those blue hands reaching under those dark arms in order to wrap her clawed fingers around the plump and massive breasts. This wasn't something that was going to keep the drakess down, but it was something that would distract her while those fingers squeezed down the length of those large tits from the chest to the nips and then back up effectively milking her sister would only called out deeply in a loud grunting. When Cermina had played with Laz's large chest she'd felt the milk pooling between those fingers, running over her digits, but the way that her smaller sister was milking her those jets of hot fluid only worked to shoot from the nipples down into the ground below them leaving her tips to occasionally brush against the mud that was being formed with her drake milk and the larger black scaled creature moaning deeply at it.

"Why don't you ahead and do a favor for me, Sister?" Lazurin asked the larger drake right to the side of her face, "Moo for me."

The soft giggle that followed the request forced a deep blushing to those black cheeks, but Cermina wasn't going to be humiliated so easily and while she twisted herself, turned herself, shifted her figure the gasp from that blue dragoness sounded out loudly before the inevitable grunting call of pain that followed when that dark drake used her size to her advantage and rolled over, not only slamming Lazurin down on her back, but landing that heavily muscled black figure down right on top of her. Of course this wasn't enough, and those hands still held onto her large tits, but with a fast lift of her black hand above her body balling into a fist the immediate slam of that very solid elbow straight into that blue side forced the blonde dragoness to release her sister so that Cermina could move to lift herself to her feet once more, huffing, panting, and even growling out. Lazurin was even given the chance to stand up as well, the two looking over at the others battered and bruised body, the sight of them showing that they were wearing down from this fight, even those hefty breasts continued to leak all on their own now and these ladies knowing that this fight would be over one way or another very soon.

This was it, the final attack, the two looking on at one another, their eyes watching the other body, seeing where it was hurt, where it was wounded, and how they should go to try and finish this fight between them. While the two growled in tone with one another their bodies finally burst into a hard charge, closing the very small distance between them where fingers would cross, palms would press and those large, leaking, tits would crush down between the two of them while they struggled to push the other back just like when this fight started. The results were similar here as well, the stronger body of that dark drakess once again showing its power over the blue body, but Lazurin didn't stand there for long, and quickly released those hands to duck down. The large body of her sister was forced to lean forward in this, but not for long as the dragoness lifted her shoulder straight into the stomach of her bigger sibling and with a hard kick against the ground would tackle that drakess down into the ground once again, planting herself over that dark body and once more taking hold of those large breasts to squeeze them, releasing another hard spurt that delightful cream from those big black beauties. Cermina wasn't going to just lay there, though, and her own fingers went to wrap around her blue sister's lovely sky colored tits as well, squeezing them and feeling the heated milk pouring down over her strong dark abs in jets.

"Those are some nice breasts, Cermina, but I'm milking you dry." Laz spoke up quickly in between panting and grunting.

The dark drakess spoke back quickly fighting off the need to moo at the feeling of her body being milked once again, "I think not. It is you who is going to be flat and saggy by the time I'm done with you."

* * *

The deep panting that they shared, the feeling of those large breasts being crushed down, and the sensation of milk freely flowing from those massive mounds left the two rolling, looking for a dominating position to pin the other down while their hands worked hard to try and drain the others large chest. Every time one managed to secure the other in place she would find a way out and the cycle continued, but those large breasts never got a break, never felt a release from the hands and instead were constantly being crushed, squeezed, and gripped so that more and more of that delicious cream could flow against them, the two covered in a mixture of their own, as well as the other fighter's, milk that left the girls to pant and moan deeply even while another jet of hot cream flowed free to shoot across the body of the other scaled beast. When Lazurin moved to try and lash that tail across the dark cunny like she had before, she found Cermina's tail there to stop her, the easy smirk that ran over that clearly worn down face leading to the black tail wrapping the blue, holding it away so that neither of them could use that appendage while their tit fight continued to reach on without such a cheap tactic. Instead without being able to use her tail the blue dragoness would use her knee, bringing it down against that hot and drooling cunny while it sunk lower while the juices covered that thigh of hers, but just as Cermina's fluids went over Lazurin's leg so did Laz's own carnal need slather over the dark thigh that her legs were forced to spread over. The two squirming, shifting, gyrating, and squeezing down on those large breasts shared between them, even pressing the nipples together between the two so that their leaking tips could cross and touch made the warriors cry out deeply as they shared in one another. Those crimson eyes focusing entirely on the sapphire toned gaze presented back to her while their panting breath crossed and combined between them.

Lazurin's gaze turned from the red eyes that were watching her and down towards the panting lips of her sister below her, watching them for a second before Cermina pulled on her smaller sister's large breasts to further crush her down against her, pulling that blue creature into a tight hold, arms wrapping under the wings and feeling those big blue beauties crush tightly down against her sensual black breasts, but also crossing her own dark scaled lips against the almost surprised lips continued in that blue mouth only to feel that kiss returned to her and those arms wrapping back around her as well. The movement and shifting of their hips further grinding those hips down against the other, enjoying the company and feeling of their sibling working well to pleasure the other. Even without their hands gripping between their large chests the shifting of their shoulders helped to keep those massive tits in constant movement against one another, the already very hard and pert nipples rubbing and flicking the other lady's and forcing deep and loud moans from one mouth to the other. The scales on these two legs helping to pull at the textures of those scaled cunny lips and further grind down against the juicy and needy slit. Muscular body pressed and clung to muscular body and while those lips finally managed to separate the loudly moaning girls couldn't manage a word, only to pant and eventually roar in unison as those well worked slits finally managed to give in, finally delivered their hidden payload out across the hips at the same time to mix and swirl while they continued to shift and move between them.

Finally when the movement of their bodies ended they'd simply rest, Lazurin still on top of her bigger sister, and that blue hand even reaching up to lightly rub against that dark cheek almost affectionately. The soft smile that she had on her panting lips as her breath worked to try and catch up only helped to illuminate the fact here that they didn't need to fight here, that this was a place where they could get along, hide away from those secret wars and hidden assignments that so often pitted one against the other. If anything this island was a memory for them, a secret place where they could always come to in order to finally be sisters and nothing more. And while Cermina smiled back to her, even nuzzled against that hand, those crimson eyes watched over the blue gaze once again, kissing the girl's wrist in a fast peck while those arms finally released her.

"Better luck next time, Laz." Cermina said softly, happy that they finally have a place where they can go to in order to be together outside of their duties for their country. If anything it was the world that forced them to be enemies, but that didn't mean that somewhere deep down inside of them they didn't enjoy that. Eventually their struggles would end, but likely not until one of them was no longer able to keep going. The time that they could share here was a time that they could share when they were still physically able to do so and one wasn't broken, damaged, or worse.

"What are you talking about, Cermina?" The British fighter asked easily with a lift of a brow, "It's pretty obvious that I won this one. Big tits might get you the guys, but it doesn't change reality."

The surprised look on Cermina's face quickly turned to that of anger and a soft growl. "Listen here, I won this one, I've got your dirty cum all over my lap. You think you won because you're on top? I power bottomed you into submission like a good little lizard."

"No, I think I won because I won. I got your cum on my legs as well, and I got more of your milk out of those big heifer tits."

"Heifer tits? It is on. Let's go again."

"You know it."

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