Dossier: Shadow

Story by LShadow Drako on SoFurry

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This is just a simple Dossier about my main character Shadow.

Author: MrWooflesShadow ©: LShadow Drako or FA: LShadowDrako and Weasyl: LNight

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Basic Info Full Name : Lusetifan Shadow Drako, "Shadow" to his friends.Ht: 12'Weight: 2,500lbs (A/N : Slightly heavier than a Clydesdale stallion)Age: 964, Prime of life for a member of his species.Magical Affinity : All realms of magic but specializes in Familiars, Fire Magic and Darkness Magic.Family : UnknownHomeland: Ethereal PlainsCurrent Location: XathThreat Level: Extreme Threat, Possible Extinction Event.Horde Value: Extremely WealthyHobbies:Flying, Studying, Practicing Magic, Sparring, Hunting.Likes: Storms, Strawberries, Crystals, Open Minded People, Well endowed males.Dislikes: Warm weather, Close minded people, Eels, Very Shy People, Breasts.Allies: Institute of Arcane Art, Located in La'vi'po, The capital of Dragons in Xath and a prestigious academy of magical research. The Silky Whisker in Quort, The capital of Felines and one of the largest merchant guilds in the city.Bloody Horns, A mercenary company originating from Nya'kash, the capital of Xath Demonic Races. Enemies: The Magisterium, A vicious Oligarchy controlled by humanity in the country of Vorkla.Commander Thunder, A Centaur Commander in the service of Rýkvar which is the capital city of all centaurs.John Marth,  A mining tycoon with a legion of workers and golems who covets the jewels growing from Shadow and his familiars.. Sexual Info:Orientation: Pansexual, Male Preferred. Cock Size: Twin 48 inch long spiked shaftsBall Size: 32 inch in diameter, beach ball sizedFavorite Sexual Position : None.Favorite Sexual Partner :None.Most Notable Act : Creation of Shadow's Canyon.Fetishes : Many to include : Marking, Tentacles, Hyper, Collars, Bondage, Inflation, Breeding, Bestiality, Biting.Specialty : Domination, Breeding.Favorite Species: Dragon, Demons, Krogan, Turian, Salarian, Quarian, Geth, Sangheili, Xenomorph, Yautja, Flamedramon, Renamon, Guilmon, Tauric.Biography:Hailing from the Ethereal Plains, Shadow was born two a pair of a unknown parents. His early life was a constant struggle as is the life of any creature living on the Ethereal Plains where magic flowed through the people and the land like a flood. A simple spell cast in the Ethereal Plains could have devastating

effects on the caster and the environment but Shadow managed to not only survive in his hostile environment but thrive as he mastered magic on such a scale as to be able to harness enough energy to obliterate mountains or something as simple as creating a blade of grass.  Shadow was a dragon at heart and as such coveted lovers and riches for himself, he was early in creating a lair and defending it. The first of many challengers arrived in short time, a dragon that would become the first of many members of shadows harem would arrive to challenge him in a duel for his lair. Shadow easily beat the younger and weaker dragon with a few spells and well placed bites, his opponent offered his servitude in exchange for his life being spared.  Shadow and his first servant grew close as his harem started to grow with each new treasure bringing more who wanted access to one of the few locations not touched by war. Shadow would promptly defeat them while his first servant would take the time to break them into their new lives. Life was good for the Dragon, his harem and his rapidly growing wealth from the tools and gear his new harem members brought with them in hopes of fighting Shadow.The wars started to rage closer and closer to his lair, Shadow became more wary of the eyes upon his lair. Various nations now coveted his lair, his riches, and his life, Shadow fought off many invaders and those he liked became part of his harem while others were left to march back with their tail between their legs. Shadow problems grew as the attacks started to happen once he was away from home dealing with various matters, some nations would use trebuchets, mana infused cannons, and even a few attempts to turn the entire harem into stone. Frustrated with number of attacks, the rapidly growing harem and the growing number of members who couldn't protect themselves... Shadow plotted a solution that bring his problems to a swift end. He gathered all of his harem, his gold and his treasure into the deepest level of his lair, he challenged each and every nation he could to a war at his home location with his entire accumulated wealth as a prize. The armies marched swiftly toward their prize, most arrived close to the same time due to the traps and hazard placed by Shadows followers.Shadow's left illusions around the lair to keep his enemies off guard, once all the soldiers were assembled he activated his magic, ripping all of the mana from the armies at once and using it to fuel a teleportation spell to the land of Xath. In one swoop he left many of his enemies stripped of their mana and creating a canyon that stretched for nearly twenty miles, it would be forever known as Shadow's Canyon. His home in Xath was located in the center of

the wetlands of Storm Forest, It's a cold section of the woods with rains constantly, during the summer it's warm at the base of Mount Forbaal but where the opening is, near the top of the mountain, is extremely cold with constant snows in the winter and freezing rain in the summer. Shadow has made his home in the opening of Mount Forbaal, the entire mountain and several miles beneath the surface has been converted to parts of his lair. Shadow has started to make friends of the local residents by protecting the local villages from bandit and large monsters. Shadow enjoyed his new home immensely and the relatively docile environment, after creating tracking collars for his servants he allows them some free time long as they sign a contract to travel. His first Servant is on an extended contract with the village to the base of the mountain known as Serbitai, the weaker dragon works as a trainer for the local militia and is loved as a gruff protector. The first is often Shadow's eyes and ears of the local events, often giving his reports from his master's lap, with a rump full of Shadow's length while moaning out each detail of the day's events. Shadow keeps a firm hand on his servants often assigning them jobs, his harpies work as scouts and couriers while his dragons work as soldiers, his male Minotaurs work inside of the lair keeping maps and helping the newbies from getting lost while the females work as nursemaids and producers of high quality milk. His milk production has reached the notice of the Magisterium, a cruel oligarchy ran by humans in the southern continent of Vorkla ruled by mages. The milk produced by Minotaur from the Ethereal Plains impregnated by dragon seed was some of the most magically pure substance in the known in Xath. The healing properties could bring back most creatures from the brink of death, the mages coveted the substance but each unit they sent to secure the Minotaurs never returned. Shadow sought to give those so curious about his Minotaurs a first hand chance to have the milk by turning them into female Minotaurs and breeding with them to produce even more milk. More than the bitter mages, Shadow has to contend with the mysterious mining tycoon known as John Marth, one of the richest people in the world of Xath. No one has seen what the man looks like, some claim he is a human while other swear that he is a demon but the reality of it is that this entity covets many of the magically charged resources of the world. The Storm forest has become magically charged due to the spells cast by Shadow and his followers, John has made many attempt to get at the land, first trying to buy it from shadow, second by buying all the land deeds to the villages around it. John is no fool and will not face Shadow directly, acting through hired monsters, hired mercenaries and covert

operations. He technically owns all of the villages around the mountain but does little more than tax the people into poverty, every attempt Shadow makes to help the villages just helps increase John's wealth to better be able to find out how to overcome the strange foreign dragon.  Shadow is constantly harassed by a centaur named Thunder, a very large centaur whose lower half resembles that of a Clydesdale. Shadow once stumbled across a unicorn in the wetlands who played with him, coyly leading him on a friendly chase that ended with him rutting with her at the border of Rýkvar which is the capital city of the centaur. When he finished he was face to face with a very angry Commander Thunder who just lost his lover in the tribal marriage ceremony to an outsider. Due to centaur customs, he can not have another ceremony until the other male is defeated and marked by the victor. He constantly attempts to redeem his honor by dueling Shadow, due to his birth mother being a nightmare he is immune to magic and cannot cast any himself.Thunder has fought with Shadow plenty of time but in the twenty years they have fought, he has never manage to do more than get the occasional lucky kick or punch off of the much stronger dragon. He has returned home many times in defeat, sometimes with dragon semen leaking out from beneath his tail. Thunder cannot have a family until he returns victorious so he takes any chance he can to face the dragon, unlike Shadows other enemies, Thunder is honorable and will always announce his desire for duel and has never fought unfairly against the dragon. Even with his enemies, Shadow loves Xath, he has lived in the world for over a hundred years and still finds creatures and locations that manage to surprise him. Shadow feels like a child in a playground, weak creatures bow to him when enters his lair and stronger creatures respect him just from the legends made from his actions. "What will the dragon do next?" is the question on the minds of everyone in Xath.