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#1 of short storys

So just wanted to make a quick story of a human and a garchomp, hopefully I'm OK at writing sex scenes lol, anyways this will start my short story things that I'll do every once and a while, my main novel will continue but I kinda wanted to get this out, hopefully you guys/girls think it's okay, it's my first pokemon/human story so yeah :3, anyways as always



A knock echoed on the door of the pokemon research lab, the hefty metal door created the sound of someone banging a tin can against a concrete floor, really not a pleasnt sound..

A middle aged man opened the door, odorned in a white lab coat and khaki pants with some boots to match, his black hair looked like a bird nest, but his face still scrunched up into a smile

"ah, Mr Alexander, it's nice to see that you finally arrived"

Alexander a short shaggy brown haired man stood at the door, one of the nerd types that always seemed to end up in the researching of pokemon his glasses fogged a bit as his nervous sweat broke out, his green shirt and blue jeans dirt covered from the journey and backpack sagged down to the back of his legs,he lived with his uncle in a small town a couple.milws away, he wanted to try and find a partner, some he could finally trust, his uncle sent him to the research lab in hopes.of him learning about pokemon and possibly even being partnered with one as the research facility tended to match a human and pokemon based on they're traits

"Oh, uhh, professor anon I presume, I uh, I was sent here to-"

"Yes yes I know Alexander, sent here to learn about the researching of pokemon, don't worry I read your papers that your uncle thomas sent, brilliant man he is, now come inside will you? Otherwise we'll let in the cold"

Alexander nervously walked in, the foyer of the lab had chairs set all over, a coffee station and some horrible scientific jokes plastered on posters that hung on the walls, other then that small pokemon walked around, counting a number of minuns and plusles

"As you can see our lab is sprawling it activity, the minuns and plusles you see along with many other electric types to help power our equipment"

A passing pickachu gave a quick "Welcome!" To Alexander as it ran by looking as If it was in a hurry to get somewhere

As they passed through halls he saw more and more pokemon, swallows, ritata's, even a dragonite and a Salamance which paid him no attention as they were working with some other scientists

"So Mr. Alexander"

"Just, just call me Alex, Alexander sounds weirdly too formal"

The professor chuckled, him being only 19 he still acted like a kid

" Well then Alex, to our right is section b, it's the living quaters right now we're standing in the central hub"

Alex looked around, the hub had 5 hallways each leading to various places, bio dome, testing facility and even a spa to help relax the pokemon more then likely or the staff if they were stressed out

"Alright Alex, I'm gonna be taking you to your room, there you will meet your assigned partner, she has been picked for you as we thought she would be a good match"

"WellWell I hope you guys found me someone that won't bite my head off or sonthing" he smiled nervously at his own joke

"Well.. no promises"


The professor strolled down the hall, there was doors everywhere, each leading to separate rooms of the workers ND there assigned partners, they walked for a good 15 minutes the tunnel lighting up from the windows above from the glow of the moon since night decided to show its face outside, giving a nice open feel without the worry of the elements entering the building.

As they stopped almost near the end of the hallway the professor turned and looked at the nervous looking teen, a smile on his face

"Well here we are, this is your room, shower, bathroom and a fully stocked fridge included, I hope you enjoy your night, tomorrow you will be sent with your partner to the bio dome to feed the pokemon, until then though you should get some rest, your partner will be with you momentarily"

"Who is my partner exactly?" Alexander's glasses fogged up yet again as the nervous sweat broke out on his face

"Oh you'll be meeting her soon enough, she can be a hand..well more like an armful at times but she's very sweet, anyways I gotta get some shut eye, I'll see you in the morning..Alex. ." The man smiled and walked away, his white lab coat flapping behind him as his legs smacked the fabric

Alex opened the room, it was pretty roomy, a large bed sat at the far right side with a big cushiony matress beside the bed was a door which was probably the bathroom, a sleek black dresser sat beside the bed so he could finally unload all the clothes and various other acessories he had piled in his backpack which he almost forgot was with him, the center of the room held a large TV on the far wall with a couch in front of it, past it was a doorway which led to a small kitchen and the stocked fridge, but out of all the things in the room one piece of it caught his eye

Opposite to his bed was a large black bowl shaped bed, it had what looked to be fur lining and was big enough to house at least 7 - 8 humans, whatever his partner was she was either really big or just liked her space.

He walked to the dresser and started packing it full of clothes, the dresser quickly filled in the 7 minutes he spent on packing each space with socks, under garments and shirts and pants

As he stared at the bed feeling a bit un nerved about the change of pace from being in the forests to new living quaters, he sat down on the edge and stared off into space, the lighting in the room a bit dimmed to show that it was night time outside

But then it happened

His hair stood up on the back of his neck and heart bested faster then a crazy man on a drum, the door made an eerie squeezed as it slowly opened and what he saw made him go pale

A large garchomp, wait large? Large is an understatement she must've stood at at least 10 feet tall having to hunch over to get through the door frame, she made a large huff as she hauled herself inn, her large head shifted into sight, the big yellow reptilian eyes, her scales were a dark blue, the arms had what seemed to be wings on them with a sharp hooked claw that would probably be used like a finger, her legs were muscular and lead to two gigantic feet with razor sharp talons on the end of each toe, as she finally hauled of of herself in her long tail swayed back and forth, the shark like fin clinging to the end of it

Her eyes locked onto Alex as she stood, her red and yellow underside clearly showing, and her massive teeth protruding from her lips just enough to make Alex feel uncomfortable

"Oh, you must be my new partner huh?"

Alex was frozen, he had never seen a garchomp let alone one this big, she was fucking HUGE

"I..I guess yeah"

She huffed again and turned to face her bad, he watched her supprisingly nimbly get into the bowl shaped bed, she circled around in it a few times and then laid down, her back to the wall so she could face the scared teenager

"Anon told me about you a few days ago when we got your papers, I hope you'll make a good replacement for that man they set me up with last time.."

Alex shifted nervously

"Re...replacement?, did your last partner quit?"

The garchomp chuckled the low rumble from her chest could easily be heard, almost sounding like a cough mixed with enough terror to make a dragonite cry for its mommy

"Mmm, I guess you could say he did, he wasn't exactly a good match for me so I just made him useful in the only way he could be to me" she smiled and kicked her lips which was followed by another hearty chuckle

Alex was immediately terrified of this pokemon, she was obviously hinting that she ate her old partner, and that for Alex was a big no, his body trembled at the thought if ending up inside her belly

But she smiled at him even under the odd circumstances

"You seem nice though, I think we'll get along i like being around the more quiet people, not the talkative assholes.i usually get put with"

"Uh, yeah" her gaze stuck to him even though he knew she couldn't be that bad he felt a bit worried

After a atleast and hour of her talking about herself and what they do in the facilitys his nervousness didn't subside he still thought about what she said about the replacement

"I hope you like it here so far" she giggled

"But just a warning it can get a bit nippy at night" she smiled and snapped her jaws together making her point of being "nippy"

"Y-yes I see, I, uh I should get some sleep I think, it's been a long day" he quickly clamored under the sheets to try and hide his shaking, after fitting his body under the thin blanket that was supplied to him he grabbed the light switch by his bed and turned off the lights

And to his horror he could see her glowing yellow eyes in the dark still stuck on him

"Ssssssleep tight alex" the hiss sent chills up his spine, he felt like he could just cry, why did he have to get stuck with HER of all the pokemon in the center, he knew she must have been joking around, but a replacement after she ate her old partner? Oh god

The worrying soon stopped as his body finally had enough of his nonsense and shut down for some sleep

Alex awoke in the dark, he shivered as the cold nipped at his skin, he looked around the room for any indication of a thermostat, it felt like he was in a freezer.

He quickly wrapped his arms around himself to try and keep the body heat going, but it wasn't really helping, his teeth chattered as he sat there shivering

Then he noticed, the yellow eyes still pinned to him, watching, was she always watching or did he do somthing to wake her up?

"Cold?" He was superised of her to ask, she obviously was starting to care for him a bit but he was still on edge

"Y-yeah a bit.." The eyes bobbed up and down until they raised high into the air and the sound of rumbling could be heard as she walked over

Alex tensed up, hoping she at least didn't like cold food

She put her head almost dead center in front of him, he could feel the warm puffs of air escaping her nostrils, and then somthing unexpected happened, she pushed her muzzle against him, a low growl escaped from her chest and the warmth spread through Alex as the air from her nose pushed against his skin

"I don't want you to die of cold before i can even see if your useful" the grumbling in her chest which Alex compared to a kind of purr made him feel a bit more st ease, even with her intimidating words

He rubbed down her neck feeling the scales, try were warm to the touch, her body heat feeling nice against his cold hands, she started to push against Alex more and more until he ended up on his back with her head nuzzle against his chest, she didn't seem as bad as she made herself out to be

A swoosh in sound could be heard in the backround which was most likely her tail he guessed, the garchomp was pretty happy to be around him, but another noise could be heard, almost like a faint dripping sound

And then it hit him, only reason she could be like this, she was in heat

As she got more frisky her rubbing turned into licks, her slimy forked tounge rubbed across his face leaving trails of spit, he put his hands against her nose to stop but was met with a growl and her pushing his hands out if the way, and next thing he knew, he was on the floor, apparently she decided it'd be easyer to warm him up after knocking him out of his bed d onto the floor, she pinned him down with her wing like arms and continued her assault with her tounge she lapped at his face while she slowly layer on top of him making sure he wouldn't leave

"Mmm, now, how about you Be a good boy and help me out with somthing?"

"W-ith what?"

"Well my poor little pussy hasn't gotten much attention lately and my tounge just hasn't been doing the job do I was thinking maybe a cute little guy like you could help a needy girl out, I'll even make a deal, you do this for me and I promise you won't meet your end in my belly for at least a week, how bout it?" Se giggled and gave a mischievous smile, after her deal was put out into the open Alex obviously couldn't say no, otherwise he might end up as a Luke warm dragon treat

"...I. .it's a deal"

She purred loudly, happy about his dicision


As she got off of Alex letting him free she laid on her back and with help from the moon giving light through the windows he had just enough light to see her soaked crotch that sent little dribbles down the side of her tail and tail hole, she had a toothy grin as she watched him

"Like what you see sweety?" He couldn't help but Feel a little jolt in his pants As he bbegan to stiffin, the sight of her wet slit and her quivering blue lips made his member jump to attention

"Mmm before we get to the main course how about you tease me a bit?" She wiggled her toes in his face, her smile made it obvious she liked him

Alex grabbed one of her giant feet, it was warm to the touch, he brought his lips to the center of it and gave it a kiss which was responded with a giggle from the foots owner, he then stuck his tounge out and began lapping at the foot, it tasted like grass sure, but he was doing this to survive, a moan escaped the dragoness as she was plunged into a moment that she could enjoy, Alex moved his tounge around the foot slowly and as he reached her toes he began to run his tounge between them grabbing a little squeeky growl from her, she purred from him kicking her toes but just as he started to enjoy it she ended it by moving her foot away

"Ahhh, such a good boy, before I make a bigger mess I think you should move onto the main course"

She spread her legs showing off her quivering blue pussy lips that drooled almost sweet smelling clear liquid

She purred as he eyed her love hole

"And for the main course we have a wonderfully dressed pussy with a side order of sweetened pucker, Mmm enjoy" she giggled a bit and Alex lurched forward towards her crotch

He was starting to enjoy her little game, even becoming fond of her new almost sweet sounding tone to her voice, as he closed in on her he looked across from him to meet her eyes, which were now large yellow disks that looked to him for help, help to quench her thirst

He stared at her messy hole, he slowly put his fingers against it and spread her lips, the large dragoness groaned and let some more of her liquid drizzle out, her hole rythmatically expanded and then tightened back up, she was waiting for him..

Alex brought his head close, the smell reminded him of almost a saltier smelling honey, he closes his eyes and rubbed his tounge along her lubed hole, it tightened around his tounge and she let out a loud moan, his tounge explored her sweet tasting cave, like around the opening then trailing in to get a taste if some fresh juices, he pulled his tounge out and found somthing interesting, somthing hidden under some skin between her lips, her clit

He smiled as he knew that this would send her over the edge, his member tightened in his pants As he rubbed the large nub with his thumb which made her claw the floor and breath harder, he smiled as he looked up and saw her chest heaving along with her belly that she had happened to suck in from the pleasure, as he rubbed the nub with his thumb her lips quivered even more and sent fresh honey to help please her, the warm liquid clotted over her nub and he stuck his tounges tip to rub against it slightly

"Ohhh, Ohhh Alex I think I'm gonna cum"

She jerked around, her toes curling as he found her weak spot her pussy quivered opening and closing as he licked her sensitive nub and ran his tounge along her smooth lips, he smiled when he noticed somthing he missed, her pucker was pening and closing, Alex moved his mouth down and danced his tounge around it drawing a loud moan from her, as he licked and prodded the new opening she gave out a loud growl and arched her back, before he knew it he was hit with jets of her liquids, it was warm and sticky, although the sticky part could have been him, after what seemed to be at least a minute or two of her squirting it finally subsided, she lay there gasping for air but still keeping the loud purr going.

Alex lay on the floor between her legs panting, every inch of him soaked from the blast of her love juices

"Oh...oh that felt good, iv never came that hard before" her head lifted off the ground and she gave Alex a toothy grin, her cheeks were red, even through her dark blue scales someone could make out the cherry red circles in her cheeks

She got up onto her feet and hovered over Alex the purr still rumbling in her chest, her tail wagged happily as she rubbed her nose against alex's chest, the purr sending tremors through alex's body

"Yeah.. well iv never really done that with a girl before so I'm happy I could even make you do that" she chuckled and continued her nuzzling

"Well thank you for doing it to me, it's nice to get all that out, especially when it's my new partner getting it out of me" Alex couldn't help but smile at the retort

"But Alex, I have somthing I want to do for you, and I hope you can feel it in your heart to trust your new partner" he chuckled and smiled

"After having my tounge in your sensitive bits and not getting torn to pieces I think I can trust you" she gave a happy sounding huff and licked his cheek

"Well your still cold, and I told you I'd keep you warm, but I wanna up my way, don't freak out, don't be scared, just relax and let me do this"

"Haha, do wh-" before he could get his sentence out his legs were enveloped in her mouth, he froze in place

"WA. .wait wait wait you said you wouldn't do this if I pleased you!!" It didn't matter eh slowly pulled him deeper into her mouth, on one pull he was already up to his waste in dragon mouth, he felt his legs slowly getting pulled into her throat as she sucked him in like a noodle

He tried to scream but couldn't he was too panic'd, being digested wasn't gonna keep him warm

"After all this you just planned on eating me!?"

She gave him a sad look, her eyes stuck to his

"Nooo om jus tying to eep ou arm" she blurted out with her full mouth which just made a jumble of noises

"Stomach acids won't keep me warm, in fact after they get to me I won't be feeling fucking anything!" She ignored him and kept going, before long only his head was sticking.out of her mouth, the rest of his body in her mouth and slowly being pushed down her throat

It was then tears started well up in his eyes, and all of a sudden, darkness, she ate him, all he could see was saliva strands in her mouth, but not for long as he felt his body being sucked down her throat, her throat mucles contracted and retracted slowly pushing him further, his head now joining his body in the throat.

Before long he felt his body being deposited into what felt like a room, her stomach, her shook in fear, after all that, she just ate him..

He curled up in her stomach and waited for the end, only thing he could hear was the gurgling of her stomach, the beating of her heart and her damned purring

"Are you feeling warm yet?" She purred a bit louder obviously happy about having a full belly

But Alex could only tighten up into a ball, and just let the pent up sobs escape, he was gonna be digested by his new partner, the purring suddenly stopped and he felt somthing rub against the walls of her stomach


"Shut up, let me die in peace" the stomach seemed to almost massage him, but he knew very was just getting him coated in the digestive juices

"No, you aren't going to die, like I said I just wanted to warm you up" the purring started again and he realised the thing rubbing on the outside was her nose

"Really?, pretty fucking sure a stomach Is supposed to break things down, it's warm yeah, it's also deadly"

Somthing unexpected happened, a chuckle escaped her

"Not when there's no acid in there, trust me if there was you would've felt it by now, I just want to keep you warm and happy not hurt you"

Out of curiosity he rubbed his hand against the walls of the stomach, it was moist but it didn't burn, the rubbing lead to some pretty heavy purring too

"Muurrrr please keep doing that, it feels amazing"

The tears stopped rolling down alex's cheeks as the realization struck him, he wasn't in danger he was safe in his new partner, safe and warm

He felt a lurch as he presumed she laid back down



"I'm sorry I scared you, but I just wanna let you know I'm happy your my new partner" as she happily purred the love she felt for her new partner could be clearly heard

And with that he rested inside his new partner, someone he could truly love and trust.


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