Changing Spots

Story by Jaden_Drackus on SoFurry

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#3 of The Boyfriend Transformations

Jordan is a sexually adventurous jaguar, and as the gay bottom dating two bi guys that mostly prefer to top, he's got an idea so that everyone can be happy... Just a short trip to the clinic, and this new adventure is underway.

Another story at my Boyfriend Transformation Clinic- this one started by a conversation at my birthday dinner of all places.

Art by Darth Glacier of FA

"Are you sure about this?"

"I'm pretty sure, as sure as I can be."

"Well, I'm not. What if we lose... YOU."

"He's right, spotty. Being a big burly jag dude is part of why we love you. I'm not sure you'd look good as a femboi, however nice that ass of yours."

"Plus we'll have to get new ropes, and swings, and cuffs... not to mention a new wardrobe."

"And what about your modeling gigs? Those are all for muscle guys."

"Will you two relax_? I'm not going into this blind. There's nothin' wrong with a good looking femboi- but I agree that I don't think I'd make a good one. So I won't. I did my homework loves. You know how belly buttons come in innies and outies? This is the same thing. That's it. I'll just have an innie for you guys to play with."_

"I dunno Jordan... I like playing with your outie."

"It'll be okay. _ I _want to do this, for me- and for us. And if it turns out that I was mistaken, it can be undone fairly easily."

"Okay Jordan. If it's what you want. We're going with you."

"Yeah, we're going to support you."

Dr. Haywood led Jordan Stalnker out into the waiting room, while the black furred jaguar continued to fiddle with his jeans- or rather the boxers underneath. The swift fox politely held the door for his patient, since the jaguar's other paw held a large bag. The two occupants of the waiting room- a massive black furred lion with a silver mane that even made Jordan almost look small by comparison; and a lean white tiger who wore his black head fur down to his shoulders, looked up and jumped their paws when they saw who was coming through the door.

"He's all set to go Mr. Gardner and Mr. Young," Dr. Haywood told them with a smile. "We've given him a thorough physical."

Tristan Gardner, the black lion with the silver mane and tattoos, threw his arm around the still shaky jaguar and gave him a hug. Archie Young, the tiger, thanked the fox.

"He's still a bit under the anesthesia, so he'll be a little wobbly for a while yet," the doctor continued. "After that, he will be fine for all activities- including sex. But we at the clinic recommend that for procedures like Mr. Stalnker's you take things slowly when it comes to that- though his sex drive may be elevated for a bit."

"Ma boxers don't fit any mores," Jordan complained in a slightly slurred tone as he continued to play with his waistband. "They's too woose."

"Of course they don't sweetie," Tristan soothed the muscular jaguar, rubbing his ears while Archie filled out the release paperwork. "You've lost some weight down there."

"Noooo," Jordan moaned and shook his head. "Dey lemme keep my dick." He waved his bag and then plopped his head onto the lion's shoulder and drifted back to sleep.

"That must be some good stuff you gave him," Archie commented to Dr. Haywood.

"It is," the fox agreed with a nod and a twitch of his ears. "Normally for patients that get procedures similar to Mr. Stalnker's we hypnotize them because they desire to feel that they always have been as they are after the procedure. Since Mr. Stalnker did not wish to have memory modification, he has had more anesthesia that most other patients."

"He still has his penis?" Trist asked in a puzzled tone.

"Technically true," Dr. Haywood replied with a smile. "In both senses. Judging by the shake he gave his bag, he was referring to the care package we made for him. He has a packer in there, as well as a dildo- both made from molds we took before his procedure. But since he wished to remain Mr. Stalnker, his anatomy technically hasn't changed. While his anatomy appears to be female, and we use the female terminology for convenience, it is still male anatomy. He still has his prostate- so anal sex is very much an option, he doesn't have ovaries- they are his testicles modified to function in his abdomen, and so on."

"So," Archie said with a slightly embarrassed expiration. "He'll be a squirter?"

"It's likely," the fox said with a twitch of his whiskers. He remembered that both Tristan and Archie were bi. "He will still be making male sexual fluids."

He shrugged. "In my experience with others who have had this procedure, it is almost a combination. He'll be able to have multiple orgasms, but when he has one where he ejaculates, there will be a refractory period like a male."

"Good to know," Tristan remarked as he gently shook Jordan and took his free paw. "Com'on Spotty. Let's get you home and you can rest."

"He also has a voucher for a store that can fix his undergarment issue," Dr. Haywood told Archie as the white tiger thanked him for everything. Then the fox walked up to Jordan and gently took hold of the jaguar's muscular forearm.

"Now Jordan," he said in a soothing but urgent manner. "I told you something important right before we came out here, do you remember?"

"Yesh," the jaguar replied sleepily.

"What was it that was very important that you remember?"

"Was 'if yous hafta pee before da drugs wear off, gotta tells someones,'" Jordan recited.

"Very good," the fox said as he patted him on the arm before turning to the quizzical looks from the lion and the tiger. "His urethra is repositioned to be like that of a female, which he will probably need help remembering before the anesthesia wears off."

The lion and the tiger hugged their boyfriend, thanked the doctor once again, and led the jaguar out the door to the waiting car.


By the time Jordan was completely free of the effects of the drugs, it was bed time, so he went to bed with his boxers still on. He woke up early the next morning to check out his new self. After he answered nature's call (and was proud of himself for remembering about his new requirements for that), he studied himself in the full length mirror.

He started from his pointed ears, quickly moving down to his golden eyes and down past his muzzle to his chiseled chest. He had spent many an evening in college working out stress in the gym- and it had paid off to the point where he supplemented his income by working as a model. As he studied his red-tinged fur with its dark rosettes, he chuckled to himself. Nothing had changed up here- and the abdominals that Archie loved to rub his paws over were unchanged as well. But now his eyes drifted down to the parts that had changed.

Jordan's eyes went wide as he looked at his crotch. The first thing that struck him was the almost complete absence of _anything_down there anymore. No thick sheath. No sac. No balls. There was just sort of... a mound with a slit running vertically down the middle of it, and one small nub at the top. That would be his... clitoris, if he remembered what the doctor said- essentially it was the same as the head of his penis and was just as sensitive as that organ. Tentatively, Jordan slid a paw down to gently rub his new anatomy. He gently rubbed his sex, parted his lips, and explored touching his clit. He moaned to himself as he felt similar pleasure to when he'd played with his dick. So the doctor was correct- sensations would be similar to when he'd had male anatomy. With a sigh, he pulled his paw away- the guys would want to be part of his first sexual explorations. Figuring out how his new parts worked could wait until after breakfast. Jordan returned to the bedroom and got dressed, remembering to put on his boxer briefs.

After breakfast, Tristan and Archie insisted that Jordan get nude for them. The joined in and hugged the jaguar and gave him all the attention he could handle. They ran their paws over his muscular arms, chest, abs, and legs but politely kept away from his new equipment. Jordan giggled as Tristan tickled his stomach and Archie traced the rosettes on his thigh.

"Have you tried it out?" Archie asked as he studied Jordan's new opening.

"No," Jordan replied with a twitch of his ears. "Thought you guys would like to be here for that."

"You haven't even touched it?" Trist asked incredulously.

"Well," Jordan admitted. "Maybe a little."

"What did it feel like?" Archie asked, as his paw slowly began to move towards Jordan's crotch. Tristan leaned in as well and nuzzled the jaguar's chest.

"I dunno," Jordan mused. "Not that different really... It felt like something was swelling..."

"Like this?" Archie grinned and ran his paw over Jordan's opening. Tristan pinned the jag's wrist and licked his pecs as Archie's fingers probed over and into Jordan's new lips. The jag gasped and moaned under the attention. Archie grinned as he leaned in and ran rough tongue over Jordan's sex. He began at the midpoint of the slit, worked his tongue over the opening as Jordan's lips swelled with arousal, and moved his way up as he let his tongue dip into the jaguar's vagina. The tiger could smell the jaguar's arousal, and his nose confirmed that the jaguar was still making male pre cum- which was followed quickly by taste confirmation as it began to drip onto his exploring tongue.

Tristan licked Jordan's muscled pecs and paid special attention to the jaguar's sensitive nipples. The jaguar moaned as the tiger's tongue slipped into his vag and Archie began to rub his clit in little circles. In the meantime, the lion gently took hold of one of Jordan's nipples in his teeth. Under all the attention, all Jordan could do was squirm and moan as Archie expertly worked the jaguar's new equipment and Trist gently nibbled on his chest. After a few moments, Jordan felt the pressure of an orgasm building in his loins. As the tiger dipped his tongue into the jaguar's vagina to scoop out a tongue-full of pre, the muscular jaguar shuddered as he felt an orgasm hit.

For a moment, Jordan lay there and sighed before he realized that he could feel another orgasm beginning to build in his loins. The jaguar squeezed Trist's shoulder as the lion switched to his other nipple and Archie's tongue moved up to his clit and a finger gently slid into Jordan's vagina. This new attention was all the jaguar could handle, as he shuddered in orgasm again- again he didn't feel finished. Over his own moaning and intense feeling of pleasure building, Jordan could hear a slightly wet sound as Archie worked his pre lubed slit. Finally, Jordan groaned loudly as he felt his largest orgasm yet hit him. Unlike the others he had had, this one felt very much like a male orgasm- he even felt a release. This was confirmed a moment later as Archie held up a paw to the shuddering jaguar that was covered in cum. Tristan kissed Jordan, and the jaguar hugged the lion as they watched the tiger clean his paw off.

"That... was... wow..." Jordan panted.

"Heh," Archie chuckled.

"I can't wait to try it out for real," Trist said as he gave Jordan a loving lick.

It wasn't until a few days later that they tried Jordan's new equipment fully. They were lounging in the living room with Jordan and Archie on the couch and Trist across the room in his chair. They had just returned from the mall, where they had done shopping for Jordan.

Tristan was in the mood, Jordan could tell. The lion's silver tipped tail was flicking in a very distinctive manner that the jaguar had learned to identify as sexual playfulness. Archie saw it as well. The jaguar squirmed a little as he began to feel a warmth spreading through his crotch. He still wasn't used to the new sensations he had as he got aroused, and he had begun to rub himself before he had noticed his paw had moved to his crotch. Archie gave a smile as he looked over to see the reddish-black furred jag rubbing himself. The white tiger leaned in and hugged the jag as Tristan got up from his chair to also join them on the couch.

Tristan leaned in and kissed the jag on the cheek, showing off the reddish tinge of Jordan's fur against his own black fur. On the other side, Archie licked Jordan's other cheek and traced the rosettes on Jordan's arm. All three felines smiled at each other as the black lion and white tiger lifted up the jaguar's shirt and left it covering his face. With matching chuckles, the presence of his boyfriends withdrew and left Jordan alone on the couch. He waited patiently, his paws at his side until he was told to lift his arms up. He did so, and his shirt slid up to reveal his boyfriends both nude in front of him. Matching ebon shafts where already poking out of their sheaths, making the jaguar even more aroused. Trist pulled the jaguar off the couch and lifted Jordan up into the air- no mean feat considering how big and muscular the jaguar was. Archie stepped in and pulled Jordan's jeans and panties off, exposing the jaguar's swollen lips and already leaking vagina. The fact that he did leak when aroused had come as a surprise, but Archie had proved that he still produced male pre cum- and quite a bit of it to lubricate his vagina.

Trist lifted the jaguar even higher, putting his paws under the jaguar's knees as he rubbed Jordan's rear with his emerging shaft. Archie, who held a bottle of lube, took advantage of the situation to move in and run his rough tongue over the jaguar's exposed sex. Meanwhile, Trist took Jordan's ear in his teeth and growled into the moaning jaguar's ear. Jordan gasped out loud as Archie's tongue began to work his clitoris and he leaned back against Tristan's massive chest and silver mane.

Archie kissed Jordan's sex as he reach down to slide a lubricated finger into Jordan's tail hole. He added another finger and worked the cool lube deeper into the jag's hole and twirled them to stretch them for the muscular lion's massive shaft. Then the fingers withdrew, and Archie licked up the pre that was running from Jordan's vagina as the tiger stroked the lion's shaft between the jaguar's legs. The lion moaned into Jordan's ear before leaning over to kiss Archie. As the black lion and white tiger kissed, Archie ran a finger around Jordan's entrance, paying special attention to his clitoris, which kept the jaguar moaning.

Finally, the lion broke the kiss and lifted the jag up a little higher. Archie helpfully reached between Jordan's legs to position the lion's pole beneath the jaguar's waiting hole as Trist lowered his boyfriend onto his shaft. There was an audible pop that was all but drowned out by Jordan's gasp of pleasure, one that was repeated a moment later as Tristan lowered the jaguar further so that Archie could place his arms around Jordan's waist (taking some of his weight from the big lion) and slid his own barbed shaft into the jaguar's expectant pussy.

With both boyfriends inside him, Jordan leaned back against Tristan's muscular chest and enjoy the feeling of complete pleasure washing through him as both barbed shafts began to work his tail hole and his vagina. As they worked him, the jaguar could only moan as the barbs raked old familiar spots of pleasure and found new ones in his vagina. Archie's barbs stroked places in his vag that quickly had Jordan panting in pleasure.

Jordan shuddered as his first orgasm hit him- a warm sense of pleasure flooding through him. But his boys weren't finished yet, and kept thrusting into him, filling him with their wonderful thick shafts. Both Archie and Tristan moaned at the feeling of the jaguar's warm insides around their cocks. Jordan continued panting as they kept thrusting... he could feel another orgasm building inside him, a pressure building in him with each movement for his boys.

Finally, Trist followed quickly by Archie hilted the jag- unloading their seed deep inside Jordan's tail hole and his vagina. The extra pressure inside him sent Jordan over the edge, and his whole body shook as a powerful orgasm hit him.

Slowly, Archie and Trist pulled themselves for Jordan and lowered the jaguar to the ground. As cum leaked from both his holes, Jordan kissed both his boys in thanks and they collapsed on the couch for post sex cuddles.

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