[Flash Fiction] A bull in an office dictating to a computer

Story by Evil Betty on SoFurry

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Originally published February 2016. A short little first person mind control thing! Hope you enjoy! :2

So it's my third day trying out the new company-issued headset, and it's working out pretty well!

My wife can tell you, I'm pretty much stuck in the dark ages when it comes to technology. Fixing engines or rewiring the house is a piece of cake compared to trying to figure out the smartphones and tablets they tried to push on us. But the bosses insisted that these silly looking earpieces will really help streamline stuff between us old guys and the tech-savvy kids we seem to keep hiring. So, I figured, what the heck.

It's actually really neat! It started off as a wireless link to my PC, letting me dictate emails and text messages. Now that I'm a little more used to it, I'm able to get all of my daily tasks delivered through little auditory reminders. It's kind of cool! For example, I just got pinged to tell my wife that my business trip got extended another week.

And, done. I'm not on a business trip, but I'm sure the company has good reasons for asking me to tell her that. I've been at the office for a week straight now, actually! I kinda hope I can get some time to go home and...uh...hold on, I...

What was I talking about? Oh, right, the headset. Sometimes it's so good at keeping me on task it sends me reminders to forget things that distract me from my job. It sounds weird, I know! But it's very useful, and it helps me be a lot more productive.

Oh, just got another reminder- the rest of my team is heading up from the gym, and they want me to be ready for them. Dang it, I should probably get dressed! These mandatory video calls with the head of IT are fun, but gosh they're a bit of a workout for an old bull like me. Fortunately my clothes are right here in the cubicle...oh, another reminder, hold...uhn...

Oh. I...I just forgot how to put my pants on. Oh well. Maybe if I have my shirt and tie on, my team won't notice? Ha...that sounds stupid. But I can't really figure out why? I can't...um...?

Another fun feature is that my team can send little status updates to our group! It's almost like your typical social media site, but the fun twist with this one is that my team can update my status for me! Thanks to my team, I'm kneeling in my cubicle, drooling on my tie and I'm so gosh darn hungry for the smell of their big, sweaty cocks and their thick, spurting cum. Gosh, I've really grown to love how my team's cum tastes! I wish I could rub one out real quick and drink my own, but they made me forget how to touch myself days ago.

Ah, just heard the elevator! Well, I think this entry has to come to an end, so I'll probably end dictation as soon as I...oh, another reminder, reminding me to f...forget howww...toooo...be a...thinkin' and uhh...talkinmmmm. Mmm...?


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