Flash Fiction

It's just a quick, half-hour or so flash fiction to help me ry and work on my writing. hence the cliché; i don't particularly need to worry about plot because it's already sorted. so. tada.

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October Flash Fictions

Https://ko-fi.com/tredain october '17 practice shorts hi all, more flash fictions! this month was kind of rocky with some mood swings and stress but i did what i could. please let me know if there's any particular entries you like!

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September Flash Fictions

I think at this point i've surpassed 100 flash fictions, but i haven't been keeping too much count. still, proud of myself and what i've been able to churn out. please let me know if there's any particular entries you like! feedback always appreciated.

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[Flash Fiction] The Fling

The skunk's robe drifted to the wood floor much like a feather in the eyes of the much larger, bulky, muscular wolf. The beastly wolf was so lust addled at the sight of the lithe looking, androgynous skunk's backend that time seemed to slow down and...

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Flash Fiction #13

The tigress sat atop her pet, holding the reins that led from his mouth. The canines soft fur tickled her bare cunt as Tokumi directed him about the room. She guided him towards the wall so she could grab one of the riding crops that were hanging...

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Flash Fiction #12

He had the red, blue, and white canine tied up. Around her nose and chest he could see her skin flush from both embarrassment and enjoyment. His cock throbbed, enjoying the sense of control that this allowed him to have over her, something that did...

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Flash Fiction: The Manticore

"Ara, Ara~" the insufferably smug voice sang overhead, "you lose again~" Ariana scowled from her place on the cave floor at the gloating monster. The beast's crimson eyes glinted in the candlelight, an aura of superiority hanging from her. She...

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Alv pinned his ears back against his head as he stomped down the length of the block. His boots were too much for the drizzle that the weather offered, but it was that or his threadbare sneakers, and some tiny part of his mind had done the calculation...


No Deeper Dark

[flash fiction] so many futuristic stories gloss over disabilities like every single one can be cured or people with disabilities are just never born. well, i never liked either of those ideas.

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Vignette: Acts of Intent

Been poking at the idea of writing flash fiction as a warm up exercise. these little vignettes are intended to be just to get me in the mode of putting words down on paper, so there's minimal editing. > _lines and curves, lines and curves.

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Lost in Transmission

Another flash fiction. - - - a faint light approached charlie as he neared the exit to his secret passageway. the mousehole was behind a bookcase in the dimly lit office of donald merry, the head of the financial department.

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Other Side Of Summer IV: A Telephone Call

A telephone rang. "Hello?" "Mr. Otter? This is in regards to your son. I'm afraid the operation was not a success." A gasp. He had feared this call. "What happened?" "The doctors tried to remove the growths, but they remained no matter how they were...

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