Movie Time - Tay & Dyson

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#4 of Cub - One Shots


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Rustling and shifting muddled the low moans of pleasure released by the large dire bear named Seen, As he was assaulted by a barrage of tonguing and sucking his cock was feeling. The assassialnts of this assault of pleasure where the unlikely combo of wolf and doe cub. "Boys... we gotta get inside soon, the movie will be starting soon." Seen said, as he tried to hold himself back and not make a mess of the car, at least not till after the movie.

The whines from the two boys working off the bears' heavy balls and fat cock were very audible but stopped their assault on the bears phallus. Taking a deep breath as they stopped, Seen opened the car door as he let the two cubs get outta the car while he fixed his pants and stuffed his junk bank within their confines. When Seen finally was able to get out of their source of transportation, he saw the two cubs looking at him waiting. Both wearing attire that neither should really be wearing at all. Booty shorts that hugged their hips and coin pursed their small packages while a thong strap wrapped above their hips and a midriff exposing shirt followed by a denim jacket with a bit of fur at the top.

Looking closer at the two, he noticed some text on their shirts that he never noticed before. The wolf cub, Tay's shirt said "Daddy's Bitch" while the cubs 'brother' Dyson, a deer boy himself, had a similar shirt that said "Daddy's Lil Doe". Shaking his head, he knew he was gonna get some shit from others that saw the two but he really didn't care. If they wanted to express how much they were daddy's 'girls' he wasn't gonna stop them.

"Thanks for taking us out today, Daddy." Dyson said in his normally meek and subdued way as he looked up at his father. The little deer boy was shyly averting his gaze from Seen's after noticing just how much the dire bear was looking him over. Tay, the wolf pup all but twisting himself into a knot as his excitement overcame him.

"Yeah, thanks so much for this, Daddy! We've been waiting for this movie to come out for soooo long! Though I would have liked to have gotten that load before we went in." Tay responded, clearly he wanted to finish what he was doing before as the thought of his daddy's cock in his muzzle again was enough to cause him to quiver in excitement. The easily excitable pup though quickly got over it and moved over to grapple the dire bear into a beast of a hug, the older ursine actually squeaking just a touch as he felt his spine move a hair out of place which was surprising considering the size difference.

"You're welcome, you two, but Tay, please stop rearranging my spinal column for the time being." The older bear watched with more than a little amusement as the gray wolf pup pulled away from him as though burned, his long, pointed ears lowering down onto the top of his head.

"Sorry, Daddy," Tay found himself being consoled by Dyson as the little cervine hugged him tightly behind his back.

"It's alright Tay, You're just stronger than you think pup." Seen reached down to pat the other onto the head before handing the two cubs their respective movie tickets. " And I promise we'll finish up after the movie IF you behave. Alright?" Seen knew that it was gonna be hard for them to not let their wild running hormones get the better of them. They weren't even ten each but yet they had sex drives to match his own.

Tay and Dyson's eyes beamed with delight at their daddy's words, they just had to behave during the movie. That wouldn't be too hard to do as a pair of high energy, high stamina cubs would it? Seen sure hoped so, he really didn't want a repeat of the changing rooms when he took Conner out clothes shopping with his brother Ashley.

"That also means no sneaking outta your seat for your little adventures to my groin." Seen stated just to be on the safe side. The cute pouts that came from the two, Their lower lip stuck out and mock angry at the statement made Seen snort and roll his eyes.

'I don't think we'll be seeing much of the movie... I hope they at least wait till the movie gets loud before getting frisky' Seen thought, remembering the last time he took the pair on an outing. Just like their brothers, they shared their fathers sex drive but they lacked any real control over it.

Though the dire bear knew that with the young lupine though it wouldn't be much longer before the pup would be taking his frustrations out on someone else. Tay was normally aggressive anyway, his play fights with the others the young wolf's way of making it clear who was dominant and who was not in his mind; the reinforcement of a pack hierarchy being the cornerstone of the young boy's both physical as well as emotional growth. The ursine had already decided to have a word with Tay's mother on how to better handle it as raising a wolf cub was a bit more high maintenance than most of the other cubs in the family.

"Awww, don't be like that you two" the dire bear chuckled, going to throw his arms over the other boy in a bear hug. "Lets just have a great time and enjoy the movie." Seen said, reaching over to pull the blushing cervine into his hold, the other boy nuzzling in close to the white t-shirt that Seen was currently wearing as he sought his normal daily emotional comfort.

That helped to perk Tay right up, the young wolf smiling big and bright as he looked up at his father, his former bad mood all but evaporating. Another three seconds worth of hug later found Seen pulling himself away from the two cubs.

"Alright, let's go and get some popcorn and stuff before the movie starts." Seen had decided to bring Tay and Dyson out during the early matinee so that he could keep a little bit of change inside of his pocket. "You guys can have ONE box of whatever." Like two furry rockets, the cubs shot off for the concession stand, the lady behind the ticket booth snickered behind her hand as she tried to control her laughter. "Ahhh, to be that age again." Seen said as he turned around to look at the woman.

"Amen to that, brother. Are those your nephews or something?" The lady, who happened to be a white feathered hen wearing a dark green shirt with the emblem of the movie theater stitched onto the bright breast, asked as she looked at the jean wearing dire bear over somewhat approvingly.

"Nah, they're my boys. I wanted to take them out for some quality time with their old man" Seen said in response to the woman's question.

"Aww, that's sweet of you." The hen clucked.

"Thanks. Anyway, I need to go before they decide to get something I can't afford in there. Which might be everything considering how much theaters charge these days" Seen turned, throwing his hand up to wave at the ticket taker. "Bye." And off Seen ran, entering into the movie theater just in time to see Tay and Dyson arguing over a box of chocolate mints and gummy beans.

"This one is better." Tay said as he all but shoved the beans as Dyson. The little deer had to take a step back from the somewhat rough push, but amazingly enough the cervine boy stood his ground as he pointed the box of mints at the wolf.

"But I want these,"

"And I told you that the two of you could have one box of whatever, but if you can't decide, I'll do it for you." Seen said, that harsh tone of his voice making the two cubs jump as they turned to watch the dire bear move towards them.

"I...really wanted these." Dyson said, his bright green eyes misting somewhat as he tried hard to emphasize his desire without seeming overly emotional.

"But these are better." Tay pulled back a bit as he watched the taller boy start to bite at his lower lip.

Seen could already see who was going to win out between the two in this little battle of wills, so he decided to remain silent. As expected, Tay sighed after it was clear that Dyson wasn't going to relent, the wolf putting the gummy beans back onto the shelf where he had snagged them from before turning away to look elsewhere. The little cervine jumped for joy as he realized that he had won the small fight between them. Turning, Dyson offered the mints up to Seen, then reached his hand over to Tay and asked for his.

"Let the guy behind you scan them, I'll get them both alongside some popcorn and drinks " Seen replied, his face caught between amusement and exasperation at the antics of his boys, the happiness that followed that both would get the treat they wanted.

Once they had gotten their snacks, the trio made their way to the designated room just in time to see that the lights were still on and people were still trying to find their seats. Though as they passed, they caught a few looks or more so his boys did as their less than morally acceptable attire caught the attention of a few and Tay teasing any onlookers as a result.

"Let's sit up high!" Tay crowed, the young wolf moving without waiting for an answer as he raced up the stairs of the showroom, though making sure not to bump into anybody as he did so but seemed to make an effort to shake his bottom and raise his tail, exposing his puckered hole to tease those behind him. Those shorts really did what they were designed to... tease and entice with the ease of access backdoor.

Seen rolled his eyes, somewhat exasperated by the other's boundless energy along with his antics, right before a small hand took his own. Looking down to see Dyson's innocent face staring up at him, Seen smiled a bit before nodding, knowing well that the other was going to follow along with where Tay wanted to go. The three got into their seats just in time for the previews to start playing, the lights up above started to dim out as they began. Sharing the snacks, popcorn and drinks between the three of them. Seen didn't notice the way Tay and Dyson looked between each other as they stared over the dire bear's lap, more so the massive bulge outline of their father's pants as their own boyhoods got a bit hard at the eye candy provided by their father. While at the same time grabbing handfuls of popped kernels. By the time the movie started the popcorn bucket was good and empty, the box of candies gone and their soda's already almost gone. Everything had long since been crunched into a tight ball and stuffed within the cup holder off to the side in an empty seats cup holder.

The last preview found the two boys nodding to each other before they began to make their way out from their seats with so much as a sound to be heard as they snaked their way from their seats. Seen though, completely unaware of what was going on and having forgotten already to suspect this to happen after what happened on the ride to the movie theater and now found himself quite the victim of what happened next as he listened to the sound of the zipper of his jeans being tugged down, followed by two little hands fishing out his completely flaccid maleness that let out a heavy thud across a wet nose. Whipping his head down to have a look at what was going on, the dire bear was unsurprised to see two little faces, darkened because of the lack of light, smiling up at him. When the first scene of the movie happened to start, Seen had to bite his lower lip to keep from moaning as his cubs because to get naughty with him and their hot breath bathing his titanic dong in warmth.

Seen wasn't too taken aback by how forward the two cubs were; He had known that his boys could be...imaginative, but didn't think they would act on their lust so soon. Squirming in his seat, the dire bear did everything in his power to try and not see all that inconspicuous as he felt the soft, almost silken touch of Dyson's tongue roll down and around the length of his two foot long flaccid pecker. Not helping matters was Tay, the little wolf boy having sneaked out of his seat to make his way onto the clean floor of the theater, burying his muzzle up and underneath Seen's musky balls. The first touch of the lupine's hot muzzle against the underside of his sac made the dire bear bite his lips, thankfully the opening credits of the movie helped to drown out the muffled noise coming from Seen's muzzle and the heavy breaths of the two cubs and their light whimpers.

By the time the movie had began Dyson was busy nursing onto the mushroom head of Seen's cock, the little cervine putting all of his prior experience in cocksucking to work as he bobbed his auburn head up and down along hiss daddy's giant bear's cock, tonguing the older males urethra as he did so. Meanwhile, Tay was playfully nipping at Seen's melon sized balls, the small spice of pain mixed with the warmth of the younger boy's lips as he kissed along everywhere he nipped his teeth onto the dire bear's pouch of flesh sparking new pleasure throughout Seen's brain. The first thrust of the dire bear's hips up into Dyson's muzzle and a sizable gloop of pre-cum was followed by someone on the movie screen shouting at someone else, so no one was able to really hear the young boy choke on the gargantuan head of the ursine's shaft with the sap like pre-cum coating his mouth and throat. Had anyone turned around to look at the trio they would have witnessed a very interesting sight; Dyson, with his almost too small maw stuck around the head of the older bear's cock, busied himself with trying to squeeze his lips around the massive glands flexing in between his jaws as his sucking changed to more of a nursing like a baby to a mothers tit. The young deer looked to be in a touch of pain and pleasure as his eyes were clenched like a determined and hungry cub after its mother's milk, his nostrils flaring, as Seen began to quietly, as the bear could anyway, push his groin up into the other's face and making the little doe bob his head slightly at the adult cock.

Down below, Tay was getting smacked across the face, the heavy weight of Seen's gargantuan scrotum bounced up and down onto the little wolf's head nearly sending the lupine face forward into the floor. The lewd sight, made from the kind of debauchery that one normally one saw in videos, probably would have broken several decency laws within the state, not to mention land Seen in a world of trouble with the theatre as they got really upset about such things being done within the cinema . The movie that the dire bear had paid for everyone to see, of which not one of them was currently paying the slightest bit of attention to, was so loud...not to mention corny at some points, that the patrons of the movie theater never so much as even bothered to turn away from the viewing screen. Again, this was a wonderful thing for the three males sitting at the back because the second time someone shouted was the same moment in which Seen, his cock pulsing while his fingers twitched by his side as though he were going through spasms, began to shot precum directly up into Dyson's throat again. The little cervine, having already grown accustomed to the taste and texture of his daddy's spooge, merely relaxed his muzzle as he began to suck down the potent fluid gushing up from the dire bear's long tube a bit more easily this time.

The happy murmur of bliss that Dyson let out followed with the deer wagging his tight rump backwards, the cute little booty shorts he had on being displayed for the entire world to see as his leaf of a tail snapped back behind him. About this time Tay had become drunk and lustful after the powerful scent of an Alpha's fat balls hit him so directly. His more primitive instincts had him submitted to the powerful musk and had him reverting to a needy little pack bitch, something that Tay often would revert to when dealing with his father's powerful musk. Something his mother was very much the same way about the scent, a powerful drug like aroma that hit the cubs powerful senses made him all too susceptible to the potent sack and the sloshing spunk that resided in them..

Having enough with just the fat balls of his daddy, he pulled himself up and out from under the other in a bit of a hazy state, but was greeted with the sight of heavy marbles of liquid bear pre-cum roll up throughout Seen's phallus, the small orbs quickly sliding through and then into Dyson's slightly bobbing mouth. Seeing as there was no way he could get in on the action happening at present, so he was gonna have to be more assertive about it. Pushing his way beside his brother, Tay forced his way into it and much to Dysons annoyance at being distrubed from his cock nursing conceded to Tay's actions as Seen placed a hand on both of their heads and encouraged the two to work together to make him happen.

The two worked together, their faces looking up at Seen locking their gaze onto his as they jointly lathered up the throbbing member. With one hand each massaging a fleshy orb, while their others laced together. They had worked together many times at collabing in taking on their daddy's cock, from the early mornings or showers or couch. The two know their daddy's cock all too well just like the rest of their siblings, though the two of them often were considered the most acquainted with the fat phallus and because of that experience they knew all of his weak points.

The warm tongues slathering all over the bears flesh, as they worked the sides almost systematically before jointly teasing the mushroom head and sharing a half kiss as their tongues teased his cock tip before taking the pre-cum leaking from it and swapping it between them leaving a thick strain of it between them as their eyes grew heavy and sultry before moving back to their daddy's pulsing dick. Because of this skillful assault of pleasure, Seen was finding it hard to not get louder with his moans and hold back an orgasm and the burning pleasure started to rise through the massive tube of meat as the churning in his nuts gave plenty of notice to the cubs who got more energetic with their phalliac pleasuring

Seen, clenched his eyes tightly as as he tried to reign in the ecstasy that was overwhelming him, As he witnessed the very erotic sight as he looked over two, he moved himself into position to press the head of his growing erection into the soft hole in between Dyson's mouth as it was being widly spread. The rough shove, brought on by immaturity and lust, sent Dyson forward, the cervine's maw stretching wide as another two inches of Seen's cock popped deep within his muzzle. Seen was able to send his arms out just in time to keep the lupine from possibly causing Dyson to suffocate on his phallus by holding the grunting boy into place as he allowed the cervine to back himself up enough to get a chance to breathe.

An explosion in the movie brought a massive load of spunk surging up the bear's cock and a growl from the bear dad's muzzle as the wines of his wolf pups whined. The vibration running through Dyson was what caught the young wolf's attention more than the sound, but once he had looked into Seen's face and got the message in clear to wait, the lupine settled his frantic motions. Seconds passed as the thick gobs of baby batter shot down the young Doe's throat and right into his stomach, his own convulsions of pleasure rippled through the young doe as the mix of being controlled and forced to take his fathers load was enough to get him off as he let loose his own load into his tight shorts and forming a small spot where his cock tip rested. Having finally adjusted and needing air, Dyson pulled himself back enough to get into a better position before gagging as he was bloated with his dad's spunk. Tay taking the immediate opportunity to swap spit with his brother, getting a taste of his daddy's tasty goo and frenched Dyson's muzzle with his own, wrapping his arms around the young doe caused the doe and wolf cubs to enter a euphoric nature as the two could have been seen as passionate lovers with the way their tongues danced and their bodies were entwined together before breaking the deep kiss with a gasp for air. Dyson was light headed and mewling with pleasure while Tay wanted more and was filled with jealousy to not have been first to receive his daddy's thick load directly.

Seen all the while having a hard time recovering, he came harder than he thought he would and mixed with trying not to draw attention to everyone around was hard as is. Though having already blown a fat load down one of his sons throats, the show of lust and passion engaged by Tay was making sure he remained hard. It was beyond erotic to see and he loved every second of it. When the two broke their deep tonguing of each other's muzzles he saw the look of need on the cub's face, it was that of a bitch in heat, a look that reminded Seen of Tay's mother when her flip was switched. Tay really did take after his mother in almost every way, this included the forward and demanding nature of her as well as he saw the cub lurch forward and quickly latch onto the tip of the saliva and cum covered cock head of his father and began to wildly nurse at it and let his tongue taste every bit it could

Still being sensitive from the previous climax, Seen he let out a low growl that traveled a bit through the theater but luckily none noticed it was him and not the movie. Seen's restraint though had weakened greatly and if his pup wanted to act like a needy bitch in heat, he was gonna treat the cub like one. Dyson saw the shift in tone in his father's face and barely registered it before somewhat shivering in concern and awe as the large hands of his father reached the back of Tay's head and then violently forced the cub down the entirety of the massive shaft. Tay quickly was rested at his father's pubis reaching and his chin against the warm and furry balls that helped spawn him. THe powerful musk of the pubic area of fur that rested above his fathers fat cock had a powerful musk to it that all but caused the cubs eyes to roll into the back of his head alongside the rough and forced deepthroating of the mammoth sized cock.

Tay panicked at the sudden motion and tried to pull back before Seen's grip got tighter and held him there. Tay tried to relax and was finding it a bit hard but when Tay felt his tailhole being fingered by a small pair of hands his body reacted accordingly to the stimulation, The wolf cub's body though was quick to adjust as it submitted to Seen's grip and relaxed. Dyson looked up at his father's face, who's paws rested on Tay's head grew content before he heard his father's words. "You wanted to be a needy little bitch, you're gonna get treated like one so I hope you're ready you little cock slut." Seen's words lingered in Dysons head as Tay, unable to respond, only whined at them, seemingly having registered what was said. Not a second later Seen started to wildly face fuck his son's face, forcing the cubs head back with his paws while pushing his hips back into the seat and started viscously pumping is cock in and out of the young cubs mouth but never once fully leaving it but just enough to make anyone see the display grew with concern with the level of brutal roughness the cub was going through from it.

Despite the brutal face fucking, Tay was in heaven as he felt the thick meat bulge his throat out and his body being so powerfully controlled by an Alpha that his body submitted to. The powerful taste that coated his tongue with every thrust, the warm fat fleshy rod being driven with a purpose in and out of his muzzle as it throbbed with desire. He could feel every pulse of it and the warm pre-cum being let loose inside him. Following the motions of his fathers grip, Tay cried out in delight as he heard the audible pulse of gushing spunk let loose as his fathers cock got thicker as a heavy load was suddenly rushing through his cock and down the young cubs throat.

Seen relaxed in his seat as he allowed the torrent of jizz to invade his cubs insides but firmly held the cubs head in place as he did. It lasted for a few minutes before Seen allowed the cub off. Tay managed amazingly well for such a massive shaft being inside him and not having issues breathing. The young cub had really become quite the talented cock sucker.

With a wet and sloppy 'pop' Tay's muzzle was no longer being occupied by the gargantuan fleshy pillar of cock meat. It was actually flaccid this time as it came out after cumming. Seen was panting harder than ever before, his head thrown back as he tried to catch his breath and despite his efforts before his lack of restraint got the attention of a few onlookers that tried to subtly take looks at the display. Among these onlookers happened to be a staff member of the cinema.

Approaching them as a lean Cheetah guy that was doing his best to hide the tent formed in his dress pants and was assisted by the dark seating area. Not using a flashlight to avoid disrupting and drawing even more attention to the erotic actions that brought him to the three.

"Sir... am gonna have to ask you to leave with your boys." The Cheetah turned his head away as tried not to make eye contact with the three, he already had gotten a clear view of the bears cock and the display the boys put on with the bear. He was trying to have some decency while working but the still very erotic show of cock sucking aftermath was hard to ignore.

Tay and Dyson all looked between each other for a second and then up to their Dad who looked at the staff telling him to leave with a passive expression before saying something that took the Cheetah back.

"No... No I won't." Seen said before he looked at Dyson and said "Come on baby boy, time to ride daddy's cock and then am gonna bend your brother over and get him howling after." Seen said, as he ordered the young doe. Both Tay and Dyson went a bit wide eyed, they did things in public before but this felt a bit more like a display of dominance. Dyson stood up and climbed up onto his daddy's lap, grinding his rather full bottom up and down the thick meaty shaft, meaning at the stimulation. While Tay watched passively but his hand freed his cub cock and slowly jerked off a bit.

"S-s-sir! If you don't stop and leave I'll have to call security to have you removed! You're disturbing the other patrons!" The Cheetah man said, trying to stand his ground to the bear but the size difference alone was massive between the two and he knew he wouldn't be able to force the dire bear to move if he didn't want to.

"No you won't, if you really cared about that. You wouldn't have been watching me face fuck my little bitch pups mouth for so long." Seen stated, calling out the staff. While this was going on though, more had become aware of what was going on and a few even had their phones out and started recording what was going on. Taking notice of this, Seen felt the need to put on a show. Moving his paws across Dyson's young supple legs that had a bit of tone but retained a bit of soft baby-like fat that left them soft and delightful to touch and tease. Seen hands reached Dyson bountiful bottom and grabbed it with a light grope before giving the right cheek a firm smack. The bubbly cheeks jiggled as the sharp smacking of flesh could be heard even over the movie going on.

Dyson leaned over into his daddy's chest as he grinded more onto the pillar of flesh, looking up to his papa bear he mewled out "Daddy... Just fuck me already, my bottom is still sore from last night after what you did." Dyson pushed his head into Seen's broad chest and grabbed at the bears shirt.

"Demanding little slut aren't you? You know better than to demand anything, I taught you better manners than that." Seen said as he gave the other cheek a somewhat harsher smack that caused Dyson to cry out in pleasure. "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Dyson's maon of delight pierced the whole viewing area.

"Now when you want something, how do you ask for it?" Seen said, asking his son as his other hand raised up again and swiftly descended onto Dyson's bottom. The sharp smacking of the cub's bottom seemed to deafen everything else. Dyson pressed his face into his father's chest as he moaned, muffling the mix of pain and pleasure coursing through and exiting his mouth in a sound that made Seen's cock throb in approval. With his head pressed into his father's chest, he could hear the rapid beating of the older males heart and his heavy breaths as the older male beat his plush cheeks like a drum. Dyson tried to respond to the older male but his words were muffled and unintelligible.

Again, the cracking of a smack across the Doe's bottom was heard. "What was that now? You need to speak clearly?" Dyson mewled and shivered at the stimulation of the spanking he was getting, his boyhood grinded and drizzled pre-cum across his father's much larger girth. Turning his head up to his daddy, Dyson worded out as best as he could and said "You say plea-aaaaaaaah!" Dyson tried to finish his sentence but another powerful smack met his backside as his already sore and tender bottom tingled at the sensations of pleasure.

"Good boy. Now what do you want from daddy?" Seen said, his hands remained stationary but firmly across both cheeks of the small doe. Parting the bountiful and full cheeks, teasing the cubs tailhole with his finger.

"Daddy! Ahhh-aahh... can you pl-please sto-aah-p teasing me and fuck my little boy bussy!" Dyson's dialogue was a mix of corny, sluty and something you'd expect out of a porno. Dyson's big eyes looked at his father's and Seen leaned down, kissing the young boy's horns on his head and said. "Gladly baby boy."

Seen shifted himself around, positioning his cock head at Dyson tight chocolate starfish that seemed to already be lubed up and ready for the ursine fat cock. Prodding Dyson's backside with the thick and meaty cockhead, the young Doe's sphincter began to spread and stretch as the older bear's phallus entered the doe. The loud wails and moans of pleasure as inch after agonizingly slow and pleasure filled inch entered the cubs asshole before the plush bottom belonging to Dyson rested firmly on the Ursines lap. Dyson's belly distended from the large insertion, his asshole spread with an arm thick length. Panting heavily Dyson struggled to move as he was impaled on his daddy's cock.

"T-t-too b-big!" Dyson mewled out loudly as Seen's large hand reeled back and firmly gave the already abused and tenderized backside another firm smack. "Good thing you have plenty of practice with it Dyson."

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