A Commission Femboi Transformation

This was a sleepover, and they dressed appropriately in loose-fitting colorful feminine pajamas. rachel's pink, to riff off her skin tone, and gingers was dark blue, to make her bright blonde hair more yellow.

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Gustav & Mikail: The Femboi Gardens

Faster and faster he rammed his meat into the lust-drowned femboi below, his hips a blur.

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Fembois: The Gift that Keeps on Giving (Head)

"o-of course i... can." the girly incubus dared to stare up into those eyes, his brows knitted, lips pursed as he threw everything he had into weathering the storm crashing upon his mental defenses.

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Burnt Marshmallows

It's not that i didn't find the snow leopard attractive, quite the oppisite there was just no way a military student like him would be interested in a femboi like me. i adjusted my stocking while my internal monologue continued.


Beta Team: Black Ops, p1 (incomplete)

WHITE HOUSE, PRESENT DAY: A male housecat walked into the meeting room with five or six very thick files held in his right paw. Already sitting at the large teak table were what looked like two related female foxes, but the taller of the two was really...

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Tu Sei Belly Re-Uploaded

He knew jessie when the little bunny was 4 and had seen him grow up and if there was one thing he knew about jessie it was that he was gay and that kind of extremely feminine gay where you can just tell by looking at him. "jessie??"

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Ch 2 fursona high school

Ch 2 fursona high school I just woke up and felt so rested the whole night all that I saw was his neon eyes light up the dark. As I was getting ready for school I had my music on. Not knowing what to wear I sat on my bed and drifted in a magnificent...

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Boswer's My Bitch 3

As the festivitys where closing the moon was stright overhead and in the basement of the house the feeding tube just emptyed the last of the purple liquid into the now leith and more girly looking bowser sleeping soundly on the floor because the restraints

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Chapter 0 Prologue

The rest of his physique was more feminine than masculine. having a slender waist, wide hips, lovely supple thighs that lead into such a bubbly plump butt.

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To Hold a Twilight Rose: Chapter Two

"leave it to the femboi to recognize that sparkle." following a look from twilight, we yelled at the same time, "we're gonna go shopping!!!"

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A boy in girls’ clothing Ch. 2

A boy in girls' clothing Ch. 2 The green glow started to fade to a lovely green folf that I had a huge crush on; as I came to I found that he was cuddling me. I wanted so much to scream like the little school girl I am, but I did not want to wake him...

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Fursona high school ch 3

Our date that thought just made me so girly on the inside and i'm sure showed on the outside. i was so giddy and happy through math and pe i almost forgot i was in public.

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