Where We Began

Story by JonTheCaptive on SoFurry

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So here it is, my first mature/adult story made just for FA. I'm definately excited.

There isn't as much "fun time" in this as I'd like, but this story is just essentially supposed to serve as an itroduction to my main characters and set up for further stories.

I also decided not to go m/m on this story so I could appeal to more people and try and appeal to a wider audience. Rest assured though, if the story turns out good enough and enough people like it, I'll certainly do more stories with pleanty of m/m in them. Hopefully I can get other things in the next stories too, rather than just a milking machine.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

It was a nice cloudless night. Jonathan "Jon" Dupree, an average male mountain lion with short and shaggy brown hair, wearing a purple t-shirt, blue jeans, and cowboy boots was coming out of a movie theater with his best friend Axel, a gray wolf with short and shaggy black hair, wearing a red tank top, blue jeans, and hiking boots. They'd been friends since elementary school, and were constantly looking for fun things to do. The small town of Olivebranch didn't have much to offer, and being in the ass-end of nowhere, it wasn't very close to anything either. Little did Jon and Axel know, their lives were about to get alot more exciting.

"-and did you see how he just came over the rail, dropped onto the guy's shoulders, and broke his neck with his thighs?!" Axel reminiced about a scene in the movie excitedly. "Yeah, it was friggin awesome!" replied Jon just as enthusiastically. As many times as they had been to the movies, "Legend of the Cursed Bloodhound" was one of the best they'd seen in years. It was one of the only things they had to look forward to, besides experimenting with sex and their daily routines. Jon is very talented and well known around town. Most people agree that he's one of the best-looking men there. He takes odd jobs around town, mostly fixing things. His dad told him straight up he was a brilliant mechanic. He was also one of the best athletes in school and served on a few teams. His room back at home has a shelf dedicated to various trophies. Axel met Jon in school while applying for wrestling. They talked for a while, and slowly but surely grew to be good friends. Before he met Jon, Axel was mostly involved in gym classes, mostly because he loved going on jogs on the nature trail. Up until then he spent a lot of time improving his cardio. Axel was also the first one to admit he had a sexual attraction to men, Jon being too shy. After this they quickly became much closer. Jon and Axel were inseperable, literally doing everything together. Except going to the bathroom, of course.

The two friends continued walking, before deciding they were thirsty and stopped in at a quicky-mart. Outside a female black panther with shoulder-length silver hair, dressed in a bright red backless dress and red high heels approached. She touched two fingers to her ear. "Yes?" she asked. "Do you have a visual?" asked an unknown person impatiently. "I do. He matches the description in the file you pulled from government records. I'm certain this is Jonathan Dupree." said the panther confidently. "Good. Try and get him to come willingly, but take him by force if you have to. And remember Nilsine, we need him alive, so don't go trigger happy." warned tha panther's boss. "Don't worry, I'm using non-leathal stun rounds. But Mr. Dupree doesn't have to know that. I need to go, he's coming out. I'll report back when I have him." assured Nilsine.

Jon and Axel came out of the quicky-mart still happily chatting about their night at the movies, each holding a cold bottle of soda. Nilsine approached casually, trying to be attractive, unaware that Jon was sexually attracted to the same sex. "Hi there handsome." Nilsine said alluringly. "Can we help you?" asked Axel, who seemed wary of the stranger. "Well, yes. Well, your friend can. You've probably heard about the declining population of the black panthers, yes?" asked Nilsine. "Well, yeah, but I don't see how exactly we could help with that." Jon said indifferently. "We're... looking to repopulate..." Nilsine said as she winked at Jon. "Oh, I'm sorry ma'am, I'm afraid I'm not exactly interested..." Jon said uncomfortably as he rubbed the back of his head. "I'm afraid I must insist that you accompany me." Nilsine said demandingly as she drew a pistol from her bra and aimed it at the two boys. "Jesus!" Jon yelled as he threw up his hands. "Run for it Jon!" shouted Axel as he and Jon turned and ran. Nilsine shouted for them to stop, firing a couple warning shots, but this only made them run faster. "We should split up, she can't follow us both!" suggested Axel. "Good idea buddy, we can cover more ground that way too!" agreed Jon as the two went seperate ways.

Jon went across the street and ducked into an alleyway, as Axel did the same on his side of the street. Nilsine followed Jon in an instant, him being her target. Axel turned his head to see that Nilsine had followed Jon. "Shit, maybe I can cut them off!" he exlaimed as he turned down another alley. Turning to notice Nilsine's shadow, Jon thought quickly and ran into a nearby building. Nilsine stopped in the alley and caught her breath. "Damn it, I knew I shouldn't have worn heels." she angrily muttered to herself as she continued onwards. Inside, Jon quickly and quietly made his way down the hallway. The building was old and was mostly boarded up, so it thankfully seemed abandoned. At least, until he stumbled upon a meeting between two Mafia families. "Hey, you!" shouted a mobster as he noticed Jon. "Oh shit!" Jon exclaimed as he realised just what he'd stumbled into as he ran, with two of the mobsters giving chase.

Just outside, the local police were about to raid the mob hideout, when Jon came bursting out. Assuming he was a mobster, they ordered him to stop as he kept on running. A few were about to go after him, when the two mobsters chasing Jon blundered into them. One of the comes, a female raccoon with long golden-blonde hair looked on curiously as Jon disappeared from view. Poor Jon ran and ran, not seemly having been given a break all night and ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time twice. He slipped into an alley and finally got a chance to catch his breath. He was nearly exhausted from all the running, but he thought he got away. He peered around the corner to see if they were still coming, when he heard the unfortunate sound of a gun cocking. He turned to find a gun directly in his face, and immediately raised his hands. "Um...hi. C-can't we talk about this?" Jon stuttered nervously. "I'm talking now. But my gun is going to be leverage. You're coming with me, Mr. Dupree. Now start walking." she commanded in a stern tone.

"What do you even want with me? How can I possibly help you repopulate, I'm not a black panther." Jon nervously exclaimed as he started walking. "No, you're obviously not. But your local clinic allowed us access to the files of all their male clients who were of mating age. They found out that you had the rare black fur gene from that blood test you had eight months ago. So it turns out you're one-sixteenth black panther Mr. Dupree." explained Nilsine. "But I don't want to have sex with you, just let me go!" exclaimed the distressed mountain lion. "Oh please, who said I was going to have sex with you? I was just trying to seduce you into coming with me. We're going to take it by force." corrected Nilsine with a smug chuckle. Jon swallowed hard in fear as Nilsine walked him toward the city limits. "What did she mean by that, what are they gonna do to me?!" Jon thought to himself.

Axel emerged from several minutes of searching to discover Nilsine marching Jon toward the city limits. "Oh no, they got Jon!" Axel said to himself under his breath. "I need to do something- I just... I know, I'll go tell dad and borrow his van!" Axel panicingly thought to himself, just before running as fast as he could back home. Nilsine and Jon arrived at her car, just outside the city limits. She tied his hands behind his back and taped his mouth shut with duck tape, then forced him into the car and buckled him in. She quickly got into the driver's side, started the car, and sped off, leaving fresh tire tracks.

Axel came into his house and immediately went for his dad's keys. "Axel? What the hell are you doing boy?!" said his dad, also a gray wolf. "I gotta go dad, they got Jon!" Axel said impatiently as he turned to leave. "Wait, what?! What do you mean? Who got Jon?! What's going on?!" his father exclaimed with more concern in his voice. "Some black panther lady, she pulled a gun on us and we ran and split up. She's got Jon now, I need to go!" Axel explained in a rush. "What?! You are not going after kidnappers by yourself! Call the cops!" demanded his father protectively. "I already did, all the on-duty cops are unavailable now, something about a gang bust. Please dad, I need to go!" Axel begged, running short on time. "Alright, but you call me if you can the moment you find where they have him, I'll go to the station and get the cops' attention that way." his father said with a sigh after pressing his hand to his forehead. "Thanks dad, I'll be back, I promise." Axel said as he hugged his dad and ran out to the van. He jumped in and immediately cranked it up, and sped out of the driveway. Axel drove to where he last saw Jon and found the tire tracks, still fresh, and began following them.

Nilsine pulled up to an abandoned aircraft hangar and got Jon out of the car. She marched him inside and shoved him forward into two large male panthers, who grabbed Jon by each arm and escorted him further inside. Jon couldn't see exactly where they were taking him, they had put up several yards of office cubicle walls within the hangar. They finally emerged into a fairly large room "with" an x-frame examination table in the middle, and lots of machinery and tubes around the table. Jon swallowed hard again, as they brought him over to the table. One of the panthers held him as the other began ripping off his shirt. Jon helplessly struggled against it. After removing his shirt, they unzipped his jeans and slid them off along with his boots, revealing his underwear; a pair of blue-violet boxer briefs with a navy blue waist-band and trim. Nilsine, who was watching over the procedure, gazed lustfully at Jon's body. He was mostly slender, but had a firm stomach, and some slightly toned triceps. Her gaze then moved from his torso to his groin, staring at the bulge in his boxerbriefs. The panthers untied Jon, picked him up, and put him on the x-frame table. They then strapped him down, putting restraints on both wrists, upper arms, thighs, ankles, and one across his abs.

Nilsine made a motion to the others and they left, knowing she liked what she saw and wanted to have fun. Jon wriggled helplessly againts the straps, unable to do anything except barely thrust his pelvis. Nilsine gently placed her hand on his chest, before slowly moving it down to his groin and groping his bulge. "Mmmm, my my, what a body you have." stated Nilsine, obviously aroused. Jon struggled against it and let out a "Mmmnph!" in protest. "But rules are rules. I would just fuck you myself, but the doc needs the fresh semen sample to localise the gene, or some such nonsense." groaned Nilsine as she got up. Jon frantically tried to get a look around as she went out of view. Soon she came back with a hose in her hand, and it suddenly hit Jon with what they were gonna do to him. He struggled and let out another strained "Mmmnnph!" as she reached into his boxer briefs and pulled out his dick. It was fairly large, around five-to-six inches. She placed the hose on his dick and went over to the controls. Jon struggled more as Nilsine pressed the button, and the hose suddenly came to life, sucking on his dick. Nilsine then left the room to go and privately relieve herself. Jon helplessly struggled to get free as the machine sucked on his dick. He wanted to fight it, to resist, and tried going to his happy place. He immediately thought of Axel though, and it didn't take long for him to cum, the hose sucking it up and into a glass container with measurements on the side. "Nnmmph..." whimpered the broken mountain lion, unable to do anything but lay there and take it.

Axel pulled up to the hanger at the side and shut off the van's ignition. He nervously opened the glove compartment and grabbed a gun inside, fumbling with it for a bit before taking it out. He exited the van and sneaked around the corner. He was instantly spotted by the guard, who pulled a knife. Axel aimed the gun and yelled "Drop the knife or I shoot!" He tried to fire a few warning shots, only to discover the gun was empty. "What? Aww come on, I thought he kept this thing loaded?!" Axel exclaimed in irritated disbelief. The guard merely laughed at him and charged. Axel nearly jumped out of his fur, but thought quickly and simply jumped out of the way, causing the guard to trip on Axel's foot and stmble forward, falling on his own knife. "...This statement is in really bad taste, but didn't your mom ever teach you not to run with knifes pal? Eugh, nasty way to go. I better get inside and find Jon." Axel joked before refocusing on his goal and going inside, but not before taking the dead guard's knife and slashing everyone's tires.

Axel snaked into the door and looked around, keeping the gun with him in the hopes it would at least fool the guards and get him to Jon. Thankfully there weren't any other guards around. But, where could they all be? Axel sneaked through the hallways and stumbled upon what appeared to be an office board room. He peered inside and saw what looked like all the black panthers from the facility, talking and sipping coffee. He saw this as a good chance to find Jon. He went on past the board room and soon after passed a bathroom. He stoppped for a bit when he heard strange noises coming from the women's room. He pressed his ear to the door, and got an akward expression when he realised that it was a woman having an orgasm. Axel quickly moved away from the door a moved on, shaking off what he'd just heard.

Evntually Axel came into the room where Jon was being milked. He looked at all the machinery in shock, awe, and fear at the same time. Jon turned his head and saw Axel at the door, letting out a desperate "Mmmmnph!" to his friend. Axel refocused and ran over to Jon, and ripped the tape off his mouth. "Aaaggghh!" Jon groaned at the stinging of the tape being ripped off. "Sorry man. Are you alright? What the hell is all this? What are they doing to you?!" Axel asked concerningly. "They're milking me for my cum because I'm one-sixteenth black panther!" Jon exclaimed. "Really? That actually sounds kinda like fun..." Axel pondered for a moment. "Would you just unstrap me?!" asked Jon impatiently. "Oh yeah, right, sorry!" appologized Axel as he turned the machine off and slipped the hose off Jon's dick, the hose dripping with fresh cum. Axel quickly undid the table's straps and Jon sat up, rubbing his wrists, before sliding off the table and onto his feet, and putting his dick back into his boxer briefs. "Let's go." Jon said hurringly as he started to walk out. "Wait, don't you want your clothes?" Axel asked curiously. "Leave 'em, let's just go, before we get caught." Jon said impatiently. "Right." Axel confirmed as they both started to leave. "How did you find this place, or even get here?" asked Jon curiously. "I went by my dad's house and got his van, as for getting here, I just followed that lady's tire tracks. She drives way too fast." explained Axel. "Wait, you're here in that old 'boogie van' your dad's had since the early 70's? How are we going to escape in that?" Jon asked confused. "I snagged a guard's knife and slashed their tires." Axel explained further. "Wow, that's pretty good thinking for just having thought of it." Jon said suprised. "I guess I did learn something from all those 'Ace Coolmane' movies after all." joked Axel.

As they moved down the hallway, Nilsine emerged from the ladies' room and noticed them as they tried to walk out unnoticed. Nilsine shouted at them in both anger and suprise, causing them to dart further down the hallways and out the door. Nilsine sounded the alarm and gave chase. She emerged to see them getting in their van and driving off, and started to go to her car when she noticed all four tires were flat. She then went into a small rage as the two boys disappeared further into the distance.

They both let out a sigh of relief once the hangar was out of sight. "I'm really glad it ain't winter time." Jon said refering to him being in his underwear. "You know it might be dangerous to drive this way. With such a nice view I might get distracted..." Axel joked. "That's not funny." Jon said as he looked at Axel with a sarcastic smirk. "Who said I was being funny?" Axel continued to joke. "So where are we going?" Jon asked. "Back home, where it's safe. Dad's at the station now reporting your kidnapping." Axel replied. "Wait what? Oh... that's not good!" Jon exlaimed after thinking about it. "Huh?" Axel asked confused. "When running from the panther I accidently stumbled onto a mob meeting, and then ran into a police raid trying to run from them. Both sides are probably gonna be after me! It isn't safe for me to go back home." Jon said worried. "Oh shit... Crap, I just remembered! I need to call my dad! Plug up the car phone, hurry!" Axel said. Jon did so, and Axel had it dial his father's cell phone.

"Hello? Son is that you? I just stepped outside so I wouldn't be in earshot. Are you alright?! Where's Jon?!" asked Axel's dad the moment he picked up the phone. "Woah, hold on dad. Just relax, we're fine. Jon's here with me, we're on our way back to town, but we can't stay. Jon got accidentally caught up in the cop raid on the mob, they're after him." Axel assured his dad. "I know. The cops are looking for you too. They think the kidnapping was just a rouse and that you're Jon's accomplice! They think the boy's in the damn mob!" exclaimed Axel's dad frustrated. "They what?!" Axel exclaimed in astonishment. "You heard me right. They damn near tried to throw me in jail for vouching for you. Look, go home, pack your things, and get my emergency credit card. You and Jon get out on the road and keep moving, don't stay in one place too long. I'll get in contact with the Duprees and warn them about what's happened, and keep the cops at bay till you're gone." instructed Axel's dad. "Wait, Mr. Carney, don't call my parents. Dad's still across the country hauling a shipment in the big-rig and mom's on an international flight, she got moved to another airline, she's working as stewardess there now. I don't want them to be worried and come rushing back home, the people who are after me might go after them to get to me. If they come back home and ask, say we're on a road trip." pleaded Jon. "Alright Jon, you're right. Listen, you boys be careful, and Axel, as much as I want you to, don't call regularly, they might trace the call." Mr. Carney further instructed. "I know dad. Be careful." Axel said. "You too. I love you son. Now go on, I'll try and keep the law busy." said Mr. Carney as he hung up.

The two boys quickly went home and packed their belongings, Axel remembering to grab their family's emergency credit card. They each came out of their homes carrying two or three large suitcases full of clothes and other things, and tossed tem into the back of Mr. Carney's "boogie bus." They then set out on the road and sped off, not even looking back.

Back at the hangar Nilsine and her boss confronted the scientist, a male blackish-purple gecko with lime-green feathers on his head, wearing a lab coat. "Did we get enough Doctor Jenson?" asked Nilsine. "Only about three pints. If we're lucky I may find enough of the gene to impregnate two women." replied Dr. Jenson disappointedly. Nilsine's boss, a male panther in white robes, with a panther sybmol drawn onto the robes, looked at Nilsine sternly. "Track him down Nilsine. I refuse to let the panthers die out. The Black Panther Society is going to experience a rebirth. Bring Mr. Dupree back to us. Doctor Jensen, if we manage to get more, don't worry about impregnating the women, just grow the fetuses in the lab." said the leader. Nilsine and Dr. Jensen both nodded confirmingly and got back to work.

The situation was similar with the mob and the police. The mob was sending out their best man, Giovanni Saverio, a chameleon, to hunt the two boys down. The police, however, were sending their best detective to track them down; Detective Conqubine, a bloodhound. Three different groups were now on the boys' trail, and the chase was officially on.

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