Aleu's love part 1

Story by TheLagger on SoFurry

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#1 of Balto's family's love

The beginning of a long fanfiction about Balto's family and all the trouble they encounter on their road. Pairing Aleu X Steele; Balto X Jenna; Kodi X Dusty; Saba X Dingo. There will be incest pairing, role-play, age difference pairing, cubs sex, pregnancy, vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex, and a lot of orgasm and litter. Don't like don't read.

Edit: Rearranged the storyline and corrected some errors.

Chapter 1: Aleu's love I

This story take place after the Third Balto's movie, Wings Of Changes.

After living a whole year in the wild forests on the other side of the sea, leading her pack with pride and strength, Aleu decided to come back to her family in Nome. The pack was set and safe, there was plenty of food in those forests, a new alpha was elected and would take care of the pack after her. She began her journey back home when the ice of the cold winter covered the sea. When she finally traversed the ice bridge on the sea, she set herself inside the old pack's territory for the winter. It made her nostalgic, all the memory of her and her father coming here, the thoughts of her wild ideas while coming into the coldest places of the Alaska. She was really excited to see her parents and her siblings again after so much time away. When she took back the road for Nome, Spring was blossoming around her, the warm rays of the sun were warming her gray fur.

After two days of a long journey, she finally arrived to Nome. The town where she was born, where her father was born. It didn't changed a bit, thought some new houses were added to the town. Aleu slowly crept toward the first houses, she stayed hidden, not wanting to be shoot by a human mistaking her for a wild wolf. She used the little alleys to travel through the town. She was really excited to meet her parents and siblings again after a whole year away from them. She really missed them all. She was almost to her mother's house, when she suddenly heard voice in the alleyway in front of her.

In the alleyway next to Jenna's house, a big, white and black husky with icy blue eyes was watching a couple of dog wandering in a big street of the town. The male was a gray wolf-dog, the female was a beautiful red husky. The two lovers were strolling into the streets of Nome, sharing some kiss and nuzzle sometimes, before they both entered into a house at the other side of the street. The black and white husky's name was Steele. He was hated by the gray wolf-dog and the red female husky, because he tried to hurt them in the past. And he would very soon try to hurt them again. Spring was coming, mating season would come with it, and Steele was well aware of that.

"You will see Balto. Soon, I'm gonna fill your mate with my seed. And after what I'll give her, she will beg me to give her more and more. She will beg me to get her pregnant. And she will gladly bear my cubs." Steele told to himself.

A strong scent entered into his nostril. He knew exactly what it was. He waited so long for that moment. The thought of finally taking his revenge against his enemy Balto made him horny. The tip of his cock slowly came out of his sheath and his ball sack twitched. He really needed to fuck very soon. Since the Serum Run in 1925, a lot of the bitches in Nome had shunned his advances, getting him quite backed up.

"Just wait some hours, and I'll fill that womb of yours, Jenna." He said lustfully.

"I don't think so." A female voice said behind him.

Steele jumped when he heard it and shivered. He slowly turned toward the voice. It was coming from a big gray female wolf sitting on a box into the alley. She had wild blue eyes. He immediately recognized the feature of his worst enemy, Balto, in this female.

"You're... You're..." He stammered.

"Yes, I'm Aleu, the daughter of Balto and Jenna. I heard everything you intend to do to my parents. And you won't do anything of all that."

Steele's nose caught the strong scent of the Heat again. It wasn't coming from the street in his back, it was coming from the little dark alley he was in. It was coming from Aleu. She was in Heat, in the middle of her estrus, and he could tell she was fertile. Some hot liquid fell from her pussy on the ground. Steele's member began to grow under his belly. He began to get excited. But inside his mind, he was panicking.

"No, this is bad! If someone sees me horny because of a wolf bitch here, I'm definitively busted!" He thought.

"Oh well, I see you're all worked up. But I don't think it's because of my mother." Aleu said, slowly walking to the male with a smirk.

"Go away from me!" Steele growled, backing up against a crate behind him. But his growl was weak.

"This place don't belong to you Steele. I can stroll around like I want." Aleu said, rising her tail high and walking past Steele.

The thick scent of her fertility came right into his nostrils, increasing his lust faster. The rest of his thick member came all the way out of his sheath. Some precum began to fall from the tip of his cock to the ground.

"My my, what do we have here. Isn't that an horny dog?" Aleu said, looking at his member throb in the cold Alaskan air.

"No, it's not!" He almost whimpered from his now full grown and painful erection.

"What the other dogs gonna think when they will learn about that?" She said torturing him with her words.

"Oh no, this can't be happening." Steele thought. "If the others learn about that, they're gonna laugh at me again and I'll be all alone again."

"I'm pretty sure they're gonna laugh. It's what they always do." Aleu said.

"Please, tell no one about this." He whimpered, his erection becoming very painful.

Aleu came back in front of him and sat on the ground.

"Well, looks like we have a deal. If you stop turning around my mother and you leave her and my father live their life in peace, I won't tell anyone." She said.

Steele thought some second. Even if he really wanted it, he couldn't make Jenna come out of his mind. He hesitated.

"Well, uh..."

"You don't agree with that, uh? Okay then. I'm willing to take a risk to protect them." Aleu said, lowering her head between Steele's front paws and sniffing his hard red maleness.

"Wait, what? " He asked.

"You heard it horn-dog. A deal. A good time with the daughter of your worst enemy, and you promise to not approach Balto or Jenna anymore." She said, nuzzling the red cock, earning a gasp from the husky.

"Ggrrrr, and what prevent me to just not fuck you here and there for my own pleasure?" Steele asked.

"I wouldn't risk to do that mistake if I were you." Aleu replied, showing her fangs, her muzzle just inch from his sensible maleness.

Steele shuddered. This female certainly had quite a hard character. And he knew from experience that wolves do what they say.

"You just leave my parents and family alone, and I won't neuter you. Is that deal good enough, or should I find one less convenient?" She said growling.

"Ughh... You win." Steele replied whimpering.

"Good." Aleu simply said.

She walked onto Steele, placing her hindquarter just above his red rocket, her muzzle facing his, her eyes glued to his with her dangerous grin on her lips. Her pussy dripped onto his cock, letting him test the heat his dick would pierce very soon.

"I hope you're ready, because wolves are far to be gentle." She said, before lowering her trembling pussy slowly onto his erection.

Steele tried to get away of course, but Aleu firmly kept him in place against the crate. She had grown a lot while she was in the wild, and she became pretty strong too. She was still smaller than Steele, but she knew how to use her muscles to the best of their strength.

"Don't move or I'll make it painful for you." She said growling furiously.

He stopped to move and looked right into her eyes. There was something dangerous, something he never saw in any eyes he crossed. Lust was mixed with a need for blood in her eyes. It was terrifying, and exciting at the same time.

Aleu's swollen pussy finally caught the tip of Steele's hard dick, and she slipped just the head inside her opening, and Steele felt it. It was the hottest thing his dick ever came in contact with, wet, tight, needy, like a blazing fire sitting just to the tip of his cock, waiting to be extinguished by his potent spurts of seed. He suddenly felt the urge to fuck that little cunt wildly. Aleu approached her muzzle to his right ear and said:

"Now, who are you gonna fill up with your seed?"

He growled and said:

"I'm gonna fill that womb of yours, bitch."

And with that said, Aleu slowly lowered her rear end down on his cock, taking it into her vagina deeply. It was very painful at first since Steele was the biggest male she ever fucked, and it was long time since she fucked a male. His cock was twelve inches long, and thick enough to rip her pussy apart easily. Her pussy extended to its maximum limits to take this cock inside her. But she loved the feeling. When she finally touched the knot with her vulva's lips, she felt the tip of Steele's cock was already tickling her cervix, the entrance of her very womb. She lifted her rear in a slow motion, to enjoy every inch slipping on the walls of her canal. It was the best feeling she ever felt.

Steele growled pleasurably. Aleu was the best pussy he ever fucked. She was the tightest, the hottest, the wettest... She was everything he ever wanted on his cock. When only the head of his dick was remaining inside her swollen vulva, she came down all the way on his dick again, shoving it back quickly into her wet canal. Steele grunted of pleasure. In all his life he never fucked a female that good. Aleu raised her rear end again, slipping out the extra-sensible penis of the husky.

Steele couldn't hold back his instincts much longer. He extended his front paws, put them on Aleu's hips, and pushed her down hard on his cock, his tip pushing on her back walls, the last barrier to her fertile womb. She moaned loudly as he grunted in ecstasy.

"Oh yes! That's it big boy. You got it right." She moaned.

Aleu began to lift her hips up, and Steele pushed her back down hard. Steele's instincts took over his mind, and he began to buck his hips against Aleu's.

"Oooh, it's soooo good!! Aah!!" Aleu moaned loudly.

"Rraah!! Take that bitch!" Steele grunted.

"You're so fucking huge!! Aaahh! Keep going!"

Both canines humped their hips against each other, trying to get it closer with each thrust. Aleu was riding Steele hard, going faster and faster on his cock, while the male bucked his hips faster and harder against her rear. She felt the tip of his thick dick slowly enter her cervix.

"Aah!! Deeper!! Deeper Steele!!" She almost shouted.

Steele felt his knot slowly parting her lips wider, his tip digging deeper into the tight ring of her cervix.

"Ooohhh fuuuck. She feels so damn good." He thought.

"Oooh yeeesssss! Such a big boy you are!" Aleu moaned, stopping her thrusting and instead she began to move her hips in circle, her swollen pussy lips squelching against Steele's swelling knot.

Steele saw stars. His hard stick was gyrating inside her tight hole, his sensible tip grating against her back walls and rubbing her walls around. He really was at a loss of word there. For the first time in his sex life, he was the bottom one, the female above him having all control over his body and pleasure. And dog, she was very skilled with this tight pussy of hers. He kept his hips humping upward into hers, his swollen knot gaining more and more ground inside her tight cavern.

"Yes Steele! Yes!! Give me that knot! Give me your seed! Give me everything you got!!" Aleu moaned out loud.

"Grraa! Shut up bitch!" Steele replied, growling, trying desperately to wedge his knot inside her now.

"Fuck, she's just too good! I can't last much longer!" He thought. "It's too good! I can't hold it in much longer!" He shouted next, feeling his orgasm dangerously close.

"Yes, give it to me!!" Aleu shouted. "Gosh, he's gonna breed me so full of puppies, but I don't care, this is too good to stop!" She thought.

Their heart racing in their chest, tongue lolling out of their mouth, the two canines gasped when with a loud *pop*, the knot finally slipped past Aleu's tight lips and into her moist, hot vagina. Her lips tightened even more, sealing Steele's cock deep inside her, his tip digging into her deepest wall and spurting hot precum inside her primed uterus.

There, Steele lost the last bit of self control he had over his body. He suddenly pushed Aleu on her back on the ground, he put his muzzle and head into her chest's fur, he growled loud, and his hips began to hammer into hers, his dick moving swiftly inside her heated canal. Aleu whimpered and moaned loudly, until she heard Steele snarl into her ear. And all of the sudden, he kissed her. He kissed her, and the next second, her eyes rolled into the back of her head as her orgasm finally coursed over her body as she felt Steele's tip explode inside her, thick, hot creamy seed filling her fertile womb, the sticky semen clinging to the walls of her uterus. Would Steele had not kissed her, she would have howled loud, giving away their position to the dogs and humans roaming into the streets only a few feet away from the alleyway they were in.

Both dogs were left panting after their glorious release, Steele's cock still cumming deep inside the wolf-dog bitch's uterus, certainly filling her with many hybrid pups. Against his own stomach, Steele could feel Aleu's waist swell, the pressure around his cock and on his knot growing, until his seal finally gave up, and a torrent of hot seed seeped out of their tie.

The two canines stayed tied this way for hours panting against each other's neck, Steele slipping some affectionate licks on her ear. When his knot finally deflated, night was falling over the little town. He slowly pulled out his soft hypersensitive cock out of her well bred pussy, and watched the mess he did on this bitch. Seed still flowed out of her cunt, staining her tail and the ground below. Aleu slowly got up and stretched her paws, then turned to the dog.

"I think we have a deal, right?" She said.

"I'll never approach your parents again, I promise." Steele replied.


She began to walk away, but stopped when Steele asked a weird question.

"Will... I see again around town sometimes?"

The female thought about it some seconds, before turning her head toward him and replied:

"... Maybe."

Then she was gone, her filled pussy leaking cum all the way out of town.

Steele made his way back to his home, an abandoned house on the outskirt of Nome, were no other dog came. He collapsed on what he called his bed, an old sofa with used cushion, and he slept all night long. His sleep was however haunted by dreams about him and Aleu fucking wildly, his cock filling her pussy with great load of cum. And then, he dreamed about the pups they could have together... The pups they will have together. Those kind of dream haunted him all night long. Until he finally understood.

He was falling in love with the daughter of his nemesis.

To be continued.

Balto, Steele, Aleu ©Universal

Aleu's love part 2

Steele woke up on his bed. He was inside his abandoned home. He didn't left it since three days. He was recovering slowly from the exhausting hot exercise he performed with Aleu, the daughter of his worst enemy. Dreams about him and her were haunting...

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